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Gabriel: Queridos leitores em português, essa é a tradução para o Inglês da mensagem original, postada anteriormente em português: Aqui

Please, dear ones, read in tune with the song below. I particularly recommend to put the music in a pleasantvolume and then read the message aloud. You may feel wonderful vibrations of light in your bodies. 


Greetings, Comrades! We have some information and joy here!

We arrived, once again, with some information! We are enjoying the opening of the channel for this! (Laughs). Yes, we know how impatient they are and some are beginning to want to turn a blind eye to information that not only us but so many other comrades have brought. Comrades, let us say that what has happened is a big move behind the scenes and delays happen because we are constantly keeping our balance so that people on the surface will not suffer retaliation.

Know that when you put your positive focus and you trust the great plan, you will quickly access the timeline corresponding to your vibration. Yes, we know how long the waiting can be exhausting, but let us also say that it is not just you waiting. We are all engaged in these tasks entrusted to us by the Heavens, and at times we wait for the appropriate time for us to move forward. It is good that they know that their co-creator powers have increased dramatically and, at the slightest sign of discouragement, are pulled down quickly. This is not to frighten them, comrades, but to make them more and more aware of their responsibilities.

A financial move was made, so that our allies infiltrated the big agencies can advance with the plans to dismantle this web armed by the bumbling sappers, thousands of years ago. Yes, thousands of years! Comrades, be happy, because a work that took millennia to be built, we are dismantling it in just a few years and we are right here, now, in the most intense and, let's say, cheery phase! Yes, for we, when we came decades ago to act in this kingdom, were told of the tangle of complications that awaited us, since when we were called, we imagined that it would not be so "curled up." But to our surprise, we found ourselves looking at each other and asking ourselves, "Where do we start?"

We began by contacting several of our current allies on the surface, and informing of the plans of the Heavens, which were already being unfurled as a parchment of blessings. In the meantime, a huge amount of misinformation swept through his television newspapers, magazines, and paper newspapers with subliminal messages against us. The bumblers knew of our arrival and the plans of the Heavens and tried to create a "riot" to try to gain the support of the masses against us. Years have passed and, currently, they try to use the internet yet for this purpose. What we assure you is that the information posted on the network is currently awakening more people than the opposite, since even the misinformation has served to unlock the sense of discernment. People are not stupid. They no longer fall into the confused game of bumbling sap. So if their idea is to misinform, they end up informing, they end up denouncing themselves, they end up telling who they are! And then there's a "shot in the foot" (laughs). Do you see how extensive the work is, and how important it is that you stay determined in your purposes?

Comrades, know that we bet all our chips on you from the surface, so that they remain intact and inviolable. Even if misinformation and accusations come against the Light Bearers trying to destabilize them, you need to keep indoctrinating any impulse of revolt and reactivity. What they want, these bumbling cops, is that they "explode" in revolt. Oh, no! ... Don’t give that taste (laughs)! Their merits will not be recognized by all on earth, but the heavens already celebrate their total inviolability. Although many do not acknowledge their efforts, know that the Heavens give thanks for being active on the surface, in these times! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! So the assurance that the Light will reign is assured! You’re there!

That's enough for now! There is more information coming. Be ready! We will inform you more and more, as our old masters authorize! We continue with our important reports about certain moves! This time we wanted to emphasize the importance of your patience and determination. Moreover, of the fundamental control in the midst of the external provocations that has no other end, but to irritate them and to take them from its center. What is important is that you know that you are heavily supported by the Heavens and a comma is not added or removed without our being aware of it. Know, you are more protected than you can imagine. It is only up to them to trust it and allow their hearts to be at peace. So we can act more directly with you and the Sacred Ascensions are enlightening your ways with Blessings! Hosanna! Hosanna!

Each day, a new domino falls and pushes another to the next move! We say this, always based on the assurance of Heaven! We see the broad picture and that inspires us to speak with such certainty! The protocols of the Heavens continue to ensure that an exact order of dominos falls, and no outward movement can prevent this. So, too, we inform you that the movements in your skies and outer space should be seen in a calm way, not as threats. Some of your scientists are planning to scare you with some things ... We're already watching, gentlemen! The Earth will not be destroyed, you sappers! Use your intelligence for the good of humanity. We know who you work for! ... (Laughter ...). Comrades, when you see news of asteroids coming toward Earth, remember this message! (Loving Laughs.)

At this moment, we are flying over the Island of Madeira; Would be good a "Hello!" Of our allies on Earth! We'll stay around for twenty (20) of your days. We need to make some adjustments to some things (laughs ...).

The borders are being cut! Unification is coming! Love will prevail! The heavens have decreed, and so it shall be! This is not a simple will of ours. This is a DECREE! "Know that, Comrades!

Oh, dear ones! Know that the countless Fountains and the endless Prosperity of the Heavens, indeed, are yours!

We will return when appropriate! It's good to talk to you again! Always is! See you around!


Gabriel: Grateful, beloved comrades of Light!

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English translation: Sementes das Estrelas / Leony Nogueira

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