Message from Mother Mary by Rafael (Neva/Gabriel RL)

Message from Mother Mary by Rafael (Neva/Gabriel RL)

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When Jesus was a child, he had all the fears, as any child, but he also had faith and faced his fears with faith in God. Every day, all of you continue to experience challenges just as he did. And, as you know, he never said that being on Earth, representing him and carrying his message would be easy, but he never said that he would leave you.

So, every day that goes by, you get the opportunity to have experiences and I know that these experiences often touch your emotions so deeply that they irritate you, upset in various ways and cause discomfort. But it’s important for you to realise that it’s necessary to experience emotions in their intensity, especially in this period on Earth.

Within all of this, it is more than important to welcome yourselves. Many of you, on this path towards our God, punish and scourge yourselves looking for a perfection that already exists in your human imperfection.

My children! When you realise that your humanity…that the way you welcome yourself…, pay attention to the way you welcome yourself amidst the experiences. That’s what will make the difference. That’s what is important: it is the moment when all of you are called to this welcoming. Yes, welcome your shadows; yes, welcome your anger; yes, welcome your sadness, your concerns. But don’t understand welcoming as agreeing with these internal or external events. Understand acceptance as a process of self-compassion, loving acceptance of what you often don’t have any control; when you get angry in some situation; when you have anger, sadness or pain, whether physical or emotional, don’t try, at first glance, to understand what’s going on in such a rational way. It’s important to put your heart into it and trust that God is present and knows before you ask for any help. This doesn’t mean that you can’t or shouldn’t ask for help. No! You can ask for help, but there is a much more balanced and aligned way of asking for it. It is to ask for this help with compassion and love for yourselves, honouring your strength and the simple fact that you are on Earth at the disposal of a plan that, most of the time, you don’t understand on a human rational level.

Don’t ask God for help in a such a way that shrink yourself, that makes you feel incapable or helpless. No! God doesn’t want that. He has empowered you. You…, we are the image and likeness of God and he wants all of you, armed with this strength, to face the challenges you need to face, the pains that are often inherent in karmic processes from other times; other occasions, reflections of the simple fact of being on Earth. Regardless, stand up, hold your heads high and have courage to face the challenges. Be proud to be sons and daughters of God.

Have courage and, once again, I emphasise: “He” has empowered you. As it was with Yeshua, with Jesus. He faced the pains of the world and said so well: “I have overcome the world, and either you can.” He wouldn’t lie. He would never do that!

Then, this is a call, my dears! For as you walk and progress towards God, you should be aware about the limitations of your humanity. Have compassion for these human limitations. Have faith and courage to face the challenges that need to be faced. Ask for help with your head held high, cry out for help, with dignity, not as incapable and defenceless beings because God didn’t create you that way.

I love you all! And I want you to count on me as a mother, as a supporter and as someone who sees the Immaculate Heart that each of you carries.

I am Mary, your mother! And I bless each one of you at this moment, covering you all with my protective mantle.

Autor: Rafael (Neva/Gabriel RL)
Fonte: Message from Mother Mary channelled by Rafael (Neva/Gabriel RL) during a YouTube transmission in the Quantic Despert channel – 11.01.2023
Tradução: Sementes das Estrelas / Paula Divino

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