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Missionary Emissions (Technology that pierces the veil)

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By Neva (Gabriel RL) June 29, 2021
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Greetings Dear Seeds!

I come once again to bring you a technology, long awaited by you! Another consecration of the powerful Sacred Triad: Personal Symbol, Cosmobiography and now Missionary Emissions that forms this triangle of missionary forces. It is an immense spiritual force capable of “tearing the veil” and connecting you with the higher spheres through this powerful decree of personal energetic signature called “Emission”. This technology goes back many thousands of years, to the times of the Prophet Moses and was brought and sustained on Earth by some special egregores who managed to sustain a Momentum of discipline, love and Light. Now it is the turn of the PVSE! (Portal Vortex Seeds of the Stars!). One of the first beings on Earth to receive this power and emit it, tearing the veil with this emissary force was Moses, this great missionary of Light also known in the Great White Brotherhood as Master Ling.

As many Lightworkers and Warriors of the Light already know, there is much going on behind the scenes of this great scenario on the Terran plane. Humans, once considered, by themselves, as simplistic, tiny figures without great powers, are now beginning to recognize the size of their divine greatness and their power to act in your reality. For eons, humans disconnected from their real essence, have sought all transformation and manifestation of what they desire through mystical figures, angels, masters and all sorts of saviors and “powerful” beings. This is the moment in time where humanity as a collective is rediscovering its brilliance, feeling the power and protagonism in its heart and as a result of the awakening of more of these layers of consciousness, new tools are being delivered so that the being is adjusted to the new energy / frequency it has assimilated into its fields.

There are many movements driven in an accelerated way by the Forces of Light, at this moment, because there are countless missionary beings who have programmed their awakenings as soon as possible when they arrive to the physical plane of Earth, so that they can act as soon as possible, conscious and armed with the necessary tools for the construction of a New Reality of Light. Attending to this programming, the Forces of Light deliver, at this moment, the MISSIONARY EMISSIONS, another Cosmic Force of intense personal power to be assimilated in your fields, allowing the layers of disconnection with your Christed Beings to be removed and your conscious brilliance to surface.


The Celestial Chants, seen in more detail here at this link: https://www.sementesdasestrelas.com.br/2018/02/os-cantos-das-setes-raizes-celestes.html, are roots that put you in tune with your soul family, your monad, all the spiritual links you may have in this Universe and beyond. They have an all encompassing aspect of connection that makes you aware of your connection to your other soul aspects and groups. It is important that you read the content of the above link with the Celestial Chants and seek attunement to one. Should you not be able to tune in, when I deliver the Emission, I myself will be indicating which is your Celestial Chant, going along with your Emission.

Your Emission is your deepest connection to your own Self, it has an aspect of conscious connection with your own individuality in the midst of all the vastness of Creation. Your Emission is a Sacred Code, shaped especially for you, “exactly to your measurements”, connecting you with the Forces needed for your journey and former redemptions. When you emit your Chant, you tune in with your Soul Family, as said before, bringing your monadic force. When you send your Emission, you bring your higher portion to Earth or wherever you are. You allow through your Emission your transcendental heritage to manifest via this Code, all the power of your heritage is brought to you through your Emission. Your Emission is a channel in the vertical line that captures the forces that pass through the neutron/veil, pulling to earth the higher energies that are on the other side of the veil. In other words, it is a power that breaks the veil. When you emit it, a pillar of Light opens up above you and if you are a psychic you can see this link beam of light completely enveloping you and breaking all the dimensional barriers to the other side of the veil completely. We can also say that it is a channel in the horizontal line, because when you emanate it, you collect all the positive forces that have already crossed the barriers and are already on Earth. To emit is to “expand” all around you with great power from Heaven and from Earth itself, adding the Galactic, Ascended and Christic forces and the native forces of Mother Earth as well, all of this gathered within you, making you a great vibrating energetic sun.

It is also important that you are aware that your Emissions will open up great opportunities for purification and illumination of old baggage in your akashic as it will bring old forces that are in your fields that need to be transformed, ransoms from the past and spirits that are still in cycles of pain that are somehow connected to you by the force of “karmic charge”. They will hear when you do your Emission, and in the search to heal their pain and despair through some dept / revenge, they will be bathed in the Light that is being emanated from you and they will have their healing and deliverance through this Source of Love. Your Emission is a point of Light to directly assist you and all those involved directly or indirectly with you. This is one more of the infinite blessings of Heaven, manifested on Earth!


It is important to always do your Emission and Chant together (if possible out loud, in a harmonic intonation) when you are in possession of both, because one completes the other and guarantees the junction of all the Forces you need at the moment for your missionary journey. Each one of you is a great Missionary on this planet. It is important that, in order to acquire your Emission, you need to have been consecrated with a Personal Symbol* and Cosmobiography*, because the Emission is a very powerful consecration, just like the Celestial Chant, and it is necessary that your energetic fields are already expanded and receptive to these new waves of energies that will be brought by your Emission. The Symbol and Cosmobiography prepare you, your chakras and spiritual fields for this moment.

See example of an Emission. Remember that the Emission below is from someone who already has it. Yours will be similar, in the same way, but with your special particularities.

