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Gabriel: Queridos leitores em português, essa é a tradução para o Inglês da mensagem original, postada anteriormente em português: Aqui

Please, dear, read the tune of the song below. I particularly recommend to place the music into a pleasant volume and then read the message aloud. You may feel wonderful vibrations of light in your bodies.


Greetings, Family!

You are immersed in a great hall of recognitions. Hall that is showing who you really are and what still needs to be healed and enlightened in you. It was certainly a long journey here, to this point which, as I’ve been saying in recent months, you are really undergoing a major transformation. Some of you, inside this hall of recognition, are really impressed with what still needed healing. And this, my beloved family, should not be cause for sadness or disappointment with yourselves. It must be cause for joy, for if you have come this far, it is simply because you are already victorious.

In this hall, you will have the opportunity to look at your own fears, anguish, and still-hidden shadows that really need to be healed at this stage that, because of the immense progress your planet has made toward Ascension, requires you to look Themselves and recognize themselves as they are, their Inborn Light. What does not belong to you definitely needs healing. All this necessary acceleration is due to your own choices of advancing as early as possible and following with Gaia in your Ascension process. It is possible to say that it is a hall of mirrors, where you can see what they would say to be their faces: some more somber parts that you have assumed as yours, throughout your many incarnations. Those who have been most disconnected from their purest essence. Other more pure ones, the ones you assumed when you were in greater connection with your essence. Understand that it is not a court where you will be judged for all your experiences, but an opportunity to see the duality game that you have decided to experiment with. And, in this phase of mirrors, you will know, internally, who you really are: those who assume the sweetest and most loving faces, for these are their true faces. The others are faces that served them, precisely, so that they could experience duality and come to appreciate even more their Light and connection with their purest essence.

There are never any judgments, dear ones, no way. Some of you may fear looking at your dark faces, but that's what we don’t want. We want you to face them in a loving way, definitely assuming your sweet face of Love and Light, which is your Original Nature. Many of you have extreme difficulty in assuming these faces that have served you to experience duality, denying them severely, and that is not my proposal, nor any other brother who wishes to manifest himself to guide them. The hall of mirrors is precisely to look at all of them and, from that point, assume their Original Faces of Love and Sweetness. Automatically, the other faces will be involved in the merciful look of simply, you have recognized yourself as really ARE.

Many imagine that darkness needs to be fought and destroyed. Actually, darkness needs to be involved with Love and Light. When you take on that Love and Light in yourself, honoring the darkness that served you for a long play of experience, it simply disappears because you no longer need to serve the purpose of duality , Since you have recognized yourself as UNITY in Love, Light and Mercy. Do you understand? When the Light advances, it does not crush the darkness; It brightens where there is darkness. And who are those who are immersed in the darkness? They are the ones who are currently choosing to use the darkest faces. As the Light moves on, a large mirror is naturally placed in front of all those who wear the dark faces and they are "forced" to face themselves. They, who for so long have been immersed in the shadows, see the Light again, and though at first they deny it, they see it. Often they enter into deep sadness and denial, but at all costs, they will recognize themselves, for the nature of all being is Light, and the illusion of the shadows can not sustain itself forever. You can never; It is not her nature. The Nature of darkness is to serve a small dual purpose. And when that purpose no longer makes sense, of course, it falls apart. And when does it stop making sense? When the self recognizes itself as a being UNIFIED TO THE SOURCE. Then all darkness ceases to exist.

Dear ones, know that all those you consider most evil are Beings of Light, in essence. Just as yourselves are. Therefore, being in a hall of recognitions, or hall of mirrors, which is the same, is to be a cause of great joy for you, simply because the duality is being closed to you. It's like the last door you have to cross. Leave behind all the heavier faces that only served for a brief moment and, disconnecting themselves from them, lovingly, through simply recognizing their Original Face. The duality is closing to you, my dears, and this must be a celebration! It's been a long way here. Acknowledge your mastery in the midst of all this!

In those times, dear ones, some will be so immersed in this hall of recognition that they can be very confused. Although they have spent most of their moments connected with their essence, they may, when they enter the hall, confuse themselves when they encounter their other, more dark faces. The attraction they carry, (the dark faces), of course, for being what they are, is great. And it is precisely for you to show how resilient you are, so that you will not be able to use them again. They are the faces that reigned over many aeons in your world, and will of course try to resist as much as they can. If you don’t resist them, don’t punish yourself or think you have failed, but once again acknowledge your greatness and mastery, and you will always have a new opportunity.

