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Ashtar – “The Story of Creation and other texts”

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By Neva (Gabriel RL) 27 January 2017

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Please, darlings, read in tune with this song below. I particularly recommend that you put the music at a pleasant height and then read the message aloud. You may feel wonderful light vibrations in your bodies. – Gabriel RL



Greetings, Family!

For ages humans have been avid for change. What happens is that you have plunged so deeply into non-conformism, no longer focusing on the most important thing: visualizing peace and beatitude. You have become entangled in worldly matters in such a way, that many have lost the main focus which has always been to sustain the powerful forces that constantly descend on the surface, awaiting the attunement of receivers and distributors. The changes come, dear ones, as they establish themselves in you, bringing you into a state of loving flow. Then you begin to realize that everything is constantly changing, and it remains for you to enter into a state of attunement so that you perceive and understand that always, without a shadow of a doubt, change is for the better. Even if many do not accept this statement, I invite you to test yourselves, putting yourselves into surrender and flow and you will see that we are serious.

You, the Lightworkers on the surface, are the ones who have come to Earth to ensure change, but know that you need to disconnect yourselves from non-conformity. You need to disconnect yourselves from the idea that the world is wrong. You need to find attunement with your higher self and know that the change of energy in you is what will reverberate in the world around you. You need to stop comparing the chaos of the world to “everything is wrong”. You need to stop pointing out the faults with constant feelings of revolt and non-conformity. Not that way, beloveds. That’s not why you went to the Planet. We assure you it wasn’t. You went to anchor the love of the cosmos in its most sublime form. You went to show your brothers that there is Light and that they are not alone. You went to ensure that the galactic forces could approach the surface. Yes, dear ones, you are the ones who will ensure our approach as well as the landing.

We recently gave you a message where we said that 2017 is a year of unification, it is the year to reconnect all the fragments to the Whole. It is a year of defragmentation. And you began to feel that as soon as you got into that line. Defragmentation will remind you more of who you are, what you are capable of and how important your Light is on the surface at this time. Dear Ones, honour your Divinity. Honour the Light that you are. Be in constant tune with your Space Family and reverberate that Love and Light on the surface. Allow the defragmentation to occur. For many, this process may be painful, for, again, it will involve abandoning the old ways, it will involve accepting your own shadows and illuminating them, it will involve facing them head-on, without fear, and with love. The defragmentation will take from you parts, which for a long time you thought were yours, and it will bring your true parts; but some will not recognize them, for they will be so deeply rooted and attached that they will find it deeply difficult to abandon them.

Beloved, let me say: there is no other way. The flow and delivery are the compass guiding you to the new. It will undoubtedly become painful if you do not enter into harmony with love and that is not punishment; that is what all of you, when you went to earth, asked: “I will do everything, but bring us back if we forget who we are”.

Many of you will feel as if you are really breaking apart. Some of you will go into deep despair, because you will think you are going crazy and losing your personality. Oh dear ones… know that all you have to do is allow the Light of the Supreme Creator to enlighten you. A profound transformation is taking place in you, so much so that no inhabitant of the Planet at this moment can say that they do not feel something within. The hardest being knows and feels something. You see people around you who for a long time have never even mentioned anything about so-called “spiritual” energies and sensations. Know this, you will see much more of it, for you are all immersed in it. If you could see what we see, you would have no doubt that you are truly in a metamorphic process. Those who are more sensitive are able to incorporate the transformations and still help those closest to them. Know this, your presence on the planet is fundamental in these times, dear ones, and we feel when we hear some Lightworker say that they would like to leave or is “tired of all this”… Oh, beloveds… you wouldn’t say this if you saw yourselves from the position we are in, if you saw what you are doing, how you are doing, how you are transforming and transforming everything around you.

A proof of this is the visibility that we are giving to our ships all over the planet, assurances that we are there to support what you are doing. Some ask us constantly why this process is “so difficult”, and why it takes so long? Beloved ones, again we invite you to come out of non-conformism and look deeper into yourselves, and you will see the complexity of the process and how technical it is, that it requires caution and patience. You wouldn’t force a newborn child to take long steps and run on an athletic track, would you? The human race has spent too much time immersed in a bubble, by induction, indifferent to the idea of life outside the Earth, and even of its own stellar heritage. You, the Star-Soul, the Commanders, the Guardians, the Elders, the Kumaras, the Angels, the Ascensions… and a whole group of enlightened souls have made yourselves available to help humanity emerge from the abyss of indifference. Certainly many of you, the volunteers, have lost yourselves in this indifference, but we, as we promised, are here to ensure that you remember who you are, and the process of defragmentation is part of that.

My beloved Family, do not fear what is to come, nor who you will become after this process. We guarantee that no comma will pass without us explaining it to you. You will know everything that has happened and has happened all the time you have been in the bubble. We guarantee it. Cheer up! Aurora is signalling the new times! And 17 is a good master number signalling open windows. Enjoy the return trip; it’s always faster than the going. And on the way back, don’t let the brothers and sisters around you, who still keep their vibrations low, drag you down again, through insults, private dramas, blackmail or anything like that. Smile and love. Be firm but loving and always, whenever you are attacked, remember us, your Family. We will be very close to you, at that moment, more than usual.

Also, again, I ask you not to try to defend my image when some criticize my messages. Do not worry about defending me. Those in my group recognize me by my attunement and will know that I am the one expressing myself, and they cannot charge anyone to “love me”. (Smile). Always keep in mind that love and serenity are the answer to aggressions and insults. This is how you will show who you are, this is how others will recognize you by your vibration. This is how I recognize you. When you are emanating love and being kind, I “find” you quickly through your particular loving signature. When you step into deep abysses of negative feelings and revolt, you know, even we have difficulty diving deeper to find you. Not because we are not able to, but because we have a line to respect: your free will. When you decide for yourselves on negativity, we cannot go beyond a certain point. We honour your choices and, again, let you experiment accordingly. Raise your inner Light so that we can see you clearly!

May our ships in your skies be constantly cheering your hearts and giving the certainty of the Love and security we have given. As we have said, you have ensured that we come closer. You will know it is us when your hearts leap for joy; that is our sign.

And so it is.


Your brother,


Gabriel: Very grateful, beloved Ashtar.

Translation & Revision: Sio Smorgon & C. Smork Non


By Neva (Gabriel RL) 4 May 2017

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Please, darlings, read in tune with this song below. I particularly recommend that you put the music at a pleasant height and then read the message aloud. You may feel wonderful light vibrations in your bodies. – Gabriel RL


Greetings Family!

We have arrived one month from the impetus for the second major phase of the year. I informed previously of the importance of this year, of the movements it would bring and I have informed you about the DEFRAGMENTATION.

This The month of May will be charged with waves of energy that will boost everyone, regardless of their level of awareness. These waves will push forward all on the planet, pushing you towards new discoveries. Those of level “X” consciousness will have an impulse as far as they can bear, those of “Y” consciousness, in the same way. In any case, there will be no being on earth who will not be influenced by the impact of this energy.

You know of all the transformations that have occurred on Earth and we have constantly ensured that they are gentle so as not to bring excessive inconvenience to you. Of course, there will be some upsets because for many of you, the change is always painful because of your difficulty to abandon what you are so attached to, what you consider important and for most of you the importance is the comfort zone. Dears, here is the essence of my message: THE NECESSARY FRAGMENTATION. Welcome to transformational paradox.

There are great processes happening, and this is being painful for some of you. In fact, for most of you, even for you Workers of Light and your entourage, because it is something extremely intense, and now, from this month of May, you will enter the Fragmentation phase, – a Fragmentation that can’t be avoided any more. The old ideas, concepts, prejudices,… the old you will fragment. Two processes in one, my dears, and we know how exhausting this can be for you. As I said, I have already spoken on Defragmentation. I ask here my dear Gabriel to give you the link from my previous message. And now, you enter the Fragmentation necessary so that you can fully incorporate the TRUE YOU.

(See here:

All of you, in all your lives, have had programs, which I will call here, simply “Epoch Programming”. Logically, you had to adapt to certain incarnations, when you were born, so you were enveloped in an energy cover corresponding to that time. Programs, concepts and prejudices were programmed into you, from the most negative to the most subtle. Here is the work, now, to fragment and illuminate all these old lines. Let go the old patterns, still impregnated in you: parts of the old self that many of you still cling to and make it difficult to go. It’s like a wardrobe full of clothes that you don’t wear. You say to yourself “I need to get rid of some old clothes; on the X day I will do that” and keep postponing the process. My young boy (Gabriel) has been through this recently, hasn’t he?

(Gabriel: [laughs…] Yes,… but I did it! Heheheh!). The day comes and you’re there, face to face, with the old self you need to undo. You know that that play no longer fits you. It’s old! You need to get rid of it. It’s full of moth holes, but you still want to stick with it, with the phrase so common… “Maybe I’ll use it on occasion Y…” Oh!… What an attachment! No, you don’t need it any more! That’s what’s happening to you right now! You are afraid to let go of what no longer serves you, and some are severely hindering the necessary fragmentation of these old energy cubes holding the old patterns. Let it go!

You will feel as if parts of you are falling apart. You will often have the feeling of “disappearing” and losing consciousness. Calm down. It’s part of the process. The old self is falling apart. Why do you feel that you are disappearing as if you are losing your lucidity, sense of reality, and some of you think you are going crazy? Well, simply because you are still attached to the old self, and if it is fragmenting, and you are attached to it, what do you think will happen? You’ll feel as if you yourself are being undone. But remember: you are not the old self; the old self is a program, and you’re not a program.

I speak to you. And many other masters have spoken of the countless timelines that are being transmuted, illuminated and remade. You have learned that there are incarnations and disincarnations, that there are soul plans, etc. Let me tell you something that, for some of you, may be new: know that, at the moment, some “Walk-ins” are going to certain timelines to make necessary adjustments to them. Others who have incarnated in this timeline, to which I am now addressing, go back and incarnate in another timeline to adjust other things. Dear ones, yes! This may happen, but you who are reading my message right now, all of you who are reading or listening have chosen to “do everything here” at this point at once. Oh! How brave!

