segunda-feira, 3 de junho de 2019


Gabriel: Queridos leitores em português, essa é a tradução para o Inglês da mensagem original, postada anteriormente em português: Aqui

Please, dear, read the tune of the song below. I particularly recommend to place the music into a pleasant volume and then read the message aloud. You may feel wonderful vibrations of light in your bodies.


Greetings, Family!

It's good to be here one more time. Here we are, in another cycle closure, my dear ones. Walking for more endings and, of course, openings. We have punctual things to deal with here, direct and objective things. As always, every end of the year there is a plethora of energies surrounding the Earth and this, both in your calendar and in any other calendar of the Planet. But in this message I will be talking more directly to you that ready this message now, while other channels in the Planet also delivery my message in the end of the year of their calendars, but here I speak to you, Gregorians.

Dear Star Nation, you have been asking a lot of questions in the last two months, really, much more than you usually do and it’s not bad, when these questions have the sole purpose of raising you. (Now, when you ask attached in the nonconformity energy, then yes, you generate problems, not for us, but for you ... smile). We do not bother with this at all, with your high-level questions, such as, "What do you do here? What have I come here for? What is my soul plan? How can I improve myself, help more, be more useful? Is there anything else I can do? I feel that I need to do something, my heart calls me, but what????". When you bring these questions, your angels, spiritual friends and we all "jumped out of the chair" into "Oops! Now it goes! Let’s go! Everyone, everyone helping!" (Laughs.)

These specific questioning are signs that you are awakening, accessing parts of you, in fact, very hidden, and it is time for all this really come out. So there is the impulse for these questions, because your I AM Personality wants to know, inspired by your I AM Multidimensional, which is trying to bring you into a consciousness that rises with the consciousness of the whole Earth. The consciousness of the Earth as a whole is rising itself and you are being pulled together consequently. The questionings are part of the urges to get the answers that will light up the "little light" in your heads! "Eureca!" "I knew it!" "It was so clear! How did I not see this before?!" "Oh! So that was it! It was right in front of me!". And this is being simply wonderful to see! Really, wonderful to see!

This coming new year will be very interesting! You can see more more clearly things that you did not see before, you will clearly understand these things and everything will be so much simpler. You are accessing the field of simplicity! Yes, this will really start bloom even more in you. It will definitely come out. Everything will flow more easily, if you allow it, because this year is a year of simplicity. The year of 2019 will be laden with this energy, energy that will expand potential illuminator for the completion of a period predicted decades ago. You will be crossing more one big marker and a big window will be open. All with simplicity, a lot of simplicity! You will start understand everything, as I said, with more simplicity so that what before used to leave you euphoric, now will leave you calm. What use to irritate you, now will leave you of the same way, because everything will look so simple, so calm, so clear, and this clear is simply a fusion that will be happening through the year of 2019 between your I Personality and your I Multidimensional I. I assure you that this fusion will be more intense for you and I will go back to talk about it, attesting that.

By now, in January 2019, in the first 21 days of the year, you will feel as if your body is heavier. Yes, I know most of you have been feeling this in some degree and with some frequency, I know, but I want to say that in the first 21 days you will be feeling it around 21 times potentialized. Do not get scared. This will pass quickly and you are safe. Why this? It is an intense contraction movement that will occur in all your fields at once, being intense, strong and with only one goal: the deep relaxation, that will bring softness and vision of simplicity then. This will be like if you are contracting your whole body, as if there was a weight on you, somehow crushing you a little more, a little more, more contraction, apparently more tension, like if you are running out of air, with a great discomfort. And then the physical therapist / personal trainer says: "Okay, you can relax, you can release the muscles" (laughs ...). You must have understood. It will be something similar, and when you breathe in relaxation, this feeling will only expand in the rest of the year. You will be in processes of receiving projections of true spiritual endorphins.


