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Please, dear ones, read in the tune of this song below. I particularly recommend that you put the music at a nice volume and then read the message aloud. You may feel wonderful light vibrations in your bodies.


Arte: Davi Aguiar /

Greetings, my dears! I’m Kryon from the Magnetic Service.

This is a good time for another message. My young partner, please give me permission to speak. I want to talk about Love. About everything that Love can do. I want to talk about you, dear human being, Love incarnate.

Today I want to tell you a story. I'm going to name the main character in this story. He’ll be called Hamar. Hamar was a young man, born in a simple family, in a simple village, surrounded by other simple boys. There was no technology near Hamar. His father was a hardworking, dedicated man, and every day he went out to cut wood. Her mother was a devoted houseworker.

Hamar learned from an early age about the "rules". In fact, he "learned" the programmations. Hamar was obedient and respected everything he was told. Hamar never retorted or even lifted his head when they gave him an order. Hamar was getting blocked. His love, his loving desire to smile, to tell the world how much he loved, when he wanted to be loved, how much he liked to hold, all this was getting "stuck", stuck in the programmations. Hamar could not even dance that they called him "little girl," and tried to disempower him. Hamar felt overwhelmed, but he knew ... He knew of all the potential of Love within him. He knew!

Hamar went to life. He became an adult, left his parents' house and went away, but the programmations were with him. Everything he had learned, all the programming was alive. But Love, ... all that loving energy was there, inside Hamar. Hamar had never forgotten who he was ... Even if the programmations apparently covered who he really was, there were always flashes of HIM from the real Hamar. Hamar, even as an adult, feared smiling happily, for he remembered the rebukes of childhood. Hamar did not dance because he remembered the intimidating laughter of a child. Hamar did not say "I love you" because he had learned that it was weakness. Hamar felt trapped even after he was an adult. Even after being independent, he felt like that.

Hamar had girlfriends, fell in love, and fell in love often, but always with the same programmations. Hamar also fell in love with a boy, but the programmation was intense! That would be the absurdity of absurdities. Oh, how limiting! Hamar spent a lot of time oppressing himself, who he was, and his creative abilities. Hamar did not know how to handle it. Hamar knew it was programming, but he did not know how to deprogram it. He knew that "what he showed" was not him. He knew it, but he did not know how to undo it. Until one day ... "Eureka!". He found out! Or at least he thought so.

Hamar thought that fighting programming, and fiercely, would be effective. He thought that discussing programming would solve the problem. No! ... It would not solve! Hamar was tired of fighting, tired of resisting himself and tired of not being able to express himself as he really was. Until, when he got too tired, he started to release the rope, and it all started to make sense. He began to see that it was not the fight, but the flow. He began to see that he was not fighting desperately against a schedule, but reprogramming, with a new energy, with a new idea, even if he was not so young. It was just who he was, of TRUTH.

My dear ones, how many of you, how many of you, dear human beings, are spending a lifetime suppressing who you really are? How many of you gave up making big leaps in life because you still "listened" to the old programmers, who were also programmed: "Don’t do this, you can get hurt ... ?" How many of you have heard that this is wrong, is that wrong when, inside you, the heart said otherwise? And here you are! Reading (or hearing) the message of Kryon and also saying to themselves, "Hey! I am here. Can I do it, Kryon? "Well! ... If you're here, you're reading (or listening) to this message, you certainly have! I know who's here, I know who's here! ... I know who needed to read this message. I know...

And what do they do now? Dear ones, I've said that before. You are the pioneers! You have reprogrammed the grid. Yes, I know how difficult this may have been, and it is still for some of you. I know! But I know who you are! I know! And ... Well! ... Here you are, and what can stop you, now, from being who you are? Bullies are getting further and further. You almost do not listen, do you? Oh, yes! ... I know (laughter)! And simply because you started reprogramming ... How? Oh! ... Loving the old programming, instead of fighting it, you loved it! You have not challenged her; You loved her. You started slowly giving yourself more of what you always wanted. And while they were doing that, you said, "Dear old programmation, calm down! I love you! I'm still here, don’t despair! I just need to head out the window, I just need to take a breath, ... "(loving laughs...), and you experienced some of the new air, YOU, of what you wanted!

Well, with one hand you held the old programming lovingly, and with the other, the real you, the new programming, the crystalline programming. You did not have to be repulsive with the old programming, on the contrary, it was / is affectionate. And while she's gone, you're thanking her for everything she served. There is Love here, dear human being. Hamar has learned, and has learned so. Loving the old programmation. Honoring her while the new one sets in. Whoever loves Hamar is happy because he knows he is getting it. Whoever loves Hamar, really knows how much Hamar was / is strong and loving. Hamar wants to keep putting his head out of the window catching an air, and ... well, when he realizes it, he'll be in a green field with a gentle breeze on you and you will not hear anything from the old programmation.

Hamar is doing what seemed to be unreachable. Hamar is showing that it is possible to deprogram and reprogram. Hamar was brave when he chose to go through it. Hamar asked for it, and he knew the risks, but he also knew the support he would have, especially those who loved him. Hamar came, and is reprogramming, because he is a reprogrammer. Human being, you're ready. You are here for this. You're here for this ...

"Oh, Kryon, but some people today are still haunting me for being who I am, for acting like I do ..." Oh! ... I know it does’nt affect you anymore! They are just noises! ... They are noises of an old grid breaking. It does’nt affect you anymore, not like before.

Hamar is an example. Follow the example of Hamar. Hamar is planting Seeds, and you, ... you are no different from Hamar!

That's it, for now. That's what I'd like to give you.

Hamar, I know you're there. I know your strength! We are happy. Hamar, you are an example. Worker of Light, dear Lightworker, you went there for that. And that's why the entourage is here. To ensure that you have all the support you need.

I’m Kryon, and I’m thrilled ... Thrilled to see the power of Love, in seeing the power of Hamar. In seeing what Hamar did in To Love. Oh! It’s beautiful, it’s magnificent, it’s transforming, it’s reprogramming.

And so it is.

Gabriel: Thankful, beloved Kryon! Thrilledd and happy.

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