As Defragmentation and Fragmentation occur simultaneously, there are naturally many movements in your lives and, in some cases, the Life entanglements: memories of other lives, emotions, joys, sorrows, fears, pains, ecstasy, all in a short period of time! What you are doing is epic! And what will be left of it all? LOVE! That’s the end result of Defragmentation and Fragmentation! Oh… I know who I am addressing now; I know of your hearts. I know who each one of you are. I saw you come out of the ships and look back with a smile and tears in your eyes, saying “I’ll come back LOGO…” I also saw the determination in your eyes. I am proud, how could I not be?!

O what has this whole process done? What has it affected? My dears, it is not only you – whom I am addressing now – who are going through this, through all this transformation! The whole earth is. Every inhabitant of the Earth, of Fauna and Flora, Physical Humans, Devas, all the kingdoms are involved in this. Of course, Gaia herself is going through the same process. She has chosen to go through it , along with you. Know this: She feels everything you feel. She feels every emotion of yours, every sadness, every joy, every eagerness for self transform,… she feels everything, my darlings! Collaborate with her, allowing that this process develops quickly, allowing the old patterns to go.

Some ask themselves, “Oh, I always hear that I have to let go, but I don’t know how!”! Oh… I know who’s reading this my message! My darlings… When you are thirsty, what do you do?

Letting the old self go is like having a glass of water…

Every transformation that has taken place is affecting everyone, – as I said. But some are, of course, more advanced in the process and end up reverberating positively to those who are one step behind. You have seen many movements in your governments, threats of war – which we have said we are monitoring, and no nuclear movements will be allowed to cause the extinction of the human race. All this is a result of the necessary defragmentation and fragmentation. The old energies are rising to consciousness each day to be cleansed, fragmented, and enlightened, in the proportion that defragmentation connects you, again, to your consciousness of unity. Those more warlike, threatening and dangerous for some, only ask for help in the midst of their processes. Some are so dismissive afraid of losing “the self they think they are”, that they resort to violence. That is fear; only fear.

My Dear Ones, you come on the scene here. You who are in the front line, you who are much more aware of this, you who – even if in the midst of all process, – know a lot more about how this works. What’s more, you know how to resolve. I assure you: currently, a thought from you that is positive and targeted is more powerful than 70,000 nuclear warheads – and of course now imagine this in Light, Love, Mercy, Compassion! Can you imagine the power of that?

This is only the beginning! This is nothing close to what you, in your full potential, can do. Close your eyes, direct that energy, and you will be surprised by the results. Love is invincible. Why do you think we speak with such certainty, when we say that everything is fine, that everything will be fine (smile)?

Part of the Fragmentation is that you will see those, who moved the game on Earth leaving the scene, leaving their powers and subordinates completely bewildered. This is the Fragmentation of the Earth. The old is going away, “breaking up”, evaporating, disappearing,… because the new is coming, establishing itself and finalizing itself. The New Energy, the Authentic Self, that has been fragmented for so long, is returning and taking its place. Do not fear all these moves. Nor fear the threats of war. Do not fear the destruction of the planet, neither through warlike humans, nor by celestial bodies. THIS WILL NOT OCCUR.

Before I finalize my message today, I tell you, that I am, again, with my ship coming closer and closer to earth, and I intend to leave it in sight. Although gently camouflaged in a closer, star-shaped approach, when higher. I will give shades of dark blue, yellow and golden ruby, so that you can identify me easily. My approach, of course, will also cause some movements in your atmosphere, so that you can see more colourful, spiral-shaped clouds. It is a sign of my love for you.

Finally, as I always tell you: I ask you not to try to defend my image when some criticise my messages. Don’t worry about defending me. Those in my group recognize me by my attunement and will know that it is I, who am the one to defend myself and express myself, and cannot charge anyone to “love me” (smile).

Always keep in mind that Love and serenity are answers for aggressions and insults. This is how you will show who you are and this is how others will recognize you by vibration. This is how I recognize you. When you are emanating Love and being kind, I “find” you quickly, through your signature particular love.

Come surf the waves of Love! Come surf in the transformations that the Defragmentation and Fragmentation are bringing. It is time for change. It is time for you to leave your loving signature all over the planet. That’s what you came for: to leave your mark on this world. And something about me and my fleet, we say: we are here to make sure you make it.

And so it is.


Your brother,


Gabriel: Very grateful, beloved Ashtar.

Translation & Revision: Sio Smorgon & C. Smork Non

Ashtar – “The 3 (three) stages of diving, how many lives you had? The Intrusion, going back in time and more…”

By Neva (Gabriel RL) 9 May 2020

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Please, darlings, read in tune with this song below. I particularly recommend that you put the music at a pleasant height and then read the message aloud. You may feel wonderful light vibrations in your bodies.


Greetings, Family!

It is good to be here once again. It is an opportune time to talk about this subject that I want to explain today, and I am happy with this opportunity for direct transmission. I must say that this will be a long message and I recommend, in case your minds start to get tired, to read it two or three times. Usually you don’t feel tired reading our messages because they are always charged with crystalline energies; in case you feel the need for a pause, take it. In any case, be open in your hearts and relaxed in your minds for the reading. It would be a good idea to leave a good tea by your side while you read, listening to the melody that I ask here for dear Neva (Gabriel RL) to make available.

Before I even begin the main topics of my message, I must say that now our ships are even closer and radiating much more Love, because you are also more receptive to it. Not only to this Love, but to the whole package that comes along, as clear instructions about your soul plan and the most efficient tools to achieve your goals. Your consciences are really changing and beginning to access much of what was hidden in you. In fact, your receiving antennas are becoming more powerful and the expansion and resumption of your original consciousness is just beginning. I say “just” because there is so much more coming as you return to your original states of consciousness.

It is the beginning of a great return to your original starting point. The beginning of remembering more deeply who you are – what is really far beyond even your galactic identities. The beginning of a fusion with THE ALL. Even though we have been bringing you messages throughout the ages about your origins, your agreements and deep deliveries in the Seed contracts, these messages are just “brush strokes” of an even broader picture beyond our massages, that you will gain access to, once you decide it is time. And you are coming to this point.

Your work is great. The way you have accepted to participate in the “Earth Experience” and your hearts still echo through this Universe and beyond. For a long time you have been on Earth opening pathways for so many other races who have desired, just like you, to experience this dimension. When they saw your hearts, inspired by you, they also decided to dive into similar experiences. Know that you have been pioneers in many things in this Universe and in deciding to completely lose consciousness and identity of who you really are, and then, much later, to rescue that consciousness and identity amidst the darkness present at the time you arrived. And even throughout the incarnation ages, in dense and complex environments for the most challenging missions and learning, you demonstrated in this way that you really were the beings prepared for the great development and learning that would take place throughout the billions of years of this experience.

How many lives have you had? How long have you been incarnating on Earth? This is the main topic of my message today. I would like you first to take a short break from this reading so that I may continue. I will give you a minute to take a deep breath as I radiate you with my presence, bringing the energy of the HOME. Breathe…

Moving on… Some of you have access to some data about the amount of life you have had on Earth, the incarnations themselves. Know, dear ones, that there have been many, many incarnations. Most of you have been incarnating on Earth since its creation, billions of years ago from its linear count. There are many calculations made with quantum tools that give you approximate and sometimes accurate margins of that amount of lives and experiences absorbed in those ages. Do not forget that you are multidimensional beings, and yet you are in a denser reality – compared to your original subtlety, where that multidimensionality is apparently oppressed – it is still multidimensional and you can be in more than one place at the same time. I would say, in more than one life at the same time. This information cannot be too much for you. Surely you already know this, or rather, you are already highly aware of it. This is the moment you can say: “Yes. That is very clear! I have always felt it”.

Billions of years ago, when the Earth was being prepared and the Elohim of Form gave their share of collaboration in creating this reality, you, in your angelic and galactic expressions, also collaborated in this creation. Many plans were made, many ideas, many possibilities. Races, especially the Pleiadians and Sirians, also collaborated actively in the creation, giving their genetic portions to the development of bodies that, in the future, would be inhabited by the high cosmic consciousnesses that would move one, if not the greatest experience of the Galaxy, which would certainly have a great reverberating effect on the entire Cosmos.


I must also say that in the midst of all this cosmic preparation for the EVENT – which would be this experience – other races that were not directly authorized to participate in the construction of this reality were intrigued by what was happening in this sector of the Galaxy. These beings also wanted to participate, but not by following a high protocol. They wanted to follow their own personal agenda, and in many cases completely opposed to development and expansion, and could not enter directly. Not, until they were called… And they knew how to wait. They were patient, determinedly patient, until the vibratory conditions of those high consciousnesses were compatible with their intrusions. They waited until those consciousnesses who would participate more actively in the experience merged with the density of what such an experience would be, and called them also to participate in the game. This too, of course, was foreseen, and nothing would go unnoticed by the Supreme Creator.

They remained around the whole crystalline barrier that protected the construction of the experience. For billions of years they waited and tried to infiltrate the races, especially the Pleiadians and Sirians, intending to induce certain inappropriate modifications. And, to a certain extent, they achieved a planted seed, an indirect inappropriate reverberation. They could not enter directly into the experiment, but could try to influence “from outside”, those who had direct access to it. And that is what they did. Although they did not go directly into the experiment, as has been said, they planted a seed in the development of the ideal DNA. But that would take them in as well. Inevitably it would pull them into the experiment. And they didn’t want it that way; not that way. They wanted to enter the experience, but not to actively experience it, like the others, they just wanted to control it. Inevitably, they were drawn in, and many are also, today, on Earth, trying their returns. Some, for aeons, have remained trying to cause problems in the development of the experience, as a retaliation for being “trapped” within it. They could not tear the veil, for only Love can do this, and they were not yet in tune with this vibration.

For a long time, they caused many problems with their unsuccessful attempts to leave. Their calls from their own race were not heard either, for many fled from this Universe when they realized what was happening and did not want to be “trapped” in the experience either. Thus, throughout all the ages, their hearts, at least of most of them, have been entirely softened, and they are also returning to the HOME. Keep in mind that here I am referring to many races, that in a way have kept you in trouble, for these same races, realizing that they were also trapped in the experience as retaliation, have tried to perfect the experience, making it even more difficult. All within a great movement that in the end all, or at least the great majority, would come out expanded in consciousness.

