quarta-feira, 18 de setembro de 2013

Elucidating (English)

Dear friends,

Some readers have been questioning me about the countdown that appears in many messages of SaLuSa.

SaLuSa never told me clearly what would be the count, which the events that would follow after the "zero". Then I got to ask him and he just smiled, lovingly. Well, I can speak for myself, I have felt a increasy of energy on the planet, a huge wave of light energy sweeping everything and this has moved me in Gratitude.

Another thing is about the Event, dear ones, the Event is the breaking of  the System such as we know.

The Event is the removal of the cabal from world domination. The Event is the beginning of the arrests of the dark cabal members. The Event is communion with our SELF Divine, in other words, recognize that we are Divine Beings.

What we are seeing around the world, pressure on the FED (Federal Reserve), demonstrations around the world, leaders being "overthrown", massive increase of UFO sightings, bankers asking demission, millionaires losing their fortunes, science proving the after death life existence and many other things we are seeing are the beginning of the Event, which will be a complete breakdown of the system so that the new one can be  deployed, or as COBRA says, the "Reset". We are already experiencing a “Pre-Event”.

Well, as we are at "1" and anxiety knocking at our door (laughs), or rather, a wonderful expectation, I decided to recover what SaLuSa transmitted us when we started counting .... Do you remember?

“I am SaLuSa from Sirius and the countdown starting at 10 ... Started until a series of events planned before the big world games is initiated. These events have no pre-determined date, for the time of certain events is in your account, because  aswe talk constantly, you are the ones that determine what wish to experience, and we, from the Galactic Federation, together with Higher Councils we start our tasks to be within the general context of collective creator thought.” SaLuSa 

Just remember, dear ones, SaLuSa’s count is not associated with the Event. The Event only the Creator knows the best day and time. None incarnated being on Earth, none of the Galactic Confederation, or even Master Jesus knows, as he said when he was among us: "Behold that day and hour no one knows, not even the saints, not the angels of heaven, but only the Father / Mother Creator - But be aware, for when you less expect, our Lord will return " (He refers to the back of love on the Earth, the burning fire of vibrant love in the men hearts and the complete withdrawal of the dark ones.)

A hug to all you,


Translation: Carolina Barisch