SaLuSa – “The Advancement of the Forces of Light and the Fall of the Illuminati” – 10.03.2016 (English)

SaLuSa – “The Advancement of the Forces of Light and the Fall of the Illuminati” – 10.03.2016 (English)

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Gabriel: Queridos leitores em português, essa é a tradução para o Inglês da mensagem original, postada anteriormente em português: Aqui

Dear, the SaLuSa asked me to let that song below to be heard at the time of reading. I recommend you read the message aloud as the background music plays.


“You are ‘those’ for whom you have waited … I am SaLuSa, and I assure you that these truths resonate in your hearts because I am you in the future …”

The impulse to manifest the new is now reverberating in the hearts of the beloved family of the Earth. In one way or another, everyone has had clear signals to believe in their in-sights and to go ahead, trusting, even if you do not see the invisible support, but you know it’s there, right by your side.

Unsurprisingly, you are progressing and ensuring that the forces of Light advance to the surface in order to corner the Illuminati and their apaniguates. They have no way out since more and more forces arrive from all sectors of the Universe to ensure your ascension and the complete change of paradigms. Recently, more portals of Light have been opened and through them have entered into Earth Mother beings of great spiritual scope, coming from distant galaxies.

There are still those who still discredit everything we have said to you repeatedly, and we honor and understand them, but we are quick to say that, as the saying goes, “it just does not see who does not.” There is so much behind the scenes that you are far from your linear sights, but you know something is happening, and of course it will soon come to everyone’s eyes.

Recently, a group of beings called “Pleiades 1” came into contact with a channel on Mother Earth and is bringing update information on what has happened behind the scenes. They are meant to leverage your vibrations and secure your ultimate protection against those who, like “rabid dogs,” still try to keep the old paradigm. These beings of Light entered through the newly opened portals, thanks to the efforts of the Surface Lightworkers. Most of the information is encoded, but it carries a lot of energy and has guaranteed the awakening of many people, even if they do not at first understand the lines.

From our present view, we see how busy your Earth is in all the sectors that make up your System. We would like you to see everything we see from our current position, so that you would have no doubt of the protection you have and what awaits you. We can assure you that you will no longer return to the dark age, for you have decided, on the internal level, to ascend. And the Creator has signed under your decision, sending to Earth Warriors of Light, to assist in the removal of those who still serve the darkness.

Mikhael and his angels have ensured that no being with negative intentions continues to enter into your Solar System, as well as in the space surrounding the Earth. There is a large army of Angels Warriors of Light that has cleared all sectors of the Galaxy, where there are still remnants of shadow. There are, in fact, those who serve the darkness that are still within the Solar System, and it is necessary for that hour to be so. However, they are constantly monitored so that the right of your free will is guaranteed, since you have decided to ascend and they can not intervene directly in this. Those who call themselves “the rulers” (archons) are naturally leaving the scene, as more and more their guardian turns to Light, with every turn of the Sun, and they are without the guarantees they need.

There is a big event behind the scenes while, for many, life on Earth continues to look “normal.” It will be understood that much more could be shown to you, but in respect of your free will, we have a line to respect. This line is becoming increasingly invisible, as your intentions in the Light allow us to enter and deliver information. The more of you trust in your hearts, the more we can show it to you. The line is duality, and the more you look at your hearts, the more you integrate into the Oneness. And there is no need for lines, since you will be connected to us and understanding our genuine intentions.

Many of the Illuminati’s agendas fell to the ground when they discovered that all the sup-port they had was no longer there. They only assert themselves in their arrogance, believ-ing that they can keep on top and sink you into ignorance. Beloved, we rejoice to say that they have no more up their sleeves, though their arrogance makes them believe it. As always, they need Love and Light, and this is required of you, because in this way you will show them that you are immersed and empowered in the Light and they will definitely not be able to attack you. There is a need for compassion, so that through this merciful energy they will recognize their spiritual origins and turn to Light.

As you have been entrusted, you are on Earth to enlighten and bless, as the Creator does: without distinction. Look to those who persecuted you for aeons and have mercy, for their only hope to turn to Light is your mercy.

Beloved Family, always connect with the flame of the beloved Saint Germain so that you can illuminate in you, which still needs to be illuminated, so that you do not agglomerate in yourself the energies of the revolt. We assure you that more is coming, much more information is coming and, as we have said over and over again, you will need to be completely in line with your I, so that you do not fall into the vengeful impulse, when you know more about those who have usurped your freedom . We are here as your family, to try to ensure that you have strength in the final stretch that precedes your quantum leap and that you do not retreat to the old customs.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and from here the Mother Ship who is, at present, located on Mount Shasta, I address you, with all who are here on my side, to make sure that there is much more support than You can imagine and that no situation that seems to you incorri-gible, difficult, irrecoverable is for the Creator. And when you connect with Him completely, you will understand the reasons why we are so sure of what we have said to you again and again: there is nothing to fear. It’s all right. Everything as programmed.

Be in Peace,

Be in the Light.

Gabriel: Very grateful, my dear SaLuSa …

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English translation: Sementes das Estrelas / Melk Sales 
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