The Islands - Sementes das Estrelas

The Islands

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By Neva (Gabriel RL) 9 November 2017
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The Pleiadians report that a wave of Light, Blue Light swept the Magnetic Island so powerfully that it quickly closed some gaps in the Island still exposed and prone to negative entries. Certainly, these “cracks” will never be opened again, and it remains for those magnetic and related who sustain it to remain inviolable to prevent other openings.

Certainly, this does not mean that forces contrary to Love will not manifest themselves and try to hinder the plans already drawn up by the Forces of Light, but that, certainly, greater empowerment will be evident and, more and more, security will be seen in the work done by the allies of the Forces of Light in this region.

Three Pillars of Light in the shape of a braid were seen being installed on the Island, in three specific points not mentioned here. These pillars are as if they were “soldiers” in the celestial vault and placed on the ground of the Island. These pillars of Light are of a bright, neon colored tone, with an energy that quickly rises and falls from the top to the ground. They stay in a colored tone for about one minute and for two minutes they stay in a wonderful blue tone. These pillars are bringing more energy from the Magnetic Universe, called the Quadril 5.

They add not only Quadril 5 energies, but other magnetic universes such as Vitrol-X and EX-Prix. All this Magnetic concentration on the Island is causing an extreme subtilization, giving the clear impression that the “things” are not so solid. Those more sensitive can clearly perceive the subtlety of the environment when they enter the Island, since magnetism tends to make things more and more subtle. In extreme magnetism, things become dematerialized, manifesting themselves only as pure energy, not “densifying” because of this magnetism.

They also inform that there has been a “rain” of Crystals *Lapel, all over the Island, spreading them everywhere! Several entities imprisoned in their own hatred were quickly raised to the highest levels, and at about 4 a.m. (four) in the morning of 6.11.2017, a large mothership hovered over the Island, helping to harmonize the powerful currents present. Not that they were negative forces, but simply so that when the majority of the island’s inhabitants woke up in the morning, they would not take an “extreme shock”. (They smile…).

The projectors in the States mentioned are aimed at the Capitals of each, with 50% of the force remaining in the Capital and 50% divided in the rest of the State. The Magnetic Island is an exception, with 90% of the force in the Capital Curitiba and 10% distributed for the rest of the state”.

They also say that this great activation of the last moment has triggered activations of force sustaining islands throughout the country. At first, they inform me 7 (seven) new Islands powerfully activated:

Brasilia (DF) = Island of Honesty: The Light forces say that because of the movements taking place in this city, some people may “turn their eyes” to this information and find it ironic. And they say, lovingly, that this place is being prepared to be the foundation of the Honesty energy. Therefore, those inhabitants of this island must immediately begin to sustain this energy, for it will radiate to every country and planet.

São Paulo (São Paulo) = Island of Prosperity: Those of this region are being called to sustain this force in order to radiate to the whole country and planet! Those with financial difficulties do not necessarily mean that they need to move there unless their hearts say so, but that surely this region will begin to radiate this energy of prosperity, beginning to annul any programming of scarcity and impotence. Inhabitants of the Island, the projector has been pointed at you!

Minas Gerais (Belo Horizonte) = The Island of Reconnection: The inhabitants of this island are receiving a specific projector: to sustain the energy of the Galactic Reconnection. They will sustain and radiate the power of unity and remembrance from home to the other islands and the planet, preparing the minds of human beings for contact with the Galactic Forces and Ascensions, which are in preparation for the FIRST CONTACT. The inhabitants of this island will naturally have more contact with the Galactics and will radiate these experiences to others. This does not mean that the other islands cannot have contact, but only that a specific projector is being pointed at this island to support the inhabitants.

Ceará (Fortaleza) = Fraternity Island: The inhabitants of this Island will radiate the energy of the Fraternity to the other Islands, inspiring all feelings of union and cooperation. A powerful Golden Ruby projector is being pointed there and calling all the inhabitants of the island to connect and radiate all this wonderful energy!

Bahia (Salvador) = Island of Dedication: The inhabitants of this Island will be radiating the energy of dedication and commitment, inspiring the other Islands and the Planet, so that dedication and loving commitment to something expand and help in the growth of all and themselves. They will inspire those who cannot sustain for long something they wish to do, so that they can go ahead with their necessary enterprises and movements! A Dark Blue projector is being pointed to this Island.

Santa Catarina (Florianópolis) = Island of “No-Borders”: On this island, all its inhabitants are receiving a powerful projection that will radiate to other islands and to the Planet, a projection that will inspire people to Unity and to the idea that there is no need for a border between peoples. The inhabitants of this island can, if they are attuned to the task, carry out meditations where they must visualise all the borders of the planet being dismantled and all the peoples united, without prejudice or fear. Visualize the Love and Compassion reigning among peoples and the complete disarmament of weapons of mass destruction, built on a false motto of “national security”. Inhabitants of the Island, connect and dismantle the borders!