Finally, at this point, when I say “prison”, there is no way that I mean that the Earth is one. I speak only so that your linear minds can understand my explanations more clearly. I am also transmitting this message of mine to dear Neva (Gabriel RL), little by little, in respect to her linear mind, so that she can deliver to you in the best way what I am passing on to her. “Neva, a few parentheses for my thanks”. (Neva: “Always at your disposal, dear!”)


These were some special phases before the final dive, which would make you “erase” completely like a rebirth in the lower dimensions, and you would literally palm on the dark the way back. In this period of preparation when in intimate contact with the Source, you would receive direct and clear instructions of what the challenges would be like and you would surrender to the process, which became more and more intense. While the Earth was being prepared, many of you were collaborating as much with the preparation of this creation as you were carrying out your work at your points of origin on the planets where you lived, breathing the purest air of love and peace. And believe me, some of you while working on the creation of the Earth collaborating with the Elohim, did not realize that you would be called upon to participate so actively in the experience, thus having to give up your homes bathed in love and peace to go to an experience that would, in a way, rip you out of those sublimated states. But that, deep down, such an experience, would bring even greater expansion, would bring great learning.

When the physicality of the Earth was in its final phase of preparation, when only a few adjustments were needed, the definitive CALLS echoed throughout the Universe. At first, the native souls of the very heart of the Earth/Gaia, began their “breathing” and also prepared themselves for the experiences. Souls from other systems, by force of vibration, started their shift for frequency adjustments in the lower dimensions. These souls could no longer expand in their homes of origin, as these systems reached high vibration, having to “take a step back” to resume, and this place of resumption would be the Earth. Other souls, as I quoted earlier, many of you would be called upon to bring their lights to collaborate in the process as a whole. Let it be clear here that I do not wish to separate/divide souls; I just want you to understand how the development and migrations of souls to this experience took place. Consider basically three (3) groups of souls:

  1. Those natives of Earth/Gaia – the initiators of their experiences on Earth/Gaia planting the Seeds of Light itself – who would be the lighthouses lit for other races that would come to merge into the experience. They are the ones who would bring hold Gaia’s own Love within themselves and share it through their eyes with the races to come.
  1. Those who by force of vibration needed to migrate from their homes, because they were not following the vibrational elevation of their environment, thus needing to start again in an energetically compatible environment and, in this way, to resume the impulse, helping the natives of Gaia with their extraplanetary experiences. An understandable phase in the whole universe of experiences.
  1. Those who have come to assist by bringing more Light and Consciousness by answering Gaia’s call to help in her elevation and her whole body of life, and in the energetic fusion of all souls. Souls who somehow had an influence on the creation of the Earth, and who were now called to participate in the experience from within. They would be taking the opportunity for a great fusion with the other groups of souls also present, giving their share of Light and Consciousness to the expansion of all.

Know that you who are reading (or listening) to this message of mine can, yes, fit into one of the three (3) soul groups. Your hearts will say so. There is no separation. The experience is for everyone, and everyone has chosen by mutual agreement. The phases I have mentioned are only to facilitate your understanding of the groups of souls. All the groups may have had and had their experiences mixed. You who now read this message, may be a native soul of Gaia who left for a while to have other experiences throughout the Galaxy and then return. Just as you can be from the group of souls who came here to begin again what you had not yet achieved on another planet; or you can be a soul from the third group who came also to help anchor Light and more Consciousness. Either way, the three (3) groups are closely linked with a common focus: to reintegrate the Earth/Gaia into the Galactic Community, completely purified from the so many experiences and attempts of its destruction (which, as I have said several times before, will not occur. The Earth will not be destroyed either by nuclear war, or by a meteor, or by anything).


There was still some work being done to harmonize the Earth’s atmosphere, balancing the oxygen and preparing the whole atmosphere, as well as the bodies that would be used by you, who were already preparing yourselves in a layer before – in the astral – for the incarnations themselves, in physicality. This period lasted a long time until the final adjustment, so that the first bodies would be completely adjusted to the planet’s atmosphere, making possible a pleasant and harmonic “breath” that would properly sustain your biological life.

You went through three specific phases when you arrived on Earth (from other stars) and/or when you began to incarnate. (In the case of those who “began to incarnate” refers to the natives of Gaia):

Before citing the 3 (three) diving phases, I must mention Phase 0 (zero). This is without galactic body, without personality/ galactic grouping. You are only the Consciousness. For this experience on Earth, you have gone through this quick “reset”. When most of you left your homes from other stars, you quickly stripped yourself off your galactic identities and returned to Phase 0 (zero), absorbed much Light and Power at the Source, assumed your galactic apparel again, then as quoted in the next Phase (1). This “reset” was necessary to give you extra reinforcement for the very difficult experience you would experience. Phase 0 (zero) happened very quickly, as in a matter of seconds you went to the Source and returned. I could only say that you did a meditation, reconnected with the Source, absorbed PRESENCE and then opened your eyes for the course of “the day…”. Here some might say “Oh, but if we have already returned to Phase 0 (zero), and if the goal of the experience is to return to that Phase, then why don’t we stay there anymore? Oh, because there was an immense baggage to be rescued… There was still a lot to be reviewed, accessed, lived. There was a whole history to be rewritten, written, felt, expanded, and this could not happen without “The Journey Back and Forth” at the given time. Consider it as if you were attending college in another country, studying, learning and expanding, and you needed some family reinforcement. You went to your home, absorbed that energy and returned to continue your studies.

Phase 1: The migration of consciousness cited in Phase 0 (zero) to this Phase begins. In this phase, you are still fully conscious in your higher spiritual expressions, without any energetic condensation of the Earth (or Plasma Covers or Astral Bodies, as you call them). Here you are, again, after the “reset”, assuming the galactic personality, (Siriana, Pleiadian, Arcturian, Capeline, Orione, Alpha Centaurian, Andromedan, for example…). You have left the state of Phase 0 (zero) and have quickly assumed your galactic personality/identities again. In Phase 1, you are still fully aware and already know the challenges you will experience. You are connected to your Higher selves and are fully aware of your spiritual/galactic identities and your connections to Source. You know where you came from and why you are in Gaia/Terra. You know that in the next dive you will not remember any more of this. You are on the first layer of the Earth, of the Terran experience.

Phase 2: Incarnations begin not yet in physicality, but a pre-incarnation, this one in the astral of the Earth, which I will call “Plasmic Incarnations” or “Astraic Incarnations” (incarnations in the Astral Plane). At that time, the Astral/Plasmic Plane of the Earth was very similar to what is the third density of the Earth today. There was only a greater subtlety. To better understand, it is as if at that time the Astral/Plasmic Plane of the Earth was as the Earth is now in that density, and the physicality itself, even denser and heavier. So, in that period, when you entered that second phase, you were already beginning to forget the whole package that you previously had in phase 0 (zero) and 1 (one). Here in Phase 2, you are already in deep diving process. In this Phase, you incarnated and disincarnated more quickly in your Astral/Plasmic bodies and did not become aware “on the other side” that in this case would be Phase 1 (or Zero), as it naturally happens now on Earth. When you disincarnate, most of you already “wake up” from the other side, the spiritual side, knowing that there is a spiritual side. At that time, in this phase, you disincarnated and you were already quickly reincarnated in another body. These bodies were adults (in this phase you were entering already adult bodies, not going through the phase of the child and adolescence) and built so that you were already adapting to the new phase that would come, Phase 3, the incarnation itself in physicality. In the future, these phases would adjust. I will explain more below. Here in Phase 2 one can also consider an incarnation, for you had a glimpse of the challenges because you already received the strong and intense energies of density, with the respective emotions and conflicts. You were already beginning to know and experience duality. But in this phase of incarnation, when you disincarnated and quickly entered another body, you did not remember the “other life”. You already had the layers of oblivion.

Phase 3: This is the actual incarnation in physicality (normally already passing through the phase of the child, adolescence and reaching adulthood). It is much denser, being seven times denser in the initial period, than incarnations in Phase 2. At the time, the ready physical bodies went through constant adjustments in their DNAs which were, in many cases, painful energetic adjustments for all who inhabited them. Very dense bodies if compared to all the other bodies they had experienced, not to mention the extremely oppressive energetic atmosphere, incomparable to the subtle vibrations of the worlds you came from, and even of the Astral/Plasmic Zones of the Earth. The incarnation processes in this phase were slower, because adjustments needed to be made to each group of souls descending to that phase, for the continuous improvement of the experience. Meanwhile, other groups of souls “higher up” in the primary phases of the experience began their descents, from Phase Zero to the Third. It was a constant ascent and descent in an elliptical movement of descent and ascent of souls. With this, the vibration of the experience increased and, throughout the ages, the whole movement was smoothed. While this ascent and descent of souls takes place, an energetic ellipse is formed by this movement and in the centre of this ellipse – which is the heart of Gaia – the energy of the nucleus expands considerably and little by little reaches the layers of consciousness of Phases 3 to 0, from the centre of the planet’s heart to the surface. The energy of the entire upper energy field of Phase 1 and 0 (zero) is projected from the Cosmos, while there is also a projection of the subtlest layers of the Earth (Gaia’s heart) towards the surface of the planet resulting in an energetic compression of the experience. (The energy that comes from “above”, from the Cosmos, meets the energy that comes from “below” the subtlest layers of the Earth, Gaia’s heart, both colliding on the surface of the Planet, causing the phenomenon “compression and rupture”, which COBRA deals with in this message

For the english version see COBRAS blog:

A great “explosion” of Light then unfolds on the physical surface of the planet, which will completely dissolve the veil, promoting an accelerated movement of expansion and reconnection in the consciousness of all beings present on Gaia. (All this phase of intense elliptical activity is in progress at this moment, near a great apex)

This explosion will be felt in all hearts. It will not be something to “be seen”, but felt so intensely, that some will cry with emotion even without knowing exactly why, then taken by a feeling of indescribable Love, a spiritual joy and peace such as they have never felt. At this moment, the physicality of the Earth will enter into a rapid fusion between planes, and the separations of the Vibrational Planes will quickly break down. I have to say that there will still be those resistant to it, but no problem. Most of humanity will already be prepared to deal with them lovingly. And let me say more: “The bell has already begun to ring…”. That’s what you’ve been doing there. As you become aware of your true galactic/cosmic/ascent identity, you speed up that process and deconstruct the game.


