The Consecrations, Pes.Symbol & Cosmobiografie

The Consecrations, Pes.Symbol & Cosmobiografie

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Consecration of the Arcane Force

By Neva (Gabriel RL) 22 November 2018
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Consecration of the Arcane Force

Thousands of years ago…

A Great Mothership called “Ramaátaruz”

came and hovered over the earth

On this Mothership there were masters of the Central Civilization/Race

Three of them special, aboard a smaller ship,

They stepped down into their galactic bodies.

They quickly entered the earth’s atmosphere,

And they visited every continent,

Leaving a great golden beam of light,

Impregnating the entire planetary grid,

With a lot of Golden Light.

They went to three points:

Mount Everest, (in the Himalayas) Mount Shasta and São Tomé das Letras (Brazil).

They settled in each of these places that are

Arcane Strength Points.

There are three Consecrations:

Arcane Force 1

The portion of the Source that creates or ferments something.
It is that which shapes physics and matter,
Giving them new configurations and shapes.
Creating the pieces of the great “machinery of Creation”.
It is the force responsible for creating everything there is uninterruptedly.

Arcane Force 2

The Portion of the Source that organizes or configures
All created / remodeled material
So that it has a harmonic and balanced form.
Responsible for collecting all the pieces
generated by the Creator of Worlds
In order to thus assemble all the “machinery” of Creation.

Arcane Force 3

The portion of the Source that remodels or reconfigures something already created or something already modeled, to meet a specific function.
All matter destroyed or remodeled
It serves as raw material for new creations.
This Force is very active at the moment,
Destroying all the old forms,
And destroying all the obsolete energy on the planet,
So that everything is renewed
And majestic creations take place throughout Gaia.

The Arcane Force is another special power that is being given to humanity through special consecrations. It is a gigantic power of Creation, Harmonization and Destruction. It is a power that is no longer mysterious to the planet, because the inhabitants of the Earth have already reached a high level of consciousness. It is a power that comes directly from the Central Civilization and that previously had been prepared for its complete reverberation in these times. The Central Civilization, which is a very advanced and powerful civilization of the Galactic Central Sun. It can be said to be the oldest and most powerful race in the Galaxy. They waited for many millennia for the Human Race of Earth to reach a high level, where they felt they could enter and act more directly. They have then received in recent times a clear sign that Earth Humanity has reached this point and are coming to “personally” help in the transition of the planet and deliver that powerful Arcane power through this consecration.

Thousands of years ago, a great Mother Ship called “Ramaátaruz” (in central language = glowing/incandescent) came and hovered over the entire Earth. It quickly entered the Earth’s atmosphere and visited all the continents, leaving a great golden beam of light, impregnating every planetary grid with a lot of golden light and like great shocks of light, the whole grid shuddered. Inside this great Mother Ship there were many masters of the great Central Civilization, three of them in particular, aboard a smaller ship, descended to physicality in their galactic bodies, wearing beautiful bright golden tunics. Long hair also golden and big golden yellow eyes. They were very tall, each of them about 3 meters. They landed the ship on top of a mountain. Before that, they fired a small beam of light that planned that little piece of mountain so that the ship could land there. That first mentioned mountain is Mount Shasta. They went down and anchored a powerful Light there. There they established an Arcane point of force. They entered the ship and quickly moved to a mountain in the Himalayas, Mount Everest. There they did the same as on Mount Shasta. And finally, they went to South America, more specifically Minas Gerais (São Tomé das Letras) and inside a cave they anchored as before. The two previous points had already been activated some time ago, but more recently the latter was activated thanks to an outdated marker with an increase in consciousness. Thus, the three activated triggered/completely unlocked the Arcane Force on the planet, that powerful Force already programmed to be reactivated when humanity reached a certain level of consciousness, and Thank God that power was activated!

These three Arcane Masters who descended and prepared the activation of this power on Earth are called Artuns, Nerus and Milans.

Artuns is an Arcane Master 1. Nerus is an Arcane Master 2 and Milans is an Arcane Master 3. They represent three specific powers: Creator of Worlds, Harmonizer of Worlds and Destroyer of Worlds. (One should not be frightened by the latter, for it is nothing in the negative sense). Below is an explanation of these three powers:

Arcane Force 1 – Creator of Worlds

The Arcanum Creator of Worlds is a portion of the Source that creates or ferments something. It is the one that shapes physics and matter giving it new configurations and shapes so that it becomes useful for the experience you want to experience. He is the creator of the pieces of the great machinery that will be assembled and, later on, will enter into ideal operation. It is the initial step, the first breath. This great Force is responsible for creating everything in creation without interruption. These creations range from the manifestation of groupings of Universes, to the creation of simple pleasant moments.

Arcane Force 2 – Harmonizer of Worlds

The Arcane Hamonizer of Worlds is a portion of the Source that organizes or configures all the created / remodeled matter so that it has a harmonic and balanced form in alignment with the desired experience. The Hamonizer of Worlds is responsible for collecting all the pieces created by the World Creator and starting to assemble the machinery. The Hamonizer of Worlds is the one who knows, harmonically, to position each piece in its place so that the machine has a perfect functioning. This Arcane is the energy that harmonizes the elements in a planetary body, aligns them with the Suns and Moons necessary for their balance. It aligns the Stellar Systems, Galaxies and Universes so that all work in a perfect and harmonic order.

If there are any places in disharmony, of whatever order, these Arcanes are asked to make that whole environment enter into a harmonious resonance. And in this new phase of the planet, this Force is of extreme importance to harmonize all the energy fields of the terrans and the planet as a collective.

Arcane Force 3 – Destroyer of Worlds

The Arcane Destroyer of Worlds is the Portion of the Source that remodels or reconfigures something previously created and modeled to suit a specific function. All the destroyed / remodeled material serves as raw material for new creations. In the biological bodies of humans on earth, when a cell is destroyed, either for some unknown reason or programmed by the body itself (apoptosis), the material resulting from that death / destruction is reabsorbed by the body itself serving as raw material for new creations. This is so in the whole vastness of the multiverses. When a creation becomes obsolete or simply needs to be reconfigured, this destructive Force is responsible for deconfiguring, removing that previously solidified form and giving an amorphous configuration to this matter. After this process, the other World Creators Forces and World Harmonizers come into action to give a new form to that formless matter.

In this new phase of the planet Earth, this Force is very active. It is destroying all the old forms, destroying all the obsolete energy of the planet so that everything is renewed and majestic creations take place everywhere on Gaia. Destroying the old way natural resources are managed, the old slave-like way humans have gotten used to living. Destroying the obsolete programmed scarcity, the old governance and finally, destroying the old negative and disempowering force that humans have learned to deal with.

This consecration will be made to the extent that events or meetings take place in Brazil and in the Star Seed Space. Dear Gabriel RL, under the influence of the Forces of Light, especially the three Arcane Masters Artuns, Nerus and Milans, will consecrate you with the Force you represent. (For this consecration of the Arcane there will NOT be a specific financial energy exchange). When the Consecration of Emissions comes, this consecration will already go with your Emission (online/via e-mail) when you request it, in case you have not yet been Consecrated in some event personally with Gabriel RL. In case you have already been consecrated in some event by Gabriel RL, it is important to keep the name of the Arcane Force that you represent with great affection, because in the act of requesting your Emission consecration, you will need to know and tell us the name of the Arcane Force for the compilation of the Emission consecration.

You may, when reading this text, simply tune in to the Arcane Force 1, 2 or 3, however, Gabriel RL may look at you and/or in the act of channeling your Issue to say that you represent another Force.

This consecration will enlarge your solar plexus and help to decalcify the pineal naturally, increase its telepathic capacity, accelerate its “karmic resolution”, accelerate the process of clearing your extrasensory faculties as a whole. It promotes a drastic expansion of the processing and storage capacity of Light in your solar chakra/plexus and an expansion of your Christ consciousness, leading the consecrated person to be much more loving and compassionate. And of course, countless other energetic benefits with these further blessings from heaven!

A special empowering symbol representing this Consecration was channeled by Gabriel RL. This is what illustrates this publication.


This is not a personal will, mine, but only the instruction that was given to me. This consecration cannot be given to those who do not yet have *COSMOBIOGRAPHY AND PERSONAL SYMBOL, because this is a Consecration that “depends” on the union of the other two so that it forms a specific Triad. Other Masters around the planet are also being prepared to deliver this Consecration (an act that will allow Gabriel RL not to be overloaded). As these other Masters receive Consecration authorization, their names will be published here below. Gabriel RL is not responsible if someone starts the Consecration of other people without being duly authorized/prepared for it. Those authorized will have their names cited here for perfect harmony and energy security.


Gabriel RL will sit in the middle, and he will choose two members of his team and/or any other soul, to stay, one on his right side and one on his left side. Thus, the three, Gabriel RL and two more, will represent the three great Arcanum Masters, with Gabriel RL to the Center delivering the Consecration.


A consecrated Arcanum Master should, as much as possible, every day whenever he or she agrees to make this brief decree:


(Obviously, nothing prevents the one who has not yet received the consecration from making the above decree).

My beloved Masters, I am very happy with this opportunity! May God the Father-Mother continue blessing us with these Divine Pearls!

All the information brought here has been as far as Jesus allowed me to see and transmit.

By my oath for the Truth,

Love and Blessings,

Neva (Gabriel RL)

Translation & Revision: Sio Smorgon & Flo

Consecration of Master´s Degree

By Neva (Gabriel RL) 21 May 2018
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Consecration of Master’s Degree

Thousands of years ago, in Tibet…

There was a Master named Reny.

Reny moved a lot of energies there.

He anchored the energies of the Sun and the Moon,

of Gold and Silver, of Balance and Harmony,

of Peace and Security there.

Then after a long period of work,

Reny’s mentor consecrated him as Master Reniy.




Master Voice is a hyper-intuitive being

It captures the energies sent from the celestial realms

and multiplies them in the terran plane.

It can be a medium of incorporation.


It captures the celestial energies

and divide them up to be delivered.

Linearize the intuitive “blocks” of the skies,

Making them understandable.

It can act in aid of the acquiring medium.


It acts with both Voice and Guide energies.

It can act as a medium guide or incorporator



Thousands of years ago, even before Gautama Buddha, in the mountainous regions of Tibet, there was a Tibetan Master, not known in traditional history, named Reny. Reny moved many energies in that place, he constantly anchored the energies of Sun and Moon, Gold and Silver, Balance and Harmony, Peace and Bliss in that part of the planet. He also taught his disciples integration and the art of communication with the spiritual world. This master led souls to the Heart of God with his generous, compassionate and loving words. Just as he guided them with his voice, he also served as a device so that these souls, trapped in confusion, could find peace in eternal divine love. Reny, in leading these beings with his voice, was working on the force that would later be called the Master Guide for these souls. However, when he gave up his physical apparatus for the passage of these spirits, he was working on the force which would later be called Master Voice. His disciples had the opportunity to work together with him in this great movement.