Rio de Janeiro (Rio de Janeiro) = Island of Portals: On this island there are several portals scattered everywhere, and its inhabitants are being called upon to radiate and activate, principally, the portals of Compassion and Benevolence. The Gavea Stone (Pedra da Gávea) is one of the most powerful points of the place. Inhabitants of the Island, radiate the energy of Compassion and Benevolence, as well as inspire the other Islands to reactivate portals closed long ago. Each Island naturally has its own specific portals, and each inhabitant of it will also feel what must be activated. A yellow-gold projector mixed with bright white is being pointed there and is waiting to be sustained by all the inhabitants of the Island. May at least those who read our Bulletin be in tune with these truths and radiate to those who are not, so that they can reactivate the portals within themselves and join in the task.

The eighth Island is Curitiba (Paraná) – already known as Magnetic Island: This Island is responsible for anchoring and sustaining Magnetism, the Force that helps in the dissipation of the extreme Materialistic Idea and reconnects the BEING to the SPIRIT, inspiring it to LOVE WITHOUT LIMITATION, and giving it, again, the truth that EVERYTHING IN CREATION IS ENERGY, AND IS ETERNAL. Several magnetic beings are incarnating on this Island and/or coming from other Islands and are being inspired according to their soul plans. This Island has something interesting: due to the Strong Magnetism, it helps, quickly, in the Creation of Sublimated Moments, not material. It helps souls to have the most sublimated experiences that their changing carbon bodies can sustain. The inhabitants of this Island are called to always maintain a loving gentleness and to transform any extreme materialistic energy into softness and balance. The balance between matter and SPIRIT is necessary for them to have more elevating experiences. And the Magnetism of the Island, as it is very intense, helps, since it is a subtle Island and practically does not let the energy of matter “dominate”, always giving an air of Living Spirituality, – which naturally balances with the existing subtle matter. The human mind is programmed for materiality, but those who enter the Island are strongly attracted to something beyond matter, no matter how materialistic they may be. The present magnetism is powerfully attractive. Attractor to the SPIRIT.

Because of these deliveries of information, beings who act in the low vibrations and feel guardians of these regions, are extremely angry with Gabriel RL because he is bringing them. It is then requested that love projections be sent to him, forming around him a dark blue quantum field of protection, preventing the rays of these brothers from reaching and irradiating him. Despite the presence of the Zil Master Code (See Glossary:, the radiations can still arrive and an “Extra Hand” is requested. The Pleiadians also inform that there are many blocks of information.

I, Gabriel, will bring more islands as the next Bulletins come out. Whenever I get a lot of information like this, I get a little tired because I have to decode all the information blocks they send. I act, in this case, as a quantum translator. I will bring information about all the islands in the country (Brazil), and whatever else they want to inform us about.

Love and Blessings,

Gabriel RL

Translation & Revision: Sio Smorgon & Flo


By Neva (Gabriel RL) 14 November 2017
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The Pleiadians report that due to the previous message about the delivery of the islands, great movements have begun to occur throughout the country (Brazil), and not only in Brazil, but all over the planet, as a result of the great collective awakening that has taken place.

They say that with more and more projectors being pointed at the Islands with their specified qualities, more and more people will join the great wave of awakening that has taken place. It is certain that this will trigger, drastically, powerful changes on the physical plane, accelerating the process of full disclosure and the approach of the Confederate ships, as well as the long-awaited adjustment of the financial system.

They also inform that, due to the message with the delivery of the first seven projectors, dark force movements have occurred as a form of retaliation, especially to Gabriel RL, who allows our communication, at this moment, along these lines. These movements range from negative projections to extreme fatigue. Obviously, our forces are sent and, as we have recently requested, a magnetic support is also requested by all of the PVSE and related people for this support.

They also say that, more recently, another great movement has occurred, especially on the Magnetic Island, which has reverberated drastically in the other islands, already under empowering projection. This positive and extremely courageous movement on the part of the determined souls involved has caused an extensive crack in the local veil of the Island (more about the veil, go to: in the entry “OPENING THE SEVENTH LAYER (OR OTHER LAYERS OF THAT ORDER”). A leader who kept the local veil structure intact was elevated to the recovery chambers, along with some more of “his tribe”. (SMA-CROLL entry:

More movements of the Light Forces, like this one, will take place all over the world, to the point where every structure controlled by the dark forces is completely dismantled. The Pleiadians call for these messages to be spread as far as possible so that they reach as many people as possible.

With the same immense joy that they deliver, I now present more islands:

Amazonas (Manaus) = Island of Transmutation: This island is under the strong projection of the Archangel Zadkiel and Saint Germain and its inhabitants are being asked to be more and more in tune with these projections. A Violet colour projector is on this island. Of course, some may find it ironic what is going to be said, but this region tends to be warmer, not only because the solar rays are more intense, but especially because of the Archangel’s projections, since the most densified charges usually pass through there for final purification. The inhabitants of this island must know: you are very important to the whole country. There is much power in your hands.

