terça-feira, 4 de dezembro de 2012

SaLuSa - "Answers to some questions from the Light workers" 10/28/2012

Asked Questions of the Light workers:

From where did I come from?
Where am I going?
Who am I?
What am I doing here?
Who is my mentor / guide / guardian angel?

SaLuSa - What an opportune moment, my beloved, to address such subjects.

Thank you for your commitment that always encourages us. Thank you for your good will in put into straight line your messages and, particularly, for your unshakable faith in Christ.

We welcome and give Glory to the Creator for everything.

Dear ones, your journey is continuously monitored by our staff and, not so different from other light workers, you come aboard of our ships every night. You have participating in our meetings in Aurora, and we would like to put in your hands some tasks that can be perceived even in this reality ...

The convenience of your comfort may be only a small obstacle, but we trust in your determined and courageous hearts to perform with Love what the Creator delivery in your hands.

Do not look know of your origins directly. From where you came or where you are going. Follow with the flow, follow the accelerated flow of love and trust that he will always take you to the best path. You have heard the teaching: "A blind man doesn't guides another," so when focus in your intimate, breaking the impressions duality as if they were truth, you will reach the spheres of light and recognize your loved ones that are by "impatient "for your arrival.

You all came from the spheres of light, this is your kingdom, this is your kingdom. Particularly we usually call each of you by a specific name and even by the name you are called when in 3D reality. But that's the least important - what matters is the work that you have make and placed ahead with great Love.

We ask that you keep your prayers with constant vibrations of Love, because your prayers when made with lots of love, reach a vibration level that allows us to reach a little further ...

Our Love to your service and your constant hope of seeing us in your world.

Therefore, look at the skies, we are there, we are here, we are there ... We are in you, we are you in tomorrow ...

I am SaLuSa from Syrians and I keep my Love and gratitude for all of you, loved ones of my heart, you that enabled the rise of this beautiful planet, you have elevated the vibration even of the souls that throughout their history were the executioners of their freedom. This feeling of mutual Love makes this possible, my beloved. Love, love, love ...

Be in Peace

Be in the Light

Channel: Gabriel
In Love and Light
Translation: Ana Brandão