After a while Reny’s mentor came to him and granted him a consecration. This consecration unified the two forces, Master Guide and Master Voice, into a single consecration, which would even bear his name. His mentor added only one letter “i” in his original name and this was the nomenclature given to this consecration of unification of these two forces, Master Reniy. Reny’s mentor informed him that from that moment on he could consecrate his disciples in one of these three forces, Master Guide, Master Voice or Master Reniy. The disciples who worked together with Master Reny, now Master Reniy, received the consecrations according to the work they performed according to their soul plans. Some received the consecration of Master Guide, another of Master Voice and still others received the consecration of Master Reniy. All these consecrations had the same value, the same importance and the same greatness, the difference was in the soul plan of each one who was there, changing only the type of consecration they would receive for the work they were willing to perform. In some cases, the disciples could receive one consecration and after a period receive another, not necessarily leaving fixed the type of energy they would work with. Again, what determines this is the soul plan of being.

A sacred geometric symbol was channeled for each of these consecrations.

This one below refers to the Master Guide:

The central sword represents the Protective Light of dear Archangel Michael, as well as representing the Power, the Force, the Divine Will, the Faith and the Divine Order. The two side swords, “bent”, represent the dissolution of this physical reality as unique and the integration with the multi-planes / multidimensions. The bright white Sun / Star represents the Light of the guiding wisdom that emanates from the heart of the Master consecrated with this force. Light that leads to the high spheres, to the sacred heart of God the Father/Mother, the beings that are immense in an aura of disconnection with his loving and eternal essence. The Master consecrated with this Cosmic Force is a conductor, a guide to chains or beings who are in disarray with their essence, guiding them back to their most balanced and resplendent state. He leads them to Home, to where all always return, no matter how long they may have spent away.

This second Geometric symbol refers to the Master Voice:

The symbol of infinity represents the multiplicity of planes and frequency variations that the Master, consecrated with this Force, can hold. It represents the constant oscillation between the realities and vibratory beams that this being experienced during his day. The silver arrow facing upwards, represents the indication “of the heavens”, represents the Spheres of Light, the most subtle planes of existence. The golden arrow facing down represents the earth plane or the densest planes of existence. Notice that between these two arrows is the symbol of infinity, which also represents the master who will give up his physical apparatus which will serve as a portal which will lead beings and currents coming from the Earth towards the High Spheres and will also lead from the High Spheres, luminous emanations and the infinite blessings of the Heavens, towards the Earth, it also represents that it makes manifest on Earth, the Voice of these realms of Light and, consequently, manifesting these very realms on Earth. The sword represents the protection and all the attributes mentioned above in Michael’s blue sword, however, the silver colour represents, in this case, the energy of serenity that this master expresses in his work.

This Third Geometric refers to Master Reniy:

As you can see, this symbol represents the unification of these two Cosmic Forces into a single consecration. The being who possesses it, develops the work on the two fronts mentioned above.

In short, the Master Voice is a hyper-intuitive being who captures the energies sent from the celestial realms and multiplies them on the earth plane. The Master Guide captures these energies and divides them to be delivered. The Master Voice brings the intuitive blocks of the heavens and the Master Guide linearises them so that they are comprehensible to those who will absorb them.

When a consecrated Master is conscious of what he is, he becomes a great pillar of Light, a great Lightworker at work on the planet. The Master Voice harmonizes all the Moons of the System he is in and he perfectly synchronizes them all. There is a great group Consciousness of the Force called Master Voice. Once Master Reniy consecrates a master as Master Voice, no matter where that master is in the galaxy, he immediately merges into this great group Consciousness. Soon after being consecrated on the physical plane, this master is consecrated on the etheric plane. There are many consecrations where this occurs in a contrary way, the being first receives the consecration on the etheric plane and then receives it on the physical plane. This consecration of the Master, especially, is one of those which take place first on the physical plane. The being, on leaving the body during sleep, is quickly brought to consecration on the etheric plane and there is fused to the group Consciousness corresponding to that force. All the Voice Masters become responsible, next to that group, for harmonizing all the lunar energy of all the star systems of the Galaxy where they are. This group Consciousness, acting together with the Elohim, is responsible for harmonizing all the lunar movements, the amount of moons that a certain planet or system will need.

In the same way, the Master Guide also belongs to a great group Consciousness of this force. That Consciousness is responsible for synchronizing and harmonizing the Suns / Solar Portals of all the star systems in the Galaxy where it is. Here, consecration also works as mentioned above. The whole process that occurs for Master Voice is also repeated for Master Guide and Reniy, because this process is related to the Master itself, in the three forms of acting. Each Masters is chosen by the incarnate being before entering the physical plane and this choice is related to his or her soul plane, karmic luggage, etc. Therefore, none of the masters has more power or is better, in some way, than the others.

When a being receives this consecration, some things begin to change, to have more movement in her/his life. His/her physical body goes through some changes, her/his Chakras are worked out for this new force. The Master Voice has the Throat chakra worked on more intensely, while the Master Guide has the Third eye Chakra and the Crown chakra more enhanced. Master Reniy has these three Chakras enhanced and worked on simultaneously.

Upon receiving this Master, you become a direct representative of Master Reniy and all the Vortex of Light formed in the mountains of Tibet when Master Reniy and his disciples anchored this Cosmic Force here on the earth plane. Do not be alarmed if some areas of your life get too much movement, for they will be accelerations to clean old baggage for the entrance of the New, especially in the financial area and relationships.

Master Reniy, as he was called after being consecrated by his mentor called Ugra, is a great Sirian master who came to Earth thousands of years ago with his group. Osho is part of this Sirian grouping. Reniy, still in Tibet, had many disciples and he was aware that his teachings and anchorings of those energies would reverberate by eons ahead of that time. This is the case, some of his disciples are incarnated at this moment, following the example of Zero i, who at that time was called Master Ury. Ury belonged to one of the various group of disciples assisted by that Master; he was the first of his group to receive the Consecration of Master Reniy in his fields, given directly by the one who lent his name to this Consecration.

The Forces of Light guided the beloved Gabriel to deliver this blessing to humanity, he will go out to the surface of the planet consecrating those who are in tune to receive it. This consecration will be made as events or meetings take place in Brazil and in Space Seeds of the Stars. Dear Gabriel, under the influence of the Forces of Light, will consecrate you. Or, when the Consecration of Emissions comes, your Master force (Reniy, Voice or Guide) will already go along (online/via e-mail) with your Emission when you request it, in case you have not yet been Consecrated in some event personally with Gabriel RL.

Those who, at first, feel attracted by some of the consecrations, there is no problem already tuning in to the force and on the day they meet Gabriel personally, in some event of consecration, just tell him with which force you have tuned in and he will consecrate you and/or say that your energy of Work is no longer that, but one of the other two. In any case, you can already tune in. You can also make a picture with the symbol that touched you the most, put it on your office / work wall, bedroom, or where you feel you should, as well as print the symbol and carry it in your wallet, or put it in the background on your mobile phone. Use your creativity. Looking at it every day when you wake up would also be a good idea.

From the moment Gabriel RL delivers the consecration, whether he is in the radiation / presence of Master Reniy, or even you are in tune with one of the three energies / symbols, immediately you will begin to receive a projection of Light which will gradually amplify that energy in you. If you have tuned into the energy of Master Voice for example and in one day you meet Gabriel RL and report to him that you have tuned into this energy and he tells you that you are no longer the one who is most active in you, it means that your field of action now is different and there is nothing wrong. Light is always Light!

Masters, all the consecrations given by the Powers of Light, such as the Geometric Symbols, Cosmobiographies, Celestial Chants and Emissions, which will soon be available in a linear way, are quantum tools that are added to our fields and help us in everything we are involved with here on Earth. It helps us to put together the “puzzle” of this reality and impels us to be emissaries of the Forces of Light, conscious and active as protagonists in illuminating the planet and ourselves. The Forces of Light are giving humanity this consecration, this gift from Heaven, that is being possible to reach the planetary surface thanks to the inviolable dedication of many Workers and Warriors of Light. Great movements are made behind the scenes so that Forces like these can be delivered to humanity, an exchange is always made and for this to happen, some Workers and Warriors of Light, conscious missionaries, place themselves as those who will “pay the price” for the movement to occur.

Gratitude for consciously assuming your powers and acting as protagonists here!

Gratitude for your always positive intentions!

This is as far as Jesus allows me to see and transmit.

Gabriel RL

Translation & Revision: Sio Smorgon & Flo

Consecration of Initiation of Knights or Amazons

By Neva (Gabriel RL) 3. Oktober 2018
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In this Consecration will be designated

one Knight or Amazon for each Consecrated.

These “Warriors” of Light compose

the Great Legion of Master Lazarus.

They act in regions where the light hardly reaches,

Carrying out cleansing in regions of suffering.

Invoking them for loving purposes

to help you dispel any negativity.

After receiving this Consecration, if you wish,

you can purchase a stone/crystal,

corresponding to the colour of your Knight/Amazon

to represent this energy in physicality.


Greetings, Beloved Masters!

It has been presented and transmitted in many ways that much of is happening behind the scenes of Earth reality. Humans, who once regarded themselves as simple, tiny figures without great powers, are now beginning to recognize the scale of their divine greatness and their power of action in their reality. For aeons, humans disconnected from their real essence, have sought every transformation and manifestation of what they desire, through mystical figures, angels, masters and all kinds of saviors and “powerful” beings. This is the moment in time when humanity, as a collective, is rediscovering its „brightness“, feeling the power and protagonism in its heart and as a result of the awakening of more of these layers of consciousness, new tools are being given to the being so that it is adequate to the new energy / frequency that it has assimilated in its fields.

There are many movements driven by the Forces of Light at this time, as there are many missionary beings who have asked to be awakened as soon as possible so that they can act as soon as possible, conscious and equipped with the necessary tools to build a New Reality of Light. In response to this request, the Forces of Light are now handing over another consecration to be assimilated into your fields and more layers of disconnection and distortion to be removed.

The Knights and Amazons are a consecration that comes to directly assist the incarnate being in his/her daily processes, a force that is at his/her side adding to his/her energy so that the challenges are looked upon with love and strength! Old energies that cross your path or come to you to be enlightened with your love, will have an expanded support through the energy of the Knight or Amazon that will be with you. In conscious work and visualizations for the healing of the planet, this new force that is attached to your fields, will drive this healing creation of the planet.