I mentioned in earlier messages about the process you were also going through in my message: "HOW WILL YOUR NEXT TEN YEARS IN 10 MONTHS BE?" which I gave you in May 2018: "We gave 36 months for a great impulse work, that the will lead you, drastically, forward, to new more conscious challenges, more expanded, more masterful of yourself, more open to deeper connections! 36 months for the 10-year impulse that you, most of you, want in 10 months ... Do you support it? So, hold the steering wheel tight. Here we go to a super boost until March / 2019." (Complete message:

Well, dear ones, you can say, yes, I know you can... It was pretty intense, right? Oh, yes, it was! (Laughs). You held on, and I knew you could handle it. It was you who asked that way, and you do nothing without knowing, exactly, what you are doing / asking for. In March, you will close a great cycle. The great cycle ends there? Well ... NO (laughs)! I also said in this message that you would enter 2019 with SOMETHING DIFFERENT... And yes, you are entering! It is not obvious? Who does what you did? It had to be you! You have changed drastically, positively, timelines! You jumped that the Great Councils were really amazed! "How did they do it?!" Well ... I go with that smile of mine and they already know what I'm thinking... "Because they are ..." ("... THEM"). Laughs!

Dear ones, this year of 2019 that comes to you will be a year also where your main relationships will be shaken. And, of course, you do not need to worry by this word "shaken." Do not take everything on the negative side. I mean, things will happen. Necessary adjustments will occur. "Ashtar, but it already has been happening in my relationships, mostly affective." I know some of you also question that. But ... Well, things will happen. It will also be also very interesting to see. Some ties will be tighter, others will be loosened, because that has to be this way. And you know what else? You will see this, you will go through these processes gently, with simplicity, with lightness... Didn’t I tell you that it would be so? It will be so. Do you believe? We will see (smile). You are finally seeing, dear ones! And you will see more: That things ARE HOW THEY ARE AND PERIOD. Be like water that simply flows. You will feel like water without much effort, believe me. Whatever needs to go, goes; whatever needs to stay, stays. What needs to be adjusted will be, all smooth, with lightness and harmony because you will be immersed in a greater field of understanding. Your visions will be broader, embracing a greater field of perception and higher understanding. Some will even say, "You must be sick... There is something wrong with you." They will say that when they see you very calm, serene, compassionate, understandable... Because this will still disturb them and they do not want to lose "one more of the force side". (What force? Well, their force... Laughter.) You would simply be stepping out of the old field, and you will even wondering: "At another time, I would fly over him / her, but now I feel so quiet, so calm (laughs)". Dear ones, I know who is reading this message... (Laughter ...).


Here... September 2019. New Special Cycle. Large anchorage; one more. A New Galactic Wave will fall on Earth, and before many speculate this and that, no, it will not be the end of time, it will not be Armageddon, nor, perhaps, see angels with their trumpets (some see, I know, laughter...). But at this point there will be some shaking on Earth. It's the potential for that. Some more severe eruptions will be clearly controlled by our fleets. Adjustments in the Crystalline field of the Earth, which may cause small changes in the colors of the Planet. Yes, you will see the things more colorful, you will see them more alive, like never before. "I'll see it too?!" I hear several questioning (smile ...). Yes, of course, if you're allowing yourself to be in the whole process with open heart for all of this, yes! It will be gradual, but noticeable. Why that? Simply because yourselves will be more colorful! You have heard several times: what you see outside is what is inside. So, allow yourself these internal adjustments and you will reach POINT 9, in this tuning.

Our fleets will also be even more active by adjusting the plasma fields of the Earth and removing some barriers that prevent you from even seeing the brightness of the stars in their real and original form.

Tectonic adjustments will continue to occur. The water will also rise a little more and due to these adjustments. With this, dry portions will appear at some points, while the water rises in others. All following a Higher Plan, a harmonious Divine Order honoring the Natural Law of the Earth. These events will, of course, gradually develop over the next few months to POINT 9, where there will be a peak of this energy, also due to the cosmic location where the Earth is entering in its stellar journey. You, right there, will be entering an interesting cosmic zone and you will be being extremely radiated with some specific energy streams from the tunnels of light that you will go through. All smooth, so harmonious and so serenely that most will not even notice, but it will happen. You will also be closer to Sirius, and this system will also be projecting on this point more intensely. And within this movement, mass incarnations of Sirius Lions, Dolphins and thousands of other beings from Sirius will be incarnating on Earth for the New Phase being initiated. Spiritually, it will be a party! We hope you are in the same line!

