quarta-feira, 22 de agosto de 2018


Gabriel: Queridos leitores em português, essa é a tradução para o Inglês da mensagem original, postada anteriormente em português: Aqui

Please dear, read in tune of the song below. I particularly recommend you put the music in a nice height and then read the message aloud. Can feel wonderful vibrations of light in their bodies:


Beloved Children!

May the blessings of Love bring peace to your bodies, minds and hearts.

Beloved ones, how many interlacings, how many experiences acquired in the coexistence of souls so noble around you! You have indeed had many lives, you have had many fathers, mothers, uncles, grandparents, children, grandchildren, husbands, wives ... You have had companions of journey, whatever the social title given them. It is well known that in many of these interlacings there have been misunderstandings, indigestible conflicts for many of you and, of course, many ties of Love, surely. Anyway, loved ones, lots of experience, surrender and Love, regardless of how your egos could see the situations.

Now, however, it is time for the emotional detachment from guilt, anger, and dissatisfaction. It is time to forgive ... Forgive anything that is still in you, difficult to digest. It is time to forgive some of these souls of your familiar environment with which you have some friction, and to recover the bond of Love, to understand, in a higher way, all the functions that the souls of this medium play. Time to unify. Yes, beloved ones! I am not saying that you should live with those who, energetically, are incompatible with your state of being for reasons that the Universe knows and understands, but yes, you must take possession of your unconditional Love and honor those souls around you, especially those in this circle socially closed family. Closed circle, for there is another point that you must begin to understand and expand. Your family goes beyond blood ties and you should already be well aware of that.

The souls of the family circle are the most courageous, for it is from them that the greatest learning will come, lessons and from whom you will get even more expansion. From them you will understand the main points that you need to work in you. They are the noble souls who have decided to be together with you in this mutual exchange of experiences to learn, having as support points to each other. In spite of any misunderstandings, they would know, deep down, that there was a connection, an agreement, an ongoing treatment.

Beloved, yes, all of you have come to Earth to love and be happy! But it must be understood that there are forces on Earth that work for this impediment, as the energy necessary for your expansions, for in your innate nature there is a powerful movement in which, the more you are pressed, the more you expand. And this is not a masochistic game. They are movements that show that all evil is nothing more than an impulse so that you can love more, understand more, expand more. Evil is a sign saying to you "you can love more than this". Always, beloved, whenever there is suffering, there is lack and / or incomprehension of Love. And these souls in this family circle are therefore these great beings devoted to you, my dear. Devoted to your growth, because of them, be sure, all movements will break so that impulses for Love only grow in you. Yes, beloved ones, I also had a family! I also had mother, father, uncles, grandparents. I also had a husband, son, the one you know so well! To say that there were no problems in our midst would not be true. To say that there were no questions among us to be worked would not be honest, as there was.

They gave us the title of "Holy Family" and, in fact, we are a Sacred Family, not because we were the ones whose religions imposed majesty and holiness, but because we knew of our commitments to each other. In fact, our ties were sacred and we needed to support each other, regardless of anything, disagreement or frustration. And what is the difference between "we" and "you"? None, for you are also a holy family. See your loved ones of this circle, all of them, as a "Holy Family".

How many times did Jeshua want to do something and rebuke him - like all of you mothers, who read me now with your children - thinking that I am protecting you from evil? How many times did he, sneering like your teens, contest my decision? Oh dear ones! Do not take away our humanity, for we live and experience like you, in the same way. We have had the same questions as you, undoubtedly. How many times have we discussed, Joseph and I, because in the last days of his physical life he would say to me: "Woman, let the child be who she needs to be ..." And I, like a protective mother, said: "How? If I let him be as he is, he might kill him quickly! No! "And he:" Oh, woman, don’t be incomprehensible! You know that God is with him and that something great is manifesting! Don’t be stubborn! "How many discussions we had before her departure for the spiritual realms. Oh, my beloved Joseph ... My children who read to me now ... Something familiar in these stories? Something particularly common? However, we loved each other unconditionally, in the deepest, we knew the greatness of everything! We knew the Great Plan that was unfolding, and you, who read me now, are being called to this understanding. Understanding that your family, your current circle is a "Holy Family" with a developing Higher Plan. All of you are "Joseph, Mary and Jesus."

Experiencing, beloved, after reading this message of mine, look for those whom you have had or have had quarrels and openly say "Give me a hug". Even though the other part remains irreducible and denying this amorousness, you have made your part and these step, since you knew that you could do MORE. "YOU CAN LOVE MORE THAN THAT". More than any friction, more than any disagreement, or anything else. And even if you do not live with this loved one maintaining a healthy and loving distance, you will guarantee, nevertheless, the expansion, for Love unites in any point of this Universe. Do this for yourselves, dear children, do this for your own good! Get rid of pain, hurt and suffering! I give you my mother's word that if you do this, disregarding the reaction of the other, you will be free and you will be happier, I assure you!

Understand: Love is the key to everything; everything is resolved through Love. When you are attacked by some of your loved ones, for example: "You talk too much." In fact, they are saying that you are running away from yourselves and you must listen more, silence more and listen to your hearts. When they say, "You do not know what you say!" They are saying that you must trust in yourselves and recognize your worth more. "I can not stand your presence!" They say that you need to walk more with yourselves, to enjoy your company more, for it is beautiful and deserves to have yourselves as partners. "I do not love you!" They say that you are so beautiful and that you deserve to care more for yourself, to love you more, for there is great potential in you. When they say, "You are too silent, do not talk!" They say that your voice must be heard, for it is beautiful and everyone deserves to hear it! Never take it personally, dear ones, in an aggressive sense. No matter how these criticisms come to you, know: you are expressing yourself through all these who warn you and give the signs you have asked for, so listen to yourselves about what is best for you, in your innermost. There will always come advice to you, from all sides, for this is part of the experience, but the greater experience is that, in the midst of all this, you must listen to yourselves above all else. You must pass everything through the sieve of your hearts. Only he knows what is best for you. Even this message of mine must pass through the sieve of your hearts, for you are entirely free to disagree with this mother who loves you and loves you so much. Even so, you know what is for your good. If my words resound in your souls, if they make you see what you really are and what you want for you, follow them.

Remember, dear children of my heart, that I am always at your disposal so that you can call me. Call me, call me, call me! And I will answer you.

Beloved, I leave you now, pouring out on you all my blessings and enfolding all in my protection cloak, because I am Mary, your Mother.

Gabriel RL: Gratitude always, beloved Mother!

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