Queridos leitores em português, essa é a tradução para o Inglês da mensagem original, postada anteriormente em português: Aqui

Dear ones, SaLuSa asked me to leave this song down to be heard at the time you read. I recommend that you read the message aloud while the background music plays.


Throughout the world, movements to achieve definitive peace can be seen. While some of your leaders have their own agendas and personal interests involved in some of these movements, it is evident that a choir can be clearly heard, so that leaders who do not understand the importance of peace are touched by the waves of Love that they leave human hearts. Hearts that, for many ages, cry out for peace.

Any intention of peace helps to expand consciousness and activate in all hearts the genuine interest in pursuing everything that is necessary to attain it, definitely. Governments around the world are seeing the repercussions of the movement in Korea, and although some try to take advantage of it to promote themselves, they will certainly be involved by the genuine chorus of peace. The old tactic that a "war against terror" is the way to peace is no longer accepted in the high vibrations to which you are directing yourselves. It is obvious, even to those who promote wars, that this no longer works.

Due to many ages of conflict, the peoples of the Earth have become accustomed to living in warlike environments and in extreme reactivity. With the peace movements around the world, there is certainly suspicion that this is in fact happening. So a request from all of us of the Galactic Federation is that you keep your intentions for peace regardless of your suspicions about the leaders and the particular interests that may be in some of them. Even if there is an intention of self-promotion to demonstrate peace publicly, this movement will unleash waves of Light that will involve the leaders. This will, at the very least, give a profound reflection on the genuine importance of peace in the world.

Certainly, in the depths of your hearts, there is the certainty that peace will be attained, and it will not be long before it gains the earth, completely annulling any warlike movement. There are indeed leaders among you who are following high protocols and with genuine intentions of peace. Others, before warlike, can have their hearts flooded with love and begin to review their ideas, truly opening for peace. Still others may try to "save their skins" and take advantage of these moves to escape justice. Again we emphasize: that there is no doubt that peace is already a reality and the more you sustain it, the more you will create the safe environment you have always wanted. This does not mean that you should be negligent about adjustments that need to be made in judicial and penitentiary systems, as well as dealing seriously with endemic violence in some regions, but the more you intend to peace, the more it will manifest itself to you. Every effort is being made to make this happen, and your help as allies of the Galactic Forces on the surface is fundamental.

Guarantees that nuclear detonations will not happen have already been repeatedly delivered through our messages and reinforced through our allies infiltrated worldwide. This security also ensures that we can get even closer to you, bringing our fleets to the lowest orbit of Earth, whereby we will begin the necessary connections that will give us full control of your communication system in the near future. This will allow the delivery of our message to all on Earth when the ideal moment is activated and sustained by the Supreme Creator.

Recently, one of our technology fleets has definitely entered Earth's communications systems, and we are just waiting for the appropriate time for our "arrival" message to be delivered on all radio and television frequencies at the same time. It will be a wonderful event when we can speak to all of you with one voice and greet all with desires for peace and bliss. By taking positions in the lower orbits and withdrawing draconian fleets from these zones, greater security is achieved. This will give more confidence to all of you since, as the nonconfederated fleets leave these zones, with them will also the systems of mind control and inductions against us, of the Galactic Confederation, reassuring the hearts of all those who, in some level, they fear our presence.

The connection between the spiritual realms also tends to intensify, since the layers that separate these dimensions are in the process of thinning and your interaction with other dimensions will occur more easily. Many of you have already felt great inner relief, as if enormous burdens had left your back, which is indeed a reality, for many nonconfederated fleets from especially the low orbit held strong mental control over many of you, overloading you, drastically. With the taking of these zones by our fleets, these systems are turned off, giving you great relief and the possibility to think for yourselves and to make decisions truly based on your hearts.

Dear ones, live your happy and confident days that there are great movements going on behind the scenes that are ensuring that all things happen so that you can enjoy your freedom. There is, in fact, too much to do so that you can definitely live the world of your dreams, but you certainly know that the kick was given when you decided to go to Earth, and nothing can prevent you from reaching your goals.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius. I testify every day of your earth and I assure you that there is something great going on and you will not be disappointed. We know that many of you are indignant at the delay of the manifestation of some things on the surface, but we hasten to say that the more serene you remain, the more you will anchor the necessary forces for when the moment of the unleashing of the special movements takes place. Be anchored and ready to perpetuate this peace and anchored trust, giving those confused and insecure a look of serenity, which will nullify any sense of despair and fear. You are on the front line of great movements and you know that patience is a great virtue that must be cultivated. Even if you still can not fully see what is happening around you, a transformation is in fact taking place and the very clear signs of this are the peace movements around the world. This is a truth, and it can not be denied.

We leave our Love and Blessings from all of us in the Galactic Confederation, eager to meet you as soon as possible.

Be in Peace,

Be in the Light.

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English translation: Sementes das Estrelas / Leony Nogueira