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Gabriel: Queridos leitores em português, essa é a tradução para o Inglês da mensagem original, postada anteriormente em português: Aqui

Please, dear, read the tune of the song below. I particularly recommend to place the music into a pleasant volume and then read the message aloud. You may feel wonderful vibrations of light in your bodies.


Greetings, Family!

It’s good to be here one more time. The year begins. The year of which I spoke in my previous message: the year of Cycles and Potentials (see here: Here we are embarking for more this path of his progress towards a development, for a fulfillment of goals. Yes, I know this sounds a bit linear and that’s what I want to deal with in my message: linearity, linear time, and cosmic time. This is a good time for this. I want you to understand the seriousness, and still more, the way of you, and how you are experts in your ways, to the point of being equipped with energetic schedules that advise them, as they plunge into density.

Cosmic time is lovingly adapted to your linear reality so that you can understand the signs and potentials. Cosmic time is obviously non-linear, but the more connected prophets and of course you could and can bring a cosmic time to linearity through higher understanding and deliveries. That is why some of his prophets brought them prophecies that happened, and others did not. Simply because everything is a matter of surrender and free will of you. When you are able to align more deeply with your higher selves, you access a cosmic time and are able, through deep calculations, to linearize deep information captured from cosmic time. Not to mention that your free will, in mass, constantly leads you, like a wave of waves, to experience some Momentum (an accumulation of forces / energies that allows the manifestation of something specific). Therefore, where you put your energy “for a certain time” (Momentum), it tends to manifest itself more quickly. Some of you, before you incarnated, determined that you would have a Momentum of a certain energy, and / or that you would manifest something quickly, thereby committing yourself to the specific energy buildup that would bring you to that Momentum.

Thus the energetic potentials for events need a “critical mass / Momentum” for manifestation in your reality, as well as the personal events predetermined by yourself in your life. Remember: Everything is already happening. Everything is NOW. EVERYTHING IS MANIFESTED. Now … in which “Speed” this already manifested is going to MANIFEST where your being is acting, depends on your level of connection and strength to “Pull” the event. It depends, of course, on the Momentum generated by you in the specific reality. Everything is a question of surrender and trust, remembering that it is the cosmic reality that, lovingly, adapts to the linear one, bringing, therefore, an understanding for the physicality of the celestial events, in order to completely prepare the human brains, to a understanding of everything in the creation of forms of manifestation.

My dear ones, as everyone already knows, you are always in the ETERNAL NOW. Everything is happening IN THIS MOMENT. In many of our messages, we quote the past and the future so that you can understand more clearly because you are immersed in a linearity. It is a time that many believe to be equal to the cosmos which, in fact, is not. Cosmic time is based on Momentum that manifests itself. There is no beginning, middle, and end, my dear ones. There is what always exists, NOW, IN THIS MOMENT, ETERNALLY. Yes, we know that his brains still can not understand this way, because he needs a line, a linear order. A good movie that will help them to understand more about NOW is “The Arrival”, a film that was delivered by us to their studios (see trailer: Like everything in this universe, NOW, it is up to you, as master creators, to manifest a Momentum that will lead you to the conscious leap into your true realities. And this can be done in whatever dimension they are.

And now you ask us: if before I incarnated I made a schedule to follow, do I have to fulfill it at a given time within linearity? Well, that is only you who can determine. According to your personal soul needs, you may decide that the manifestation of a particular thing in its linearity takes place in a specific linear time, and for this you strive for that manifestation, that is, you engage in the Momentum. What kind of commitment is this? Is it timed, stressfully choking and exhausting? Obviously not! The commitment is through your delivery and flow, because if you know that your SELF has programmed a certain event, you need to trust it so that the synchronous events bring it to the event. But of course, that does not mean that you will have to sit back and expect to happen like magic. No, because synchronicities depend on high manifestations of being manifested in linearity. In more direct words: the more loving, the more easily it will be dragged into the previously determined schedule. Understand that “given schedule” does not mean that you are chained to a schedule, not at all, for you are free in your choices, but everything follows as you yourself wish to experience. And a support team is available whenever you determine where and how you want to act in the descent to linearity.

What would lead you to a noncompliance of a soul program?