Meanwhile, many human beings will still be living their daily lives, waiting for saviors, complaining about their previously agreed processes in front of their mentors, but will continue to choose the same, the same life, the same things, and will not open to higher motions. Beloveds, not that this is bad, and we would never criticize in any way or judge the experience of any soul. But those who are connected with these truths, will feel great expansion in their fields of consciousness! You will not lose your humanity, you will not fail to do what you do, you will not become physically different from others, but something new will be within you. Something really NEW, will be WITHIN you, and it will reverberate so intensely from the "outside" that it will be really difficult for anyone to be close to you without feeling the intense Light radiation being emitted from you. And then... Those who still remain "in the same" can be leveraged by your Light. They will be greatly irradiated in it and, at this moment, they may have another great opportunity: to stay the same or to be like you, because they see something different in you. And this "different" is attractive, interesting, NEW and they will want it too. So, my dear ones, be ready to receive them! At this point of time, many more will come to you. They will need the brightness of your eyes and in case you, for some reason forget it, I will remember you. I promise.


Here, my dear ones, passing this great wave of energies in POINT 9, other great stars will also intensify their projections and send more of their representatives to Earth to enter the process of incarnations. Souls from various star systems such as Arcturus, Pleiades, Chapel, Antares, Vega, Orion, Central Civilization, Venus, Alpha Centauri, Aldebaran, Virgo and a myriad of other systems will be actively participating in the Earth's galactic realignment process. It will be the largest incarnational intensive multi-star stellar at once since the creation of Earth. Thus, those who are already aware of your stellar origins, from this moment, enter into the tuning and pre-sustentation of these forces more intensely. It will be very important from now on these anchorages, for a perfect synchrony and sustentation of these great energetic waves and descents of souls for the works of elevation that will follow. You who are now incarnate and conscious of your responsibilities, open up even more, because the Star People, your peoples, are coming, in mass, to merge with your consciousness. And of course, never forget: "You are the ones you wait for...".


Dear... Beloved family of the Earth! I am very happy for this opportunity to score some things for your new cycle. I may also consider that this is a year of great progress in breaking down borders, unification of people, because regardless of who is still leading some nations with their more particular than collective agendas, the people of the Earth are increasingly more united and determined to maintain this union. More integers leaders will be assuming fronts, and the old threats of the old system will no longer have their power so active, because the Love in the heart of awakening humanity is bathing the entire Earth and merging with the Love of other Star Nations. Your cry for help has been heard, and we are here. And as I always say, not to do for you, but to ensure that the field is free from interference so that you can do what you need to do. You are also the change you are waiting for and us, the remembrance of it and the support for it.

I reiterate: There will not be a nuclear war that will destroy nations, because there is nothing else to sustain it. I guarantee. Meteors will not come from your skies to end this experience, because you also illuminate this line and any possibility of this happening. There will not be a plasmatic explosion from the part of our non-confederated brothers, because our fleets already dominate the three main orbits. There will be no disrespect at all in your free will. There never was and never will be anything like that on our part. So, do not fear our more active and constant presence. You will never have to give up your personal will. This will always be respected.

Call us, and we will hear you! In your saddest days, remember us, we are supporting you! You are the main beings of this whole project, rest assured it! I have the greatest pride and joy of knowing that you are a direct and integral part of the planetary transition. You are "there and there". You “wait and you come”. "You do and experience the done." Your abilities are incredible! I do not think I would do better. You are AMAZING!

My dear ones, I love you infinitely. I allow the tears so common to this experience - which you have become experts - to roll in my face, tears of deep joy and thanks for what you have done. I still preserve in myself the human feelings of this experience so rich and unequaled. I allow myself to feel the tears that reflect very well - indeed, only they could at this moment - the size of my joy in having you with me! May every drop that falls from my eyes be merged with those which may fall from yours, whether in your happy or sad moments. And may this be a reaffirmation of our alliance and partnership for this and so many more divine missions that the Supreme Creator will offer us for this Universe and endless Universes.

And so it is.


Your brother,


Gabriel: Very grateful, beloved Ashtar.

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