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The Universes

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The Material Universe Nebadon (The Chameleon)

By Neva (Gabriel RL) 28 May 2019
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Our material Universe Nebadon is a universe that is within a cluster of three material universes. The Nebadon Universe is the Primary within this material Cluster, and from it, two other material Universes have also developed. (To understand a little about how Clusters work go to: – for the english text, see below!!!

This material Universe of ours, as its name already says, is a Universe made so that mainly experiences of duality would occur, as well as so that the essence could touch itself from the materiality. It is a “solid” universe of energies much more condensed than other universes, such as the Crystalline and the Magnetic. This does not necessarily mean that it has to be negative, but only has a greater condensation of the energies and particular characteristics offered.

This Universe is, among all, what makes possible one of the greatest ranges of experiences and possibilities of self-expansion in an accelerated manner, because the variety of possible possibilities/experiences is incalculable, allowing beings to accumulate experiences and together with them an expansion of consciousness and light like no other. It is one of the greatest “faculties” of high learning of all Creation. All things in this Universe are greatly enhanced. If a being has her/his attention in the Light, it will be increased, if she/he has it in the shadows, in the same way, allowing an access to extremes and in those extremes extracting the maximum from experiences and sensations, which inevitably raises the being to a deep state of expansion, knowledge and wisdom, leading her/him also more rapidly to an even deeper reconnection with the PRIMARY ENERGY (SOURCE WHERE EVERYTHING IS ORIGINATING).

Moreover, this is the universe that concentrates energies from all the others, in its most varied forms and vibrations. Just as it is the “Mother of all” Universe, because here the beings from the other universes already mentioned by me in other channellings (See more about the other universes: when they wish to have deeper and elevating experiences, they move to this cluster of material universes, remaining, most of the time, in the Primary, Nebadon, the one in which we operate in this consciousness, at this moment. This is also the Universe where there is the largest inter-universe portal of the entire Cosmos and it is through it that all these consciousnesses enter. This Universe is also, among all those that I have managed to channel, with a high capacity for regeneration in all levels. This Universe has suffered with the energies of galactic battles for billions of years and it has managed to regenerate itself energetically quickly, taking advantage of the energies of the other Universes and using them where they were needed, because, as I said, our material Universe is one that also receives/absorbs energies from all the other Universes in itself, managing to make “mini replicas” of the others within itself, that is, when there is a need for Nebadon to “transform” itself into Crystalline, it does so quickly, quickly becoming a copy of the Crystalline Universe. When the Magnetic, too, and so on, according to need. This is a particularity of the material Nebadon Universe.

Our Universe is also known elsewhere as “The Chameleon Universe” because, as already said, it has a high capacity to change, sustain, adjust, remake, replicate, etc., all kinds of specific or non-specific vibrations. It is, one can also say, the Universe Heart, since its particular vibration is like a heart beating, and while it beats, it pumps into itself the energies of the other Universes, and when it pumps again, it sends the energies from itself to those other Universes. Our Universe is the oldest of the material cluster of universes and has gained this ability over time. Our Universe is, in its material cluster, the heart of them, as well as the heart of the deepest experiences of the other universes in their close clusters. Our Universe is a first of the superimposed order in the cluster of three material universes. And honourably the first Universe to have the high capacity to handle all known and unknown energies in all of Creation.

This Universe is an expert in forms, whatever they may be, and sends signals to all other universes about it. How to create, maintain and harmonize forms, from the most beautiful to the most “ugly”. It is the universe with the high capacity to develop from itself forms calculated according to vibrant energy. In other words, it can accurately form the solid/physical/visible appearance materially speaking of a given energy. It can translate exactly the appearance of energy into all its tiny vibratory particularities and this is something that attracts races from other universes, because many of these other beings want to learn more about it, about this precise and ingenious technique/mathematics. Our universe is continuously sending the signals to all of these other universes for this deep learning, and of course the “inhabitants” of these other universes and clusters want to get to know “their teacher” very closely, so they moving here en masse for deeper learning. Our universe is also known as The Mathematical Universe, and although this very Mathematical Universe already exists, being, as its name already says, precise and profound mathematics (dispensing with more information about), our universe has absorbed, expanded, and reverberated that mathematical intelligence to all others, even more precise and powerful than the Mathematical Universe itself. It is, as the saying goes, “The student who has surpassed the master”, because our material Universe has perfected itself even more than the mathematician himself, also receiving the title of, besides material Universe, Mathematical Universe. Besides other titles like Nebadon, Chameleon, Experiment (we are also known as Universe Experiment) and others. Do you understand why the name “Chameleon”? It suits you very well. Our Universe reinvents itself, learns, learns again, expands and reverberates brilliantly! It is one of the most attractive Universes for all known Creation.

Our dear brother who on Earth was known as Jesus, is one of the harmonious leaders of this material Universe, together with the legions of light of the Archangel Michael and all the councils of the Elder Masters, active in the 32nd dimension and beyond. The energy of Jesus acts as a central sun in this Universe and reverberates from there to all other systems. We also receive the mission to reverberate our light in the galaxies and all systems where we go, and this is a great gift of the Great Energy to all. We are also representatives of this harmony in physicality, that is why we are so called to be in harmony and balance, because a minimal reverberation of ours has a great impact on our Universe, and not only on it, but on all others since we emit powerful special waves to all of them, and as they learn a lot from us here, so let us take care of what we teach (smile). We are these very masters who have chosen to enter the deepest of materiality into a great experience, absorption and reverberation of the tangle of special knowledge and energies that is only found here, in this Universe, and expand our light from here and from all these experiences.

And you, dear master who is reading this channelling, are in it! How fantastic! Congratulations on your choice of experiences! I would like to bring more information about our Universe, but it is as far as my vision could see. I couldn’t go further, but I am sure that somehow we can already get a glimpse of the greatness of our Nebadon Universe. I also channelled a symbol that represents this material universe of ours, and a mantra/phrase that represents its vibration, which is recognized by other universes:


The Geometric Symbol representing the material universe is the one that illustrates this publication at the top.

My deep gratitude for the opportunity to convey these truths.

For the Truth, nothing but the Truth,

In Love and Blessings,

Gabriel RL

Translation & Revision: Sio Smorgon

The Crystal Universe

By Neva (Gabriel RL) 16 April 2018
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The Crystalline Universe is a Universe, as the name already says, Crystalline, formed completely of Crystalline energies. There is no form of condensation (materialization) of the energies present there. They act from the 12th dimension onwards towards the highest. All beings there have no humanoid / physical / and/or form of any kind, they are just lights of pure Crystalline energy vibrating in a luminous light blue tone. The frequency of this Universe is so high that anything vibrating below this specific dimension is dissolved immediately. The First Crystalline Universe is within a Cluster composed of eight Universes, also Crystalline, created from this primary Crystalline, quoted here. All of them acting with the same functions: irradiating the Crystalline energy to the other Clusters of interconnected Universes, besides guaranteeing that, mainly the Material Universes / Duality, have enough balance not to become purely material, because then there would be a great imbalance. They maintain percentages of Crystalline cells in the bodies of the beings residing in Universes of Forms so that the balance between dense matter and subtle matter is maintained while they live their experiences in dual realms, and within this same process, when the time for ascensions of these realms arrives, they have the function of accelerating the Crystallization of all the cells of those present there, making them purely crystalline and capable of going to Universes with this same energetic characteristic.