Some, well, ... are now picking up the old road again, choosing to use the old faces, and they will be respected. In another moment they will return to the hall to meet again, with all their faces. Others are choosing to stay where they are, in a more neutral position, neither wanting to connect with their Divine Face, neither with the other. Naturally, your choices will be respected to continue to experience what you are experiencing. And what you are experiencing in a compatible reality will be respected. Others are definitely recognizing their Divine Face, their Original Essence, and lovingly letting go of the other, more densified faces. They need those who are choosing the Original Essence to be aware that those who are choosing the old faces of the old road will try to seduce them, torment them and bring them to the same stage as them. Of course, those in UNITY will not be shaken, nor will they doubt the paths they have chosen. What's more, they will honor anyone's choices and will respect every face that comes to them, whether they be incarnate, disembodied people or entities from outside your planet. These, because some are quarantined and unable to leave, still manage to exert negative influences because they are still using their darkest faces and exert their influence on those who are compatible with their ideas.

Dear Ones, the Law of Attraction is more intense now than ever, since all the energy of the Cosmos is much more active, due to the transformation and elevation of vibration, at this time. If you connect with the positive, you will have much more support now than ever before; if you connect with the lower frequencies, you will be refined again with the old faces, the old road and certainly will also have a "pull", but to stay there.

As the duality is being finalized for you, the forces that have ruled your planet for so long, the old energy, chaos, fear, pain, hate will try to cling to someone who gives them some credit. And all this old energy is recorded on the old faces that were used as experiences. But remember, again, you no longer need to use them; they have already served their purpose. However, those who do not consider it so, we say again, will be respected.

The end of duality, of course, has connected you to yourself, or to what you want to be. The end of duality has given a choice, an opportunity to see oneself as never before. For some, as I have said, it can be painful for others, revolting, for others, exasperating, for others, yet, an opportunity to say "no" to the Divine Self and to dwell for a while in these dual experiences, which, of course, they will have no more in Shan (Earth). Dear ones, do you understand the "storms" of the last times, especially with you, Lightworkers and Warriors of Light? It all starts with you. Of all the forces that are sent to the planet, know, you are those primary receptors. Who entered the reconnaissance hall first? Yes! ... You! ... Do you understand now all the movement of the last times? Choices need to be taken; Positions must be taken. Sweethearts, it's time to drop masks! It's time! It's time for everyone to show what they really are with. The Light illuminates and shows. The Hall of Mirrors is especially present to show what you are most inwardly attuned to. It is to show your weaknesses and strengths. The Hall of Mirrors is also to show THE TRUTH. The TRUTH of who you really are, or the truth of who you really want to be.

Dear Ones, you will never be forced to choose the Light, but the Light "Is", and this can not be denied for long. You may choose to deny it, when you allow yourself to be seduced by the faces of the old energy, but the Light is patient; she'll wait. You have all the time to experience what you want. You have eternity. The Light is like a smiling old gentleman, sitting on a simple bench in a simple house in the middle of the bush. He says to the one who is still under a schedule of the old road: "Honey, sit down! You're very busy! Calm down, it's okay! "- The old face says," No! There's something wrong. That tree is not supposed to be there. Not that one either. Not that other. I need to cut! "- And it remains in this exhausting cycle of trying to cut and cut trees to the point of falling exhausted to the ground. And, after a long time, tired, he sits on the old man's lap, embraces him, and says, "I do not know why it took me so long! The Lord always said that these trees should not be cut. They are 'incriminating'. " And the old man says, "You needed to see for yourself." The old face says, "Why did not the Lord stop me?" The Lord clarified, "Son, you would not have learned if you had not. My job is not to stop you; My job is to show who you are; I'll show you who you are, letting you experience what you want to experience ... no matter what it takes, I'd be here waiting for you to finish. "

Dear ones, where are you now? What do you want for yourselves? Are you from reality 1? 2? 3? I would like to remind you that my message is being delivered in 3 realities simultaneously ...

I'll always be here, there, or there. I am where you put me. I hope these truths touch your hearts. That's what we want. May you recognize yourself. Enjoy the lounge. It is a great opportunity.

And so it is.


Your brother,

Gabriel: Very grateful, beloved Ashtar.

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