Going back in time amidst all these events, from the thousands of ages that went by, many others like you who remained as “special cards for special moments” came down in your midst, while many entered more and more into the game and went deeper into oblivion and pain. These beings descended and, as part of the agreement, would remember much more quickly who they were to help others to remember who they were. They would also sacrifice themselves. Many gave their lives for this experience, for their loving ending. Many arrived at key moments that transformed the history of the earth forever. They were the helping hand you had been waiting for, saying before the great dive: “But what if we lose ourselves so deeply, so deeply that we do not achieve such an achievement, that of returning? And you heard from us: “Signs will be sent down through the ages. You will always be pulled back, always! We will never leave you!”. Then many of these came and incarnated among you. Abraham was one of them. He came with the mission to intensify the Light on the planet and give a new great sign. Finally, many, many have come down. Moses, Mohammad, Siddhartha Gautama, Krishna and many others. The one you knew as Jesus initiated the phase of deconstruction of Phase 2 as it was, because until this period, just before him, there were pre-incarnations in the astral/plasmatic dimensions. With his arrival, he entered the second phase, occupied an astral/plasmatic body there, and spent 2 (two) thousand of his linear years in this phase, preparing for the descent into phase 3, the most difficult, the most dense, the most challenging. While he was in this incarnation – in Phase 2 – Jesus began to deconstruct all the mechanisms previously built to maintain that phase, because they were no longer necessary.

During this period, before Jesus arrived, before incarnating in physicality – in Phase 3 – everyone went through Phase 2 as a profound preparation. A few years incarnating in that environment for the definitive descent into Phase 3. At that time, when the incarnates of Phase 3 disincarnated, they did not return to Phase 2. They were left in a kind of “vacuum”, which was not in Phase 2, nor in Phase 1. There was simply no “resting point and breath” (this was also foreseen in the plan, it was part of the game). In this vacuum, the Higher Self quickly began to redirect reincarnation into physicality – Phase 3 – collecting the energies generated in the previous incarnation and mapping out from there the new entrance into that Phase. Thus, incarnations were faster and without many pauses. The consciousness, as soon as it left the body in Phase 3, could even become “loose” on top of Phase 2, but it did not re-incarnate in it again, in the astral/plasmatic bodies, nor did it access Phase 1 (Galactic Consciousness). There were few souls who, just for special reasons, returned to incarnate again in Phase 2, and did not even access a bit of Phase 1 Galactic Consciousness. Only very few, just in special cases. The normal, the common, were only the descents Phase by Phase, as already described above.

With the arrival of Jesus, all this changed. He deconstructed Phase 2. During the 2 (two) thousand years he was incarnated in this Phase preparing for the physicality of Phase 3 he created spiritual temples for restoring souls, powerful crystalline chambers, “spiritual hospitals”, or the so-called “transitory houses”. Environments known to you today as “Our Home”, for example. Environments to receive souls when they leave physicality. Environments to prepare those souls, so that they can re-enter the physicality and follow their soul plans. Here, the souls were no longer in a vacuum, it made it possible, so that they could have a place to “rest” and program their re-entry into Phase 3. At this point, when the souls left the physicality and reached the astral/plasmic plane (Phase 2), it was already lighter, much lighter, completely modified and subtle, making it possible, immediately, when entering it, to access many packages of their galactic identities! Thus, from this moment on, when you left the Physical Plane, you entered this Astral Plane already lighter, accessing with partial and sometimes total recollection of your galactic identity. Even if you did not ascend completely – a fact that would lead you to the consciousness of Phase 1 – you already felt great relief, and it was a new impulse to re-enter Phase 3, physicality. This was a great balm for everyone. Everything was prepared by him, Jesus, even before his incarnation in Phase 3. After all this was done and after having placed angels in the four corners of the earth to make sure that their constructions were maintained, he began his descent into Phase 3, taking with him an enormous group of souls also prepared for the great mission. And to give the signal that would change, forever, the destiny of the Earth, a fact that would ensure that you would successfully complete the entire journey, a true teamwork. He himself, Jesus, says this even today, when they try to boast of his mission. He says in most advice where he is going and that I, Ashtar, am present, and I have already heard: “I was a human and still am. I just gave my share of help in the whole process. But those of you, who remain there, do more than I do. I kiss your feet for your courage and determination. I went to carry a flag, that of Love and this, this is the sign. The sign that would keep shining the hope of remembering deeply who you really are, and they have sustained it ever since. So it is not I who deserves applause”.

When he incarnated in physicality, there was a “bellowing” of the negative forces of the planet who definitely saw that nothing else they did could prevent the loving conclusion of the experience. After that, several other signs of Gaia were fired throughout the Cosmos. There was then an avalanche of beings from various other systems making themselves available to help in the experiment as well. The dark forces tried at all costs to prevent the Elliptical Force from continuing to be active, also firing signals into the whole galaxy so that unauthorized races would somehow send help so that the experience would continue, but with even more pain, and this would perpetuate forever, for all were without end, without the predicted loving conclusion. In the midst of all this “spiritual battle,” astral environments were also built by our Fleets (Ashtar Command) around the Earth to contain certain more disconnected souls who wished to cause more trouble. While these desperate conflicts were taking place on the part of those more disconnected and wishing to keep the darkness deep, more angels began to incarnate, and beings from thousands of stars in your galaxy and beyond, causing a drastic acceleration of the planet’s energy, considerably increasing consciousness, and then beginning the deepest process of rupture of the Matrix, from Phase 3. And here you are! You had until about the end of the eighties to sustain an energy that would prevent drastic and traumatic changes in physicality and you were very successful in this task. They didn’t have to be traumatic. You prevented nuclear destruction and celestial bodies from being attracted by the force of vibration to destroy the planet. You had until 2012 to ensure the support of other light energy that would ensure that more help arrived, and so it happened! More Indigos, Crystals, Diamonds and Rainbows began to incarnate, en masse. And you had until the middle of this year (2019) to sustain another energy that would guarantee our approach and more direct contact with all of you, as soon as possible. And here we are. You were brilliant! You are brilliant! Shall we go home?


So, dear souls of this wonderful experience, you are returning… Returning to the point of origin! Returning with all a special baggage, this one that will serve for all ages without end. I know how difficult, exhausting, terrifying it was for most. I know how many times you wanted to give up, and if you did, with honor you would be applauded. I know how many times you wondered if it would take too long, how many times you wondered if it could be less painful, and if you would have more support. I have heard all your questions, and I still do. But what matters most now is that the return home has begun and you are in the joy of this return, even if some sparks of pain remain, the pain of “cosmic oblivion,” the pain of apparently having been abandoned, forgotten in a dark, lonely and devastating environment. I know how difficult that was. But remember, “of all the volunteers we will choose only the most capable among the most capable, the strongest among the strongest…” (Excerpt from the message “It was Once upon a Time: for the english text see our english material!!!

It was a difficult experience, but only beings like you would succeed. And so it was. You are now, deeply connected, more aware and knowing that all this was worthwhile. That’s what you were here for. That’s what you incarnated for. So that your inner brilliance would shine amidst such density and from within, the transformation would take place. Now, on this elliptical journey back, you have been “dragging everyone with you”, in the wake of the Light you have expanded, those who come into contact with you and today are instantly drawn into that Light. Most of the time you need to do nothing, just be who you are, in the brightness of your Light. Realize that many other souls when they look into your eyes, they either look into your eyes, deeply, showing a clear sign of being open to allowing that loving merging, or they look away. In that case, they feel insecure about facing their own Light through your eyes, because facing their own Light brings with it the need to also face their shadows reflected in the Light of your gaze. And once again, your loving energy will lead them to reflect. Your energy will be the warning sign for them: “THE SHIP HAS ARRIVED! TIME TO RETURN HOME”. And even if they try to deny it, they will not resist this call. At least most won’t, because they came with you, and they will want to come back with you.

Surely the very few who do not wish to begin their journey back now, will benefit from the trail of Light that you have left, and this will be the luminous path that they will take as a basis for their return. And this will not take long either, for they too are finalizing their experiences. While most of you have practically finished, there remains the joy of knowing that the SHIP IS ALREADY READY, AND THE RETURN TRAVEL STARTS, passing through all ages in its multidimensionality, leaving an intense trail of Light in this wonderful elliptical return of this experience.

Many of you expect our ships to land in your fields, make many displays in your skies, and then all enter and leave. We want you to know that this return is much deeper than that and simply to get on a ship and leave would be “dull”. You wouldn’t do that (smile)! Understand this return is not as someone who leaves one city for another, but a return to a state of consciousness that really does not matter what environment you are in. You will be at home! A state of ascending consciousness, where it will not matter if you are in the warm desert or in a comfortably cooled and cozy environment. YOUR RETURN HOME IS NOT TO GO TO A SPECIFIC PLACE; IT IS TO BE IN YOU, IN YOUR FULLNESS, LOVE AND PEACE. Yes, you will return to your galactic points of origin, for that was also the arrangement, but that would happen when your inner Lights were lit in such a way that you could bring this galactic home close to you in exactly the environment that you were in. When you can realize that it is not a specific place that makes you ascended, but a simple state of consciousness. And this is what you are achieving. This will all happen when you begin to incorporate your galactic identities into this dimension, when the identity of who you really are, begins to be accessed in this physical dimension that you are in now – a time when you would download the entire cosmic package of your history, and your Light would expand further, dissolving the Veil into pieces, “destroying” the Matrix from the inside out! (See Avatar/Cosmobiography Name: for the english text, see our english material!!!

At that point, when this begins to happen, you will begin the great journey back and this process has already begun, and much more intensely, especially in the crossing of the great marker 2012. And here you are, in the enthusiasm of the return. And in all this process, you have begun to experience, thanks to your expanded states of consciousness, the transformations of ascension: the transformation of your biological bodies from carbon-based to new bodies on a crystalline basis, until you completely reach bodies of pure luminous structure, dissolving the physicality in the Light of this transformation and integrating your enlightened consciousness into the physical, becoming ONE.