All the other Universes and Clusters, as said, receive direct emanations from the Crystalline Universe. It is as if all the others received a crystalline magnetic grid and through it, discharges of energy guarantee that that Universe has the ideal Crystalline percentage and purity of the Source for its functioning, even the most densified and/or deep dark Universes, there is also Crystalline energy in them.

Another point is that the Crystalline Universe acts in waves, it is like an ocean of crystalline, purifying and elevating energies of Consciousness. Thus, the Crystalline Universe is one that makes, through the interconnection between the Universes of its Cluster and the other Clusters of the 144 Universal Clusters, an immense Crystalline grid to support this Force in all these Universes, and of course, the Earth that is not left out of it. As this Crystalline grid reverberates, it consciously connects the Earth and all its inhabitants to the other Universes and Clusters as an immense interconnected web/net.

“The Crystalline Grid is the energetic mesh that surrounds our planet. It reflects and amplifies our rising levels of consciousness. It is a crystalline matrix of “light” that was anchored in 1992, five years after the Harmonic Convergence. Although established and in operation, its full activation requires 12 phases, reaching the total resonant vibration rate on 12-12-12… December 12, 2012. Each of the triple dates (01-01-01 to 12-12-12), which occur exclusively in these 12 years, carries numeric light codes that open and activate each of the 12 main pentagonal faces of this fantastic model. Visualize the grid as a geodesic sphere, of pentagons and triangles, shimmering like a diamond faceted and shiny.

It’s a new shape-crystal-grid, the double pentadodecahedron which is called the Earth Star Merkaba. The double pentadodecahedron has 144 faces, the number of the rise of Christ Consciousness. The double pentadodecahedron is starred, that is, each of the 12 main faces rises in the centre to form 5-sided pyramids. Therefore, there are 12 pentagonal pyramids. Each face is counted both at the base and at the raised portion in a pyramidal shape. So if we consider that each pentagonal surface contains 5 isosceles triangles and one pentagon, we have 72 faces. In addition, each of the 12 aspects has 5 triangles and a 5-sided pyramid. So we combine the surface and the starry parts to reach the Master Frequency Number of 144 (twelve squared), that is, 144. Hence the nomenclature 144 of the Crystalline Grid. The Ascension Grid or Crystalline Grid 144 is anchored on Earth with two axial points. It is an emergent system, which in fact was always present, but not accessible until the Harmonic Convergence of 1987″. (Excerpts from channelled messages from the Archangel Metatron by James Tyberonn and articles by James himself)

All beings are Crystalline, for the Supreme Source is Crystalline, but when they choose more dense experiences, they go out of that more sublimated state – to which they will naturally return one day, through the natural elliptical law of returning home after a journey of experiences. Crystalline Energy is all that exists in its different facets.

Crystalline Energy is an omnipotent source of power, which has implications far beyond the current understanding of humanity. The Crystalline structure is formed by an essence of frequent Light resonance that is multidimensional and coherent, existing in matter and antimatter. It is the divine Metatronic pattern that gives origin to all manifestations of Creation, and forms the very matrix composition of all planes of existence. It is the enzyme of the transduction of reality and the source of the vitality of Divine Thought that forms the Cosmos itself.

“The consciousness and purpose of the Crystalline Realm is to convey the divine will and power of the Creator; this manifests with the qualities of enlarging, cleansing, purifying, activating, healing, clear vision and focus, alignment with the Creator, and generally supports all aspects of ascension on Earth.

Crystalline Consciousness awakens the divine will in your being, therefore opening your being to receive divine guidance from the Creator, encouraging you to receive the full support of the Creator in all areas of your life and experience the divine flow, where everything develops beautifully.

The Crystalline Kingdom harnesses the power of the Creator and grants it to all who are connected to its essence. It sustains the purity and bliss of the Creator, the innocence that is at the core of the Creator and reminds those who connect with Him/Her that the same thing exists within their being.

In many ways, the Crystalline Kingdom is similar to the Angelic Kingdom or the Kingdom of Unicorn. They are expressions of the Creator and beings in service”. (Excerpt from Master El Morya’s message, through Natalie Glasson)

Our past is deeply rooted on Earth and our future depends on our ability to recreate a relationship with our sentient planet. All the high thoughts we have need to rise to crystal clear form so that they can manifest. Coherent light is crystalline energy, the vitality from which all the nature of all worlds and realities is formed. Crystalline structure forms the apparent boundaries and divisions between dimensions, planes and the flash of consciousness of matter/antimatter, in parallel reality and probabilities. All that we call Divine, all that we think is sacred, is Crystalline.

“The “graduation” of our planet, which we call Ascension, is actually the critical mass that will allow the conversion of the model of the receptive capacity of the Earth from “analogue to digital”, from black and white to colour. The Crystalline Conversion, through the 144 Crystalline Grid antenna, is about to greatly increase the Earth’s dimensional reception, from the 3rd Dimension to the 12th and beyond. That is, metaphorically speaking, the shift of our television from reception through the archaic antenna, to reception via satellite. It is the Crystalline Age. The apical point of support is the 9-9-9 Cosmic Impulse. At this time of Ascension, in this New Crystalline Age, the mega-powered crystals will not be taken from us and used inappropriately as occurred at the sad end of Atlantis. In fact, they will never again be used for any purpose other than the highest good. So let’s talk about the Master Crystals of Atlantis, which are awakening now, at the dawn of the Planetary Ascension.


During the time of Atlantis, many large and powerful crystals were placed on Earth, not only in the land of Atlantis, but also in other areas of the Earth. These were known as the Crystals of Wisdom of Atlantis. Atlantis itself anchored these twelve crystals from the inner planes, transforming them into great semi-physical crystals, keeping the energy vibrations tremendously high. These crystals were very large and could only be moved with the power of the mind. Each crystal has its own unique colour and shape of sacred geometry. They are the Pure Heavenly Beings who are designed to assist in the manifestation and anchoring of these twelve crystals of Light. These beings and the Atlanteans who anchored the crystals, understand that the crystals would have meaning and purpose in future civilizations, becoming of great importance when a greater number of souls of the Cosmic/Creator Plenum lived on Earth”. (Excerpts from messages channelled from the Archangel Metatron by James Tyberonn and articles by James himself)

Souls that are sustained by the powerful Crystalline energy coming directly from the Crystalline Universe. Other infinite crystals are on Earth today, and each of them are also anchors of this Crystalline energy. Having Crystals at home and asking the Crystalline Universe directly to feed them with Crystalline energy will greatly assist in harmonizing environments through these energies.