Emission and Chanting of Lara Rosa Branca. EXAMPLE:


CLICKING HERE, you can see more examples of Emission and Chant

Remember that the Emissions are coded according to their energy. The words in the proper order delivered, are a code that allows the energies to go through the Initiatic *Neutron, to reach you and, thus, fulfill your objective. It is NOT recommended to make any change in the order of the words, content or anything else. If you change it of your own free will, alterations in the original code will be created, which will cause a greater resistance for these specific energies to fulfil their original programmed purpose. (Link: Initiatic Neutron: https://www.sementesdasestrelas.com.br/p/demais-termos-usados-nas-mensagens-do_87.html)

Thus, as with every harmonic exchange of services, works, activities, time and energies made available by the individuals involved, there will be a financial energetic exchange for this work. A value of R$ 277,00 (ca. 55 $) will be charged for costs.


After making the value of the exchange, send e-mail with the title “(YOUR NAME AND SURNAME) – EMISSION REQUEST”. Example: NEVA ALFA CENTAURI – EMISSION REQUEST.

In the e-mail, attach your Personal Symbol and Cosmobiography. Remembering once more that, for Emission, it is specifically necessary to already have the Symbol and Cosmobiography. In the footer of this post there will be a link to the Personal Symbol and Cosmobiography.

When requesting your Emission, please, inform if you have already tuned in with one of the seven Celestial Chants (Cantos: https://www.sementesdasestrelas.com.br/cantos-celestes), if yes, tell us which one, remembering that dear Neva (Gabriel RL) will be able to change it, in case she receives instructions to do so.

Also, inform if you have received any of the following consecrations in any of the Starseeds events (by clicking on the links below, you will be taken to the specific texts about each of the four consecrations):

Master´s Degree (Master Voice, Master Guide or Reniy)

Knight or Amazon (Name of your Knight or Amazon)

Arcane Force (Arcane 1, 2 or 3)

Neva Order (First Order, Second Order or Third Order)

If you have already received some or all of these consecrations, please indicate which ones in the email. If you have not received any of these, tell us in the email and you will be consecrated when the Emission is channeled.

If you wish, you can inform us if there is a Being, Ascended Master, Guide that you have great affinity with.


Send the e-mail with

Proof of the financial exchange, Full name (single), Whatsapp contact, Personal Symbol, Cosmobiography, which of the Celestial Chants you tune in (If you have not yet tuned in to any, also inform), which consecrations you have already received and if you have any Mentor/Being/Master/Guide/ of great affinity.

EMAIL: emissoessde@gmail.com


It can be done by the options below:


Sementes das Estrelas LTDA

Agency: 0001 (if you ask for a digit, it is 9)
Current Account: 7938543-5
CNPJ: 30.215.049/0001-22
Pix Key: bieljaguar@gmail.com



Sementes das Estrelas LTDA

Agency: 3707
Checking Account: 28663-3
CNPJ / Pix Key: 30.215.049/0001-22


Or by the Pagseguro and Paypal Buttons:

PAGSEGURO: https://pag.ae/7Xguayajs

PAYPAL: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=BEZCDNZEN87R8

If any more data is needed for transfers from abroad, please contact us through the same e-mail above.

The delivery time is 12 (twelve) weeks and may extend due to demand. When you send your request via e-mail, you will receive an answer (Just wait a little, it may take up to a few days due to demand). Rest assured, your request has been registered. Anyway, if you do not receive your Emission within a maximum of 12 weeks, contact us again and we will put you on the urgency list. Of course, you may also receive it much sooner, always according to demand. 12 (twelve) weeks is the maximum deadline.


Requests may NOT be made by Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram or any other social network of Sementes das Estrelas, only by email above.

ONLY REQUEST YOUR PERSONAL EMISSION AFTER READING THE TEXT IN THE LINK BELOW AND AGREE ENERGETICALLY: https://www.sementesdasestrelas.com.br/2018/01/sobre-semelhancas-cosmicas-simbolicas-e.html


And I, Neva (Gabriel RL), need to inform you that some people may not “like” their Emissions, claiming to have nothing to do with them, or to have seen some similar excerpt in some other Emission. The Emissions will not come to fit the wishes of the human ego, “Oh, I wanted an Emission that said I am this and that…” for example, but to bring the ego into awareness of a Higher energy and Personality. To deny your Emission is to block a divine flow that is being delivered to you and this can further delay your expansion of consciousness. So, once again, if you don’t feel ready and you don’t accept the terms above, don’t ask. But if you trust, be assured that I will be delivering the TRUTH, ONLY THE TRUTH IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST.

To acquire Personal Symbol, Cosmobiography, understand a little more about the other technologies, including the several free ones (without financial exchange) go to the link: https://www.sementesdasestrelas.com.br/tecnologias

Very grateful, dear ones of my heart, for this great opportunity to serve!

This is as far as Jesus allows me to see and transmit.

For the Truth, nothing but the Truth,

In Love and Blessings,

Neva (Gabriel RL)


Whatsapp: +55 41 9144-4249

*If you are outside Brazil, just add the country code: +55 41 9144-4249 (Note: you must add the symbol + before the 55)

EMAIL: emissoessde@gmail.com

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For more technologies, channelings, consecrations, meditations, talks and sessions with Neva (Gabriel RL), click Here

Revision portuguese: Solange Yabushita

Translation & Revision: Sio Smorgon & C. Smork Non

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