Image channelled by Emerson Fonseca

The Knights and Amazons of the Great Legions are very powerful beings, guardians with much determination. They belong to the great Legion of the beloved Master Lazarus, the one whom Jesus resurrected. They are subtle in their work, but agile and precise. They act in both dense and subtle areas and promote peace and harmony in these environments. They are carriers of magnetic nets, bow and arrow, spears and swords of Light that are used when they descend into the densest zones in situations where it is necessary to neutralize a being that is wrapped in intense negativity so that it can be taken to the Crystalline Chambers that restore consciousness. You may wonder about these weapons since they are representations of an old war energy, however there are many beings in the lower astral who are still in these robes of old Roman warriors, Spartans or other warrior peoples who still identify with this way of acting and when the Knights and Amazons use these artifacts in astral they cause a certain familiarity recognized by them, which facilitates the work of these masters and masters of Light. When the use of these “weapons” by the Knights or Amazons is necessary, they impregnate the being with Light, cut the negativity and allow the being to become aware that that is not their essential state and open themselves to love again.

The Knight or Amazon will act at his command, at the conscious command that comes from his heart, for it is the command in vibration that they can hear! They can send out this call or command in a voice, in a subtle and loving way. Always keep in tune with the high frequencies to be in the same vibrating range where your Knights and Amazons can act in resonance with you. If you feel your vibration begin to fall, you can ask your knight or Amazon to approach you and consciously help you return to your centre of harmony. Remembering that they will only help, but it is your responsibility to stay in harmony.

Automatically when the being receives the name of their Knight or Amazon she/he enters a new attunement and a greater responsibility is given, since more power has been entrusted to her/his hands. The moment you receive the name of your Knight or Amazon, try to acquire a stone/crystal in his/her colour and he/she will consecrate it. It can be a large stone, small, pendant, whatever you wish. It is possible that the same Knight or Amazon is next to more than one incarnate being.

In the coming Emissions, issue the name of your Knight or Amazon before the Master Guide, Voice or Reniy. For example:

“I, Manoliah Athen, first representative …(all the forces which you represent) working with Amazona the Blue Ázira and the forces of Master Reniy! I reverberate here …” .

Master Lazarus

You can receive a Knight or Amazon with an irradiation of a specific colour, for example: “Knight- the Green Agaurus” or “Amazon- the Lilac Abarina”. The colours that are being indicated are not associated to your essence ray or mission ray, they only represent the energy of action of that knight or Amazon. Nor does it mean that you are representatives or have your ray of essence and mission of these colours. And of course, they can also coincide with your Rays of mission and essence.

The colour represents a specific energy that the Knight or Amazon uses in his/her performances with his/her partner incarnate. Each colour carries a specific force, an indication of the Knight’s or Amazon’s sector of work on the spiritual and physical planes. When you tune in deeply to your Knight or Amazon you will be able to feel strongly what his/her area of work is and how he/she can help you more in your physical walk. You too, when disincarnating or even when you leave the body during sleep, can choose whether you want to work actively with your Knight or Amazon, becoming an active member of that great legion.

The being can choose to tune in more to a Knight or Amazon, however Gabriel RL, will tell you which of the two is at your side available to work with you, but with your free will, you can still deny or welcome this information.

This consecration will be made as events or meetings take place in Brazil and in the spaces of Seeds of the stars (Sementes das Estrela). Dear Gabriel RL, under the influence of the Forces of Light, will consecrate you with the strength of your Knight or Amazon. Or, when the Consecration of Emissions comes, your name of Knight or Amazon will already go along (online/via e-mail) with your Emission when you request it, in case you have not yet been Consecrated in some event personally with Gabriel RL. It is important to say that in case of any event Gabriel RL gives you the name of your Knight or Amazon, keep the name with great care so that in the act of requesting your Issue inform for assembly and channeling of it.

And here, the Special Song of the Knights and Amazons of the Great Legion. You can emit this song when you wish to tune in more with your Knight or Amazon:


As has already been mentioned countless times, the blessings and endless prosperity of heaven are truly ours! Open your hearts to receive them and reverberate wherever you go!


Team Seeds of Stars / Gabriel RL

See also “THE HIGHLIGHTS OF LIGHT AND THEIR LEGIONS” Clicking Her – for the englisch Text see below!!!


Love and Blessings,

Gabriel RL

Translation & Revision: Sio Smorgon & Flo


By Neva (Gabriel RL) 27 April 2018
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About a century before Christ, there were many warriors scattered throughout old Europe, with links to Asia, Africa and Oceania. They were groups of mercenary warriors determined to their conquests and to lead peoples, having in their veins still the Spartan blood and the great armies operating in Ancient Egypt, some with direct influence in the destruction of the Library of Alexandria. Many of these warriors were really bloodthirsty, others more pious, still others just wanted to “guarantee sustenance” without harming the people. However, there were many blunders, unmeasured sufferings and anguish caused by the passage of these warriors through countless lands where they put their feet.

Among this multitude of warriors with their countless mercenary armies, there was one coordinated by three twin brothers called Avenu, Avlon and Caís. They were three brave warriors and, in a way, they were more concerned with their own livelihood than anything else. They had their egos influenced at times by kings and queens of the time, who praised them too much to have them doing their favors, but they were good men that the Forces of Light already envisioned for enlightened future works…

After many battles and inattentions acquiring deadly enemies in various parts of Asia, Avenu questioned his other two brothers whether it would not be better to pay off their debts with the gold they had and leave that life which brought only suffering. They were abandoned by their parents at a very young age, and learned to lead their lives in a harder way, which eventually led them along this path of violence and pain. The two brothers did not agree much by bringing Avenu back to the front line and continued for a few more years in their battles and conquests of peoples and mercenary works.

On one occasion they met another mercenary army of deadly enemies who had already promised a battle if they met. The army of the three brothers in their wanderings on the Macedonian plains observed, in the distance, the other great army approaching. The three brothers talked among themselves and, already very tired of so many years and pain, agreed among themselves that it was time for them to finish it. They looked back at the whole army they had under their orders and gave the voice of command not to leave for the other army. Some soldiers rebelled with the guidelines and, ignoring the order of their commanders, attacked the army that was coming. About 60% of the soldiers in the brothers’ army ignored the order. 40% of them stayed with their commanders. The 60% who ignored the orders were decimated and those 40% returned, and did not go into battle.

After some time, many of the warriors of the 40% felt cowardly, ashamed to have left the battle. Their commanders convinced them that they had not fled or been cowards, but had chosen Peace, and they spoke, energetically, saying: “Now, men of Herculean bravery! Of what do you mourn and shame? Behold how many more deaths we avoid! How much pain and bloodshed we have avoided! Do you care? (I asked a soldier there). And you? (I asked another). How many here wish to rest from the torments in their souls, for I know (at the time Avenu spoke) that many here, including myself, do not sleep a night without having nightmares and hearing the sound of the swords and the roars of the men who readied their weapons! And he went on speaking and cheering his men.

A long time has passed. They no longer fought in great battles, nor violated the peoples and their treasures. They were, yes, mercenaries, but they did services which they considered worthy, such as taking important people to important places, doing their guarding and similar things.

Until the three brothers grew old and tired of everything, and naturally many of their men, with the passing of the years, already with natural diseases of the time, and as they died, they became agglomerated in an etheric space of the lower astral zones of the Earth. They found themselves and maintained their same patterns and behaviours. Until Avlon, Caís and, finally, Avenu died and they also met the others in the astral zones. When Avenu arrived at that place and saw everyone there, including some of the 60% who had died long ago in battles on the plains, he wondered: what were they doing there and why had they gathered there? Some laughed ironically, saying “Cowardly wretch!” (Some of the 60%)… Others answered half dazed saying they did not know and did not understand what was going on. Others said with irony that it was fate putting them together again.

About 50% of them stayed crowded there for years in that etheric area. Some came out of there and went to torment the incarnate on the earth’s surface. Others were still asking “what are we doing here? – That was also one of the questions of the three brothers. Others still incarnated and, because of their heavy vibrations, went to attend to the power of Rome, incarnating as Roman soldiers persecuting Christians. Until, after a long time, a man covered with radiant white light came to them wearing a beautiful tunic, a staff in his right hand and mounted on a horse, which looked more like crystal. They were all frightened and tried to hide, to which, immediately, this being said: “Fear not, Herculean warriors! I come in peace and bring a proposal…” And he continued: “For a long time we have seen your suffering without, at that moment, being able to intervene out of respect for your transcendental karmic bands, charging the just, in the meantime, knowing the noble missions that would guarantee you Peace of mind in future times, we await the MOMENT in which GOD would guide us to that instant. Thus, we open here an opportunity clamored for their own hearts, dear warriors, (at that moment about 27% of all the army there was listening attentively)”. Continuing, he said: “The Forces of Light need men like you, determined and with a purpose. But I go on to say that the service is another. It is a much nobler service than any you have done”.

Thus that part of the army went up to the Spheres of Light to be treated and recovered from their pain, suffering and anguish. Called by the Forces of Light, they took an oath to serve the Forces of Good for all eternity, wherever they were, in the spiritual / ethereal realms / or among incarnate beings. They were consecrated in the immense legions of Knights of Light, thus integrating themselves into the Legions of Knights of Oxossi, beings of much Light and power. Their actions make themselves felt when there is a need to decide. They thus represent the Law. They work with the energy of the woods and the waters. Their communication is always focused on objectivity, because it is clear. The Knights of Oxóssi are entities that have the function of capturing and leading spirits that need spiritual treatment. They go to the caves to capture them and lead them to hostels and spiritual hospitals. They also act together with that called Master Lazarus (the same Saint Lazarus, resurrected by Jesus). There are many responsibilities, but the main one of this Legion of Master Lazarus is with the capture of spirits that are in the power of our dark brothers. His Legion is also formed by a group of Space Knights who, with their magnetic nets and their vibrations of Light and Love, go to the caves, in the darkness, in search of spirits imprisoned there, and who cry out for Divine Mercy. They penetrate into places of difficult access due to the strong negative currents and the heavy vibratory pattern that make them inaccessible to other rescuer spirits. In their onslaughts they form as the Roman legions presented themselves in the combats, in groups of knights, dressed with such great strength that they are feared even by the great conductors of Lightless Spirits.

Over the centuries, some of these knights have been incarnated again in the Terran Plan, to fulfill some specific missions; others because they wished to have more experience in duality and others for small adjustments still necessary. Some, unfortunately, ended up getting lost again in those plumbings, being, until today, lost and unaware of their immense responsibilities as Knights of Light of the immense Legions of Light of Oxossi, Lazarus and other Great Knights of Christ. Avenu, Avlon and Caís are incarnated in the Terran Plan at this moment. The Forces of Light call them again to this integration with their spiritual forces and transcendental baggage in order to anchor these energies and help regroup part of the army that is currently incarnated. Dear Knights Avenu, Avlon and Caís, there is much responsibility for you and you are ready for it. The time has come for you to gather “your men” and take up your mission of anchoring and rescuing, as you promised. Your mission is to organize yourselves, be it virtual or personal, to do meditations, taking your consciousness to the caves of darkness and prisons, where beings are trapped in the hands of the unpositive. Every day, as a group or in your individuality, make a prayer / decree that is:


Women can also emit the prayer/decree into the male if they tune in, as there are many knights of this movement who are now in female bodies and there is no problem in doing so. Thus the divine masculine will also be honoured.