The Crystalline Universe also acts by inspiring many movements in the earth plane such as the creation of Mantras like this:, to help the crystallization of cells and considerable increase in vibration in the fields surrounding the being in order to accelerate their direct and conscious connections with the Crystalline Universe and beings of this grid.

A multitude of beings from the Crystalline Universe have been incarnating en masse on the earth plane since 1984, and in the years 2000 to the present time has dramatically increased the amount of these beings descending from the high crystalline spheres to act on the new generations of the earth plane. Many Crystalline Masters are incarnating at the moment, (2018) between 2 and 3 years, already anchoring the energies that will reverberate in the coming years and decades. One of these great Masters who projected a ray of his consciousness for incarnation is that one called Enoch ( Other beings who are very active in the astral zones and already sending some of their members for incarnations on the earth plane are those called Adhamantines:

There is much more about the Crystalline Universe that could be said, but it is as much as I can convey and reverberate, believing that it is enough to have an idea of this Power that we have in our hands, thanks to the grandiose support of these purely Crystalline beings that constantly support us, inspiring us with purity and lightness, innate characteristics of those reverberated by these currents.

Dear beings who come and reverberate from this Crystalline Universe, now you know the importance of their existence and Power. You are the expression of Purity, Harmony, Subtlety and Lightness in all Universes and at this moment the Earth in particular thanks you for your emanations and Crystalline presence at this moment.

A Geometric Symbol representing The Crystalline Universe was channelled by me, Gabriel RL, is what illustrates this publication. It is a symbol that by looking at it for a long time will also help in the acceleration of the crystallization process of your cells.


This is as far as Jesus allows me to see and transmit.

Gabriel RL

Translation & Revision: Sio Smorgon

The Geometric Universe

By Neva (Gabriel RL) 15 March 2018
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The Geometric Universe is a pulsating and reverberant vibration universe in magnetic webs of precise order and mathematics. The vibrations emanating from this Universe depart towards the local Universe of Nebadon (Universe where planet Earth is) and others. This intense energy has as its primary function, to imprint in the minds of beings, the consciousness that everything is interconnected through precise geometric mathematics, which flows like a great magnetic web. This Universe guarantees, with precision, the geometric harmony in the interconnected systems. It is a Cluster of 17 Systems (Universes) that work from the Geometric Pulses of the Geometric Universe that can also be called UGeo.

The Elders of the Geometric Universe said that “UGeo” is a Geometric Code of Frequency Adjustment, that every time it is verbalized, an energetic pulse adjusts its vibrational field, organizing in perfect mathematics, its physical and spiritual particles. Each time you verbalize this code, a pulse is emitted and once the verbalization is maintained, a pulse is generated and you will begin a process of returning to the original frequency. When you verbalize, you may feel chills, a sensation of steaming in your chest and a sensation of increased blood flow in your body. And of course, you may feel like a “big heartbeat“. Don’t worry, it’s your fields responding to the adjustment PULSE. (A Sacred Geometric Symbol has been channelled that represents this energy. This is the one from the top, which illustrates this publication).

The Geometric Universe and all that exists in it is, as the name already says, Geometric, precisely aligned on a specific frequency, like a heart pulse, and at each pulse, a wave of energy is emitted to other Universes connected and “dependent” on those pulses so that the geometric precisions in their systems remain adjusted. The quantum geometric shapes of this Universe are specific universal keys to locking and unlocking. For example: when an interconnected local Universe is undergoing frequency adjustments, the Geometric Universe sends key codes to help with these adjustments. Due to these intense frequency adjustments, there may be side effects on the inhabitants of the Universe in the process of adjustment, such as the sensations of being beating like an immense heart. Universes work like a great machine that continuously needs maintenance in order to be always in perfect order. The Geometric Universe is the maintaining agent and, in case a piece “breaks” in the Universes of your Cluster, it tries to change it.

UGeo creates special geometrics for system corrections and updates. They are like special keys that allow perfect flow of that system. When there are anomalies that block the expansion of higher frequencies, preventing the natural expansion of the Universe, these keys “undo” the anomaly, putting the Universe back into its natural flow of contraction and expansion. (This process takes centuries, in the linear time count, but fractions of seconds in cosmic time). When there are disharmonious gaps in certain Universes, which can cause a disharmony in Precise Geometry, keys are also sent to block these gaps. See that there is a difference between an anomaly (which is a counter-clockwise force that tries to prevent the expansion of the Universes) and the disharmonic cracks, which are “tears” in the quantum layers caused by galactic wars and the actions of malicious beings. UGeo acts to ensure that everything is working well, with all the parts and gears of its great Cluster in its proper place.

Currently, there are many beings on Earth that belong to the Geometric Universe, they are incarnated for their soul missions and in them, to be the PULSES of UGeo on the earth’s surface. Enoch ( is one of these beings of UGeo. He is one of the rays of expression of the Archangel Metatron. Some Avatars of the PVSE are of primary origin of this Geometric Universe, such as: Cranu-Idini, Aquarius, Thiuy-La, The Wizard of the Three Suns. ( Buckminster Fuller, Oscar Niemeyer, Nassim Haramein, Drunvalo Melchizedeck, Ahmes, Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, Pythagoras, Euclid, all these are beings of primary origin in UGeo. Many Architects and Engineers from all areas came from this Geometric Universe. As well as many lovers of mathematics and logic. They are/were anchors of the Geometric Universe on the earth’s surface. They are like the “maintainers” of the specific earth gear. Of course, to be of this Universe, the being does not necessarily have to be in tune with the mentioned areas of performance. These are just examples, since many beings from UGeo act in these areas, however, this is not a rule. Just feel it in your hearts. Do not forget that there are several other Universes, among them, the *Magnetic, where Kryon came from, the **Vitrol-X, where KANI is from, The Crystalline, The Sonar (I intend to write about it soon), the Universe of Time and many others.

Another point I can mention is that many beings from this Universe tend to be extremely organized, detailed and precise in their thoughts and actions. They can quickly perceive “failures” in the areas where they act and/or a “grain of dust where many other eyes only see cleanliness”. Obviously these are not indispensable requirements to identify a being of this Universe.

Recently when I started to channel the Healing and Personal Quantum Symbols ( and I was informed that I was receiving these Symbols from the Guardian Elders of Sacred Geometry, from the 13th dimension. These beings are expressions in this local universe (Nebadon) and direct representatives of the UGeo Universe. One of these Elders is the Archangel Metatron, who is also one of the primary regents of UGeo.