Espírito Santo (Vitória) = Island of Trust: The inhabitants of this island are being called to support two projectors, one dark blue and the other light blue. They are being called to radiate the energy of Trust and Faith to the other islands, ensuring that all the necessary movements take place safely and precisely, without insecurity and fear. Dear supporters of these projectors, Archangel Michael and his Angels are at your disposal. A Blue Light Sword is being drawn and you, the inhabitants of this Island, will ensure that this energy flows to the other Islands, and you will do so with great Trust and Faith.

Rio Grande do Norte (Natal) = Island of Magic: The inhabitants of this Island are receiving a bright white and golden yellow projector. Dear ones, you are being called to bring back the energy of White Magic into the hearts of human beings. A long time ago, this feeling and energy of Magic that exists in all things was lost by some, if not most, human beings, and you are in charge of sustaining these projectors, radiating with the simple but powerful phrase: “THERE IS MAGIC IN EVERYTHING THERE IS, THERE IS WHY MAGIC IS!” The Devas are projecting and helping them at every moment! The Fairy Kingdoms, Elves, Gnomes, Sylphs, Salamanders, Undines, and the whole Magical Kingdom which, for many humans, is imagination. The inhabitants of this Island are in charge of radiating the energy: “THERE IS MAGIC IN EVERYTHING THERE IS, THERE IS WHY MAGIC IS!“

Pará (Belem) = Island of Reinforcement: The inhabitants of this Island bring with them the responsibility of lovingly sustaining souls who, due to negative movements, can “fall” into hopelessness and discouragement, being a reinforcement to them, so that they can sustain themselves. The inhabitants of this island are also those who support the Light Blue Projector and help all the other islands, sending loving projections of reinforcement, when high loads of work are requested. This Island is the one that acts directly with all the other Islands, not that the others cannot do the same, but this one, in particular, could replace any of the other projectors, as an immediate reinforcement. Or even move its “field”, completely, and merge with some other Island in a powerful reinforcement. Dear inhabitants of this Island, your responsibility is immense and Elohim Hercules is with you.

Pernambuco (Recife) = Island of Forwarding: The inhabitants of this island are those who are in charge of acting more in the astral realms than in the physical ones. But of course, not that they are not important in the physical. You are the ones responsible for coordinating the forwarding of beings to the High Spheres of Light, creating beautiful footbridges where they can pass through and return to the illuminated Home of Origin. You are receiving a Bright White and Golden Yellow projector so that as you hold these projectors many wandering souls will see on this Island an immense Portal of Light, and they will go to it, certain that there they will find relief from many of their issues that still hold them to densified environments of matter. Motherships will be active every day at specific times – 9h, 12h, 15h, 18h, 21h, 00h, 3h, 6h – projecting on this Island and assisting in the work of routing, as well as ensuring that all the work is carried out).

Rio Grande do Sul (Porto Alegre) = Island of Renewal: The inhabitants of this Island are those who have been supporting the Light Blue, Dark Blue and Bright Pink projectors. In this locality, thousands of Indigos, Crystals, Diamonds and Rainbow souls are incarnated. This Island has sustained the Force of Renewal, supporting and sustaining the descent of Thousands of Souls who are coming to promote great changes. Many new leaders will come out of the generation of these souls. The inhabitants of this island are being asked to maintain a harmonious environment for the reception of these beings, as well as to radiate their projections also to the other islands that will obviously receive their star souls. The inhabitants of this island must expect a massive incarnation of thousands of stellar beings between 2018 and 2024. Each one of you is a loving Father and Mother of these stellars, who descend so dedicatedly. It is a work together and you, dear inhabitants of this Island, now play a very important role: to prepare the house for the guests.

Paraíba (João Pessoa) = Island of Contentment: The inhabitants of this Island are the ones who will bring and radiate contentment to all the other Islands. You are receiving a projector of Golden Yellow and Bright Pink. The Energy of Contentment will be upon you so that your eyes will radiate this energy. In your meditations, remember to radiate this energy to all other islands. A very dear master will be supporting you in this and at all times: Master Ling. This island will be one of the first that, with great contentment, will receive the landing of the Pleiadians.

Goiás (Goiânia) = Island of Healing: The inhabitants of this Island, as the name implies, will anchor the energy of Healing, which will radiate to all the other Islands. Its inhabitants support three projectors: Light Green, Light Blue and Dark Green, supported by Mother Mary and Archangel Raphael. This island will be the site of the first points on the planet to have Crystal Recovery Chambers exhibited, as well as technologies for rapid healing of biological issues. The inhabitants of this island are being asked to organize themselves in meditations, where they will visualize all these things manifested, healing technology, crystalline chambers, complete restoration of DNA and full health.