At the time of this prayer/decree you will be heard by all the Legions of Knights of Light who assist you and you will receive powerful streams of Light which will increasingly ensure the unfolding of your missions and expansion of your states of consciousness.

Many members of this army of Avenu, Avlon and Caís are divided in the vibrational planes of Earth between the superior, inferior and terran and the conscious awakening of these three commanders will guarantee a great awakening movement of all the others. Anyone can be part of this phalanx, not only those who feel part of this army, but anyone who resonates with the present proposal.

There is an immense work to be done and the Mighty Knights of Light will be assisting you, especially you, dear Avenu, Avlon and Caís who have as their primary mission to sustain these three Blue, Dark Green and Silver projectors, and ensure that they remain bright so that the other members of this army can see and regroup in the enlightened service.

A symbol that represents this movement has been channeled and this is what illustrates this publication.
My dear Knights, what an honour to be able to announce you here at this moment! I am immensely honored by this mission that has been entrusted to me to deliver such noble movements to you, dear incarnate Masters!

It is as far as Jesus allows me to see and transmit.

Currently, these three beings, Avenu, Avlon and Caís are incarnate and working with me within the Seeds of the Stars team. Those who resonate with this work / movement contact them directly through the contacts created by themselves, at the link:

Gabriel RL

Translation & Revision: Sio Smorgon & Flo

Personal symbols request yours!

Before addressing the essential points of this post, I propose a few words about what is a symbol and what its function is in our existence.

The human societies of Planet Earth have built and/or intuited symbols to express their culture. There is, in fact, an infinity of graphic, sonorous, gestural, oneiric symbols, which vary according to what they represent. Symbology deals with subjects so broad and complex that science studies it deeply, in all its specificities.

A symbol carries in itself a powerful load of meanings, because it brings to the concrete world what is pure abstraction. Every symbol is the representation of something and contains the energy of this “something” it represents. For example, they are symbols of a part of humanity, the cross, the dove, the wedding ring and these hold in themselves their respective meanings added to their respective energies.

In the dynamics of the movement of energies, a symbol related to a person enables the circulation of elements that transit between the conscious and the unconscious of that person, establishing connections between these forces. We know that the energies of the conscious and the unconscious, in general, are disharmonious. Disharmony must be transmuted, and the alchemical process is the authority in this matter. We can say that alchemy is a resource for the transmutation of energies and a symbol is an alchemical tool that acts on the energies in transmutation.

Thus alchemy is the means by which it is possible to transform bad things into good, dense things into subtle, heavy things into light, sick things into healthy, just as the alchemists of the Middle Ages intended to transmute heavy metals into gold.

Today the transformation of metals into gold can be metaphorically interpreted as the transmutation of a Being from a lower spiritual state to a higher state.

The processes and tools of alchemy have always been veiled, secret and the privilege of a few. And to keep its content hidden, alchemy has always used symbols. It is said, then, that Symbology is strongly present in the alchemical world of transmutations, so that an empowered person in full use of her/his symbol will be, evidently, practicing alchemy.

Thus, we infer that P1 Note No. 245 referred to this when it stated: “Alchemists return to the Terran Plan!

Closing this introductory part, I add that, for the moment, it is enough to understand that symbols are arrangements created to represent things and concrete situations. Specifically, the symbols I am referring to are “codes” that represent “certain” energies, in this case, people’s energies. These codes, I have received them medially.

So, my dear ones, I bring you this beautiful gift that will make your journey here on this planet even more blessed! The “codes” are the Sacred Geometric Symbols. I will tell you how the process of knowing and bringing these symbols to this reality took place.

One night, I had already laid down to sleep when I started to see images in which I was drawing some symbols. Soon after, some of these traces began to appear on my mental screen well defined, perfect, shining in Light! As if they had life! The next day, just after lunch these symbols began to appear again and I felt a Light energy enveloping my entire body! Immediately I began to draw them.

Initially, I was intuitively guided to draw the Sacred Geometric Symbols of the administrators who directly compose the Seeds of the Stars team, and I drew them. The next day, the energy came to me again and I saw more symbols being brought to this reality! At that moment I drew 35 (thirty-five) more Geometrics representing the phalanges called by Pleiades 1. This whole process took place in the last weeks.

In the last few days, I have been intuited to bring the Sacred Geometric Symbols of those who wish to have them.

These Sacred Geometrics represent the energy of the essence of each Being. They act as anchors and enhancers of the personal energy of the Being on the earth plane. They can be used as well as Reiki symbols, Healing Codes or other sacred symbols. They can be drawn on canvas, clothes, skin (tattoo – if you like tattoos). They can be used for Healing and for disintegrating negative currents or any low vibration energies! They can simply be drawn in the air (as Reiki-like sign symbols) or on any surface you wish and will bring your energy to life here in this earthly reality.

This is another beautiful and powerful tool delivered by the heavens to make our journey ever softer and more enjoyable! Every moment, more Light enters the planet and the openness in the hearts of all of us supports the delivery and receipt of these gifts!

Your personal symbol may come with certain colours and tones, specific codes such as “CODE 114”, for example. It may contain sentences, command words, etc. Here, especially talking about colours, know that your symbol can come in blue, silver, gold, for example, or a mixture of several colours. These colours can be related to your ray of essence, your mission ray, or the ray of one of your mentors, or simply a combination of colours that represent a certain energy that you need for that moment in your life onwards. It does not necessarily mean that if your symbol came in blue this is your mission ray, for example. However, on some occasions this will be the case. In general, the symbol is, as already said, the representation of your energy. These Sacred Geometrics represent the energy of the essence of each Being. They act as anchors and enhancers of the personal energy of the Being on the earth plane.

Your symbol is like you in geometric form with all your monad, grouping of souls, mission, purposes, it is a representation of you, of your expression and package as a whole. Some people ask what the symbols mean, such as “a little ball here, a scratch there, an asterisk at another point, etc.”. Mentors say it is important for the owner of the symbol to connect with it, with its energy to understand the deeper meanings. No further explanation is given about your personal symbol precisely for this reason, so that its owner senses, feels, connects with your symbol and finds the meaning for each component of it. This is as much information as I can give about the symbols. Ending with the information about the codes that usually appear in the symbols, as I mentioned before, the example of “CODE 114”, “CODE 12”, etc., are usually dimensions of more specific performances of the being. It is as if “CODE 12” were a twelfth dimension of performance, or rays of energy that you may be receiving. As if an authorization “CODE 12” = I have permission to access up to 12 dimensions, at the moment, through this code. CODE 114 = I have permission to access up to 11 dimensions for 4 times, etc., it is not linear at all, here are some examples and of course, there may be several symbols with similar codes but with different meanings. One detail is that, so far you don’t hear any symbols, from personal symbols to equal healing symbols, all are different from each other in general symbology. There may even be similar and destined symbols with CODE 12 for example, but the general package is different, it always has one “comma” more or less.

Geometrics have been quoted by P1 in some recent notes:

Note 248: “Geometrical enhancers delivered to A-D-M-P-V-S-E.”

Note 250: “Geometrics delivered to Groupings/Phalanges PVSE. / “Pleiades 1 (Geometrical boosting delivered)”

Note 251: “Reverberant boosting geometries!” / “Pleiades 1 (boosting geometrics delivered)”

Note 252: “Pleiades 1 (Potentiating geometrics delivered)”.

Note 253: “P1 in Maximum potential: Geometrical”. / “Pleiades 1 (Geometrically potentializing delivered)”

*Note 255: “Zero i authorized by Elders of Sacred Geometry. Expand in Terran plan. Potentiators in activation.”

(*I, Neva (GabrielRL), have received mediated information that Master Elders of the 13th Dimension have sent from there to Zero i the rays of AUTHORIZATION so that he can receive and make the symbols. Zero i has, then, permission to do this. These beings of the 13th Dimension are “responsible” for the Sacred Geometry and all quantum symbology. These rays are like a force for Zero i to proceed).

The Sacred Geometries will be channeled by me – one more of my tasks – and will be given to a professional of the Star Seeds team to make it digital and vectorized. If you wish to know and have your personal symbol, see the information below, that I will be channeling it, so that it is ready. You will receive it, by e-mail, to use as you wish. Just send me a recent photo and your date of birth.

The Symbol does not necessarily have to be personal, but it can be representative of a family or a group, as long as it does structured work on the ethical, moral and spiritual pillar. For example, websites, blogs, communities, institutions composed of people who work with and for the Light.

These symbols will be given to all those who wish through an exchange of financial energy! A symbolic amount of R$ 88,00 Real will be charged for cost purposes.


Send an e-mail to:

With your full baptismal name, date of birth, CPF (and documental registration name for issuing the Invoice) and if possible a photograph of yourself for the process of capturing your energy.

In the e-mail, attach the financial energy exchange voucher.

You can pay in the Paypal or Pagseguro buttons or below:



Or if you prefer by bank account the data below:

Sementes das Estrelas LTDA
Agency: 0001 (if digit is requested, it is 9)
Current Account: 7938543-5
CNPJ: 30.215.049/0001-22

Sementes das Estrelas LTDA
Agency: 3707
Current Account: 28663-3
CNPJ: 30.215.049/0001-22

Should any further data be required for transfers from abroad, please contact us via the same email above.

The forecast of delivery is about 45 days, however, the symbol can be delivered before or after this deadline, according to demand. Rest assured, your order has been registered. If you do not receive the email response, possibly stay for the other day (no email is answered on weekends), or went to your spam/waste mailbox due to demand emails that leave every day. In any case, if in a maximum of 45 (forty-five) days you do not receive your Symbol, please contact us again, that you will be placed on the urgency list.

NOTE: ALL the requested Symbols will be channeled and delivered to the applicant. Therefore we do NOT accept a refund.

IMPORTANT: I will not be receiving orders via Facebook, just the email above.

And finally, here are two examples of Channelled Symbols.

This is the Official Seed of the Stars (Sementes das Estrela) Symbol:

And this is my Personal Symbol (Neva/Gabriel RL):


My love, gratitude and blessings!

Neva (Gabriel RL)

Translation & Revision: Sio Smorgon & Flo

Avatar Name & Personal Cosmobiography

“Do you know what a Cosmobiography is or what its function is for you?

The main objective of a Cosmobiography is the DELIVERY of the energetic and physical portion of your Avatar name. This name is an energetic code, is part of the vibration by which you are identified in the vastness of the Infinite Creation. This name that will come to you is the one that identifies one of your expressions among the countless in the Multiverses, galactic expressions, angelic expressions, devic expressions.. etc. The one that will be given to you is the one that is directly energizing your soul plan in your present incarnation. Remembering that it can be more than one!