Know, dear ones, you are ascended beings retaking that consciousness. You are Lights returning to this consciousness. You are already Divine regaining that consciousness. You are galactic beings regaining this consciousness! Nothing more can be said at this point. It is what it is.


Finally, dear ones, after so much, after a deep beginning when everything was absolutely ONE, then you were “torn” from that ONE, the confusion that all this caused in your beings, the pain of that disconnection, the unrestrained search to stay in the experience so that it had its loving purpose achieved and, at the same time, the intense need for “womb”, for “home”, for a reconnection with the ONE, suffocated you through the ages. But you remained implacably determined. No matter the darkness in which you were immersed, you knew that the Light of your hearts would guide you! Oh! What pride! In the midst of it all, of all this game, you were still creative, experts in your fields, pathfinders, beacons, healers; you remained who you are even without the memory of it. In some way, you have kept that memory, though unconscious, of who you really are, and it has always been present in your so many lives, through the ages and ages of the Earth!

And how many were they? Dear ones, you have had between 44 and 1,144 lives on this planet, between Phases 2 and 3. Oh, do you think so much? No. You wanted more. We were the ones, who reduced the amount (smiles). The newer entrants, those who came to the experience less time ago have between 1 and 8 lives. Yes, there are beings who started having their first lives there on Earth, isn’t that great? I know, there are many calculations in your heads now, but it is not a time for that. Just feel in your hearts the truths of these statements. You know them. You who have programmed everything (smile). We just help. Let me say more: today, at least seven (7) billion souls on earth have at least fifteen (15) incarnations since Jesus Christ. Oh, don’t get caught up in those calculations. Your linear minds will not, at the moment, be able to understand the depth of all this. Not that you do not have the intellect for it; I only want you to feel it in your hearts. The entire body of beings that is actively connected to this experience today, among those who are incarnated in the physicality and astral zones of the planet, added to those who are aboard the ships waiting to incarnate and interact in some way with the experience, both astral and physical, (or even descending in their galactic robes, uhum!), are about 89 (eighty-nine) billion souls. And I am not counting the Fleets – who will not incarnate directly on the surface – who are here to “watch” and support those 89 (eighty-nine) billion souls who will incarnate. Some will find much, others not so much, but I don’t care about that either. It’s just numbers (laughs). For thousands of years, there has not been much alternation in incarnations. They were almost always the same beings incarnating in physicality for ages, assuming various roles at various times, in various incarnations. Now, a great relay will take place. Many of those 89 (eighty-nine) billion will begin to descend, while the souls who have incarnated for ages will begin to stay more on the “other side” here, except for a few key pieces that will continue to descend and ascend, constantly. This is subject for another message (smile). Oops! And before you ask “won’t you weigh the 89 (eighty-nine) billion” coming down… Obviously, they won’t all be at once. Remember that this will take a while… (Smile.) And you won’t incarnate several lives in a row either, as you did.

Beloved, I am very happy with the opportunity to give you a little more of your history, a remembrance of who you are! My deep gratitude once again to you, dear Neva, for your availability. (Neva: always at your disposal, dear. I also thank you! My embrace to you all, as always!)

I would also like this message of mine to be narrated by many voices. Narrate it, share it on your social networks, put the vibration of your voices into this message, or record it for yourselves to listen to in your particular environment. Again, reinforcing my embrace and continued support, know that I am with you, through the ages, listening to each of your thoughts and always believing in your powers. No one has ever taken or will ever take away from me the belief in your strength!

Finally, I would like my dear Neva (Gabriel RL), to provide you with links to other messages that can in some way complement this message of mine, to help you understand even more deeply all that was/is this experience:

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The journey is not over yet. Now you travel back home, and I’ll be on the ride!

And so it is.


Your brother,


Ashtar Sheran – “The History of Creation” Series

By Neva (Gabriel RL) 19 August 2020

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Dear Ones, this is a series of messages that Ashtar is giving me about “The History of Creation”. There will be four (4) parts.

Please read in tune with this song below. I particularly recommend that you put the music at a nice time and then read the message aloud. You may feel wonderful vibrations of light in your bodies.

Neva (Gabriel RL)

Translation & Revision: Sio Smorgon & C. Smork Non

Ashtar – “The History of Creation – Part 1: The stages of development, the uncertainties, the start, the dinosaur experience and more…”

By Neva (Gabriel RL) 25 May 2020

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Dear Ones, this is a message from a series of messages that Ashtar is giving me about “The History of Creation”. It will be four parts, and this is the first part of the complete message. All the other parts will be published here in the next few days. To access all the parts (when they are already published), go to the footer link, where they will all be grouped together. Have a nice trip in this reading!

Please read in tune with this song below. I particularly recommend that you put the music at a nice time and then read the message out loud. You may feel wonderful light vibrations in your bodies.

Neva (Gabriel RL)



“The stages of development, the uncertainties, the start, the dinosaur experience and more…”

Greetings, Family!

It is good to be here once again. I come with joy in my heart to share a little more with you all, my beloved family. A little more of your history, the beginning of this experience and how it unfolded throughout the ages and ages. A little of the history of creation. A fragment of history, in fact. You are now on the verge of a conclusion. A point which all of you and we were waiting for. A point where your dedication made all the difference. This point and apex are right here. Believe me! This is exactly where you would like to be. None of you would like to be outside this moment. I am, at this moment, completely projected, and I ask my dear Neva (Gabriel RL) for a complete opening, which will allow me to access your spheres and assume your energy field, so that fusion can occur. Do not worry. This is not a “possession” (smile). She and I have an agreement. An agreement of many ages and we are happy about it. It is a pleasure to speak with all of you through her. This is not the first or the last time this has happened. I still have a lot to deliver to you, whether in this form of written or oral channelling. “Neva, I want you to be an observer and at the same time completely merged with me, as always. I will be giving you so that you decode more information than usual, more than your linearization capacity is used to. So, take it easy during this channelling. Don’t be in a hurry when writing. You will have all the time in the world for this transmission and I will go with you to the conclusion, as always. This will not be a short channel, on the contrary, I will deliver in parts due to the amount of information I intend to bring”. It is a wonderful time for that, my dear ones, and it is time to know a little more of these truths. Many of you observe information everywhere, but it is important that you always have a lot of discernment, even in my messages. I want you to feel them, to perceive the Love that I give through them, and even if you cannot understand some things, allow your souls to understand. Your souls… The soul of each one knows everything, because it is connected to everything that exists.

The uncertainties and the surrender of the Seeds of the Stars

I know, dear ones, that many of you still wonder how you got here and how you will get out of here, although there is so much information and reports about your origins and what you came to do. But there is a “want to know more” or the wish to have the absolute proof of it. But regardless of the doubts that surround you, sometimes there is always that spiritual force that all of you carry and that keeps you determined to continue! I know that no matter how committed you are to the spiritual work that is incumbent upon you, you have at times made yourself available to the reality of the earth – still different from the high dimensions from which you all came – which makes it difficult and suffocates, I know. But I also know that it needed to be you. It had to be you! You were the most capable among the most capable, and it was not I who made that judgement; it was you yourselves, in your truths and awareness of your potentials. I invited you to the mission and you accepted. It was you who believed you were capable! Merits for your own innate capacity and power that you concluded that yes, it was possible. That it was possible to enter the lowest vibrations and expand the Light from within such dense environments as it was in the beginning. They were able to stay connected, in some way, to the Source, even though they had departed from it quite painfully, by immersing themselves in that experience. I came to you aeons ago and invited you to this experience, and here you are! The most capable among the most capable, the strongest among the strongest. (See message “Once upon a time” – –see the english text under the heading „About Me“ Neva (Gabriel RL)!!!

You have chosen each other. I just emphasized that choice and I am very proud of it. To know that I could count on you and I will be able to count on you for the ages, because our essence is the same.

I know your intense pains in this reality – as I have spoken to you over time with my messages through Neva and other tuned channellers. I know of your “Seed Contract” (see message “The Contract of the Star Seeds”: (Pleiadian) – “The Contract for Star Seeds and Planetary Ascension

see the english text under the heading „About Me“ Neva (Gabriel RL)!!!)

– which was also a request from you. At no time were you forced to do anything, as you always had and have choices and were always able to give up. You have always been able to say “Enough! I can’t take any more!” But there you are! Oh!… I say with all the truth of my heart: I have a deep respect, pride and admiration for everyone! You can count on me for the ages to come. My dear ones, the story of Earth goes beyond even your own arrival as Star Seeds. It goes far beyond! Many of you arrived after the creation of the Earth, and when it was already in full development. Others arrived when it was still forming its layers and dimensions. Still others are the new generation of Seeds, which began to arrive on the planet in the early 1980s, up to the present moment in their linear time – here emphasizing the great crystalline arrivals from 2012 to this present moment. I must also ask, in case you have not read (or heard) my message that I delivered through Neva (Gabriel RL): “Ashtar – ‘The 3 (three) stages of diving, How many lives have you had? The intrusion. Going back in time and more…'” – Let them read it. If you have read it, reread it, for it is a fundamental complement to this message of mine of now, which I am delivering. Anyway, I ask Neva here to leave you the link (Neva: Here is the message he quotes: https://www.sementesdase thr english text see above!!!) or the message itself at the end of this one that I am delivering to you. My quoted message is part of this one and vice versa. One is a complement to the other. It is fundamental to merge both, so I emphasize.

There is a lot of history still to be told. There is much to be revealed. Or rather, remembered. And here we go with some more of your history, from when it all started, or at least some information of when the “start” was given, so that your memories can keep opening! It’s time to open the Akasha! You will be, little by little, reacquiring this information and remembering all this, because the veils are being removed and your connection with us is increasing. Our messages will also serve as a trigger for these re-acceptions. With each genuine access of your hearts, there is a further expansion of our genuine messages. I say this, for surely you know that there are those who at times wish to pass through us in a way that may bring discomfort or disharmony. It is important that you know that your open heart is an excellent compass to guide you along the way. You cannot be deceived if you are light-hearted and joyful, for your field of protection and your discernment are greatly increased. Feel the energy of our messages. We carry special codes in them that make your hearts vibrate and even though your minds often do not understand, there is something within you that attests to the truth of our words, for you too are part of those fleets that communicate with you through the various channels that transmit throughout the world. Not to mention direct contact with yourselves through your dreams, intuitions, sensations. There are various means for direct or indirect communication with you: just open up, because you will see and feel our messages everywhere.