The projectors in the States mentioned are pointed to the Capitals of each one, with 50% of the force remaining in the Capital and 50% divided in the rest of the State.

The Pleiadians are grateful for all the efforts of the Family of the Earth that have been so efficient and precise. They say that more information is coming and that the human species as a whole is already ready.
They say the channeller (Gabriel RL) will rest for a few days until he can bring more information about the Islands and their projectors.

Love and Blessings,

Gabriel RL.

Translation & Revision: Sio Smorgon & Flo


By Neva (Gabriel RL) 20 November 2017
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The Pleiadians report that there is a large movement of the “Galactic Flash” type, as a security measure to guarantee certain movements that will occur in the coming weeks and months. A great effort by the allies of the Light Forces on the surface has given the signal for the Galactic Forces to also take the necessary measures to guarantee the safety of humanity on earth, as well as to prevent some beings from escaping from the physical planes and other planes surrounding the Earth. Some of them have been trying to hide in the plasma, etheric and astral planes. The Pleiadians say that these are failed attempts, because they are all well mapped.

They also report that some negative plasmatic amoebas are trying to enter the channeller’s fields (Gabriel RL) in order to prevent him from spreading information about the Islands and their Expressions. Each Island mentioned has those negative beings who believe to be the owners of the space and are getting angry with the information given by us (Pleiadians) to Gabriel. Certainly, there is a field of protection and the intentions and meditations of Light sent have ensured that it remains inviolable and continues with the deliveries. All these are final manoeuvres to try and prevent the necessary advances.

The Pleiadians also say that, “The Ashtar(s)” have drastically approached the seven planes that make up the Earth sphere, hence the name “Galactic Flash”. It is they who have approached, considerably, to guarantee the final “policing” and to take drastic measures to prevent some movements that the agents of the dark forces planned to make in retaliation. All of this, not only by the Delivered Islands, but by all the movements that have taken place behind the scenes all over the Planet, movements to promote the advancement of the process of Full Disclosure of the existence of the Galactic community, as well as the release of the Technologies, especially those that will guarantee the perfect health of the physical bodies.

The Pleiadians ask the Family of the Earth to meditate in support of Mother Gaia in her necessary movements. They say that she will need to make some movements and the intention to support her in this will guarantee a gentle movement. Gaia is very happy that her entire planetary body is having the chance to rise to high vibrations in a completely conscious way and, even more so, that she is being supported in all the movements she needs to do. It is like a mother who is happy to receive the affection of her children.

A little more about Gaia: the Light Forces report that intense movements of the Kundalini of the Planet – currently located in South America – have begun and people from those regions will be shaken in their insides. They will feel a lot of warmth inside and sensations of speaking all they think. For a long time, they say that human beings on Earth have kept much of their feelings hidden, and this will begin to be increasingly expressed, out of necessity. A deep connection of Kundalini with the Throat Chakra at this time will strongly promote this. They also say that not only this, but great transformations will occur in the emotional field, so that long-lasting luggage will also need to be urgently released. They say that, for people in other regions, movements with other “symptoms” will also occur, and that transformation and movement is not just occurring in South America, but all over the planet.

And they ask to release some more islands, so that more and more people take their positions as Anchors of Light and start the sustainments that have raised, drastically, the vibration of the country (Brazil). Here follow the Islands cited by them:

Maranhão (São Luís) = Island of Reconciliation: This Island is receiving a Golden Ruby colour projector. The inhabitants of this island will receive powerful discharges of light and will initiate a sustenance to awaken in themselves the need to be reconciled with themselves, with their internal issues and, immediately, reverberate the need for this to others.

They are being called upon to sustain this force of Reconciliation, Forgiveness, Unity and reverberate to the other Islands. We cannot move forward without certain matters having a harmonious and happy ending. This radiation will be so intense that it will be difficult for those who have quarrels with others to find them without making peace and/or at least starting a movement to rebalance their energy, making it possible to move on to new experiences, without dependencies and emotional debris. Dear supporters of this Projector, your mission is very important and this energy urgently needs to be radiated to the other islands of the country, and of course to the whole planet. It is time for the Reunion! It is time for Reconciliation! It is time for forgiveness! You do not necessarily need to be with someone who is not energetically tuned, but the release of debris or ties that binds you to some situation or person needs to happen. They need to be released in order for the breakthrough to happen. Be that advance! Inspire the advance!

