Note from Pleiades 2 given by SARAZIT-AZIL-PANEN – “YOUR PLANET IS YOUR HOME!” – November / 2016

Note from Pleiades 2 given by SARAZIT-AZIL-PANEN – “YOUR PLANET IS YOUR HOME!” – November / 2016

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Gabriel: Queridos leitores em português, essa é a tradução para o Inglês da mensagem original, postada anteriormente em português: Aqui
“Sarazit-Azil-Panen” is a Being of Light who presented himself to me, Gabriel Raio Lunar, by telepathy. He came by that process of name P2 (individualization of P1), provided by Pleiades 1.

His name, Sarazit-Azil-Panen, means “The Wind Guide.” It is an expression of the individualized P1 (P2) which, in this case, manifests itself in the Saturn System, in the 6th Dimension. This being works with an Elohim who is a specialist in vegetation, green and tree planting. This Elohim gives him assistance on the planetary surface and the many beings who are worrying about nature. Their concern is to keep the rivers, the lakes, the waterfalls, the green, the woods and forests. They want to preserve the environment. He is giving assistance to all these people. In particular, in call in the NOTES, he gives assistance to the Guardian of the Nile.

Sarazit-Azil-Panen is the Climate and Wind Harmonizer. As already mentioned, its name means “Guide of Winds” in the Saturnian language, where its expression manifests itself in the 6th dimension of that system. It is coming to work in harmony with the Izushs (The Glacials). He said that at the moment, his main focus on the Terrano System is the Amazon, because it is there that reverberates all the abundance of green on the planet.

This being is also focused on the arid zones of Egypt (other beings in its grouping are focused on other regions) to bring more green and a pleasant climate. Panen said that it is as if the Amazon were the heart of the world, and “every heartbeat pumps abundance for the world and support for fauna and flora of the planet.” And because the planet is a cell of a great system, a fault in the Amazon affects the entire Galaxy, hence the importance of maintaining balance in the Amazon, so that a whole system, not only in Brazil, but in the entire planet and Star System, everything Harmonize. He said:

“There is something so big that many Terrans can not conceive, yet. We are contacting as many as we can to truly ask for help right now. ” And he asked, “It is a wonderful moment of your evolution, dear Terrans. Preserve your environment, take care of your animals, vegetations, take care of every system of your nature. You are part of it. Do not destroy your planet. Simple gestures, as we see you sometimes, doing like ‘throwing a cigarette on the ground’, harms an entire system, a whole galaxy, know that. “

He went on:

“When you express yourself bored, try to avoid throwing up words of low vibration in the air, as this also affects your environment. Be grateful for the air you breathe, even though in many areas it is contaminated, but that is why me and my team are here. That’s why we need your help. That is why we know that with it, – your help, – we can change that. There’s a lot of cleaning to be done and we’re working on it. We are in touch with the devic realms of your system, and with other beautiful devic beings who came with us from Saturn and other systems to help balance your planet. First of all, know that it is your responsibility. It’s YOUR PLANET, your home!

Take care of it, as you take care of a more precious possession. Take care of her as you take care of a newborn child of yours.

Do not collaborate more for the destruction of your environment, by any means. Your system will naturally come into balance, and know that your meat-based diet will drastically decrease until it is no longer needed. Your breathing will become better and better and your lungs will finally be able to do what they really need to do to their full potential.

For generations to come, genetically, their lungs will be diminished in size, since there will be no need for such a great effort to breathe. All will enter into a universal harmony and you will breathe together with Gaia, the lady your Mother Terrana.

We appreciate the opportunity to speak to you at this time. I, Sarazit-Azil-Panen, am in the company of so many others in my group at the moment and happy to communicate with you. “

To conclude, he appealed to the humanity that I, Gabriel, confirm and also extend to all who read this message: “All of you who hear me now, beloved Terrans of a determined heart: HELP ME.”

“Zino-Azi-Paxe = (Breathe as ONE, Breathe as GOD).”

Channel: Gabriel Raio Lunar
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