Your Avatar name is a gigantic power that you are having the honor and merit of being conscious of at this moment. Your name is a powerful mantra, it connects your human Self to your Divine Self, simply by you recognizing it and cognizing it deep within you, and as a result, there is the beginning of a process of reunification with your other portions, your other expressions in Light spread throughout the Cosmos.

Your Avatar name brings a very large package with it! It brings your galactic akashic to Earth and that is something new on the Planet. The simple fact of being aware of your Galactic/Angelic name, you reprogram the old grid of the planet and insert into it luminous information, brought along with your name, because by materializing here in this reality, the energies and gifts related to your name in Light begin a process of awakening within the being that receives and emits it.

The emission of your Avatar name, e.g.: I AM (avatar name), drives the necessary movements so that the energies and lines that need to be enlightened are manifested so that you involve them with your love. The simple emission of this mantra is also a great transmuter and dissipator of negative energies. By emitting it with all the love and acceptance of your heart, a great Focus of Light is illuminated and no darkness can remain close to you.

The moment has begun for humanity to reunite with all its expressions in the infinite Cosmos. And this is also your moment!

Greetings, beloved Masters!

Especially this planet, the crucible of energies of this entire Universe, is now leaving its phase of the ego and entering its phase of the heart. In this phase, an enormous amount of impelling and supporting forces are being delivered to humanity so that this moment of intense movements, internal and external, may develop in the most loving and harmonious way possible.

This is the point where humanity is having the opportunity to know more about itself and will be aware that every being here on this planet is a member of the great Galactic / Universal Family.

The main objective of Cosmobiography is the DELIVERY of the energetic and physical portion of its Avatar name. This name is an energetic code, it is part of the vibration by which you are identified in the vastness of the Infinite Creation. This name that will come to you is the one that identifies one of your expressions among the countless in the Multiverses, galactic expressions, angelic expressions, etc. The one that will be given to you is the one that is directly energizing your soul plan in your present incarnation.

Your Avatar name is a gigantic power that you are having the honor of being conscious of at this moment. Your name is a powerful mantra, it connects your human self to your Divine Self, simply by you recognizing and cognizing it, and as a result, there is the beginning of a process of reunification with your other parts, your other expressions of Light.

Your Avatar name brings a very large package with it! It brings your galactic akashic to Earth and that is something new on the Planet. The simple fact of being aware of your Galactic/Angelical name, you reprogram the old grid of the planet and insert into it luminous information, brought along with your name, for as you materialize here in this reality, the energies and gifts related to it begin a process of awakening within the being that receives and emits it.

The emission of your Avatar name, e.g.: I AM (avatar name), drives the necessary movements so that the energies and lines that need to be enlightened are manifested so that you involve them with your love. The simple emission of this mantra is also a great transmuter and dissipator of negative energies. By emitting it with all the love and acceptance of your heart, a great Focus of Light is illuminated and no darkness can remain close to you.

Next to its Avatar name, there will come a reference about the performance and specialties of this Galactic / Angelical being, together with the great Galactic Federation / Creation. Physical characteristics, Galactic Commands in which she/he acts, planet of origin, passages through other star systems, there may be some history mentioning some of these passages, her/his number of incarnations on the earth plane, some of his/her professions in previous lives and points where he/she has already incarnated. There is also a mention of some life in particular that the mentors wish to show. E.g. Lives close to Jesus or some special life that is relevant to his self at this time. In the Cosmos, a call is also made for you, with your free will, to decide or not, to add your loving consciousness to the energies that your Group / Command works here on Earth. A message from one of your mentors will also come into the Cosmos from 01/01/2019.

Remember, the main goal of Cosmobiography is not to report your all personal experiences through the Cosmos, but to give your Avatar name, your name in Light! All other information contained in this material has a unique purpose, that of helping humans to recognize their divine heritage that is in their DNA and in every part of their Being. Cosmobiography elevates you to another stage of being, it gives a direction that was not clear to you before. It will give you the possibility of a more direct action in the illumination of the planet and in the awakening of humans from the surface, together with other members who have the same action as you, and as a family, to add their loving energies for the same purpose. Insights may arise in your psyche and in your soul, this will leverage you in ways unexpected for your earthly self, yet known and awaited by your higher self.

We have all been waiting for this moment. This is that crystal of awakening that we put in our path. From that point on, some will receive guidance, protocols, codes, etc. All this movement is being done by ourselves in future timelines, knowing exactly what tools we need for this now.

Let us be very grateful to ourselves, to humanity, to the channelers who support in an inviolable way the crystalline energies, grateful to the whole Galactic Community and to the Universal Source for now being able to be in possession of this tool of immeasurable power.

Note: It is a prerequisite that, to request your Avatar name/Cosmobiography, you have already received your Personal Enhancing Symbol and, preferably, are already using it in your routine. In this way, the reception of this second Consecration will become more tranquil, although it will not avoid possible catharsis. You can also request both together (Symbol and Avatar Name/Cosmobiography) and receive the two Consecrations at your appointed times. The Avatar Name/Cosmobiography, as well as the Enhancing Personal Symbols, are consecrations that enlarge your solar plexus. They amplify your ability to handle and process the energies you read daily, making your journey more harmonious, giving you the chance to handle greater amounts of energies to be processed directly into your solar plexus chakra.

As with any harmonic exchange of services, jobs, activities, time and energies provided by the individuals involved, there will be a financial energy exchange for this work. There will be a charge of R$ 308,00 Reais for cost purposes. (This amount of 308,00 refers to your Avatar Name/Cosmobiography, other information that given to you, will be as a courtesy). About financial energy I recommend reading this text:

And from this message:


Send an e-mail to:

When sending the e-mail requesting your Avatar Name/Cosmobiography , please send with the Personal Enhancing Symbol already acquired previously, your full baptismal name, CPF (and documental registration name for issuing the Invoice) and date of birth. If you do not have your symbol yet, request it. If at any time Neva/Gabriel RL (or any other channeler/medium) has informed you about your past lives, cosmic/stellar origin and/or any information of this kind by e-mail, Facebook inbox or in person, or that you yourself have seen in dreams, meditations or through your own mediumship, please attach it to the e-mail, thus facilitating the “pull of force” for channeling your Cosmobiography.

In the e-mail, please also attach the financial energy exchange voucher.

You can pay on the Paypal or Pagseguro buttons or below:



Or if you prefer by bank account the data follow below:

Sementes das Estrelas LTDA
Agency: 0001 (if digit is requested, it is 9)
Current Account: 7938543-5
CNPJ: 30.215.049/0001-22

Sementes das Estrelas LTDA
Agency: 3707
Current Account: 28663-3
CNPJ: 30.215.049/0001-22

NOTE: ALL who request their AVATAR NAME/COSMOBIOGRAPHY will receive it. No amount invested will be returned under any circumstances, except when there is a duplicate request for the same person.

If any other data is necessary for transfers from abroad, please contact through the same e-mail above.

The delivery time may be extended to 12 weeks due to demand. However, according to the mentors’ guidance, there may be cases where the person cannot receive his/her Avatar/Cosmobiography Name at that time, due to personal spiritual / energetic reasons and a date can be given when it can be delivered. Mentors have also warned that if a date is given, the being will need to be in tune with the most sublime energies until the mentor-oriented period. This information will be passed on to each person if this occurs. When you send your request via e-mail, you will probably receive a response from my team (just wait a little because it may take up to a few days due to demand). Rest assured, your order has been registered. In any case, if within a maximum of 12 (twelve) weeks you do not receive your order, please contact us again, you will be placed on the urgency list. Of course, it may also happen that you receive well in advance, always according to demand. 12 weeks is the maximum.

One of the important pieces of information is your focus of work, performance and monadic grouping. In the latter, there is a need for an explanation of situations that can occur with some cosmobiographies: the monadic grouping, especially within PVSE (Avatars), is composed of a group of 144 souls who are being attracted to the vortex, and each specific grouping within PVSE (Portal Vortex Sementes d. Estrelas) has another 144 souls with similar characteristics and points of performance. This does not mean that the phalanges/groups of PVSE, for example, may only have 144 souls, but some of the beings composing the phalanges/groups may belong directly to this primary grouping of 144 souls. Thus, some cosmobiographies can have the same introductory basis as an Avatar of PVSE, since it is also its field of action and grouping, so it is not necessary to mention different information in the introduction for two Cosmosbiographies whose owners have the same point of action. In this same question, one can also observe some specific paragraph or passage within your cosmobiography that may have been quoted from some text previously in some book or on the internet, in order to inform that you are connected or part, in some way, of that specific information mentioned by another author. Thus, Gabriel RL can take a special excerpt (referring the author) to score something that also concerns you. Attach this information in part to your cosmobiography. Personal information is channeled in its entirety and unpublished.


I will not be receiving requests via Facebook, just the email above.

NO ONE is authorized to create PHALANGES/GROUPS supported by information from your AVATAR NAME/COSMOBIOGRAPHY. Only the AVATARS consecrated by the P1 within the SEEDS OF THE STARS have this authorization. If someone who has received her/his Avatar Name/Cosmobiography is called to Administration, you will have your information updated to the new P1 Mode energy. (See: EXPLANATIONS: P1 COSMOBIOGRAPHIES AND PHALANGES for the English text, see at the end of this article!!!

And I, Neva (Gabriel RL), need to inform that some people may not “like” their Avatar Names/Cosmobiography, claiming to have nothing to do with them. The Avatar Names/Cosmobiography will not come to adapt to the will of the human ego, “Ah, I wanted a cosmobiography that said I am this and that…” for example, but to make the ego aware of a Higher Energy and Personality. To deny your Avatar Name/Cosmobiography is to block a divine flow that is being given to you and this can delay your expansion of consciousness even further.

And finally, here are two examples of a Personal Enhancing Symbol. This is the Official Seeds of the Stars Symbol:

And this is my Personal Symbol (Neva/Gabriel RL):

And here is an example of Avatar Name und Cosmobiography of AVATAR DO: Homeiax – for the english Text see belwo!!!

To acquire your Personal Enhancing Symbol (Prerequisite for Avatar Name / Cosmobiography) go to: – for the english text see above!!!


Avatar Art:

And to order your symbol of your Avatar, your Mentors, your Twin Flame, other Friendly Beings or some Spiritual Object Channeling, the Little Hero (Héreluz Starkys) is available for this work, through the personalized Full HD Digital Painting. Just ask directly here in this link: Or contact Instagram (@hereluzstarkys). Remembering that this is a separate service, independent of the Avatar Name/Cosmobiography.