Alagoas (Maceió) = Island of Moments: This Island is receiving two projectors, Light Pink and Light Blue. The inhabitants of this Island are being called to anchor and radiate the best moments of life. The radiation from this island will spread rapidly to allow people to begin to keep in themselves the good memories, the good moments, the sublime and enchanting moments. The old memories of pain and despair need to be left lovingly behind. Nourishing only good moments will create powerful currents of light that will annul karmic remains. It’s time to create inspiring moments. There are two Avatars of PVSE who specifically are being called upon to radiate their energies in this region in order to also help sustain these projectors. Dear inhabitants of this Island, you are in a SUCCESS MOMENT. Give yourselves the opportunity to recreate your lives, transforming them into pure joy and sublimation. Irradiate that strength to the other islands inspiring them to “cling” only to good times, those that keep their vibrations high and that speed up all the processes necessary for them to achieve a state increasingly full of happiness and peace. The attachment to moments of pain and suffering drains your vital energy, always forcing you to start again. It is no longer time to start again. It is time to complete the task with a good smile anchored in the present moment of unified creation to the Source. It is no longer time to go back holding on to the burden of pain. It is time to move forward, remembering that you are the ones who create and, as Creators, create only Joy, create only Happy Moments.

Roraima (Boa Vista) = Island of Expressions: The inhabitants of this Island are receiving 3 (three) projections: Violet, Golden Yellow and Light Green. Dear supporters of this Island, you are being called to radiate the energy of Free Expression. You are the ones who sustain the force that will dispel prejudices, fears, blockages, insecurities, and everything that prevents human beings from expressing themselves as they really are. From you comes the radiation of Unity, the primary idea that we are all ONE, even with our differences. Radiate these currents of Light throughout the Country and Planet so that the other Islands are also anchored in these Projectors. Nothing else matters when we are free to be who we are. You are a Divine Being, just as you are. You are an important Link that keeps all Creation connected, exactly as you are. You, the beloved inhabitants of this Island, will anchor this, and radiate in all directions. You have the very loving support of a Mistress named Rowena, who is available to assist you in whatever way is necessary. Of course, all the Masters are at your service, – and are also at your disposal, – but especially Rowena, who likes this place, for a reason she does not tell me, and has a particular connection with this region. So be it! You are the unique, perfect and incorruptible expression of Creation.

Acre (Rio Branco) = Island of Truth: The inhabitants of this Island are receiving the Projection of two projectors: Light Green and Dark Green and are under direct irradiation of the Archangel Rafael, Master Hilarion and all beings of the Green and Golden Green Ray. Dear ones, this energy is being sustained by you and you are being asked to radiate it to the whole country and planet in order to bring this deep connection with the Inner Truth and that it can be expressed. Those who have strayed from the path and today repented will always have a new opportunity to reconnect with the Inner Truth. Those under the strong projection of this Island will have difficulties in expressing themselves when they are not in alignment with their Inner Truth. In other words: the untruth (that which is not in line with the Inner Truth) will become difficult for them. The inhabitants of this Island are being called to be in this higher alignment, so that everything they express is only for the highest good and inspiration of other beings. Nothing is said or manifested that will harm others. On this Island, the Truth will be reverberated to all other Islands. Those who have difficulty and often act with untruths for their own personal delights will be strongly drawn into an examination of conscience, so that they will have no other choice but to review their concepts and begin their trajectories back to a state of Unity, where what they perform, speak and/or simply gesture will only be for the betterment of the being, – the self or the next.

The projectors in the States mentioned are aimed at the Capitals of each one, with 50% of the force remaining in the Capital and 50% divided in the rest of the State.

Temporarily, the Pleiadians say that they will end this message due to the channeller’s (Gabriel RL) need for physical rest, but that they will soon return with the rest of the Islands from this movement. They ask that these messages be spread as far as possible so that they reach as many people as possible and that they are aware of the importance of their presence on Earth, in order to help the anchors of the Projectors, thus helping Gaia in her transformations and enabling even more the approach of the Galactic Family, which with each breath of the Allies of Earth, approach their Fleets, anxious for the Eye on Eye Contact.

Love and Blessings,

Gabriel RL.

Translation & Revision: Sio Smorgon & Flo


By Neva (Gabriel RL) 2 December 2017
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The Pleiadians report that a vast amount of resources are being given to the allies on the surface so that they can now move forward more safely on the most important points: the financial system, ending hunger and cleaning up the atmosphere. Very advanced technologies are being handed over, at first, to the allies working directly within the Terran Resistance, so that these steps can be taken more quickly. They also inform us that, as we already know, a vastness of highly advanced technology that will drastically benefit our way of life is prepared for liberation. It is necessary to be aware that this will take a certain time, until everything can be released, since these public releases are still, in a way, tied to the threats of retaliation by those resistant to the Light, but they will inevitably be released as soon as the threats against human lives are eliminated.

They also report that a protocol called INO2 is being activated. This protocol will follow a course that will initiate a process of “deprogramming” of super soldiers, agents of the surface cabal forces. In many negative military bases, men and women are induced to follow orders from the Illuminati to the letter. They are, through torture and psychological blackmail, dominated, and become soldiers programmed by keywords. This protocol will begin to deprogram their minds and reintegrate them again with their own internal will. At the very least, they will have more strength to resist the impulses of violence that programming tries to induce them. The Pleiadians request that meditations be made to support the protocol and speed up these processes as soon as possible.