May the sacred PULSE of this Universe awaken in the Terrans the consciousness of Unity and Equilibrium. Making them more conscious and connected to each other as well as to all Universes, not only this place, but to the great Cluster of 17, extended to 17, 17 and to infinity…

Dear Being of UGeo, now you know what you came to do. Now you know who you are. You’re a Pulse, a Balance Pulse.


This is as far as Jesus allows me to see and transmit.


* Here you can see more about the Magnetic Universe and Magnetic Island:

A Geometric Symbol of the Magnetic Universe was also channelled:

** About the Vitrol-X: – „Message of the Kani…,“- for the english text see below!!!

Gabriel RL

Translation & Revision: Sio Smorgon

The Rhythmic Universe (Cadhent1)

By Neva (Gabriel RL) 26 November 2019
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The Rhythmic Universe is one of the Universes that is within a Cluster of 18 other Rhythmic Universes. The CadhenT1 Rhythmic Universe is the first Universe that composes this Cluster, being its manager. This Universe/Cluster is in deep harmony with the Universe of Time. (See more about Multiverser/Clusters Intricate: – for the english Text see below!). The Rhythmic Universe, as the name itself says, is a Universe that is responsible for harmony, in general, both within its Cluster and is the harmonious ruler of the other Clusters, dictating a harmonious, compassed, perfect synchronized rhythm. It is the force that governs with perfection and in harmony with the Universe of Time. Imagine a song being sung/played… It has lyrics, an interpreter, musical instruments, melody, the harmony between them all and of course, the harmony of those who will listen to it. All this is a rhythmic pattern, it is a rhythmic harmony and this Universe is responsible for, metaphorically speaking, harmonizing the interconnected Universes in this perfect harmony, ensuring development/creation/expansion and that all the “drops are placed in their position in a harmonic and perfect way, without “trampling” and “anxiety”. It is the Universe responsible for development as a whole in the Cosmos.

You have the Universe of Time that coordinates the “time of things happening”, you have the Material Universe that shapes the thoughts and possibilities great experiences, you have the Geometric Universe that shapes the forms with synchronized and harmonized sacred codes, transforming the form coming from the creative thought into precise mathematical geometrics, bringing the energy of precise mathematical interconnection. – that everything is interconnected in the quantum tangle (See about:, you have Crystalline Universe that maintains the purity of the Source, always guaranteeing the balance between matter and spirit. You have the Magnetic Universe, which regulates and guarantees the magnetic harmony, regulating magnetic belts of galaxies and other systems, also guaranteeing the regulation of the so-called “black holes” and interstellar portals, guaranteeing exact portions of precise magnetism, emitting this balance to the other Universes/Clusters. There is the Sonar Universe that emits the sound of life and vibration, like a heartbeat. You have the Uzon Universe (the Shadow Universe), considering the Balance and you have the Rhythmic Universe, which guarantees the harmony between all of these, dictating the rhythm composed in this melody/cosmic song.

The Rhythmic Universe is the EXECUTED ORGANIZATION. It is the Intelligence of the Source highly expressed and reverberated in the Cosmos. It is the perfect synchronization between all the other cited Clusters, their known and unknown Universes and their precise developments, when the thought manifests in THE RIGHT TIME, gives the form in MATERIAL, harmonizing itself in the pure CRYSTALINE AND MAGNETIC harmony, in VIBRATION AND THE SOUND OF LIFE, expressing itself in GEOMETRY SACRED, in the EQUILIBRIUM NECESSARY for the CADENCY AND PERFECT RYTHM OF HARMONY. The Rhythmic Universe/Cluster is a great Coordinator/Manager of all Universes/Clusters.

Beloved ones, this is how far my vision has come. I hope that I have been able to bring in the best possible way to our understanding of all this greatness.

A sacred geometric symbol has also been channelled by me that represents this Rhythmic Universe/Cluster and that by attuning yourself to it, you will also be in this great harmonic rhythm more precise in your life on Earth. This is what illustrates this publication at the top.

(For other sacred geometrics channelled by me, see the free healing geometric symbols website: and on the personal symbols of your particular energies: – for the english content see our english material)

Gratitude to the Supreme Source (that we are ourselves) for the opportunity to experience and experience ourselves.

For Truth, nothing but Truth,

In Love and Blessings,

Neva (Gabriel RL)

Translation & Revision: Sio Smorgon

The Sonar Universe

By Neva (Gabriel RL) 21 April 2018
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The Sonar Universe is the seventh superimposed universe of a Cluster of seven Universes. The fabrics and fibres that form this universe are sound and vibration. Thus they emit to the other Universes the “SOUND OF LIFE” sustaining the WORDS OF LIFE in the other Universes, in a Cluster of seven others. The Sounds emitted from the Sonar Universe towards the other Universes are harmonizing, balancing and sustaining sounds of Life, specifically at the physical-biological plane. The four main sounds emitted from the Sonar Universe are: OM (OOOOOMMMM…), ZIM (ZIMMMMMM…), Á (ÁÁÁÁÁÁÁ…). UOM (UOMUOMU…). These sounds also harmonize the chakras of beings, placing them to rotate in perfect order and synchrony, making them fully functional. By emitting these sounds, as mentioned above, the being will feel a tremendous vibration going through her/his whole body, because she/he will be immediately in tune with the Sonar Universe.

The sounds that are heard in this Local Nebadon Universe are reverberations of the Sonar Universe. All the other Universes in this Cluster of Superimposed Universes relay “inside” the primary vibrations and sounds originally coming from UUUUUSSSSS. (Sonar Universe – Verbalize UUUUSSSSS – also causes positive effects in the fields of the Beings, helping to unblock blocked fields and release stuck emotions). The probe Voyager ( recorded these Sounds in outer space, proving to those who hear them that they are very powerful vibrations/sounds. In particular, I, Gabriel RL, advise you to sleep listening to these Sounds, as it helps in the balance of the Chakras as well as to have a deep night’s sleep. Not to mention that by being “pulled” to be within this vibration, you end up becoming part of the sound like a note and without you that sound/vibration would not be perfect. Below are some examples:

The cures that happen through sound treatments are very powerful. Listening to sounds at the ideal frequencies guarantees not only well-being but also an increase in the vibration of your fields, which ultimately helps in many health treatments and can lead to incredible cures in all senses, both physical and mental. (If you are doing some other type of treatment for some physical or mental matter, you can keep it parallel to the treatment through sounds).

Here is an excerpt from a message from the Archangel Metatron:


“Please note… your current society uses chemicals for most treatments of physical and mental imbalance. We assure you that earlier civilizations, from the duality phases of Atlantis, Rama and MU, used sound in these cases. Natural sounds bring a state of well-being – most of you recognize this. People feel more peaceful, calm and relaxed when they are by the sea, listening to the rhythm of the waves; and they sleep more deeply when they hear the rain falling, for example.

