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Gabriel: Queridos leitores em português, essa é a tradução para o Inglês da mensagem original, postada anteriormente em português: Aqui

Please, dear ones, read this NOTE by listening to this song. After reading, close your eyes and wait for the music to stop. You may have some visions and / or sensations …


For many ages, mankind has been conditioned to follow patterns engraved on the Planetary Grid. These patterns hindered the development of many souls, and whenever any of them are close to disconnecting from that Matrix, an intensive one is made upon it so that it returns to the mental arrest of ideas and heavy magnetism.

The Souls, when they incarnate on Earth, some of them come with a specific mission. Others choose to go down and simply follow a series of experiments without some timeline having been previously combined. But those who come to Earth with a specific mission, and who depend on them a series of events for their unfolding, carry a greater responsibility for their baggage and experiences already acquired. Not that they are better, but they have earned the right to be at the forefront of some missions. (Which, inevitably, is the path of all souls, for all evolve continually, and at one time or another, will be mirrors and instructors / guides / dials of the path of some others). And here’s the point: the Matrix patterns engraved on the Planetary Grid for thousands of years have the basic function of preventing a high timeline, whether or not the conscious souls of their missions.

Certainly, at a very deep level, everything follows an elevated schedule, and all souls have inner plans to follow. All souls end up choosing their experiences, whether they are more aware or not. When a soul decides to incarnate with no “timeline” in hand, events unfold and they will simply be absorbing what they feel they need to absorb. Sometimes they end up absorbing and generating things that hold them for more time in the repetitive cycle of experiences, which ends up generating a need for energy readjustments through the Greater Law (Karma).

Others – those who descend with specific missions – assume a greater responsibility, since, in addition to resisting more strongly the invective of the collective negative unconscious, which at every moment tries to bring them to the same robotic standard, these people have within themselves the a strong missionary impulse calling them to mission. Of course, this leads to more wear and tear on account of the struggle they struggle between giving in to the seductions of the world and keeping their postures high. The latter is what guarantees their awareness of everything they need to do, and how many souls can be positively affected by their active missionary posture.

When a soul descends to the planet with a specific mission that, if fulfilled, would trigger a series of positive events, some of them descend tense, because they know that a series of events depends on them to unfold. But, of course, none of them will be charged if they “fail” (see Ashtar message “THE SOUL PROGRAMS: FROM THE COSMIC TO THE LINEAR HARMONIZATION” – channeled on 01.01.2018 by GABRIEL RL – It will be published in the next few days), but when they they will assume, “I will go down and do what needs to be done,” a legion of support is intended to support her in whatever she needs.We have a great example: Jesus, and even He might not have fulfilled his mission and “failed” But it has fulfilled it to the letter and the result is that the Planet was bathed with an intense Light, and powerful events were unleashed.We have, for example, the end of slavery (Golden Law), the impossibility of a third world war, (for the energy generated by the human hearts connected to the Christ energy brought and anchored on Earth by Jesus allowed a third war not to be manifested and consequently the destruction of the Planet) and many other blessings thanks to the fulfillment of my In other words, if Jesus had not fulfilled His mission, the Earth could already have been destroyed. His fulfilled mission enabled another series of Light Protocols to be followed and a massive incarnation of thousands and thousands of Star Seeds happened – which definitely changed the aura of the Planet forever, putting the Earth in the path of Light. If He had not fulfilled the mission, surely another would come in his place to try to do it, but it would be another delay in the Higher Plans. Could this have happened? Yes, and there was another being ready to go down, if Jesus did not fulfill his mission. But it would be a “delay” and “we would lose another time” and possibly today we would still be living on a global level, something similar to the Dark Ages.

Having said all this, today a specific code / protocol is being handed out for humanity to come out of the old patterns, get out of the old cycles and connect to the higher experiences, and also for people to connect and recognize their soul missions and importance of their compliments, bringing to the consciousness the heightened responsibility that they will not have the feeling of weight of “I need to fulfill” with regret. But a “I will FILL” with an empowered, joyful and enlightened energy, aware that your action can and will determine the course of many things. Yes, because we are an important part of this mission! I myself imagine myself failing to fulfill the Seed of Stars mission that has been given to me: the responsibility of initiating a Vortex on the Planet. This mission was given to Me. What if I did not fulfill it for tantrum or something like that? How many souls would miss the opportunity to return home? Yes, they would return one hour or another, but, I am willing to be LOGO! I place myself at the disposal of the Forces of Light so that I may be instrumental in bringing these souls back to Light as soon as possible, and I am able to give up many things for that! Actually, I quit! I gave my life to this! Just as Jesus did, I want to give myself TO A LARGEST PLAN. I do not say this in order to be acclaimed, but for all to know that I am a Star Being who is wearing a human garment, going through everything that any human being goes through, all the pain, anguish, sorrow, and even then, I can resist! If I can, you can too! You’re no different from me! Never was!

Use this code / protocol so that the same force that flows from me, and that makes me fulfill my mission, donate what hurts, whatever happens, may also manifest in you! It’s already there, with you, just needs to flow!

Say it out loud three times: “CODEX DEVELO YA EU”

This will cause a powerful internal movement, and will initiate a drastic process of unlocking you for a more empowered YOU. A YOU that will begin to see that you are very important on Earth and that, yes, many souls depend on you to return to the Light. Of course, this does not mean withdrawing their power in their own mastery and self-elevation capacity, but it will make you a example, so that they can see and mirror. You will never take a soul from the bottom of the well, for it has stood there and only it can rise, but surely you can throw a rope and it will go up on its own. Be the one who will play the rope. Of course, maybe in the process of playing the rope you hurt yourself a bit, because for that soul to climb, it needs to be a tough rope. You may have to do the rope yourself, giving the necessary knots so that the soul has the necessary support to climb. The Seeds of the Stars is a rope built and delivered to mankind. What’s your rope? What rope will you give to humanity to help the souls still in the darkness to rise? It does not necessarily need to be a site like that. It can be anything as long as it helps someone. It could be a smile. Take that step! Smile at someone. You can not even imagine, but a smile is also a vortex of Light!



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