For Truth, nothing more than Truth,

In Love and Blessings,

Neva (Gabriel RL)

Translation & Revision: Sio Smorgon & Flo


By Neva (Gabriel RL) 23 January 2018
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There are several civilizations in the Universe, countless groups that perform diverse works for the Cosmos. Within these clusters, organizations, confederations, there are several departments. As with the PVSE, which has several phalanges/groups, and each one acts with some more specific energy, obviously all the members of this phalanges act in a very similar way. It is like a hospital, where there are several sectors of work, there are cardiologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, dermatologists and each of them has total control over their areas of work. If there are 10 cardiologists and if they are going to write something about the heart, they will obviously speak something similar, because they speak about the heart, right?

So, some cosmobiographies, obviously, can come similar. For example, if you are part of the PVSE X Phalange and your brother, neighbour, friend is also part of this same Phalange, there is a chance that your cosmobiography will come with a “Base” similar to your brother’s, simply because you do the same work within the department. So, if I see that you do the same as your brother, there is no reason for me to write something different, if it is the same as what I see you doing. If “he is a heart doctor” and so are you, when I go to talk about what a heart doctor does I would have to say the same thing, right? “What does a heart doctor do? He takes care of the heart, examines the heart, gives medicine if necessary for the heart…” so the basis of both cosmobiographies would be the same, because it is the same thing that is done. I would not say the same thing in different words just to be different, if it is basically the same.

But, of course, in such cosmobiographies, there are personal differences such as your avatar name, your stellar origin, physical characteristics, passages on planets, star systems, incarnations in other lives, description of a special life of yours, on some occasions, the mentors allow you to say the name of your work ship and to deliver some special information directed to you. (As a private message for you, for your moment). These are your particularities and they differ you from another being, even if you perform the same function in some star command. I have delivered several cosmobiographies, and obviously each one represents what you are, where you act, how you act, what you do and how you do it.

When I started this work, Archangel Michael told me that there could be about 144 souls for each PVSE Phalanx that could have similarities in their cosmobiographies, and that this would not detract from their individualities, nor would it mean that they would no longer know about themselves, but that it would show intimate spiritual bonds between them and the connections of works that would need to be expanded. Imagine, you meet 144 people who do a similar job to you? For example, you find 143 other Portal Guides, what do you think the basis of their cosmobiographies would be? If they are Portals Guides, their bases need to be on what the Portals Guides do, not Alfeus, for example. The basis would be the same because it is the same thing that is done. And as mentioned above, your individuality will be maintained, your particularity among all beings of the Cosmos will be preserved. In some cases, the person’s own mentor asks to leave a short personal message for you, but this does not always happen. I always follow to the letter the guidelines I receive.

Be open in your hearts to receive these divine blessings! To welcome your fellow workers! I would really be very happy if I found other “Zero i’s” out there and even more if I found out that they do the same as me! Hehehehehe, and more, I wouldn’t mind if they even looked the same as me! Imagine, a lot of „Zeroizinho“ (little Zero i´s)! Beautiful thing! Hehehehehe

Before finishing, someone may say: There is, but in symbols there is no such resemblance! (Or they can say that some specific symbols are similar) Yes, if it is the same Phalange there is a great possibility that the symbols are similar. As for example when there are members of the Ashtar Command and/or representatives of Terra Interna and/or Gaianos the base of the symbol is usually the same, but with details that differentiate their individualities, see some examples:

Ashtar Command members

Members Terra Interna and/or Gaianos

And even at this point, it may happen that you represent the Ashtar Command and its symbol is not similar to those above. Yet someone may still say: Ah but I have seen a cosmos where the appearance of being is almost/no identical to mine! Oh, my dears! Haven’t you heard that there are races that are identical in appearance, changing a few almost imperceptible traits? Below are some examples:

Following this same line of reasoning, in the coming Emissions, there will be bases, however, all your earthly and Universal inheritance is something intrinsic to you and the codification of your Emission will be made especially for you.

Dear ones, this is just to clear up some doubts that may arise if you run into a Cosmobiography similar to yours, as informed. You may simply stand face to face with one of your monad’s 144, or even twin flamme.

I also wish you to reflect on the following questions:

Do you feel ready to find your star family? What if this being from your star family is just like you? Are you able to accept him with the same appearance as yours?

“Ah, but he’s the same height as me!” What’s the problem? How many people on Earth are 1.70cm tall, for example? Just one?

“Ah, but he’s the same skin tone as me!” What’s the problem? How many people on earth are of the same skin tone? Just one?

“Ah, but you have the same skills as me!” What’s the problem? That’s a blessing, isn’t it? Isn’t it great to find a being who does the same thing as you?

“Ah, the eyes are the same colour!” What’s the problem? How many people on earth have blue eyes? Just one?

Reflect deeply on these questions. Are you ready to encounter beings very much like you? Or are you still so attached to your form that you wouldn’t admit someone who looks like you, feeding thoughts like “You can’t be like me, I’m unique! Oh yes, everyone is unique in their individuality, but the Divine spark is the same. We are all ONE! And what is the problem or difference if a being or group of beings choose to look the same and work in the same department? Do not ask for your Avatar Name/Cosmobiography, Personal Symbol or Issue if you are not comfortable finding someone like you and/or working on collective energy. Only ask if you resonate with all the information given here. Otherwise you will be honoured in the same way. Name Avatar/Cosmobiography, Symbol and Emissions similar to yours has a motive, a deep spiritual motive, and if you find that you cannot yet master the energy of jealousy if you see any such channelling similar to your own, then DO NOT REQUEST.

Always know one thing my dear ones, I have sworn my eyes to Jesus and to all Angelic Host, I have sworn by surrendering all my physical and spiritual faculties to the truth, and in no way will you be deceived by me in any way. From me you will receive the truth, even though it may sometimes hurt, you will receive the truth. I love you and I have a commitment to each one of you. Here there may be someone who still discredits me, suspects me, and I invite him/her to meet me personally at the events I attend, I invite him to look into my eyes, for I have nothing to hide.

I love each one of you with all my heart!

This is as far as Jesus allows me to see and transmit.

For the Truth, nothing but the Truth,

In Love and Blessings,

Neva (Gabriel RL)

Translation & Revision: Sio Smorgon & Flo


By Neva (Gabriel RL) 25 September 2019
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HOMEIAX is an expression / clothing [meaning a body]from the Orion Star System (with many passages in various systems within the Orion Nebula). It is a very beautiful being, of feminine expression. Short hair in subtle black, dark blue matte overalls with dark shades and silver. Large eyes, sometimes in a dark green tone, sometimes of a more blue and feline appearance. Her skin tone is white. Her energy and aura radiate an intense green light that is very beautiful! It measures about 3 meters and a half in height. She has a very strong personality, technical, strategic, wise, very loving and empathetic. She is very ethical, fearless, a lover of arts and music. Her innate gifts are discipline, healing and intelligence. Her appearance is jovial, in her 25/30 (twenty-five/three) years. On some occasions, she dresses in a blue or silver overcoat, with a cover at the back, similar to the character Batman. She holds a blue Light staff in her right hand, with a blue crystal ball at the tip. Inside this crystal sphere you can see the Sirius Star System, also one of her homes. There, it has a very active expression too. When I open my vision to see it better, I see her aboard her command ship, sitting in a golden chair and with some crew members together and they talk about the Solar System, something specific that I do not see what. When Homeiax turns to look at the “camera” (my vision), I see her in this Orion expression and little by little she becomes a Sirian expression, a feline with big blue eyes, equally white skin and longer, wavy hair. In this expression it is shorter, about 2 (two) meters high. It is very beautiful to see her changing her shape and energy, right in front of me and everyone there. Beautiful! She is also a universal explorer who loves to travel through the cosmos knowing new systems, sharing her knowledge and wisdom from millennia. Her energy is of great power and order, a powerful anchor of Celestial Forces, a Magnetic Balancing of Universal Powers. She possesses the energy of an army commander and everyone hears her when she speaks. She is an expert in strategy and precise mathematics.

Speaking of the expression, Homeiax and its grouping are those who receive powerful waves of specific energies and make them reach the necessary places. For example: the pyramids of Egypt and so many other pyramids are capturing specific energies. Homeiax and her grouping are those that make the energy reach the pyramids, so that they can reverberate in their own way. Homeiax and her grouping receive the energy, first they calculate the amount and the place where it needs to be delivered. Not only that, but also, for example: if there are 100 (one hundred) pyramids in an environment like Earth and they all need to receive a certain energy, they receive the greater energy, distribute it, calculated, at the ideal power for each one and make the synchronization movement between them, connecting all of them as a Cluster. It is an incredible job!

More especially, Homeiax and her Cluster are those who “maintain” the three main pyramids of Egypt: Queops, Quefren and Miquerinos, synchronizing them, directly, to the Orion Star System and regulating the energy standards / frequencies there. The three pyramids are perfectly aligned with the so-called “Three Marys”, which form the Orion Constellation Belt. This work of sending, capturing and reverberating energies allows an immense amount of beings that are trapped in that region to detach themselves from the inverted magnetic fields that trap them, because the synchronization and perfect energetic alignment create a specific “sound” that disintegrates and/or weakens the negative fields a lot. (Homeiax, you must also be part of this movement: – Contacts:

In addition, this grouping works not only with the pyramids, but also distributing energies in several other Power Points on the planet, such as Caves, Deeper Caves, Waterfalls such as Iguaçu and Niagara Falls, Centers of Mediumistic Works (Spiritist Houses), as well as in Churches, Buddhist Temples and any energy attracting point. Every religious centre is assisted by Forces of Light, because regardless of how the leaders act through their personalities, the Light is there and assists everything. Homeiax and her group deliver the Spiritual Forces, but how the leaders and actuators will conduct this Force is their particularity. Obviously, everything is tied to the law of cause and effect. There is no good energy and no bad energy, there is ENERGY and it is up to each being to qualify it according to their heart / state of mind, aware of the consequences of their misuse. It is like money, which is a powerful energy. If a lot of money falls into the hands of a person who is in a state of mind not able to handle it, he/she will end up using it in a way that could harm his/her fellow man and themselves. Just as if it falls into the hands of a person who is balanced and centred in the Light of her/his heart, she/he will know what best to do with that energy and certainly will not harm anyone with that strength and power.