Healing by ‘nature’, by natural sound, occurs when you take the time to walk through a forest, perceiving the sound of the wind through the trees, listening to the melodious singing of the birds, the reassuring chirping of frogs and crickets. Humanity really does not need drugs to achieve balance. In such acoustic environments, the mind will free itself and naturally enable the deep therapy of the soul. In such a natural process, the mind will not redirect thoughts of anxiety, but will trigger an individualized flow of appropriate thoughts and images, which will offer a solution and personalized therapy for the situation of each individual, for the healing of each person.

We understand that in ‘modern’ culture and times, walking through natural settings does not fit easily into everyday activities. If this applies to you, know that music like ‘Ode to Joy’ can offer the same important benefits achieved through nature walks, as well as other benefits of different species, found only in this extraordinary symphonic composition.

When you feel bored, anxious or depressed, classical music and nature are much more beneficial than any ‘artificial’ chemical treatment. These sounds alone will allow you to face the source of the negative feelings and beliefs that led you to the imbalance of anxiety or depression. The approaches currently most accepted by your medicine and psychology generally avoid this process, avoiding confrontation with the source. These therapies offer a temporary solution, changing the vibratory pattern through the ingestion of chemical elements, not allowing the real solution to face the issue and work mentally on the problem.

Certain sounds specific to music and nature allow the listener to rise to a mental state that enables him/her to reflect deeply on his/her own issues, to travel completely through them, and to reach personal solutions… and thus achieve a more lasting resolution and a more sustainable balance. Unfortunately, nowadays, most human beings are programmed to believe in therapy via medication, in which the ‘problems’ are chemically and temporarily ‘erased’, denying the individual the natural solutions of the mental process of confrontation available in the acoustics of sound and nature.

We strongly recommend you to find the cure that is at your disposal in sound!” (Full message:

(I channelled the Crystallization Mantra a while ago, which powerfully helps to increase vibrations! I am very grateful for the energetic support of the Sonar Universe:

The Sonar Universe is one that inspires musicians, in every sense, giving them the ability to make precise mathematical calculations of the energy that is emitted from this Universe to the Local Universe of Nebadon (where the Earth is), and install on this Planet a mathematically calculated harmonic sound, so that it activates the specific vibration desired. Necessarily, not all musicians came from the Sonar Universe, but all of them are directly assisted by the Sonar Universe and perform their musical arts as perfectly as any other who came directly from this Universe of sound and vibration. Some beings besides Vivus (see about Vivus: – who are of primary origin in the Sonar Universe – are those who were/are known as Vivaldi, Beethoven, Mozart, Maurice Ravel, André Rieu, Beyonce, Carmen Miranda, Susan Boyle, Freddie Mercury, Enya, Johann Sebastian Bach and many others. The list is endless and here are just a few examples.

Another interesting point is that the Sonar Universe also acts as a Cosmic Expander. As it is known, the Universe, be it this place of Nebadon, Sonar, Magnetic, Geometric, Vitrol-X or any other, expands constantly and eternally, in a movement to contract and expand and, in expanding, always gets bigger than its last form. Thus, the Sonar Universe is responsible for the sound/vibration UM/UOM (UM-UOM-UM-UOM…), which makes the expansion occur both in itself and in the Universes of its Cluster.

Another information about the Sonar Universe is that the Harps, as we know them on Earth, are a Creation of the Sonar Universe, reverberated in this Local Universe. To hear the sound of a Harp is like sitting in the middle of the Sonar Universe listening to its main melody, starting from the centre of your heart. And speaking of Heart, all that is known as rhythmic pulsation in this Local Universe is a reverberation of the Sonar Universe, like the beat/pulse of a heart and the contracting and expanding of a lung, for example.

Another point I can quote is that many beings from this Universe tend to be extremely pacifist, detailed, calm and smiling. They are able to observe and take situations with great subtlety, not easily falling down with the vicissitudes. They are extremely observant, nature lovers and, in the majority, they are usually caught “looking for nothing” as if they were looking for something. And, of course, any “beat” with a wooden stalk can already become a wonderful orchestra. Obviously, these are not indispensable requirements to identify a being from this universe.

Dear reverberating beings of this Sonar energy, may you be even more in tune with your Sonar heritage from this moment on. May the sound of your hearts beating in the greater attunement of this Force enable you to find the orchestrated harmony of the Sonar Universe, and thus be the Sound of Life echoing in this Local Universe, as the most perfect representatives of the Sonar Universe.


This is as far as Jesus allows me to see and transmit.

Gabriel RL

Translation & Revision: Sio Smorgon

The Universe of Time (Temporal Universe: Atentiteters)

By Neva (Gabriel RL) 29 May 2019
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The Universe of Time, as the name itself says, is the universe that coordinates “the time of things”, but not as humans understand it, it is much deeper and not so linear, but for a more human understanding a more linear explanation is necessary. It is a universe of pulsating vibration, and every second it pulses like a heart. It is also the universe of breathing, because its vibration also looks like a lung breathing at the same time as it pulses like a heart. This universe contains the energies that are sent to all the others, and these energies coordinate the time of things happening. This one knows exactly the exact “time” for certain manifestations, because it is also intimately connected with all consciousnesses and in perfect synchrony, giving the “start” in everything that, in a general way, needs to experience.

It is the universe that also makes the precise calculations and allows the execution of things on top of these calculations, so that it leaves in precise time. It is the universe that knows exactly the exact moment in which certain elevations, events, and certain situations must occur, all within the most perfect harmony and order. These signals are sent to all other universes in perfect harmony and synchronicity. It is also the universe of synchronicities, that which generates the energy for everything to develop exactly as it needs to develop, as well as in its ideal time. A pulse/breath is sent in the form of energy to all the other universes so that they “read and decode” this pulse into their own interiors and, for example, in the case of the material universe itself, to know exactly how long a star will become active and/or be extinguished from materiality with an explosion. The time when the galactic sun of a galaxy will send a pulse to a certain elevation of consciousness, etc.

The universe of time is, of course, also that which coordinates the time that a planet, solar system, galaxies and clusters of galaxies will revolve around a centre, knowing exactly that time is the necessary and precise time for precise experiences and elevations. The universe of time is also the universe of the mind of the great wise elders who act beyond the 32nd dimension, for they “wisely” pull and release” the rope of certain events. It is the universe that coordinates the seasons, well humanly speaking, knowing exactly the moment that a leaf will fall from a tree, or a flower will blossom, that a fruit will be ripe and/or rot. It is the universe that, in harmony with the human Higher Self, coordinates the exact time for its experiences, the time that the being will “endure” certain challenges. The universe that says “It is time to go” or “It is time to come”. The universe of time is the precise energy of calculation and perfect synchronicities for the IDEAL FOR EVERYTHING. It is the harmonic energy fused with all the other universes, rhythmically coordinating all the linear and non-linear events of every intricate system of multiverses.

