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Dear ones, SaLuSa asked me to leave this song down to be heard at the time you read. I recommend that you read the message aloud while the background music plays.

Things have accelerated in such a way that much of what was once considered "abnormal" is now seen with ease. Other things once considered "normal", such as borders and differences between peoples, are beginning to give the first signs of transformation and revision of these old rules.

The souls on Earth are clearly seeing that they have been kept far apart and under a false threat that they would need to protect each other. Those who have designed the lower planes have armed you so that you could fear your fellow man, and by generating a specific energy of fear they, the architects of the old system, would gain. They created a distorted social pattern, where people of the same sex could not relate intimately. What if even if your nature manifests itself lovingly in every way?

What was once considered abnormal will begin to have space and freedom. Be suspicious when your controlled media severely points out something as wrong, for you may be under an attempt to deceive, so that the old architects maintain the old status quo. Much of what has been taught to you as abnormal is more normal than you imagine, just as much of what has been imposed on you as normal may show a perceptible misunderstanding of awakened consciousness. You are, then, seeing that something urgently needs to be revised.

Your hearts will always know what is best for you. The abnormality has been used to create discord in your midst. When the old system tries to impose upon you a moral rule, such as condemning two boys or two girls walking hand in hand, you must feel your heart and see if that is really wrong. We are inspired by saying that there are many civilizations like yours in which this false morality no longer surrounds, for all creatures are free to express Love. The Creator never imposed rules for Love.

There is much to be worked on, until the old upholstering matrix of the old system completely collapses. However, the new generations inspired by the Light of the Creator and dedicated to breaking the bonds that separate you from the Unity are prepared to face with the most powerful weapon in the Universe: Love.

The more souls inspired by the Unity maxim join above the old patterns, the fewer impediments will exist to prevent you from taking the necessary leaps towards the higher spheres. In this way, I will be reaching the most advanced civilizations of the cosmos, which have the maximum: Love is the only thing that binds all beings.

In the coming months, you will see the signs that *Titon will give in your civilization, with cleanliness in progress. One of the signs I say to you today is this: People who have same-sex partners will take high-order jobs. They will also inspire other souls to truly show themselves as they are, when they realize that the Love of God has no limitations, and that they have never been abnormal, or something like that. On the contrary, they were, for a long time, massacred, precisely because they brought the Creator God Father / Mother unified and expressed in such a way that the architects of the old system had no alternative but to bombard them with false propaganda discriminatory manner. Beloved, your space family is vast, and do not be surprised when you see beings of the same apparent polarity being loving partners, and walking hand in hand on our ships.

The time for all the old energy to dissolve is right before you, and nothing can stop your progress as an enlightened society. Those of you who don’t adapt to the new frequencies will have the freedom to travel to systems compatible with their desires and experiences. Your civilization has long been worn out with false moral ideas. Blessed souls are incarnating now, joining with those already incarnated and delivering inspiring packages to those open to the new energies, inspiring them, too, to come with the New Wave.

Another issue attacked by those who wish to keep the old system and false moral ideas is that older people can not relate lovingly to new ones. Beloved, keep in mind that the soul has no age, and once again Love is unlimited, and there is nothing to prevent it from truly manifesting itself. You are eternal souls using biological bodies for rapid experiences of expansion, and you would not be hindered by a gender issue or an idea of ​​biological age, for you are eternal, always young and with both sides of the creator manifested.

I am SaLuSa, from Sirius, and I am delighted with how you are dealing with the unveiling of the veils over you and maintaining the amity in the midst of the conflicts generated by those who fear the new wave and the manifestation of the new society. Dear Ones, nothing like how you will be as loving as your real state of being, which allows you to advance further, and ensure for you the necessary leaps for the highest spheres of Light. Don’t allow persecutions of false moral ideas to torture your soul, but hold yourselves upright in the Sublime Love of the Supreme Creator, who sees no limitation in you and will always be sending the necessary energies so that you may perform the tasks entrusted to you in the best way. The Creator sees you as I, SaLuSa, and everyone here with me: the bravest beings already known to this day! We will always be exclaiming among ourselves, on board: "There is nothing to make them retreat! They are truly inspiring!"

Be in Peace,

Be in the Light!


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English translation: Sementes das Estrelas / Leony Nogueira