Gabriel: Queridos leitores em português, essa é a tradução para o Inglês da mensagem original, postada anteriormente em português: Aqui

On the morning of September 15, 2017, three of our Star Seeds Team were on the market shopping with Gabriel RL, to which he spotted a tall, blue-skinned angelic being accompanying the group, more specifically, close to the member which represents the Cranu-Idini energy on the surface. We concluded that this being could have originated in the galaxy of Andromeda, as well as Cranu-Idini.

At another time, the next day, the same group met again, we were doing a meditation and called by this being, as well as by the galactic family and stellar commands. Then he approached, said his name and a few words.

He reported that Cranu-Idini and Akashssa (also present at the time) belong to the group of souls of his monad and recalled moments in which they were together in Andromeda. He also said that he missed them and that he had not been introduced before because that was the most appropriate moment.

With a heart full of joy, we seized the opportunity and asked a few questions to get to know him more deeply.

He acts between the 6th and 7th dimensions, has beautiful blue wings that are hidden for now, when he wishes, and his back seems to have no wings. He has a humanoid appearance with big blue eyes, a color-coded jumpsuit, and a kind of silver boot with a gold line around the top of the boot, in the division between the overalls and the shoe.

It has a ship that takes about 1 second to move from your system to the planet Earth. It lives on a planet called Avik, which revolves around three suns, has about 14 billion beings of its kind and about 3 billion other species, including Dracos and Reptilian guardians of that system. There are now some incarnations on planet Earth, among them artists and painters, but not famous.

As he handed in this information, he came a little closer and left a message:

"We spend billions of years to reach a harmonious state with our whole civilization, so that all cooperate with each other. We transcend pride, selfishness and even vanity. We were drawn to Earth a few billion years ago when you started this process. We sent some of ours so they could help them, two of them here. There are so many of us incarnated on the surface of your planet, there are about 12,000, including Cranu-Idini and Akashssa. And some more preparing to incarnate, totaling an approximate number of 20 thousand.

We have so much to share with you. We are lovers of art ... Of music ... Of nature ... We love the brightness of your sun and your nights ... So bright! We love the generosity of the human beings of the Earth, because ... (at that moment he was moved a little) even though they are still at war and facing difficulties, you have compassion for each other. You can hardly see someone in pain and not help you. This is what attracted us most to you.

Billions of years ago, when our planet was involved in a galactic war, in that place invaders in our system and planet, extremely aggressive, captured some of our members. In the midst of that battle, on the surface of our planet, there were many physical deaths. When we were in a third dimension, similar to you now.

But something spectacular happened ... When many of our attackers were injured by our defenders, many of us ran to assist them. Immediately also, when many of us fell wounded, the attackers ran to assist. And in a moment we all stopped ... "What are we doing?" ...

And then, we began our journey back to Peace ... (smile).

That's just a little of us, since there's more we want to deliver in the near future.

See you…"


He also left a mantra to connect with him:
"Ka Vi Ka - INK

Ka Vi Ka - INK

Ka Vi Ka - INKA "
Gratitude dear Amapu-Ink for your visit and beautiful message.

Gratitude dear Gabriel RL for being a channel transmitter of this energy.

English translation: Sementes das Estrelas – Leony Nogueira

Love and blessings,

Gabriel RL