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Gabriel: Queridos leitores em português, essa é a tradução para o Inglês da mensagem original, postada anteriormente em português: Aqui

Please, dear, read the tune of the song below. I particularly recommend to place the music into a pleasant volume and then read the message aloud. You may feel wonderful vibrations of light in your bodies.



Greetings, Family!

Greedy for change, humans are for ages. What happens is that they have plunged so deeply into nonconformity, failing to focus on the most important: to visualize peace and bliss, which have become entangled in worldly affairs, in such a way that many have lost the main focus which has always been to sustain the powerful forces that constantly descend on the surface, awaiting the tuning of receivers and distributors.  Changes come, dear ones, as they settle into yourselves, causing you to enter into a state of loving flow. Then they begin to realize that everything is in constant change. It remains to be tuned in to realize and understand that always, without a doubt, change is always for the better. Although many do not accept this statement, I invite them to test for themselves, putting themselves in delivery and flow and see that we are serious.

You, the Lightworkers, on the surface, are those who have come to Earth to secure change, but know that you need to disconnect from nonconformity. You need to disconnect from the idea that the world is wrong. You need to find the attunement to your highest self and know that the energy shift in you is what will reverberate around the world around you. You need to stop comparing the chaos of the world with "everything is wrong". You need to stop pointing out failures with feelings of revolt and nonconformity. Not there, beloved ones. This is not why you went to the Planet. We assure you it will not. You went to anchor the love of the cosmos in its most sublime form. You went to show your brothers that there is Light and that they are not alone. You went to make sure the galactic forces could approach the surface. Yes, dear ones, you are the ones who will ensure our approach, as well as the landing.

We recently gave you a message where we said that 2017 is a year of unification, it's the year to reconnect all fragments to the Whole. It's a year of defragmentation. And you began to feel it as soon as you entered that line. Defragmentation will remind you more of who you are, what you are capable of, and how your Light is so important on the surface right now. Dear ones, honor your Divinity. Honor the Light that you are. Stay in tune with your Space Family and reverberate this Love and Light on the surface. Allow defragmentation to occur. For many, this process may be painful, for it will again imply abandoning the old ways, implying in accepting their own shadows and enlightening them, will imply facing them without fear and with love. Defragmentation will remove from you parts that for a long time you thought were yours, and bring your true parts; And then some will not recognize them, for they will be so ingrained and attached that they will find it very difficult to abandon them. 

Beloved ones, let me say: there is no other way. The flow and delivery are the compass guiding them into the new. It will certainly become painful if you do not get in tune with love and this is not punishment; This is what all of you, when you went to Earth, asked: "Do everything, but bring them back if we forget who we are.”

Many of you will feel like you are really falling apart. Some will go into deep despair because they will think they are going crazy and losing their personality. Oh, dear ones! ... Know that it is enough to allow the Light of the Supreme Creator to enlighten you. A deep transformation in you is occurring, so much so that no inhabitant of the Planet at this time can say that you do not feel something inside. Harder Being knows and feels something. You see people around you, who for a long time never even mentioned anything about so-called "spiritual" energies and sensations. Know, you will see much more of that, for you are all immersed in it. If you could see what we see, there would be no doubt that you are truly in a metamorphic process. Those who are more sensitive can incorporate the transformations and even help the ones closest to them. Know, your presence on the planet is fundamental in these times, dear ones, and we feel when we hear some Lightworker say that he would like to leave or is "tired of all this" ... Oh, beloved ... you would not say that if you saw yourselves from where we are, if you see what you are doing, how you are doing, how you are transforming and transforming everything around you.

Proof of this is the visibility we are giving to our ships across the planet, assurances that we are there to support what you are doing. Some constantly ask us why "this process is so difficult" and why "so slow"? Beloved, we again invite you to step out of nonconformity and to look deeper into yourself, and you will see the complexity of the process and how technical it is that needs caution and patience. Would not you force a newborn child to take long strides and runs on an athletic track, no? The human race spent too much time immersed in a bubble, by induction, indifferent to the idea of life outside the Earth, and even of its own stellar heritage. You, the Star Souls, the Commanders, the Guardians, the Elders, the Kumaras, the Angels, the Ascendants ... and a whole group of enlightened souls have made themselves available to help humanity emerge from the abyss of indifference. Of course, many of you, the volunteers, got lost in this indifference, but we, as we promised, are here to make sure you remember who you are, and the defragmentation process is part of that.

My beloved Family, do not fear what is to come, nor in whom you will become after this process. We guarantee that no commas will pass without us explaining them. You will know everything that has happened and has happened all the time you have been in the bubble. We guarantee. Cheer up! Aurora is signaling the new times! And 17 is a good master number to signal open windows. Enjoy the return trip; Is always faster than the going. And on the way back do not let the brothers around, still holding the low vibrations, drag them down again, through insults, private dramas, blackmail or whatever. Smile and love. Be firm, but loving and always, whenever you are attacked, remember us, your Family. We will be very close to you, at that moment, more than usual.

Also, again, please do not try to defend my image when some criticize my messages. Do not bother defending me. Those in my group recognize me by attunement and will know that I am expressing myself, and can not charge anyone who "loves me". (Smile). Always keep in mind that love and serenity is the answer to aggressions and insults. This is how they will show who they are, that is how others will recognize them by vibration. That's how I recognize you. When you are emanating love and being kind, I "find" you quickly, through your particular love signature. When you go into deep abysses of negative feelings and revolts, you know, even we have trouble digging deeper to find you. No, because we can not, but because we have a line to respect: your free will. When you decide for yourself about negativity, you can not go beyond a certain point. We honor your choices and again let you experiment accordingly. Ascend your inner light so that we can see them clearly!

May our ships in their skies be constantly rejoicing their hearts and giving assurance of the Love and security we have given. As we have said, you have guaranteed that we will approach. You will know that it is us when your heart leaps for joy; This is our sign.

And so it is.


His brother,


Gabriel: Very grateful, beloved Ashtar.

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