They also say that the reverberation of the deliveries from the Islands is creating powerful vortexes all over the country (Brazil) and that they are rapidly spreading across the planet in order to inspire souls from all over the world to turn inward in search of their divine qualities and, with them, express themselves in these times of transformation and elevation. They emphasize once again the need for the Bulletins to be spread to as many people as possible, in order to create a powerful critical mass that cannot be stopped. They also say that the forces opposed to this movement are still trying to retaliate, especially to the channeller (Gabriel RL), for being the channel to bring this information. He will certainly have all the support and protection he needs, they say.

Again, full of joy, they bring the other islands of Brazil:

Sergipe (Aracaju) = Island of Peace: This Island is under direct projection from Mother Mary and is receiving 3 (three) light blue projectors. The inhabitants of this island are anchoring the energy of Peace and are charged with reverberating this Light to the other islands of the country and, of course, to the whole planet. The energy of Peace is fundamental in these times and being in this state will guarantee greater capacity for assimilation of the new frequencies, which are being sent from the highest spheres of light. Dear inhabitants of this Island, organize meditations, connect with Mother Mary every day at 6:00 pm for at least 5 (five) minutes. She will be connecting with all of you and she counts on your openings so that from this connection she can get even closer to the human heart. You will be the bridge to that deeper connection and she is very happy to be able to come even closer to you and to all humanity. She says it will become visible on some occasions in this region and some people will begin to feel touched and inspired to write her messages. At first, she will give internal messages to inspire and help you in your personal matters. She also says that she is obviously always available for all those who wish a connection with her. And she says even more directly: “Dear children, I am at your disposal to help you in your questions. Understand first of all that this help does not depend exclusively on me, but you, as bearers of free will, need to enter into this attunement and believe that I will be with you, inspiring you and blending MY Light with yours. Beloved, I leave you now, pouring out my blessings upon all of you and enfolding all in my mantle of protection, for I am Mary, your Mother!”

Rondônia (Porto Velho) = Island of Talents: This Island is receiving a powerful colour projector of Golden Ruby and another Golden one. The inhabitants of this island are receiving the inspirational forces of innate gifts, moving them from the inside out. Many souls on Earth have their talents guarded. In many cases these talents have been suppressed, stifled, prevented from manifesting themselves. This Island and its inhabitants will move a powerful energy that will help to remove the impediments that hinder the expression of these innate talents. Dear inhabitants of this Island, because of the intense projectors, you will begin to receive strong inspirations and you will be called to execute what you really desire. Do not be frightened if you suddenly begin to feel that your real vocation is not to be a director of a multinational company, but a wonderful craftsman. You will begin to feel this strong inner call and naturally you will radiate to the other islands this need to follow your most inspiring impulses and talents. Allow your talents to come out. Do not stifle them any further and thereby inspire the other Islands to do the same. You are given this beautiful mission to inspire and bring out the innate talent of each one. Well-known artists from history who are on the other side of the veil are projecting their lights on this Island, helping to sustain the projectors and inspiring the inhabitants to this inspiring mission.

Mato Grosso do Sul (Campo Grande) = Island of Redemption: This Island is receiving a powerful Dark Blue projector. It is in charge of giving energetic support to those souls who have “fallen” into the deepest darkness and are now looking for a new opportunity to continue with their evolution. All beings of Creation are loved and deserve a new chance, without judgments and condemnations, since the very consciousness of the Being is in charge of showing and instructing what needs to be adjusted, so that it can proceed on a determined path. This Island supports this powerful projector together with its inhabitants, so that this force of inspiration for redemption may calm the afflicted and fearful souls of not having a new opportunity for reparation, both in their spiritual fields/bodies and in those affected by their imbalances. A very noble soul is with the inhabitants of this island, helping to sustain this powerful projector. It is the one who on earth has been known as Mahatma Gandhi. This Island is also in charge of receiving, through reincarnation, some souls from the history of the Earth who, when previously incarnated, did things that hindered the development of the Planet and of people. Perverse war generals, Hitler’s allies in the second war, lords of torturing slaves, souls who in the past were extremely unbalanced are asking for a new chance to review their attitudes, and the inhabitants of this Island will be receiving them and radiating upon them. Bear in mind, dear inhabitants of this island, that these souls will incarnate, no longer with the same intentions and evils, but come seeking rehabilitation and redemption. Give them this loving chance, receiving them with all Love and Light, so that the process may be smooth and harmonious, not unloading the judgments on them, since this would hinder the rehabilitation processes and end up further delaying their return to the spheres of high Christ consciousness. You have a great responsibility, dear inhabitants of this Island, and you are supported by the Force of Elohim Hercules , Saint Germain and Archangel Michael.