The universe of time is also the one who exactly “KNOWS THE TIME” that a new universe needs to be born, a new star, planet, soul… knows precisely why that needs to happen and at that exact moment. The universe of time is also the very mind of the Primordial Creative Source. It is the Creator Word `PERFECT` in the Exact Time. It is the universe of MOMENTUM. The universe that itself is one is a MOMENTUM OF IDEAL/PRECISION/PREVISION.

There are, as far as I could see with my clairvoyance, six universes of time, in a closed cluster, superimposed on each other and also in superposition to other clusters. It is not surprising that very ancient sages of the Earth had knowledge of this universe, and called it “ATENTITETERS”, which in their language means “THE WISDOM AND PERFECT ENERGY”.

ATENTITETERS, the universe of central time, is what coordinates the others of their cluster, which in turn coordinates the temporal movements of all the other clusters. ATENTITETERS is the oldest universe within this cluster. (To understand a little more about the clusters of universes go to the link: – for the english text see below!!! and to see more specifically about other universes already channelled by me, go to the link:

The universe of time, being all that it is, relaying precise signals to all of its cluster and universes, as well as all of its native beings who have gone to other universes (there are many in our material universe Nebadon, who have begun to have various experiences here on Earth for example. They are beings with very technical personalities, who “love to respect time” (laugh)… of course, not everyone who has this characteristic of respecting time and the right moments, means that they came from the universe of time, but they receive some projection from the enlightened beings of that universe and/or are on some projection/radiation of the universe of time, quite possible. Beings from the universe of time or over this projection love the phrase: “EVERYONE HAS THE RIGHT TIME”, laugh…) they represent a great power of order, precision, synchronicity and precise moments. These beings are also called “Guardians of Time”. The Guardians of Time and the Universe of Time itself also have one of their functions to unify the ages in a single loving line, to unite the generations and to help in the illumination of the time lines. The Time Keeper is the one who holds the magic of time, who can mentalize and bring any energy of aeons into the present and enlighten what still needs Light. He/she is not superior or inferior; he/she is only one of the representatives of the magic of the unification of time lines. He/she can, if he/she wants, and is harmonized, access the Akasha and illuminate old energies. There must be much humility and love for this.

The Universe of Time is the universe that has the AKASHA KEY OF THE END OF THE COSMIC ERAS. It is the universe that has all the time portals under its control. Access to all existing time lines through cosmic eras. It is the universe that coordinates all this in a rhythmic, loving, precise, synchronous way and in a constant momentum of discipline and precise time for each thing.

The Geometric Symbol that represents the temporal universe is the one that illustrates this publication at the top. This symbol is visualized, verbalizing the command:

“ATENTITETERS PRECIS NOW” (which means “THAT EVERYTHING HAPPENS AT YOUR MOMENT”), will unleash a very powerful wave of energy that will calm the anxiety about any situation, leaving you relaxed and confident.The more done, the more this wave of relaxation and non-anxiety will be upon you, because why be anxious about something if EVERYTHING HAS ITS RIGHT TIME….

Beloved, this is the most I have been able to bring over this Universe, through my linear mind. I feel and see much more things, but my linear mind cannot linearize so much. I hope this little can give a glimpse of the energetic importance of this universe as a whole. I am grateful to the Primordial Source for being able to convey this to you and bring, whenever possible, a little more about the Cosmos and its wonders. To the Guardians of Time, to the Masters of this Universe present in this Material Universe, the very energy of Time, linear or not, especially to the Andromedan and Arcturian Masters who know very well this energy of Time, my respects with love and tenderness. Gratitude for also being representatives of this powerful energy, one more ray of the Primordial Source. For being able to bring these truths, gratitude!

For the Truth, nothing but the Truth,

In Love and Blessings,

Gabriel RL

Translation & Revision: Sio Smorgon

The Uzon Universe (Shadow Universe)

By Neva (Gabriel RL) 26 June 2019
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It is a completely inverted Magnetic Universe, rotating contrary to the primary force. It is a universe of a cluster of nine shadow universes. Uzon is the first and oldest within this cluster, being the sustainer and “reverberator“ for the others. This universe could be called the Universe of evil, but since we know that evil does not exist, it is just a universe/cluster with complete absence of Light. It is a universe that rotates in counter-clockwise force completely, and its attracting force tries to pull the other universes into it, especially into its cluster. The other universes rotate on time, thus forming a “pull pull” on either side, and harmoniously this becomes a cosmic breath between multiverses. Ingenious, technically perfect and within the divine order.

The beings of this Universe act in the same energy and are completely, one can say, “disconnected” from the Original Source. Their continuous search for this re-encounter/reconnection has extended to the other Universes. The Uzon Universe, has a thread of inverted magnetic directed for all the other clusters and other universes of the intricate of multiverses, inside of a divine perfection, everything is as it is and has its divine motives. (To know more about the other universes that I already channelled, go to the link: And to know more about the clusters and intricate of multiverses go to the link: for the english text see below!!!

Uzon is, besides an inverted Magnetic Universe, “trying to swallow all life and light into itself”, without an expansion, just an attempt at constant shrinking, it is a universe/cluster that only shows that Light is always Light, regardless of how this Light expresses itself. Here it is mentioned Shadow Universe, as already said, for the good linear understanding of things, but, Uzon is a form of Light not yet fully understood by the human mind.

Uzon is a quantum “anomaly”, consciously created by the Primordial Source for a balance within the greater wisdom of all things. In this universe there is no form, absolutely no form, of anything, it is just reverse energy, without any Light. It is like a black hole, constantly sucking everything in, and when there is nothing else to suck in, it sucks even “nothing”.

A geometric symbol that represents this Universe was channelled by me, and this is what illustrates this publication.

Beloved ones, this is the most I have managed to bring about this Universe, through my linear mind. I feel and see many more things, but my linear mind cannot linearize so much. I hope this little can give a glimpse of the energetic importance of this Universe as a whole. I am grateful to the Primordial Source for being able to convey this to you and bring, whenever possible, a little more about the Cosmos and its wonders. I see nothing more about this universe and its cluster. I see only a dark void. And the intention to explain about it, is not to leave this feeling of emptiness or something, but also to explain about it as I have been doing about the other universes that can be seen/read in the links above.

My deep gratitude to the Primordial Source for allowing me to bring, even the slightest, this information. For being able to bring these truths, my gratitude!

For the Truth, nothing but the Truth,

In Love and Blessings,

Gabriel RL

Translation & Revision: Sio Smorgon

The Origin of Kryon – The Magnetic Universe

By Neva (Gabriel RL) 8 July 2015
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I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

The medium asked me to tell about my origin, my creation, and the Universe I come from.