Free will. Your SELF knows what is best and beneficial in its manifestation in density. But if you want to make use of your free will educated by denser mental patterns that manifest in more dense and linear realities, you will certainly be honored in your decisions. In this, it is highly recommended that they be constantly in meditation so that you can more easily access guidelines of your SELF. The soul programs – what you have chosen for your path in linearity – are widely advised by a number of spiritual friends, and they are willing to assist you as you enter the density where you will experience linearity. When they see that you, out of free will, are coming out of the line you have drawn as an ideal, you send out a series of messages through various media ranging from direct communications through dreams, mediumship, insights to Synchronicity, to try to show that there is a deviation from the programmed. You are free and you will always be honored in your choices, be they linearity or not. The soul program is not a task book that needs to be fulfilled with a visa sign given every conclusion, but it is an energetic basis for you to have a “NORTH” – this one instructed by its nonlinear expression – that sees everything to from a broad and wise point of view. And of course, the sending of the “detour route” signs is authorized by you: “Please, I intend and commit myself to this, therefore, if for some reason or illusion I deviate, alert me, send me signals”. When you enter into the denser realities it is similar to a person who has been anesthetized deeply, getting lost and aimless, until, little by little, it begins to GUIDE, in this case, with your surrender and confidence in your SELF.

What happens when a soul program is not completed within the timeframe determined by the self?

Well, as we have said, there is never judgment, punishment and certainly you are not in a classroom forced to take 10. You are in a series of deep and elevating experiences and, in one way or another, you will always be victorious ! Even if by free will or simply by not bearing what they believed they would endure before diving into density, surely nothing will be lost. You will always have a new opportunity. There are beings who have committed themselves seriously to generating Momentum which, as a consequence, would leverage the evolution of various souls. These beings have been prepared for ages and even they “run the risk” of not being able to withstand the pressure imposed by density and fail to generate the Momentum of force that would trigger and “Pull” the manifestation of the previously programmed. Even so, there is never guilt, and all of you are always seen as heroes, simply because you were willing to enter into this reality with such bravery. You know, some just did not want to do what you’re doing. Not because they were cowards or something, but simply because they knew it was not the time to have such a hard and difficult experience. Never, under no circumstances is guilt, arrest, contempt, or anything like that. YOU ARE HONORED AND WILL ALWAYS BE HONORED. This is what definitely happens when a program is not completed. It will be, one way or the other. At some point, it will be! So there is never failure.

What happens when a soul program is completed?

A Momentum is generated and many benefit, both the being who set out to the mission and the one around them. For us, he is not treated as being better than others, but he is only honored like any other. There is no difference for us or between us. The energy manifested in the generated Momentum is largely reverberated and is never eliminated again. An example of Momentum is the one generated by Jeshua in his incarnation. Momentum of Love, mission and surrender. He set the example for mankind, and what difference does it make to you? None! You too, every day, are being called to set the example, the highest example of BEING.

Can a Walk-In complete my soul mission?

Definitely yes. Many of you have agreed to this before diving into density. There are many who have done it and do it as good partners. One begins and another ends the mission. In this case, most of these events are developed when the specific soul-mission is turned to the collective. When a soul decides to incarnate and generate a Momentum of Mercy, for example. One soul can come and initiate, and the other, conclude, in a loving partnership. Speaking of mercy, Kuan Yin is a being who has generated a Momentum of mercy, manifesting this merciful reality in his walk. And you, dear Lightworkers, what Momentum are you creating?

This year, my dear ones – as I said in my last message – is a year of Cycles and Potentials, so a surrender to your highest Self will ensure that everything unfolds as you have determined it. Do not give up the chance of old events repeating themselves in their lives, in order to drag them back to the old patterns. I know each one of you, I know the soul trajectory of each one and I am here to support you, always! For me, it is an honor to watch such powerful beings manifesting themselves in a reality that for ages has been considered the most dense, and you, NOW, are changing that reality, through A MOMENTUM OF DETERMINATION.

I know who you are, and I have no doubt in the enlightened continuation of your path. Like almost always in many of my meetings in the cosmos, I come across a myriad of beings, and some of them tell me … “Ashtar, do you really trust those who you sent, hein?” I always answer that, YES! And as good questioners, they continue: “But what do they have that you trust so much in them?” And I repeat: I TRUST IN THEMSELVES BECAUSE THEY ARE THEY, AND THAT IS THE ENOUGH.

And so it is.


Your brother,


Gabriel: Very grateful, beloved Ashtar.

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