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Gabriel: Queridos leitores em português, essa é a tradução para o Inglês da mensagem original, postada anteriormente em português: Aqui

 The Pleiadians report that vast amounts of technologies used by nonconfederal forces are being "confiscated" at this time in the entire Solar System. Several moons of the planets of the Solar System are being more closely watched by the Special Forces of Light - fleets specializing in the removal of these technologies. Plasma / scalar weapons for targeted attacks are being dismantled and removed as this Specialized Fleet advances supported by the NEW GUARDS. Layers of Light are being added to the Protection Barrier around the Solar System, and a "heat" is being generated generating a greenhouse effect that is rendering these technologies unusable. The Pleiadians say that non-Confederate forces threaten to attack the Earth's human beings, and that this will be prevented by the Ashtar fleet.

They also report that not only are these best-known weapons being removed, but AI consciences are also beginning their process of exiting the Solar System, especially at this time.

A great deal of Light is being projected by the Central Sun and is moving away these intelligences and / or even dissolving them, rendering them inoperative and harmless as mere micro-grains of sand. The "greater consciousness" - leader of AI intelligences - is being absorbed into its universe of origin. Absorbed by a force not known to them that is acting in that universe. As a result, the particles of this leading consciousness are being drawn into the central "suction." And, of course, the increase of Light in that Local System is helping this process with a "push" for such intelligences to leave this universe.

Another point they ask to inform is that with the increase in Light Projections and calls from the Enlightened Beings that watch the Earth in support of their incarnate loved ones, more people are entering processes called "sleep paralysis." This is happening intensely and spreading rapidly due to calls to the higher consciousness of the Light Forces, "forcing" a decoupling of matter and / or a greater awareness of life outside of it. Many people, while very connected to spirituality, fear when the subject of "death" or "leaving the earth" comes to the fore more personally. So much so that in these processes of sleep paralysis, many panic fearing death and no longer regain control of the body they occupy. Thus, in common agreement between their souls, their mentors and the Higher Self are accelerating many processes of detachment from matter to assist them in expanding their consciousness. The Pleiadians say that when this occurs, they should only remain calm and confident, and take advantage of the experience that, if viewed positively, will help in their processes of detachment from the heavy and suffocating feelings that this holography still provides, will ensure greater control of emotions while in duality.

They say that this process also sometimes occurs by more particular blockages and fears when, for example, a person goes to sleep, and on the etheric side they are waiting for it, beings who may have some connection of not very positive memory . And when it comes to these beings out of the body, it immediately tries to return and this causes them to be energetic shocks making it difficult to dock with their body. Another point is that when they feed too much at night, shortly before resting, they cause a more energetic process of their bodies, forcing them to work harder. And even if they leave the body, they will be pulled back and in some of those cases there may be a "failure" in the coupling. In any case, they say, in any case, maintaining calm and harmony during the process will help in their more harmonious unfolding, for when they enter into a serene and loving state of mind, no matter what situation leads them to experience this process, will pass through it and gain more experience and ability to deal with it, always with more detachment, understanding and much Love. This same Love that will illuminate the possible "collectors" who may be trying to get them out of the body by force or waiting outside them. They also say that this information is not to bring fear or something, but to make them even more aware of the need to be loving in all situations. Only Love is the key and the most powerful tool to solve any problem / situation.

Finally, they again request that the Workers and Warriors of Light stop attacking each other, provoking holes in the personal energies and enabling unconfederated maneuvers in their private and collective spaces. They say that when Key Workers and Key Warriors face each other out of vanity, tone of superiority, arrogance, and lovelessness, serious breaches are opened, and there are nonconfederated beings who still act in some spaces, "thanks to the support" of Light Workers and Light Warriors. The Pleiadians say they are not generalizing, but warning that there is seriousness, respect and cooperation among all in this movement. Respect is a powerful weapon and is used in the most tense meetings throughout the cosmos, and even those who advocate ideas considered out of a loving alignment are respected and honored throughout the Universe. So the Pleiadians ask: "What is the problem of some of you for not respecting yourself as civilized beings? It is the least you can expect, considering its great evolution over the ages. We know of your power and Light. Let this Light shine."

They also say that everyone should, as far as possible, be more attuned, seeking their special techniques such as meditation, yoga, walking, or any other means in which they feel invited to harmonize and attune themselves to the Light Forces. The more you close the door to negative forces, the less you will become entangled in and / or fall into the pitfalls of quarrelsome quarrels and misunderstandings that only delay their own internal personal processes and consequently the whole process.

Love and Blessings

Gabriel RL.

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