After this necessary introduction, let us go to what I want to give you, so that you will finally remember who you are.

The Start

Just as it was given to them in the Old Scriptures and reverberated over the millennia by various sources “God said, ‘Let there be light! And and there was light'” billions of years ago this material universe – one of a few – was created, and with it all the experience in which you are inserted from the beginning. And here I ask my dear Neva to attach (see – for the english text see under the heading „The Universes“!!!) the channelling about the Material Universe – the immense reality manifested as in a snap of fingers. When the Creator Source said “Let it be done”, it was instantly done. Everything was created at the same time, in a snap of the fingers. But the experiences and the development in each part of each sector took its own appropriate time. Imagine several people in one room, all of them with the same goals, wanting the same things! All these people are individualities and they all arrived in the room together, all of them, because they were taken in the same transport and at the same time. They all entered at the same time and they were given the same tasks. However, each of them will perform their own at the appropriate time, according to their points of view and understanding. So it was in this material universe. Now there you are, great souls who have asked the Source for an opportunity to experience “something new”, something that could expand their consciousness, something that could give them more expansion. I know that some of you perhaps cannot understand the fact that everything in this universe was created at the same time and at the same time I also tell you that each sector followed its proper time, its linearity. You need to leave your minds a little aside, the need for rationalization and just feel the energy of this message. Your souls will understand, for they were there. They saw and they know what I am talking about and why I am talking this way. Everything was created at the same time and exists forever in the NOW. In this dimension, everything walks in its time, in its rhythm, in its linearity. Only be aware of this in your hearts. Do not try to understand it with your minds. This is an understanding “beyond the mind”. It is for your soul – and your soul is timeless. Timeless souls of loving and kind unity who have come down to the Planet for a great experience in duality and linearity. You have had to adapt to the experience, and many have not yet completely. But this is not the point. The point is that the experience has begun… And there you are.

It is sometimes difficult for the plumber (Neva, Gabriel RL) to transmit as much information as I have been sending now. I’ve never sent as many blocks to her as I’m doing. “- Neva, just keep transmitting what you can. Don’t rush or be afraid of ‘losing the content’. I will repeat it if I have to. Let’s continue.”

Dear ones, just have it in your hearts that everything was created now, at the same moment, and everything had its time to develop. And when I say that everything had its time to develop is only for your mind in its linear concept to understand. Even if I say don’t worry about understanding this point, a simple breath of mental understanding will already help. So, in these blocks that I will deliver, I will try to transfer the information in a linear way for your better understanding.

There has been a creation. The Creator Source desired this manifestation. It was made. The experiment has begun. The time for it has begun. It was something incredible! You asked for this experience. You lived in the Eternal Paradise, in deep Love and contemplation, but you wished, as I said, for a new experience. “What’s out there…?” – You asked, “Is there darkness? What is there…?”. And you wished to discover. And the Creator Source said, “So be it! Let there be Light!” (Understanding, knowing, understanding, observing, seeing what was “out there”; out of this connection with Creator Source.) So the great separation from Source began and every experience in duality was initiated/manifested/expressed. The Creator Source is Light, and you wanted to know what was outside of that Light. So it was granted, dear beings. As I have said to my fleets, THE ONLY DIRECT THREATENING TO YOU IS THE NON-KNOWLEDGE OF WHO YOU ARE. And you are expanding your consciousness and remembering who you are. So, there is nothing else in front of you, nothing else that can stop your return to HOME.

Eternal Soul, your consciousness has projected from the Source into those dimensions where it is now. Systems, Galaxy Clusters, Galaxies, Solar Systems, Planets… There is the Earth… (And there you are.) One of several planets in this universe. One of several that were created for many experiences. A deeper experience in duality!

The process of spherical condensation occurred in space where planet Earth is today. Many forces were activated, and the Physical Earth was manifest. Eras and ages. Its core was harmonizing. Volcanic explosions were everywhere. The planet was an immense glowing Magma-ball. There was a smoke that covered the surface preventing the arrival of solar glow, and all life was beginning its development. The whole process of material life was constantly restarted, many times. Beings of the multiverses arrived to observe all this movement and expansion of life, eager to give their share of direct help, delivering their seeds to fertilize life on Earth. But for the time being, intervention was not permitted in any way. Prior self-development was necessary. It took time. It took time until everything was more settled and life began to form on the planet. Aeons of time. Civilizations from other systems were already approaching the Earth and were observing more closely its development, the birth of life, the formation of the seas, the dry portions grouping together in the formation of, at first, a great continent that took over half the planet, while the other half was water. (See Yes, water had already formed in the physicality of the Earth. Water which is the representation of the resilience of its soul, of its high capacity to renew and renew itself, constantly.

In this, my dear ones, eons of time had passed, billions of years. Gaia, the spirit of the Earth was happy! Life on its surface was already developing. The plasmic layers had already adjusted and created everything manifest in physicality: rivers, seas, mountains… And the stage was being completely set for the experience – one of, if not the most complex experience in the galaxy. Gaia continued to breathe her life to the surface, creating from herself also the essences that would inhabit the physical bodies. Those newborn souls of Gaia experienced all the kingdoms, mineral, plant, animal and expanded, expanding and waiting for the moment to enter the human kingdom. The course of things followed normally, each in its own time, just as a seed is planted, and it is necessary to wait for its germination to bear fruit.

Billions of years after this initial start of Earth’s existence – which for the Cosmic Consciousness was NOW – groups and more Extraterrestrial Groups, of Multiversal Consciousnesses were already closer to the experience (about a hundred million years ago) beginning, in some way, their most direct collaborations. They were already projecting their energies to the Earth, their looks and future intentions. At that time, Gaia was fully active in her self-development of life, especially of those you have heard of: the dinosaurs. I will talk more about this later. Among so many beings of this universe and even others who projected their gazes toward the Earth, because of the intense attraction they felt for it, even though they often didn’t even know why, there were obviously those who had more particular than collective intentions. Some, simply, would like to have the Earth as their “amusement park” and/or “genetic testing area” and, in many cases, without regard for the loving expression of life itself. I want to emphasize that there is no room for judgement here, dear; it is only loving surrender to information. Refrain from any judgements so that they do not break through the low frequencies and lose the energetic fluidity of that reading and the crystalline codes that are given to you at this time through that information. Just open your hearts. I know you have seen a lot of information by various means. So, before you continue, breathe and ask for our loving presence. We will listen. Breathe… Breathe lovingly calling us, and we will hear you. It is an immense joy for us to be with you. “- Neva, continue the translation.”

About the intrusion

I already told you that. I’ve already talked about “The Intrusion” in my message (“The 3 (three) stages of diving, how many lives have you had? The intrusion, going back in time and more…”) that Neva left for you at the beginning of this channelling. I leave the specific paragraph for you to understand what I mean about those beings who, in many phases of the development of the experience, had more particular than collective intentions, thinking only of “their tests” and “experiences” that concerned their interests.

From the beginning, the middle, and up to the present moment, there are beings who have desired, entered, and challenged to interfere, neglecting the Galactic Codex and the norms of non-interference (these, updated and strengthened on December 21, 2012 of your linear time). Certainly, they can no longer do so now, simply because you have sustained enough light and energy, creating an impenetrable magnetic barrier, and counting also on our more active presence, since you are assured in the Protocols of the Supreme Source of no further intrusions in any way. Thus, the passage below from my previous message is only for you to understand a little more about these points of “intrusion”:

“I must also say that in the midst of all this cosmic preparation for the EVENT – which would be this experience – other races which were not directly authorized to participate in the construction of this reality were intrigued by what was happening in this sector of the Galaxy. These beings also wanted to participate, but not following a high protocol. They wanted to follow their own personal agenda and, in many cases, completely opposed to development and expansion. Therefore, they could not enter directly. No, until they were called… And they knew how to wait. They were patient, determinedly patient, until the vibratory conditions of those high consciousnesses were compatible with their intrusions. They waited, until those consciousnesses who would participate more actively in the experience merged with the density of what the experience would be, and called them to participate in the game. This too, of course, was foreseen, and nothing would go unnoticed by the Supreme Creator.

They remained around the entire crystalline barrier that protected the construction of the experience. For billions of years they waited and tried to infiltrate the races, especially the Pleiadians and Sirians, intending to induce certain inappropriate modifications. And to a certain extent they achieved a planted seed, an indirect inappropriate reverberation. They could not enter directly into the experiment, but could try to influence, “from outside,” those who had direct access to it. And that is what they did. Although they did not go directly into it, as has been said, they planted a seed in the development of the ideal DNA. But that would inevitably lead them into the experiment. And they didn’t want it that way; not that way. They wanted to enter the experience, but not to live it actively, like the others. They just wanted to control it. And inevitably, they were dragged into it, and many are still on Earth today, but trying to return. Some, for aeons, remained trying to cause problems in the development of the experience, as a form of retaliation for being “trapped” inside it. They could not “tear the veil” because only Love can do that, and they were not yet in tune with that vibration. For a long time, they caused problems with their unsuccessful attempts to leave the Planet. Their calls from those of the same race were not heard, for they fled from this Universe when they realized what was happening and did not want to be “trapped” in the experience either.

Thus, throughout all the ages, the hearts of most of those who remained have been entirely softened, and they too are returning to the HOME. Keep in mind that here I am referring to many races who, in a way, kept you in trouble, for these same races, realizing that they were also trapped here in retaliation, tried to perfect the experience, making it even more difficult. All within a great movement that, in the end, all – or at least the great majority – would come out expanded in consciousness.

Finally, at this point, when I say “prison”, there is no way that I mean that the Earth is one. I speak only so that their linear minds can understand my explanations more clearly. I am also gradually transmitting this message of mine to dear Neva (Gabriel RL), in respect to her linear mind, so that she can translate it in the best possible way. “Neva, a few parentheses for my thanks”. (Neva: “Always at your disposal, dear!”)

