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Gabriel: Queridos leitores em português, essa é a tradução para o Inglês da mensagem original, postada anteriormente em português: Aqui

THE SONAR UNIVERSE =  The Sonar Universe is the seventh superimposed Universe of a Cluster of seven Universes. The fabrics and fibers that make up this Universe are sound and vibration. Thus, they emit for the other Universes the "SOUND OF LIFE" sustaining the WAVES OF LIFE in the other Universes, in a Cluster of seven others. The Sounds emitted from the Sonar Universe towards the other Universes are harmonizing sounds, balancers and sustainers of Life, specifically the physical-biological. The four main sounds emitted by the Sonar Universe are: OM (OOOOOMMMM ...), ZIM (ZIMMMMMMMM ...), Á (ÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁ ...). UOM (UOMUOMUOM ...). These sounds also harmonize the chakras of beings, putting them to spin in perfect order and synchrony, making them fully functional. In issuing these Sounds, as mentioned above, the being will feel a tremendous vibration running through their entire body, because it will be immediately in tune with the Sonar Universe.

The sounds that are heard in this Local Universe of Nebadon are reverberations of the Sonar Universe. All other Universes of this Cluster of Overlapping Universes retransmit "in their interior" the primary vibrations and the sounds originally coming from UUUUUSSSSS. (Universe Sonar - Verbalize UUUUUSSSSS - also causes positive effects in the Beings' fields, helping to unlock blocked fields and to release trapped emotions). The Voyager probe ( recorded  these Sounds in outer space, proving, to those who hear them, that they are very powerful vibrations / sounds. Particularly, I, Gabriel RL, advise you to sleep listening these Sounds, as it helps in the balance of the Chakras as well as having a deep night's sleep. Not to mention that, for being "pulled" to be within this vibration, you end up becoming part of the sound as if it were a note and that without you, that sound / vibration would not be perfect. Here are some examples:

The cures that happen through treatments with sounds are very powerful. Listening to sounds at ideal frequencies ensures not only well-being, but also increases the vibration of your fields, which end up helping in many health treatments and can lead to incredible cures in all senses, both physical and mental. (If you are doing some other kind of treatment of some physical or mental issue, you can keep it in parallel to treatment through sounds).

Here is an excerpt from a message from Archangel Metatron:

"Please take note ... your current society uses chemicals for most treatments of physical and mental imbalances. We assure you that earlier civilizations, from the duality stages of Atlantis, Rama, and MU, used sound in these cases. Natural sounds bring a state of well-being - most of you recognize it. People feel more relaxed and calm when they are at the seashore, listening to the rhythm of the waves, and sleep more deeply listening to the rain fall, for example.

The healing for 'nature', by natural sound, occurs when one takes time to walk through a forest, perceiving the sound of the wind through the trees, listening to the melodious singing of birds, the reassuring chirping of frogs and crickets. Humanity does not really need drugs to achieve balance. In such acoustic environments, the mind will be liberated and will naturally enable the deep therapy of the soul. In a natural process such as this, the mind will not redirect anxiety thoughts, but will trigger an individualized flow thought-liberator and appropriate images, which will offer solution and personalized therapy for each individual's situation, for the healing of each person.

We understand that in 'modern' culture and times, walking through natural scenarios does not fit easily into day-to-day activities. If this applies to you, know that a song like 'Ode to Joy' can offer the same important benefits gained through nature walks as well as other benefits of different species found only in this extraordinary symphony composition.

When you feel bored, anxious or depressed, classical music and nature are far more beneficial than any 'artificial' chemical treatment. By itself, these sounds will allow you to face the source of the negative feelings and beliefs that will led you to the imbalance of anxiety or depression. The approaches currently more accepted by their medicine and psychology generally avoid this process, avoiding the confrontation with the origin. These therapies offer a temporary solution by changing the vibratory pattern through the ingestion of chemical elements, not allowing the true solution to face the issue and mentally working the problem.

Certain specific sounds of music and nature allow the listener to rise to a state of mind that enables him to reflect deeply on his own issues, to travel completely through them, and to come up with personal solutions... and thus achieve a more lasting resolution and a more sustainable balance. Unfortunately, most humans today are programmed to believe in drug therapy in which the 'problems' are chemically and temporarily 'erased', denying the individual the natural solutions of the mental process of confrontation available in the acoustics of sound and nature.

We recommend you insistently to find the cure that is at your disposal in the sound!" (Full Message:

(I channeled a while ago the Mantra of Crystallization, which helps powerfully increase the vibrations!) I am very grateful for the energy support of the Universe Sonar:

The Sonar Universe is the one that inspires musicians in every way, giving them the ability to make precise mathematical calculations of the energy that is emitted from this Universe to the Local Universe of Nebadon (where Earth is), and to install on that Planet a mathematically calculated harmonic sound, to activate the desired specific vibration. Necessarily, not all musicians came from the Sonar Universe, but they are all directly assisted by the Sonar Universe and perform their musical arts as perfectly well as any other that came directly from this Universe of sound and vibration. Some beings, besides Vivus (See Vivus: - which are of primary origin from the Sonar Universe - are those who were / are known as Vivaldi, Beethoven, Mozart, Maurice Ravel, André Rieu, Beyonce, Carmen Miranda, Susan Boyle, Freddie Mercury, Enya, Johann Sebastian Bach and many others. The list is endless and here are just a few examples.

Another interesting point is that the Sonar Universe also acts as a Cosmic Expander. As it is known, the Universe, whether this location of Nebadon, Sonar, Magnetic, Geometric, Vitrol-X or any other, expands constantly and eternally, in a contracting and expanding movement, and in expanding, always gets bigger than its last form. Thus, the Sonar Universe is responsible for the sound / vibration UM / UOM (UM-UOM-UM-UOM-A-UOM...), which causes the expansion to occur both in itself and in the Universes of its Cluster.

Another information about the Sonar Universe is that the Harps, as we know it on Earth, are a Creation of the Sonar Universe, reverberated in this Local Universe. Hearing the sound of a Harp is like sitting in the middle of the Sonar Universe listening to its main melody, leaving from the center of its heart. And speaking of Heart, everything that is known as rhythmic pulsation in this Local Universe is a reverberation of the Sonar Universe, like the beat / pulsar of a heart and the contracting and expanding of a lung, for example.

Another point I can cite is that many beings coming from this Universe tend to be extremely pacifist, detailed, calm, and smiling. They can observe and take situations very subtly, not easily falling into the vicissitudes. They are extremely observant, nature-lovers, and most of them are usually caught looking at nothing as if they were looking for something. And of course, any "beating" with a wooden stalk can already turn into a wonderful orchestra. Obviously, these are not indispensable requirements for identifying a being in this Universe.

Dear revering beings of this Sonar energy, that from this moment you can be even more attuned to your Sonar heritage. May the sound of your hearts beating in the greater tune of this Force enable you to find the orchestrated harmony of the Sonar Universe, and thus, you may be the SOUND OF LIFE echoing in this Local Universe as the most perfect representatives of the Sonar Universe.


It is as far as Jesus allows me to see and transmit.

Gabriel RL

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