Piauí (Teresina) = Island of Recognition: This Island is purely inspired by the playful energy and receives a powerful projector of bright yellow colour! The inhabitants of this Island are being inspired and are inspiring the people of the other Islands to recognize themselves as Sons/Daughters of Unity. They are entering a state of deep recognition of their Divine nature and all their HIGH ancestry. It is an Island that needs no comment, since it and its inhabitants, by themselves, have a great connection with Divine Nature and are being called to inspire this DIVINE RECOGNITION on the other Islands and also on those who have not awakened to it, on this same Island. The Buddha himself is radiating this place and sending all the powerful projections to the projector support. Another great master projecting there is Sanat Kumara, who is making himself available to all the inhabitants there. Organise meditations especially anchored in Buddha energy and reverberate to the other Islands and Planet in order to inspire people to RECOGNISE themselves as they really are: Divine Beings of Creation.

Tocantins (Palmas) = Island of Ideas: The inhabitants of this Island are receiving four powerful projectors: Light Blue, Golden, Pink and Light Green and are in charge of sustaining the energy of Creation, Invention, New Ideas, Inspiring Ideas for the New Earth! Beings of very high nature who, in the past, helped humanity with their inventions are inspiring the inhabitants of this Island, as well as incarnating, en masse, in this place, to start this process of new creations. Inspiring ideas from this place, dear inhabitants of this island, and you are being called to radiate this energy of inspiration of new ideas in all areas, Technology, Science, Culture, LIFE! You are under the projection of the seven powerful Elohim: HERCULES (Divine Complement: AMAZON), CASSIOPÉIA (Divine Complement: MINERVA), ÓRION (Divine Complement: ANGELICA), CLAIRE (Divine Complement: ASTREA), VISTA or CYCLOPE (Divine Complement: CRISTAL), TRANQUILITAS (Divine Complement: PACIFIC), ARCTURUS (Divine Complement: DIANA).

Mato Grosso (Cuiabá) = Island of Resistance: This Island, as its name implies, is a support, on Earth, of the Resistance Movement. Its inhabitants are in charge of sending and being the Resistance itself, sustaining the purest Light that will prevent the forces of darkness from having total control of humanity. This Island receives three powerful projectors: Dark Blue, Light Blue and Violet. The reading of these subjects is recommended:– for the english text see COBRAs blog!!:

por favor ligue o vídeo Planeta X – Crônicas de uma Libertação Planetária aqui! O vídeo tem legendas em inglês :):)

Nothing will stop the Advance of Light! Island of Resistance, make sure it does!

Amapá (Macapá) = Island of Love: It is not necessary to make many comments about this island, since the name itself says it all. It is holding 3 (three) powerful projectors: Light Pink, Light Blue and Dark Pink. The inhabitants of this Island are in charge of sustaining the purest energy of Love and radiating it to the other Islands. In charge of and sustained by this energy they will ensure that the necessary processes on some of the other islands are completed, with much love and gentleness. This Island radiates directly to all the other Islands, and from its three (3) projectors sub-projectors come out to each of the other Islands as if they were feeding the other Islands from themselves. Dear inhabitants of this Island, in the same way, from your hearts come out projections for the inhabitants of the other Islands in order to inspire them always to the purest and truest Love, connecting them with the most powerful force in the Universe: LOVE. In the centre of the Island there is a powerful Rose Vortex which swallows all negativity, transforming it into pure love energy. Nothing negative sustains itself for a long time on this Island, being quickly transformed. From now on, dear inhabitants of this Island, you will receive more intense projections from Master Jesus, Master Rowena, Paulo Venesiano, Sanat Kumara and Venus, Mother Mary and the Archangel Samuel. Great mission for you, dear LOVES!

The projectors in the mentioned States are pointed to the Capitals of each one, being that 50% of the force remains in the Capital and 50% is divided in the rest of the State.

The Pleiadians are immensely grateful for the willingness of the channeller (Gabriel RL) to bring the information about the Islands and for having taken on, from the heart, the mission that was entrusted to him, not fearing retaliation from forces that tried to prevent this information from coming to the public. They also say that new information on various other issues will continue to be delivered through the Bulletins as soon as appropriate.

Love and Blessings,

Gabriel RL.

Translation & Revision: Sio Smorgon & Flo


By Neva (Gabriel RL) 15 January 2020
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I have recently received information on New Islands, in addition to my previous information (see: I don´t know how much more the Pleiadians will send me, but at first they follow the three most recent ones:

Águas da Prata (State of São Paulo) = Island of Purification: This is, as the name says, the region of PURIFICATION. The waters of this island have received powerful magnetic energies of recalibration and internal adjustment. The waters renew and crystallize, helping in the decarbonization of biological bodies. The force of purification is latent in this island, and its inhabitants are responsible for sustaining the three (3) powerful silver projectors aimed at it. These projections radiate directly from the heart of the Marian Purification Fleet. It is an island that also triggers karmic finishes, speeding up the processes that need to be accelerated in order to be purified soon. Those who live on the Island and/or visit it feel the intense and powerful magnetic influence of the environment. Normally, those who have lived longer have already fused to their field and feel it in a more softened way due to familiarization, but those who have arrived more recently feel it in a more intense way, until all their forces adjust to those fields.