Homeiax, you too, as has been said, have a very active expression in Sirius called Ey-anas, a specialist in DNA updating. You have a specific ability that you perform within this Sirian grouping, that few act doing the same thing, which is to help bring the balance of the energies of the masculine and the feminine into being. In this you are a researcher. You research in various systems where there may be an imbalance of this energy. And you “pull your strings” to be able to act there. And they, the Sirians, are also asking you to connect your energy to this information block. Because they will approach you, and they will bring you some more information through intuitive means. The more attuned, the more energy packages will arrive. This is another very important mission you have: to help balance the energies of the masculine and the feminine on the planet. Homeiax/Ey-anas is Ambassador Orione as well as Siriana in the Terran Plan. In many star systems where she goes she is called Homeiax Ey-anas Órunus. (This last name means “Fusion”, because she switches and moves between expressions with ease and acts as/on both at the same time. It is an Orione language). Moreover, it also has a clothing called Hérina, the first „immediate“ of Héreluz, the Guardian of Eras, within the PVSE. (More about Héreluz:

Homeiax Ey-anas also has the mission to gather her grouping/phalanges in the Terran surface, tuned in this same energy. Some seeds that already have their cosmobiographies can perceive similarity/basis in the information, which clearly indicates that they are part of Homeiax Ey-anas’ grouping. If you encounter this, please communicate with Homeiax Ey-anas through the contacts possibly available here:

Homeiax Ey-anas, gather your people! Dear Oriones and Sirians who sustain this same energy, it is time to reverberate this power even more, following with Homeiax Ey-anas in this Phalange. There are many more of you who will awaken in physicality. Many of you are also in the lower astral zones of the Earth and with this movement you will have a flash and an opportunity to rise to your origins. Homeiax Ey-anas, together with your Hérina heritage and all this grouping, will anchor great strength on the surface and will be like an immense guiding and inspiring beacon of paths. The forces will continue to be even more precise in their actions and directed precisely to the points where they need to act.

Homeiax Ey-anas has passages / expressions in other star systems besides Orion, being also in the Star System of Arcturus, Sirius, Vega, Chapel, Venus, Antares, Pleiades, Scorpio, Draco, Tau Ceti, Andromeda, Virgo, Sagittarius, Mars, Alpha Centauri, Capricorn, Local Sun, Central Sun, Epsilon and several other known and unknown Terran systems. She participated in galactic wars on both sides of the Force, and in Recuperation Movements of entire systems due to these wars. She was also in the army of Caiel and Coiel: (See: and many other experiences by this local universe of Nebadon.

She has incarnated in many points of the Terran Plane since the beginning of time, more precisely 485 (four hundred and eighty-five) times, being even before in the astral planes preparing groups that would incarnate for the support of specific Orion energies. When she began to incarnate, she incarnated long before Atlantis and Lemuria, being also in those two points later. She passed through Sumeria, Mesopotamia, India, Medieval and Modern Europe as France, Ireland, Turkey, Spain, England, Greece (in the times of the Trojan War), Russia, Germany, Scotland, Hungary, Holland, Denmark, Portugal, Egypt in many times, (including in the construction of the first pyramids, in the court of Pharaoh Amenophis III, Ramses II, Sekhemkhet). And for many points in the Middle East like Jerusalem in Jesus’ time, being a Roman centurion who would become one of his followers. She was also incarnated in Italy in the time of Francis of Assisi, being one of his disciples. She was in many parts of South, North and Central America, such as the USA (in the times of Abraham Lincoln), Mexico, Cuba, Argentina, Chile, Canada and many times in Brazil. Some points in Africa, Oceania and Asia, like Congo, South Africa, Kenya, Australia, Japan, Korea, China, Mongolia and some other points there. It was also among the Incas, Aztecs and Mayans in Yucatan:

“The Mayan Civilization was one of the richest and most significant civilizations on Earth, on the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico, where there was a material and scientific development superior to that of today, with broad control of atomic energy. There was the “Bird-Man”, who flew in all directions with a special jumpsuit, full of energetic tubes. Among the Mayans, great sages received instructions directly from the star system Chapel, had the „Direct Voice“ and performed great phenomena. There were, at that time, great Amacés (Stellar Motherships) who passed in shallow flight, projecting the Chapel’s energy to those people. These ships kept those areas free of certain animals that represented danger to men, as well as bringing instructions. But always without crossing the Neutron. (See more about Neutron here:

At one point, a group that was involved in the energy of ambition and the intention to have access to that technology in an unauthorized way, planned to capture one of the amacés. In the movement, this Mother Ship in its automatic defense system radiated a very intense energy, which eventually caused the disintegration of that entire civilization. The Indians, after what happened to the Maya people, took over the cities.

In Theotihuacan a pyramid was built, which was called The Temple of the Feathered Serpent, for having, in its construction, countless heads of snakes, symbolizing, as it was already used by the ancient peoples, the representation of Kundalini. By the nature of the construction itself, in stone, but notably very different from the others – the pyramids of the Sun and the Moon – one can notice the profound difference in the techniques used in the two distinct periods. There are many documents, of various origins, dealing with the end of a cycle on our planet, which would be the beginning of a New Age. One of the most interesting, after John’s Apocalypse, is the one left to us by Mayan Astronomy, in which we consider the current era that began at the birth of Venus, in 3113 B.C., and ended in December 2012, closing a cycle of 5,125 years, which would be closed with many movements, causing profound energetic changes on Earth touching Humanity and climate conditions, bringing new ways of producing food and cleaning water, as well as changing the entire magnetic and nuclear system in a global way and a sensible change in the Earth’s axis.

With the knowledge of the changes generated by the increase and decrease of sunspots, which were linked to various movements in earthly civilizations, the Mayans had a sacred year of 260 (two hundred and sixty) days composed and based in a perfect way on the Sun. They knew that the cycle of the sunspots was 68,301 (sixty-eight thousand three hundred and one) days and that after 20 (twenty) cycles, 1,366. 020 days (one million, three hundred and sixty-six thousand and twenty days), the magnetic field of the solar blade leans and the Earth follows that movement, seeking to align its magnetic axis with that of the Sun, which causes earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, and other natural phenomena that end up moving the plans of Man and his cities, fields, and food production areas. Today’s science, with its modern equipment, has shown that the calculation of the Mayans was very close to the 1,366,040 (one million, three hundred and sixty-six thousand and twenty days) days it found in its research”. Adapted excerpt from Relato de Tia Neiva – Vale do Amanhecer. (About Tia Neiva see:

Also coming with that group called Equitumans (see more about: and then with the Tumuchys (see:

In many of her lives she was a priest, a nun, a guide to sacred points/locations, a tax collector, a mercenary warrior, a politician, a leader of ancient peoples, a witch, a sorcerer, a priestess, a priestess, a gypsy, a healer, an Indian, a slave, a master and a lady of slaves, plantantion owner, architect, builder of great monuments, celtic, druid, hermit, counselor, nomad, advisor, inventor, diplomat, philosopher, doctor, samurai, ninja, agronomist, meteorological scientist, atomic scientist, librarian, aviator, geological scientist, biologist, area explorer, Templar, inquisitor, abolitionist, pirate, inventor, archer, Greek warrior, nurse, painter, oracle, Persian warrior, Roman centurion, architect, general, Amazon, Templar, mercenary, queen, king, guardian of pharaohs, medjai warrior, wizard, prophesy, genetic engineer, architect, mathematician, philosopher, genetic engineer, and many other personalities on this planet and beyond, always living the experiences necessary for her/his expansion of consciousness. (Remembering that some of these lives / experiences may have occurred in other star systems, not necessarily on Earth. I see the professions that appear on my mental screen and/or the mentor blows directly into my ear and put them here).

In a special life, in the times of Amenophis III, she served the court of the Pharaoh. She was one of the Akashic guardians in the palace, very dear to the Pharaoh. Once beside him, she whispered in his ear if she had anything to say to him. (He knew that she did Akashic readings and he, too, then playing with her, wanted to know if she saw what he saw). She started to do the reading and he laughed lovingly saying something like “Girl, you’re good, huh? He was one of her akashic teachers at the time. Many times he repeated that this was not the first and would not be the last life of they close ones, and on another occasion he said even more: “In the future, I will still tell you this here that we are talking about now? And laugh, affectionately!“ (And yes, behold, the pharaoh is counting. Amenophis is Gabriel RL/Zero i/Neva.)

She is being called by the Forces of Light to receive this information with much love and simplicity, so as not to allow herself to fall into vanity, as this would make the process of anchoring this expression in the Terran Physical Plan difficult. Called to connect, in much love with the Higher Spheres, asking that all this information reverberate in a positive way in your heart. May you become sources of divine inspiration and radiate into your being, opening channels for greater connections, unblocking fields and leading you to a high state of being on the earth’s surface. Call every day to tune in to your Song* and broadcast it at a certain time, whenever possible. If you are in an environment that cannot be absent to a quieter place, do it mentally. This will create a very powerful Momentum of discipline and will help in unveiling the veils for you.

Calling to connect with your Orion heritage, calling for the beings in your group and saying that you are awake and ready to hear the instructions! Called to be a perfect anchor of the Forces of Light on the surface and through yourself, your own heart, to synchronize that Light with the other hearts around you like an immense wave of contagious and reverberating Love. Call to gather your group and start a beautiful special work and do meditations for chip removals and any kind of implant, etheric or physical, because this is also one of your specialties. Besides, in these same meditations, together with your grouping, anchor the energies that will harmonize the whole process of DNA actualization in the beings of this same grouping, the next ones and the whole planet, in general. Also called to keep in tune with the strength of the Guardians of Eons, “traveling through the ages”, harmonizing everything that needs to be harmonized.

Call to help in the balance of the masculine and feminine energies within each being, completely harmonising the divine masculine with the divine feminine, no matter what biological expression. Your presence and energy focused on this helps the being, even if you do not say a word, to find that balance, making him/her more and more aware that he/she is not a man or a woman, she/he is both. The two energies flow within him/her, and this does not mean that he/she has to lose his/her masculinity (if he is in a male body) or femininity (if she is in a female body), for one has nothing to do with the other. A man who considers himself straight can have the balance of these energies within him in a harmonious way and thus be a more beautiful expression of the masculine as well as the feminine in the same way. You, as a direct representative of this balance, have the function of irradiating this balance. Your mission also consists in unifying people, pacifying conflicting situations, leading them to a harmonic balance and resolutions. And, of course, to sustain all harmony and divine energy flows so that, as soon as possible, the Earth (Gaia) may reach her most beautiful and divine form, with her inhabitants fully harmonized with the heart of Gaia, in love, harmony and unity.

You are an incredible being, dear Homeiax, with your multifaceted and highly developed energy capacities and, on Earth, anchoring and reverberating a different amount of punctual energies is difficult for some beings, and you have shown it with mastery. Go on, gather your group! Dear ones who read this cosmobiography, if you notice the resemblance of this cosmos with your already received staff, know, you are part of this grouping! Join Homeiax and reverberate, together, these powers on Earth! The Orion, Sirian and High Akashic Forces are with you! And by the way, you are one of the holy guardians of the akashic movements that Neva (Gabriel RL) makes. She, Neva (Gabriel RL), does akashic readings and you are one of the forces that help her harmonize this process, while the specific projections of the ages are sent to her to decode. You are one of the beings who help her in this process so that she can execute it with mastery. It is as if, when she is going to do an akashic reading, several records are shown for you to organize and present. You, as one of these harmonizers, are one of the beings that help the filter so that only the most necessary “packages” arrive in Neva (Gabriel RL), avoiding its wear and tear by seeing a lot of “unnecessary” things and allowing the arrival only of what is more relevant. So you save more work on “content separation” and, let’s say, you do that separation. (Neva (Gabriel RL) is very happy to hear that! – „I’m really happy!“ hehehehe!)


