Gabriel: Queridos leitores em português, essa é a tradução para o Inglês da mensagem original, postada anteriormente em português: Aqui


The Pleiadians inform that, due to their last report (see here to have quoted the city of Curitiba / PR (Brazil), where there is a Magnetic Crystal being formed, opposing forces to this, as retaliation, intensified their attacks to the force called Magnetic Junction, primary responsible for the sustentation of this crystal.

The Pleiadians say that they knew that this quote would cause a certain "uproar," both positive and negative, and that it was also a strategy to attract certain entities into that vortex. So they will be bathed in this energy. Although some are very resistant, they can hardly leave without being touched by the loving look of all involved.

The Pleiadians urge that everyone, as much as possible, join in positive mentalizations, creating a strong energy field that will prevent this massive attack against two specific points. Recently, PVSE and related clusters have come together for the same purpose, drastically minimizing the actions counter to this magnetic movement. Now, this is a more intensified call to completely neutralize this desperate onslaught of brothers who have not yet accepted the ascension of the planet.

They also report that this will pass and that there are much larger forces involved that are aiding this magnetic drive. They also have given all the tools for all those involved to dissipate such contrary currents, in order to ensure that more magnetic nodes enter Earth's plans, energize and reprogram the grid with new content: THE  UNLIMITED LOVE.

They report that the intense movement of Light being generated naturally will awaken the looks of those who don’t desire it and, with absolute certainty, will also attract the looks of very advanced beings. And that there is no situation that they can not help, or even solve, definitely.

Finally, the Pleiadians also request that, as far as possible, each one who feels touched, get a little light blue crystal and use it in their meditations. They say they will also be energizing the crystal and making it a powerful magnet magnetic. The Love of a magnetic connection will be impregnated there.

Love and Blessings,

Gabriel RL

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