terça-feira, 4 de dezembro de 2012

Pai Preto Aruanda 10/11/2012 (11:11)

Save the greatness of our Master Jesus, that today (thank God) is more present in your hearts.

Today Earth is being prepared to receive huge emanations of love and big quantities of energy. There are now lots of beings that exist and are now in spirit and truth in this planet, including our Beloved Jesus, our Lord, to anchor the energy to the center of the Galaxy. Tomorrow it opens a portal, and a huge, huge quantity of energy will be absorbed by our seven bodies, our seven chakras, be all prepared, and do not be surprised if you feel side effects in your physic bodies, the energy will cover everything. The ones who are ready will receive it and the ones who are not will receive it as well, but they will suffer some side effects, therefore, loved sons, knowing that you are already “inside it”, align yourselves.

Seek to silence your hearths, because you all are waiting for global scale events. Seek to be in peace, to make the anchor of the energy easier. A lot of persons are even stressed, because they are waiting events in global scale. While you care about these things, you do not pay attention to what is happening inside your hearth. It was said a lot of times that the planet and everything you are looking at are reflexes of what is felt inside you. All this extern events that you are waiting, are being prepared inside you. Nothing will happen outside, before your eyes, if you are not ready to the changes that are more accentuated in your inner self, and are happen a long time ago.

In the 80 years happened the Harmonic Convergence, a lot of energy then began to be brought to your planet. Have you all take note that after year 2000 it began to be spoken more about extra terrestrial life, it began to have a better understanding of the channeled messages. So the old man here asks, please, do not require too much of those who are still not prepared to receive this information. They need a slow work, thorough Many people ask themselves: “how are the things changing?” “How are the messages channeled for this or that spirit, that tell us that this, this, this is going to happen, if when we turn on the TV we see War, Hunger and Death”; isn’t it like that? But from the moment that we are looking Hunger, Death, Hurricane destroying cities,  when we see all of it, this Old man here asks you: “Is He (the person who see all of it) ready internally?”… But if you are at peace with yourself even if watching all of it, there is no problem.

When we see death and destruction, we are looking at the reflex of our inner self; and it’s because of that, that the world is not changing for many people, because they are not changing internally. The world is perfect; the beauty is in the eyes of those who see it, as that proverb says.

Be in harmony with your inner self, because doing that, all of you will pass through the country that is receiving a Hurricane, and not the Weather, you all will pass it “in a good”. This and believing in the Almighty God, let Him involve all of you in this ambient of piece and trust, of faith, loved sons of my heart, because it’s not happening war outside, it’s not existing Hunger, death, it’s not! But if someone comes and question this Old Man and speaks “Yeah, it is happening, I am seeing it”, the Old Man won’t argue, this person is seeing, but according to what it’s inside his inner self, he is seeing according to what he believes, and that must be respected. That the loved master Jesus bless all of you and conserve all of you in this way of peace and Hope.

And each time someone call you creasy, call Master Jesus when thinking, because Jesus saind once “Blessed are those who have not seen and believe”. Remember too: Before the eagerness of demand than peace of accommodation

That God bless all of you, loved sons.

Channeled by: Gabriel
In Love and Light
Translator: Gabryel Lion Caldas