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The Pleiadians report that due to the previous message about the delivery of the Islands, great movements began to occur throughout the country (Brazil), and not only in Brazil, but throughout the Planet, due to the great collective awakening that has taken place.

They say that with more and more projectors being pointed at the Islands with their specified qualities, more and more people will join in the great wave of awakening that has taken place. It is certain that this will drastically unleash powerful changes in the physical plane, speeding up the process of full disclosure and the approach of the Confederate ships, as well as the long awaited adjustment of the financial system.

They also report that because of the message with the delivery of the first seven projectors, dark force moves occurred as a form of retaliation, especially to Gabriel RL, which allows us to communicate at this time along those lines. These moves range from negative projections to extreme weariness. Obviously, our forces are sent and, as we requested recently, a magnetic support is also requested by all of the PVSE and related for this support.

They also say that, more recently, another major movement has taken place, especially on the Magnetic Island, which has reverberated drastically in the other Islands, already under empowered projection. This positive and extremely courageous movement on the part of determined souls involved caused an extensive crack in the local veil of the Island (more about the veil, go to:, entry "SEVEN LAYER OPENING (OR OTHER LAYERS OF THIS ORDER") a leader who kept the structure intact site veil was lifted for recovery rooms, along with a few of "the tribe" (entry-SMA CROLL.:

More movements of the Light Forces, like this, will occur all over the world, to the point where every structure controlled by the dark forces is completely dismantled. The Pleiadians request that these messages be scattered as much as possible to reach as many people as possible.

With the same immense joy they deliver, I now report more Islands:

Amazonas (Manaus) = Transmutation Island. (This Island is under a strong projection of the Archangel Zadkiel and Saint Germain and its inhabitants are being asked to be more and more in tune with these projections.A Violet color projector is on this Island.Of course, some may find irony what is going to be but this region tends to be warmer, not only because the solar radiation is more intense, but especially by the projections of the Archangel, because the denser loads usually pass through there for final purification. very important for the whole country. There is a lot of power in your hands.)

Espírito Santo (Vitória) = Island of Trust. (The inhabitants of this Island are being called to support two projectors, one of Dark Blue and one Light Blue.) They are being called to radiate the energy of Trust and Faith to the other Islands, ensuring that all necessary moves occur safely and accurately, without insecurity and fear.Welcome to these projectors, Mikael and his Angels are available. A Sword of Blue Light is being fired and you, inhabitants of this Island, will ensure that this energy flows to the other Islands, and will do so with great confidence and Faith.)

Rio Grande do Norte (Natal) = Island of Magic. (The inhabitants of this Island are receiving a projector of Bright White and Golden Yellow.) Dear Ones, you are being called to bring back the energy of White Magic into the hearts of human beings. in all things has been lost by some, if not a good part of human beings, and you are in charge of sustaining these projectors, radiating with the simple but powerful phrase: "THERE IS MAGIC IN ALL THERE IS, ALL THERE IS BECAUSE MAGIC IS THERE!" The Devas are designing and assisting them at all times! The Faerie Kingdoms, Elves, Gnomes, Goblins, Silphs, Salamanders, Undines and all of the Magical Kingdom, which for many humans is imagination The inhabitants of this Island are in charge of irradiating the energy: "THERE IS MAGIC IN ALL THAT THERE IS, ALL THERE IS BECAUSE MAGIC IS THERE!")

Pará (Belém) = Reinforcement Island. (The inhabitants of this island bear the responsibility of lovingly supporting the souls who, because of negative movements, can "fall" into despair and discouragement, being a reinforcement to them, so that they can maintain themselves. the Blue Light Projector and assist all other Islands, sending amorous projections of reinforcement, when high workloads are requested. This Island is one that acts directly with all the other Islands, not that the others can not do the same, but this in particular, could replace any of the other projectors as an immediate reinforcement, or even move their "field" completely, and merge with some other Island into a powerful reinforcement. and the Elohim Hercules is with you.)

Pernambuco (Recife) = Forward Island. (The inhabitants of this Island are those who are in charge of acting more in the astral realms than physical ones, but of course not that they do not have their importance in the physical.You are responsible for coordinating the referral of beings to the High Spheres of Light, creating beautiful walkways wherever they can pass and returning to the lighted Home of Origin.You are receiving a Bright White and Yellow Gold projector so that by holding up these projectors many wandering souls will see on this Island an immense Portal of Light, and they will go to it, certain that they will find relief from many of their questions that still hold them to densified environments of matter. Mother ships will be active every day at specific times - 9am, noon, 3pm, 6pm, 9pm , 3h, 6h - projecting on this Island and assisting in the work of forwarding, as well as ensuring that all work develops.)

Rio Grande do Sul (Porto Alegre) = Island of the Renovation. (The inhabitants of this island are those who have supported the projector Light Blue, Dark Blue and Bright Pink.In this locality has incarnated, in mass, thousands of Indigos, Crystals, Diamonds and Rainbows. This Island has sustained the Strength of Renewal, supporting and sustaining the descent of Thousands of Souls who are coming to promote great changes.Many new leaders will emerge from the generation of these souls mentioned.The inhabitants of this Island are being asked to maintain a harmonious environment for receiving these beings, as well as to radiate their projections as well for the other islands that obviously will receive their stellar souls.The inhabitants of this Island should expect an incarnation in Massa of Thousands of Stars between 2018 and 2024. Each of you is loving Father and Mother of these stellar ones that descend so dedicatedly It is a work together and you, dear inhabitants of this Island, now play a very important role: preparing the house for a visit. )

Paraíba (João Pessoa) = Island of Contentment. (The inhabitants of this Island are those who will bring and radiate contentment for all the other Islands.) You are receiving a projector of Yellow Gold Color and Bright Pink. meditation, remember to radiate this energy to all the other islands.A very dear master will be supporting you in this and at all times: Master Ling. This island will be one of the first that, with great contentment, will receive the landing of the Pleiadians .)

Goiás (Goiânia) = Healing Island. (The inhabitants of this island, as its name already says, will anchor the energy of Healing, which will radiate to all other islands. Its inhabitants support three projectors: Light Green, Light Blue and Dark Green, supported by Mother Mary and Archangel Raphael. This Island will be the site of the first points on the Planet that will have exposed Crystalline Recovery Chambers, as well as technologies for rapid healing of biological issues. The inhabitants of this Island are being asked to organize themselves in meditations, where they visualize all these manifested things, healing technology , crystal chambers, complete DNA restoration and full health.)

The Pleiadians are grateful for all the efforts of the Earth Family that has proven so efficient and accurate. They say there is more information coming and that the whole human species is ready.

They say the plumber will rest for a few days until he can bring more information about the Islands and their projectors.

Love and Blessings,

Gabriel RL.

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