Perhaps you know that I come from a Universe called Quadril 5. Quadril 5 is a Magnetic Universe. The pure magnetism that exists there does not let the energy densify. The main mission of Quadril 5 is to emit magnetism to other Universes and regulate the magnetic belt that has all the galaxies. Quadril 5 is the oldest Universe.

Perhaps you have heard of the Black Holes. It is important to know that all black holes were created at the same time as the Galaxies and that they are fundamental parts of the Cosmic Construction. Each Universe is self-created. The First Central Universe is the youngest, from the point of view of Quadril 5, but with its numerous experiments it is also the most interesting. But before we give more information about the First Central Universe, I want to go back to my creation.

My cosmic parents carry the vibrating names Adamis and Adamea. They have created 48 Entities of Light in the magnetic field. In our Quadril 5 Universe there are no Angels, nor the Ascended Masters. In Our Universe only Magnetic Lights are created which during the light years create Aspects of themselves. These Aspects we call Nunis.

The Nunis have the Mission to reach the black holes, to scan there the magnetic arms of other galaxies and to transmit the information to Quadril 5. The mission of the creative magnetic lights is to produce magnetism and supply all the galaxies. Deep down one could say that we are Technicians who serve the Great Divine Source.

Please imagine that a group of Nunis communicated the following information to Quadril 5: “The First Central Universe asks for help due to the deviation of the Magnetic Spiral Grid. On many planets the energy is densified. The Magnetic Grid of the Galaxy is no longer in direct connection with the Magnetic Grid of other planets. Experts are asked to come and solve the problem”.

And so Kryon was elected to come to the First Central Universe. You must know that when foreign entities enter a different galaxy, a fusion always occurs first so that the energies harmonize. For this reason I have merged with a Parade of Angels. And at this moment I have become “Kryon and the Parade”.

My first mission was to analyse the Magnetic Grid that had gone astray. A magnetic grid passed through the entire galaxy. The electrons that move at a very high speed through a galaxy, illuminate the magnetic field. The force is experienced vertically and the electrons form in spiral pathways around the lines of the magnetic field. The movement of the magnetic field results from the direction of polarization. Where the magnetic field is stronger, there is also the most intense energy.

I want to comment to the scientists among you who often do not take into account the magnetic fields in the universe. Most of the cosmic processes cannot be described correctly without taking into account the magnetic field.

My work began by examining the magnetic grid of the First Central Universe and its belonging planets. Many planets have been affected by the magnetic grid deviation, however the most affected magnetic field has been that of the Planet Earth. The Earth’s magnetic field was no longer in harmony with the magnetic field of the First Central Universe.

The consequence of this was that the energy on your planet began to densify and created its own energy field on Earth. In this way Duality can be produced. The inhabitants of planet Earth received less and less magnetic energy of Love from the Divine Source and felt more and more isolated, until finally they completely forgot who they were.

While on other planets it was enough to adjust the magnetic network again, a completely new network had to be built on planet Earth. This has done Kryon. After this work had finished, Kryon began with this new adjustment of the Magnetic Network. This had great effects on the planet and its inhabitants because people began to feel their Divine connection again very quickly. In this way, I had finalized the Kryon moment with its mission and received a golden ray of colour for my work.

Kryon was asked to remain in the First Central Universe in order to help planet Earth with Ascension. And this is now Kryon’s mission, to continue adjusting the Magnetic Grid and additionally adjust the magnetic fields of the people who carry this intention so that they can support the New Energy.

Furthermore, Kryon sends abundant magnetic energy of love to planet Earth to accelerate the ascension and to enable people to experience Earth’s Ascension.

At the same time, Kryon transmits the latest messages through different mediums, all of whom have one thing in common, due to their partially created aspects in the magnetic universe, these mediums have a special magnetic channel to receive Kryon’s messages. Sabine Sangitar the medium also has a magnetic channel and Kryon uses this channel to transmit the messages.


Canal: Sabine Sangitar /
Translation & Revision: Sio Smorgon

Linearization of the intricate Multiverses System

By Neva (Gabriel RL) 26 May 2019
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Hello dear ones, this text is a brief explanation of the surrounding Universes and their interactions within existence. These blocks of information were brought through the process of channelling by Neva (Gabriel RL). The mentors began to deliver this information little by little and continuously until the whole block was delivered. It is a gigantic knowledge and difficult to understand, especially for a very analytical mind having only the three-dimensional plane of existence as a reference. Our goal here is to deliver a glimpse of this understanding, leaving it to your most sublime mind, your intuitive mind, united to your heart, to capture these energies. Below is a brief explanation of a block of information.

The Great Primordial Source, if compared to a gigantic Sun, would have as its facets / expressions, each of the beams of Light coming directly from it in all directions.

Each single ray from the Great Primordial Source creates, feeds and supports endless Clusters (clusters) of Universes of countless types, qualities and energies. A Primary Lightning, “observed” in isolation, projects from it smaller rays (sub-rays) that create / feed the clusters (groupings) of Universes. This subdivision follows in numerous layers of Clusters and Sub-clusters. To illustrate this information, imagine that the Cluster of our Local Universe, where the planet Earth, the Nebadon Universe, is located, is the Primary Universe within this Material Cluster and from it, two other Material Universes have also developed. For each Cluster formed, there is a ray from the Primary Ray that has been subdivided, this sub-ray in turn is called God or Local Creator of the Cluster in question. It is further subdivided by projecting from it other sub-rays forming the other Universes belonging to that specific cluster, thus forming the Local Gods of each of these Universes. Consciences that energize and keep life flowing harmoniously in that place. All the Local Gods of each Universe and Cluster are expressions of the Primary Lightning that emanated from the Great Primordial Source, having in itself and emanating for the subsequent Creations the same essence as the Original Source.

(Click on the image for high resolution)

There are a total of 144,000 (144,000) universes with diverse vibrations and qualities, divided among 144 Clusters. The Clusters do not have equal numbers of Universes in their interiors, as can be seen in the examples shown here in the images. Universes are organized in Clusters according to the type of energy from which they are formed and radiate. All these clusters are interconnected and send and receive energy between them. There is a constant flow from the Universal Clusters of Crystalline energies that permeates all the other Universal Clusters, connecting all of them in a great Universal Cosmic network.

(Click on the image for high resolution)

These Clusters of Universes, as already mentioned, exist with different characteristics and in different dimensions, assembling an interconnected multidimensional system. Visualize several groups of Universes, some Materials (physical), others Geometric, Sonar, Magnetic, Temporal, Crystalline, existing exactly in the same place, all overlapping, just vibrating in different frequencies of different dimensions. This gives them this intricate system of possibilities that Creation is.