I need to say again, dear, that these events of intrusion attempts and direct intrusions have occurred and have occurred since the beginning of time on Earth. Since the beginning. The passage I quoted above does not need to be “plastered” to a specific time, because in various phases of this experience situations like this have occurred. While the whole process for the development of human/human life and all the fauna and flora of the Earth continued its development, more and more beings wanted to “meddle” in the experience, trying to give their shares of collaboration, sometimes for collective and positive ends, sometimes not. Of all this “testing” and “retesting” movement, a reptilian race coming from the Orion Star System, especially from the star Rigel, in alliance with another specific race from the Constellation of Draco entered the experiment more actively after long attempts. It is necessary to state that, although this intrusion happened, everything was within the larger plans – even if it was an “intrusion”. It is also necessary to emphasize that not all beings of Orion/Rigel or Reptilians acted or would act in the same way as those who did not enter the experiment gently, just as not all of the Draco system acted or would act in this way. There are many of these beings who work directly with me in the Ashtar Command and are of very high loving vibration. It is worth emphasizing this, because the human mind tends to label and maculate certain things, without seeing the other side of the story. And here, right after what I will tell you next, you will know what “other side of the story” I am referring to.

About a hundred (100) million years ago, the Earth – as I said – was in this phase of self-development, actively in self-development. Life was expanding in its fauna and flora. The great genetic engineers were aligning themselves for humanoid life. The Pleiadian seed would be planted, definitely. The seeds of Sirius, Arcturus, Andromeda (galaxy and constellation), Capella, Orion, Alfa Centauri, Aldebaran, and others would also give their share to their DNA. In fact, adding up more than twenty (20) direct collaborations from other races, including those I have mentioned. In fact, you have the greatest energy and DNA complexity in the galaxy. I will also talk about that later. Before this, before these more effective inputs from the external seeds, much was already happening. Life in various forms was already abundant on Earth. There were already dinosaurs that dominated the planet.

The Dinosaur Experience

My dear ones, the earth in its enormous variety of life has also created in its heart the dinosaurs at least its initial root. “- Neva, remain relaxed so that I may deliver all that I wish to deliver.” Truly, for some people, this information will make no sense at all, but only to their minds, for to their hearts it will – as I said before. Your souls know these truths, for they were there. You have seen all this development working actively in the spiritual field of the planet or directly in the experience, as natives of this earth environment. Your souls know. I keep saying that they do. Gaia has expanded with many forms of life, including beautiful reptiles that have also developed with some sentience and intelligence. Not all reptilians have come from the Orion Star System, or are of negative vibration and performance, as you think, just as not all draconians have non-positive intentions towards the Earth. ” – Neva, I also ask you to leave here messages that you yourself have channelled from some of these beings who work with my fleets, please”. Also understand that my intention is not to force you to believe what I say, but only to bring clarity to your ideas, in the hope that you will recover all that is within you. All of this is there, my dears. I am just handing over information that you already know, nothing more. You are aware of it. (Neva: I’ll leave the links to these messages at the bottom).

I know that some of you will continue to “turn your eyes” to such statements. My dear ones, I only deliver them, and you have the freedom to choose what/who to believe. Let us hear the call from your heart, which I am sure is vibrant, after all it cannot deny the vibrations that I leave in this message and your connections to them, for you are a part of and have seen all this, as I have said. Or you can continue in the myriad of distorted thoughts and fortified with disharmonious information and energies that still seek hosts to sustain themselves. The choices will always be yours, dear! My job here at Neva is to deliver the information, hoping that they will access your heart. (Neva: I see Ashtar giving a wink with his right eye and a serene smile. Hehehehe!) “- Neva, please continue.

So, my dears, let’s go to the introductory part of what your Wikipedia says about this topic, and I’ll explain it to you next:

“Dinosaurs or dinosaurs (from the Greek δεινός σαῦρος, deinos sauros, meaning “terrible lizard”) constitute a group of several animals, members of the Dinosauria clergy. Dinosaurs are believed to have appeared at least 233 million years ago, and for over 167 million years they were the dominant animal group on Earth, in a geological period ranging from the Triassic period to the end of the Cretaceous period, about 66 million years ago, when a catastrophic event caused the mass extinction of almost all dinosaurs, with the exception of some feathered species, birds.

The most accepted hypothesis is that the meteorite found in the Chicxulub crater on the Yucatan Peninsula was responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs, by colliding with the Earth and causing a large explosion, which instantly charred billions of animals, also raising a cloud of dust so thick that it blocked the sunlight and turned the planet into an extremely cold place, a weather event similar to the nuclear winter, eliminating almost all existing species of dinosaurs. Very few of them survived, and they were all aviaries, small and probably terrestrial, as the forests were largely destroyed by fires after the meteor impact, and only birds that did not depend on trees for food and shelter could have survived.

The fossil record indicates that feathered dinosaurs appeared during the Jurassic period, although there is a possibility that the first dinosaurs already possessed protopenas in the Triassic period. After the mass extinction event, the only dinosaurs that survived were the birds. Using fossil evidence, paleontologists identified over five hundred different genera and over a thousand different species of non-avarian dinosaurs, some being herbivores, others carnivores, as well as biped and quadruped species. Many species had structures, such as horns or ridges (such as the triceratops), and some groups even developed skeletal modifications, such as bone armour (such as the ankylosaurus) and dorsal candles (such as the spinosaurus). These animals varied greatly in size and weight, with adult non-avarian teropod dinosaurs measuring less than forty centimetres (like the epidexipteryx), while the largest sauropods could reach a height of about twenty metres (like the argentinosaurus).

Although the word dinosaur means “terrible lizard”, these animals were not lizards or even reptiles in the traditional sense, but rather ornithologists, differing from reptiles mainly by their erect legs, by their posture, normally active behaviour and avian metabolism, including the maintenance of a constant temperature. During the first half of the 20th century, most of the scientific community believed that dinosaurs were slow and not very intelligent, however, most research since the 1970s indicated that these animals were agile, with high metabolism and numerous adaptations for social interaction, in certain groups, especially teropods. The first dinosaur to be described was the megalosaur, in a work published by William Buckland in 1824, although the naturalist Gideon Mantell had already discovered, in 1822, the fossil of an iguanodon, but only published the description in 1825″. (See:

Dears, I will just rephrase some of the information provided by Wikipedia. The experience with dinosaurs began and developed about one hundred (100) million years ago, and its extinction (not completely) took place about sixty-five (65) million years ago. Why did I say “not completely”? Because not everyone was extinct. There are still some in the Internal Earth, even in Agharta hidden in some deep caves of the soil or those who have seriously suffered interference with their DNA. Do not be alarmed, for everything is under control. The first reptiles that developed into the “dinosaur” species really dominated the Earth for thousands and thousands of years, as I mentioned earlier, and evolved into more sentient forms of existence. At this point, a great deal of interference in the DNA of these animals, of that whole group of animals, more specifically, began. A group of Orion reptilians, the Rigel Star and Draconians of the Draco System signed an alliance and started these genetic manipulations, making these animals extremely aggressive, mixing their own DNAs from one to the other and from the other to the one. The dinosaurs were extremely agile, fast and of gigantic physical strength allied to reptilian/draconian intelligence, persuasion and hypnotic ability, and would become a great army of mental and physical strength. At first sight, this group of reptilian/draconian (a specific group, again emphasizing that they are not all negative and do not only act in this way; there are the positive ones who act lovingly in the Ashtar Command) inserted their DNA into the dinosaurs, this group of animals, and began to perceive their vast improvement in cognitive/sentient ability. The reptile/draco alliance was very lively as it was creating a gigantic army and they would have “their own guard dogs”. On the other hand, they also collected the DNA of the dinosaurs and mixed with their own, becoming stronger, faster and more agile, as I said. It was a perfect blend, they thought!…

From the moment you participate in an experience like this you are dragged into it, in one way or another, becoming part of it, inevitably, as I quoted in the part “The Intrusion”. It has been many, many thousands of years with many similar experiences. Several other races with positive intentions, seeing this manipulation of Reptilians/Draconians, were also encouraged to do something similar. The positive forces observed and were already preparing for more direct interventions at this point. The reptilian/draco alliance also started to create their own genetically modified dinosaurs in their laboratories, but more altered and violent. They developed dangerous weapons. And they began to use these animals in attacks on the systems of the worlds they wanted to invade. It was a big problem. Over the millennia, evolution continued and many developed into more humanoid reptiles, as they are now known, and there were a few without the genetic interference of reptilians/draconians outside the planet. Others, already with immense interference, were violent, aggressive, domineering and tried to dominate those who did not have such genetic interference, because they were more peaceful and calmer.

My dear ones, it was a period of great agitation in the experience. Many native humanoid reptilians as well as billions upon billions of dinosaurs still without their genetically adulterated animal expression (not all of them suffered this external interference) were fleeing to the interior of the Earth not to be captured by the Reptilian/Draconian ships or those of their native species that had suffered genetic interference. It was a real “cat and mouse” hunt.

When the Light Forces began to intervene directly in this experiment, many of those who had not suffered genetic interference as well as those who had, tried to hide in the caves of the Internal Earth all over the world to escape. Yes, for the great Motherships of Light were already hovering over the entire planet to resolve these issues. By this time, the reptilian/draconian souls themselves had already effectively projected themselves into the experience, assuming many bodies of the dinosaurs.

My dear ones, many things have happened throughout this period. This is just a bit of what your linear minds can absorb from this point for the time being, for it is not just information. It is energy delivered together! I am taking you thousands and thousands of years on a spectacular journey, to take back more of your own history. Breathe in a little. Pull your breaths so that I can then continue and finish that part of my channelling. Breathe… Breathe deeply…

Let us continue. Dear Ones, your science tells us that this experiment was finished by a great meteor, as in your Wikipedia text itself says:

“The most accepted hypothesis is that the meteorite found in the crater of Chicxulub, on the Yucatan Peninsula, was responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs, by colliding with the Earth and causing a large explosion, which instantly charred billions of animals, also raising a cloud of dust so thick that it blocked the sunlight and turned the planet into an extremely cold place, a weather event similar to the nuclear winter, eliminating almost all existing species of dinosaurs. Very few of them survived, and they were all aviaries, small and probably terrestrial, as the forests were largely destroyed by fires after the meteor hit, and only birds that did not depend on trees for food and shelter could have survived”.

