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Gabriel: Queridos leitores em português, essas são as traduções para o Inglês das mensagens originais, postadas anteriormente em português AQUI

Dear Ones, Archangel Gabrielus asked me to leave his Tone Key (Tone Key is a sound endowed with the quality and vibration of a being of Light) to listen as they read the message. 


Dear, when you open yourself to true Love, things you have never consciously imagined to happen, begin to unfold easily. In fact, everything is already very colorful and divine. It turns out that your fear and insecurity trap you in a motion without color and brightness, and you can not see anything beyond that. But when you allow yourself to go beyond what your mind says you can go, you begin to see how many blessings have always been available to you, and how much you can be happy to open up more and more to receive.

Try to smile when you feel like it, try having a good day when you feel like it, try asking for a hug, or simply say that you love a person very much. Try to truly express yourself as you would like, without fears or fears of what the other will find of it. You just have to express yourself. Many of those who lived on Earth and were considered "Avatars" always expressed this way, never expecting recognition. They just flowed with their divine energies in a wonderful way.

That's what we're talking about, dear! It is to allow yourself to merge into this universal Love and to be blessed in it. When you do this, nothing in your life gets stuck because you simply unlock everything with the force of being in that loving, true flow. Honey, do you know the job you've always dreamed about, that trip you've always wanted, that partner or partner you always wanted to get into your life? Well, try doing what we are instructing and you will see much more blessings. What we are talking about here is just a little brushstroke of what you can get if you simply rely on your own inner guidance, which is nothing more than THE PURE LOVE TO FLOW.

And when Love asks for passage, just let it pass. Know, this is a way to help many who still do not know how to improve their lives and be happier. A good day full of joy, although some do not receive it with the same energy is ideal. After all, it's never how they think you have to act. It's how your heart says it. And if you follow what your heart says, you simply become the most powerful person in the Universe. Because LOVE is the greatest power there is.

Think about it!

You are very loved!

Gabriel: Grateful, Gabrielus!

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English translation: Sementes das Estrelas / Cintia Liborio

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