When a consciousness of one Cluster projects into another Cluster and has an expression / clothing within it, a channel is opened and the energies of the Universe from which the being originated are sent to the place where that expression is in that instant. Imagine that a being from a Magnetic Universe projects her/his consciousness into our Local Universe and has an expression in some star system, with this, she/he will bring to this Universe the vibrations and energies of his Universe of origin. The flow of these energies is always from the highest vibration Cluster / Universe to the lowest vibration, occurring otherwise only in specific cases, such as Creative Source projects, for example.

Looking at this whole apparatus, you can imagine: “But if only one Universe is already inconceivable to our reasoning in terms of greatness, imagine 144 thousand Universes! However, there are not only 144,000 Universes, all of this arrangement quoted here originates from a single ray of the Great Primordial Source! In that case, how many rays would it have? This information provided is an attempt to linearize the organization and arrangement of all these building blocks of the infinite Creation, so that the human mind can have a glimpse of understanding of the greatness of all that is in the infinite Cosmos.

A lecture about this information block is given in the Micro-Events of the Star Seeds, if you are more curious about this subject, look also, go to one of our Micro-Events that has this lecture in the day.

Thank you! This is as far as Jesus allows me to see and transmit.

By the Truth, nothing but the Truth,

In Love and Blessings,

Neva (Gabriel RL)

Translation & Revision: Sio Smorgon

Message of the KANI, represented by Kanuu, the voice of the silver army – 08.02.2017 (Vitrol-X Universe)

By Neva (Gabriel RL) 9 February 2017
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We are Kani! I am Kanuu. You have heard of us recently. Our army is completely anchored in your Solar System, and beyond. Our strength will be felt on the surface of your planet very soon. We set up base in (zone) etheric with physical reverberation at coordinates La: 29°17’54.70″N | Lo: 43°39’34.19″L.

As we said, you have heard about us recently, and what our role is here ( – „Kani Kanuu The silver army…“ see below for the english text!!!) do not be afraid of us, nor of our vibration. We come in Peace and for Peace. Our army is incalculable for the Terran numbers. We did not come in spaceships. “We arrived because we arrived and how we arrived”. We have been announced by other means for some time and we have now definitely arrived to conclude the “conclusive” and the “inconclusive”.

Our approach as an army to your planet may cause some changes in visibility, both nightly and by day. Clouds with silvery shades and sensations of freshness in their interiors will signal our activities at the moment. You may feel as if fresh air inside you is moving, and don’t worry, for there is nothing to fear. Our energy causes this, especially in your biological bodies. You may also have the feeling that you are moving from one point to another quickly even if you have not consciously made any apparent movement.

Your Terran leaders already know of our presence and that we will not leave here until the “conclusive” and “inconclusive” have been completed. There is no way for the dark forces to escape our presence, for we have a magnetism that automatically draws them close to us and then we capture them. Again, do not worry, for there is no violence here. We come from a Kingdom where the force called Love is the source of food and Light. We came from a place which, in your language, can be called Vitrol-X, Third Superimposed Universe.

Gabriel: Dear Ones, allow me a question?

Yes, Transmitter of Universal Love.

Gabriel: I feel a very, very strong energy coming from you! It is an indescribable force! An energy of incredible Power and Authority. I hear it clearly, as if you were talking on the phone to me. I hear you, Kanuu, with a strong voice in a metallic and reverberant tone. It’s as if in every sentence I hear, everything shakes in me. Why is that?

Transmitter of universal love, that is natural in us. We are all like that. Do not fear, – as I said. Our whole universe is like this. Vibrate in this way, and the energy of authority and power you feel is only what we actually represent. We are here called the force known to you as P1, and we come in harmony with the Local and Primordial Creator.

Gabriel: I hear it clearly as the voice of the Being called Vrillon, of the Ashtar Command, when he communicated with humanity through a TV transmission in 1977. ( I could even say that you are him!

Transmitter of universal love, I am not him, but we know who you are. It is an expression of Primordial Love.

The barrier we form is unbreakable and know that you are protected. We ask for the collaboration of all of you in the attempt to enlighten the “illuminable” and “unlightening”. We said that we are also here to Print the Christ Consciousness from the space beyond the Kuiper. We are strong, but with you we are much more. We appreciate your strength, Terran people, and all that you have done to keep Love on your planet. You have sacrificed yourselves and managed to attract help from all the local universes. HELP HAS ARRIVED!

For now is what I have to say.

I am Kanuu, the voice of the Kani at this moment. I end the transmission.

Asha (Peace).

This is as far as Jesus allows me to see and transmit.

By the Truth, nothing but the Truth,

In Love and Blessings,

Neva (Gabriel RL)

Translation & Revision: Sio Smorgon


By Neva (Gabriel RL) 2 February 2017
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KANI are beings that form the Silver Army, announced by P1.

They come from a magnetic universe called Vitrol-X, Third Universe Superimposed.

Some of its functions here, in our Galaxy, are:

1 – The removal of the “ashoris group3“

2 – To print the Christ Consciousness from the space beyond the Kuiper Belt, to the internal space of the Local Solar System, covering the entire space sphere where these are circumscribed.

3 – Create a magnetic barrier that involves the Kuiper Belt and the Local Solar System. (Gabriel: On my mental screen, I saw these silver beings forming this barrier. I saw them hand in hand, next to each other, creating a magnetic layer that involved the whole space mentioned).

When Sirius was in the evolutionary process similar to the present one Terran, it was they, the KANI, who helped in the Sirian Ascension process.

Some of them incarnated among the Kumara on Venus. They incarnated in Mars. They also incarnated on Earth as those elders who tried to propagate the Christ Consciousness to the other elders who were not in that consciousness. They were also those who guaranteed the Christ magnetic support, when the Master Jesus came to earth.

One of them was Joseph of Arimathea, the one who supported Jesus in his trajectory, and took him from the Cross after the event of the crucifixion.

They have a “silver surfer” appearance, however its colour is shiny silver. It has a height of approximately 2.20 to 2.50 m. They have no ship, they travel with their own Merkaba.

Their sign of greeting is their left hand backwards with their elbow bent and the right hand in positive sign at breast height.

They have a very intense magnetism, very powerful. No negative force can remain in their presence because it is simply transmuted immediately. When they arrive in the environments a wave of metallic energy is immediately reverberated and completely assumes the environment, leaving it with an aura of Love and Supreme Empowerment.

While receiving the information from P1, Gabriel telepathically asked KANUU, – one of the members of the KANI group who attended this moment, – if they would come

into “physical“ contact with humanity through it. KANUU replied: „Yes.“ And that he could be the spokesperson for his group, if necessary.

This is as far as Jesus allows me to see and transmit.

By the Truth, nothing but the Truth,

In Love and Blessings,

Neva (Gabriel RL)

Translation & Revision: Sio Smorgon

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