For Truth, nothing but Truth,

In Love and Blessings,

Neva (Gabriel RL)

Translation & Revision: Sio Smorgon & Flo


By Neva (Gabriel RL) 5 February 2018
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Greetings, beloved Masters!

This short text has the function of clarifying some doubts about the creation of Phalanges, referring to the recent delivery of Cosmobiographies. It will follow in the form of questions and answers.

What is a Cosmobiography and who can receive it?

A- Cosmobiography is an energy package delivered by your Higher Self. It is a bridge between you and your Divine Self. It is being delivered at this moment of planetary transition to assist you in your leap from the linear three-dimensional I to the pentadimensional Multidimensional I and beyond. Any being can receive this energy package, however, for reasons known to your Higher Self, it is possible that you will not immediately receive your cosmobiography, having to wait for the exact moment that it has programmed for you to receive it here in this timeline. The Universe has an Akashic Record and you are part of it. This is a way to reintegrate you into it. A way found, at this moment, to make you aware of your Galactic / Universal origin.

What is an Avatar consecrated by P1?

A – It is a being from Creation like you who, in pre-incarnation contracts and programming, made her/himself available to the Forces of Light so that at this moment she/he would receive a projector with a specific energy to sustain on the surface. That moment is determined by the Higher Self. This projector brings an energy where a mission is being asked to be developed. This being who is called upon to sustain this force on the earth plane receives with it a greater responsibility for its incarnation. This master will receive the call to anchor and sustain the energy of the projector with others, who also in pre-incarnation agreements, have agreed that they will sustain this energy together. This one will also receive more looks from the forces of darkness, because they wish that the called avatar does not sustain the energy of her/his projector and consequently does not fulfill her/his mission. If the human self does not hold the projector, it is transferred and the work continues. This has already happened.

What is the Phalange created by the Avatars called by P1?

A- It is a grouping of masters with similar objectives and energies, who before incarnating, combined this gathering here on the earth’s surface to develop a specific mission. The Avatar called by P1 is only the base of the Vortex, it receives the specific projection to which it is being called and shares it with the other Avatars within the Phalange of the PVSE (Portal Vortex Sementes das Estrelas). Remembering that all are avatars by essence!

I received my Cosmobiography, can I create a Phalange?

A – Yes and no. In your Cosmobiography, you will know your mission here on the surface for this moment and with this information, you can receive codes, visualizations, protocols, etc. However, you will not have received a specific projector to anchor and share among the other members. In this case, the group would not have received a projection for a specific mission mentioned in your Cosmobiography. You are no less important or smaller for that. Your Higher Self knows exactly what the best energies are and how you can act for the consciousness elevation of the planet. If you are called by P1 to join the direct team that was primarily called, your Cosmobiography will be updated with new information and consequently new energy packages, which you will sustain and move from that moment on. And in this call, a projector or more than one projector will be pointed at your earthly self.

Recognizing yourself with a member of the Galactic / Universal Family, from your Cosmobiography, you can gather with other related beings and move through meditations / visualizations, energies to support the Planet and all the movements that are taking place on it. You can use the information you have received and connect even more with your Divinity and stimulate others to do the same. Only this will create an energetic movement that will rewrite the planetary grid where before, in an old energy, the human was disconnected from its conscious Divine Self.

Shine Masters! Hold the Light where there is darkness or remnants of it!

Gratitude always for being willing to serve Creation through your own hearts.

Text Revision Portuguese: Melk Sales

In Love and Blessings,

Neva (Gabriel RL)

Translation & Revision: Sio Smorgon & Flo


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Our dear Neva (Gabriel RL), in one of her galactic robes is a Guardian of the Akashic Records, of this local Universe, and thanks to her inviolability of years dedicated to the crystalline services of the Forces of Light, received in her fields, an authorization from the High Spheres to help more directly the earthly humanity. Some humans, by soul programming, by the guidance of their mentors or by the very impulse of their heart, will feel guided to meet this direct help of the Forces of Light through this tool accessed by Neva (Gabriel RL).

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*We remind you that by direct instruction of the Seed of the Stars Mentors, Neva will leave the image of her webcam deactivated during the attendance. This was a special request made to her, so that the focus of her work is on the message and vibration of her voice, thus avoiding some energetic conflicts.

Any questions about the service, recorded or live, just contact us through Whatsapp above.

Vacancies for both forms of attendance are very limited due to the Neva’s running schedule, anyway, if you miss any schedule opening (usually at the beginning of each month), you can enter the waiting list through the same number above.

Note: Questions that are not directly related to you will not be answered. E.g.: questions about the life of seconds or third parties, unless some mentor guides something to be said. Questions about future results of lottery games and the like will not be answered either.

Always be grateful for your Light and Affection!

Gratitude for your always positive intentions!

I will go as far as Jesus allows me to see and transmit.

For the Truth, nothing but the Truth,

In Love and Blessings,

Neva (Gabriel RL)

Translation & Revision: Sio Smorgon & Flo

A consecration to connect with our Monadic Group of 144


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There are countless Systems of Worlds that are experiencing or have already experienced periods of energetic transition, similar to what is happening now on planet Earth. In this period, these worlds receive many supporting energies so that their transition occurs in the most harmonious way possible. However, as much as there is support on all fronts, the transition process is usually very painful, for everything needs to be reconfigured into a New Energy and the old energy inside and outside of beings is not usually easily delivered. This is an active process, and energy expenditures are constantly involved.

On this planet, many beings have made themselves available for certain missions on the surface. Missions that would require of them a great baggage of previous experiences. The mission of being an envoy from Heaven with a task to perform and not to deviate from it for any reason. As previously mentioned, this master missionary needs to have an Akashic who will sustain all that “weight”, because when he/she enters and begins his/her mission, all the forces contrary to this mission will immediately begin their massive work to prevent the mission from being accomplished, because once this task is accomplished and the force is anchored on the planet, a great amount of Light is emitted into the Crystalline grid and this will remain uninterruptedly radiating to the inhabitants of the planet.

An extremely accurate programming is made so that a certain mission is carried out and has the expected result. An “analysis”, among the great masters who make themselves available for the mission, is made. There is a holographic reality chamber, almost 100% accurate in relation to the experiences lived in worlds in transition, similar to Earth. These volunteers are submitted, inside them, there is a bombardment of forms-thoughts, emotions and energies similar to those they will find in those planes of existence. This test is subdivided into 3 distinct phases.

In the first phase, situations that this being will face, related to her/his soul programme, are presented in an intensified way. It is shown how she/he will behave and what her/his possible reactions will be in the face of the challenges to which she/he will be exposed in life. In a linear way, to facilitate the understanding, for each reaction presented by the being before its vicissitudes, a “score”, which is directly linked to what would be the “ideal” for its mission, is automatically generated and this will be counted at the end of the other phases.

After the conclusion of the first phase in the simulator, the being will be exposed to the second. In this phase, all the beings and energies that will be “against” him/her during his/her mission are presented to the individual. The intense spiritual persecutions to which She/he will be submitted will be shown, the energies that will try to drag him/her to his/her own end, and finally, the will, intention and action of countless beings, incarnate and disincarnate, so that there will be a complete failure of his/her mission. As in the first phase, here also happens the automatic generation of a “score” according to the reactions that the being expresses.

Passing on, the master in test, through this further phase, is then presented the third. In this phase, the being is exposed to an intense “romantic” relationship of great affective connection. However, in a moment of her/his mission, this romantic connection will be the “watershed” between following the mission or not, because in great part it is necessary for the being to detach him/herself from that context in order to be able to jump to other lines where his/her mission awaits him/her to be continued. E.g.: Imagine a missionary being who is developing, with all dedication and commitment, his/her missionary task in his/her incarnation, however, her/his loving partner (in the romantic sense), does not agree with her/his work in this mission, or even, does not believe and/or disdains his/her work and asks you to choose between being with him/her or following this work that you have been doing. Notice that here, there is an expressive bifurcation. What to choose? Is your mission, that you feel it strongly in your heart or that you stay beside that being you have so much physical connection with, passionate? In this bifurcation many stay.

In most cases, the movement of detachment from that which tries to limit you is the impulse enough for you to meet those loving souls who have a great energetic affinity or who have a great kinship with the soul. Encounters of kindred souls, twins, etc. This is the crucial point, to remain in the old energy with which you are familiar or to move forward, unified to your real love, and thus to continue your mission of anchoring the new consciousness in the environment where you are? It is clear that a constellation of challenges will be between being and this important decision. From the reactions to these questions, a “score” is also generated here.

At the end of the three phases, the “scores” are counted and the sum can have a total of at most 100 and at least 99.5 so that the master has passed the holographic reality simulator test. If the being has not passed the first test, a new attempt is offered to her/him, however, the intensity of the test is doubled. Everything that has been challenged in the first test will be doubly intensified in the second test to ensure that, if the being has passed the test, it is his/her real ability to deal with that type of situation that his/her mission will expose him/her to. One example of being a missionary who incarnated on the earthly plane and only passed the second test was King Solomon.

An observation is needed here: To pass the simulator test is no guarantee that the missionary will be able to carry out his/her mission with inviolable mastery, since many who have passed the simulator have descended and lost themselves in the pain of this reality. No matter how precise the holographic simulator is, nothing compares to direct immersion in this reality.

In this context, the code FA-EN144 enters, which is a consecration that the being receives, absorbs to his/her luggage, after executing his missions in an impeccable way, even crossing oceans and bottomless wells of pain, despair, anguish, hopelessness, fear, etc. This consecration is one more energy package delivered to the being so that the pains and energies that before could have access to it and possibly destabilize it, no longer influence it negatively. It is a kind of shield to these energies. Some beings descend to their missions already in possession of this consecration, others descend lacking some percentages to complete their momentum of this energy and during their mission accumulate enough to then receive it. FA-EN144 confers on the being who possesses it, the direct connection with the 144 faces of his/her monadic group, absorbing for him/herself, the qualities and the strength of this group, becoming one with her/him.

A quantum symbol has been channeled which represents this consecration. (What is illustrate in this publication)

P1 has cited in its NOTES that the Consecrations are in progress:

This is as far as Jesus allows me to see and transmit.

Energy Block: Gabriel RL
Text Revision Portuguese / Linearization: Melk Sales

Translation & Revision: Sio Smorgon & Flo

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