You, the inhabitants of this island – as has already been said – and even those who visit it have a great magnetic responsibility to sustain these projectors with much Love, lightness and honour, keeping the environment organized, purified and elegant, so as to continue being that point of strength on the planet. Remembering that – a fact which I have never mentioned in the texts of the other islands – indiscipline and/or “disappointment” (to stop supporting a loving one), can cause the projectors to be “dis-appointed” of the environment (Island), which up to now I have not seen happening, Thank God the Father-Mother! But I have seen specific people lose their projectors. So much love, light, affection, kindness and all good. Let the best of your hearts flow, for you have a great responsibility in this country (Brazil) and on the planet as a whole. This island, of course, is magnetically connected to all the water sources of the country and the planet, synchronizing forces in need of purification.

Poços de Caldas (State of Minas Gerais) = Island of Dreams: This is the Island of Dreams, both of night dreams while your bodies rest asleep, as well as of waking dreams such as a person’s ideals, desires and wants. The inhabitants of this Island hold that energy so that the night dreams are more harmonious, calm and inspiring, as well as hold the energy so that the best things come true and a person’s wishes, ideals, dreams of life come true for a greater and higher good. It is the Island that enhances the desires, the wills and the intentions. Be very careful with what you think and wish (smile…), because this Island enhances these thoughts and feelings. So, if you are focusing/dreaming/visualizing too much something that you don’t want because of anger, hurt or something like that, the energies of this Island will be potentiating it. If you live on this Island, know that your dreams will have great potential for fulfillment, whatever they may be… Also be careful if there is any desire for harm to your neighbour, for if that neighbour has high protection, it will come back to you twelve (12) times potentialized. The inhabitants of this island have a gigantic energetic responsibility to keep themselves in harmony, peace, Love and flowing into good thoughts. I would also like to say that if the old negative thoughts go through your heads, do not be frightened or fear for their realisation, because negative thought flows are sometimes normal in the physicality of the Earth. The important thing is simply to let them go, not giving them any attention or focus, because the focus of those who live on this island potentiates them, drastically.

Your night dreams are naturally potentialized and directed by what you have lived, many times, during the day. So, so that you don’t have nightmares potentialized, try to maintain a lot of harmony during the day, as stressful and challenging as it may seem. This Island also has a strong connection with the Deva Kingdom and Purification Island, with secret underground tunnels built by the Aghartians of the Inner Earth and Pleiadians long ago and still in use. These are highly technological and high vibration tunnels. This island supports three (3) projectors, one silver, one gold and one white.

São Tomé das Letras (State of Minas Gerais) = Island of Integration: This Island sustains four (4) beautiful projectors, three (3) of them dark blue and one (1) light blue. These projectors enhance the island with the light of integration, the connection with unity, companionship, union and partnership. It is an Island in which its inhabitants in Brazil sustain the Strength and Responsibility of first anchoring the energies of the One and then distributing them to the other Islands. Great Pleiadian and Sirian energies flow in this island, which also has great connection with the Island of Portals (Rio de Janeiro), in great synchronicity and interconnections.

No more comments about this wonderful island, but it is still important to say that it is also a point of strength of the Aghartians of the Inner Earth, where they have sacred points on the surface (a rare thing for them to do is to maintain some base on the surface environment). In the past, thousands of years ago, this Island was a great hub for landings and departures of the great spaceships of the Pleiadians and Sirians. It was also used as a base for a group of Mayan Fleet beings called the Mardhishys, who were tall, black skinned, with light blue eyes, and were high-level Architects, Engineers, Astronomers and Diplomats. These beings left many magnetic messages in this place, and that many can feel them in all the environment of the Island. They were the ones who shaped many mountainous and stony spots on this island to make it easier to see the environment as they came closer.

Many native inhabitants of this Island are in a way descended from the Mardhishys, as they, despite being Space Beings, have had physical relationships with many Terrans in the region in the past, merging their DNAs. It is also possible that natives from there may be incarnations of this group.

Much responsibility, Love and unity for the inhabitants of this Island and for all who visit it, because when you enter there, you will feel more integrated, more unified, higher and in a feeling of deep brotherhood and companionship, because it is the greatest force that radiates from this Island.

Until the next islands! For the moment, that’s what I have of information brought by the Pleiadians!

For the Truth, nothing but the Truth,

In Love and Blessings,

Neva (Gabriel RL)

Translation & Revision: Sio Smorgon & Flo

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