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Gabriel: Queridos leitores em português, essas são as traduções para o Inglês das mensagens originais, postadas anteriormente em português AQUI

Dear Ones, Archangel Gabrielus asked me to leave his Tone Key (Tone Key is a sound endowed with the quality and vibration of a being of Light) to listen as they read the message. 


Dear, when you allow yourself to experience all that wonderful life in a physical body can offer, such as, feel the Love through a morning breeze radiated with the sunshine, a warm embrace of a friend you love so much. ... or a kiss from your partner, the well-being of simply knowing that your presence on Earth is very important, you enter into a state in which simply all the most disconnected things do not affect you.

See, when you wake up well, happy and willing to express yourself with your pure Love, if someone comes up with some low vibration news, you inadvertently involve that person with their loving magnetism and nothing bad that person says Will disempower you. You will simply be so immersed in a loving and automatically protective fullness that nothing disconnected will affect you and take your focus away from what is most beautiful and lofty.

Now, look! When you do not allow yourself to be in these loving states out of fear, insecurity, or simply because you indulge in conflicting thoughts, anyone who comes to you with dense news will quickly swallow you up. And that will only make your way difficult. Beloved, you never had to suffer for being there. None of us ever said that you should sacrifice yourself in agony to make your elevation. Note: the Creator does not see them as beings who have to go through suffering to mature. That would be cruel! He sees them in the same way we see them: angelic beings, - like us, - who have chosen this experience and, through it, show the power of Love. And how this is transforming. That is why you went there: to let your lights shine in this density and, consequently, to reach the Ascension.

It's all about connection. You want to connect with what you really are, or remain connected in the drama of that dimension (in which you are) precisely to show, through your permission to be connected with the Source and its pure manifestation, that it (dimension) Is it an illusion? What do you choose? You see, we're not trying to pressure you, but just trying to show that you always have a choice. Suffering is not and not one will be a Divine imposition. Suffering is the choice of each being to remain disconnected and we, though many choose this, will always be trying to show that there is another option.

Which option do you choose? We always want the best for you. And what do you want for yourself?

Think about it!

You are very loved!


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English translation: Sementes das Estrelas / Cintia Liborio

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