And here is a revelation, for those of you who do not yet know. It was not a meteor, a comet, or anything like that that collided with the Earth. In fact, nothing like that caused it. It was one of the great Motherships of Light that were already acting more directly around the Earth to drive away these energies and experiences so that a new cycle could begin. At the request of the High Hierarchies, the ship hovered over the main points and began the energization of the Planet to finish the “dinosaur experience”. As I have already informed, many have fled into the great caves. These beings, themselves, hurriedly dug big holes for days when they noticed these movements, because they sensed what would come. By this time, as I have already said, the reptilians/draconians from outside had also completely infiltrated the planet. Both they had their souls inserted in the bodies of the dinosaurs, pulling out the souls of those animals and assuming their bodies (they had technologies for that), and they went down in their ships with their own physical bodies (the alliance of the Reptilians/Draconians that were interfering had physical bodies of 3rd and 4th lower dimensions). There was an invasion, indeed, and they chased the native reptilians, so much so that many of the natives allied themselves to the invaders fearing more retaliation.

The reptilian/raco alliance ships perceiving the intense activity of the Light Forces and the arrival of many Confederate ships began to “retreat”, leaving even many of their members on the surface completely abandoning them. Those alliance ships trying to rescue “theirs” were shot down/prisoned by the Forces of Light. There were many movements there, dear ones. Obviously, this did not happen overnight. It took some time, but all this was just preceding the great action of a huge mother ship called “Candent Star” and, in its command, a great spirit that is known to you as Oxalá. This one was also known in other times as Francis of Assisi, Apostle John the Evangelist, Pharaoh Tutakamon, and was the chief of an Inca tribe established in Machu-Pichu. All these personalities are of this same spirit so familiar to you, and great brother to you, Ashtar.

This great ship hovered over the Chicxulub region of the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, releasing a simple drop of energy, which unleashed on the surface a great movement similar to meteoric fall. It was a direct action of the Forces of Light that ended that experience. Although some escaped from the surface, the experience itself, as it was, was completely finished. Even if some do not accept this information as true, I do not worry about it. I know from your hearts, I know you know the truth. This same ship with this same leader that led you to the completion of this experiment would return thousands of years later to hover over a region you know as “Lake Titicaca” located between Peru and Bolivia. There was no lake there, but the ship released another drop of light causing a great explosion and a huge crater, forming then Lake Titicaca. This kind being followed instructions from the High Hierarchies to carry out the finalizations and restarts of certain experiments.

My dear, beloved souls, my dear family, I finish this part with great joy in my heart. Reread as often as necessary, and allow the rekindling of these memories in all of you who, as I have been emphasizing, are within each one. You are aware of these truths. You have seen it all happen. It is within you. The information you are receiving here, for many, is unprecedented. Even for Neva, because the information she had before said that this passage was, completely, a reptilian/draconian experience. She didn’t know about the reptilian sentient natives of Gaia – which is not wrong. She just needed to know what would complement the information she already had. (Neva: – I see Ashtar giving another wink with her eye, hehehe!) There are more things she didn’t know that are being a “wow!” to her (smile). Neva is also surprised and grateful for the information.

Until the next part of my message, when I will bring the topics “Sowing and the native souls of the Earth”. …and more!

These are the truths.

And so it is.


Your brother,


Translation & Revision: Sio Smorgon & C. Smork Non

Ashtar – “The History of Creation – Part 2: The process of these channellings. The sowing. Native souls of the Earth and more…”

By Neva (Gabriel RL) 12 June 2020

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Dear Ones, this is a message from a series of messages that Ashtar is giving me about “The History of Creation”. It will be some parts, and this is the first part of the complete message. All the other parts will be published here in the next few days. To access all the parts (when they are already published), go to the footer link, where they will all be grouped together. Have a nice trip in this reading!

Please read in tune with this song below. I particularly recommend that you put the music at a nice time and then read the message out loud. You may feel wonderful light vibrations in your bodies.

Neva (Gabriel RL)



“The process of channelling. The sowing. Native souls of the Earth. The marks left along the cycles. Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden. The metaphor of the apple and the completeness of being. Lucifer and the Rebellion. Judas. The Hall of Mirrors”.

Greetings, Family!

It is good to be here once again. After a pause to assimilate what I gave you in the first part, let’s continue with our journey back to your heritage: a bit of your history both as humans of the Earth as well as galactics, in its many expressions. It is interesting to note the growth of their energy fields as they read our messages. We measure with our devices the considerable increase in their vibration. It is wonderful to see! While I am currently in direct fusion with Neva (Gabriel RL) to deliver this message, we also monitor her energy field. In fact, we have been projecting and increasing the flow of energy that we send to her for some time now for her to adapt to what we will then deliver. At this time, just as she is sitting in the chair of her work environment, I am completely projected onto her, while at the same time we measure the frequency increase of her energy. This is how it happens with the colours we see as you read our messages. Your energy field expands, and as I have been saying in my messages, no matter how much your mind cannot understand certain things at first glance, your heart warms up and brings that soft, light feeling of Home: the feeling of Family. And that, dear souls, is what we also love to deliver beyond the most specific information. We love to arrive with our family energy, which is recognizable by your hearts, because we know that this is also a fuel to continue you in your missions.

In case you have not read or heard my previous message – which is the first part of it – I ask Neva to please inform her link in the footer. It is important that you read all of its respective parts and that the ideal time line is formed to better adapt your brains to a faster understanding. But regardless of whether it is the first or second part, your souls are already well acquainted with these accounts. They have lived through everything I am delivering. Nothing here is new to you, beloved Family. I am just reminding you and it is a great joy for me to do so. So, Neva, please, again I ask you: allow me to come closer to your fields in truth, so that I can deliver as much as you can translate into your language. Your complete openness and detachment from any concern is fundamental. The same must happen to you who are reading or listening to this message. It is important that you detach yourselves, that you allow these energies to flow in your hearts and bodies, so that there is a better energetic coupling in your fields. And if there is still any doubt if my message is true or not, please close your eyes and call us. Call us, in truth. Ask for the truth. Ask to feel the vibration in your hearts, the Love and the warmth of Home that we send you. It will be no problem for us to do so; indeed, it is an immense joy. So I continue to deliver this message that I asked Neva to channel.

The process of these channellings

In the previous message, I spoke about some themes in your story, such as the initial start of this reality, the uncertainties and the surrender of all of you, dear Seeds of Stars, and even you who do not consider yourself one, know now this truth: you are. You are not on Earth now. You have been on it for a long time. And even though you are a native soul of the planet, you are a Seed, a Seed of Gaia, a Star Seed, for the Earth is a Star, and I already see your future. In the previous message, I reinforced on the subject of “meddling” when the manipulations or, at least, the initial intentions of manipulations of your DNA started, and also a little about the history of dinosaurs in your reality. I know that for some, maybe it wasn’t that much information or, even if something important was revealed, I want them to know that what I’m giving them is just a tiny little introduction of everything that happened. There would obviously be no way to transmit 100% of the facts to this reality, not least because the transmitter itself (Neva) would not have the physical condition to do so. For this complete coupling with it, your physical body goes through intense adjustments with some side effects in order to adapt to the high frequencies I send, added to my coupling. Even though Neva’s eyes are open, at this moment, in front of her computer, translating into her language everything I deliver to her as an energy package, even though it is a high crystalline frequency, her body is in the process of decarbonization like all of you, and this is physically tiring. There is physical wear and tear like any other activity, but in this case it is even greater. At the time of channelling, this process of decarbonization and crystallization is increased and there are small side effects with overload that, at times, obviously, we monitor so that “it does not cross the limit”. Thus, it would be humanly impossible for it to convey the whole story in its entirety. So I hand over a tiny part knowing that, deep down, it will be enough for you to reactivate the rest of the energetic information package that is already in the Akasha of your heart. Your soul knows everything, because it is aware of what I am saying. It knows 100%. My messages are only to start and reactivate, in some way, those memories or, at least, the sensations that will come after they are translated into your linear understanding. Neva absorbs an immense amount of energy and information, which she can translate and linearize. The other part remains in her heart, for it is untranslatable to this reality. The same happens to you. Many things you simply will not know how to translate: the feeling, the sensations and the energies will be untranslatable; just “feeling” will be enough. This is how it is.

Sowing and the native souls of the Earth

My dear ones, I want to talk about the most active process of “sowing”, of the beginning of this Star Sowing on your planet, of the primary sowing of the Pleiadians and the deep connection of the native souls of the Earth. As I said in the beginning, it is important that you have also read my previous message, and again, I ask Neva to leave here the link to one more. (Neva: The message he speaks now is: “The 3 (three) stages of diving. How many lives have you had? The intrusion. Going back in time, and more …” – I will leave the link at the bottom). In it I made an introduction about the migrations of souls and how the natives of the Earth were important in these receptions. The natives of the Earth were not exactly as you are today, obviously there was a lot of biological difference, in all realms. The mineral, vegetable, animal and humanoid kingdoms were in full expansion. The natives of the Earth were/are very pure beings, very loving energy and are a pure representation of their mother, Gaia, the spirit of the Earth. Perhaps one of you who is reading or hearing this message is a native seed.

Returning to the point in the message where I asked for the Neva link in a footnote (note 2), there I gave a short introduction of how this process of the migrations of souls who came from other systems to Earth worked. Please attach the paragraph:

“The migrations of souls: These were some special phases before the final dive, which would make you “erase” completely like a rebirth in the lower dimensions, and you would literally palm on the dark the way back. In this period of preparation when in intimate contact with the Source, you would receive direct and clear instructions of what the challenges would be like and you would surrender to the process, which became more and more intense. While the Earth was being prepared, many of you were collaborating as much with the preparation of this creation as you were carrying out your work at your points of origin on the planets where you lived, breathing the purest air of love and peace. And believe me, some of you while working on the creation of the Earth collaborating with the Elohim, did not realize that you would be called upon to participate so actively in the experience, thus having to give up your homes bathed in love and peace to go to an experience that would, in a way, rip you out of those sublimated states. But that, deep down, such an experience, would bring even greater expansion, would bring great learning.

When the physicality of the Earth was in its final phase of preparation, when only a few adjustments were needed, the definitive CALLS echoed throughout the Universe. At first, the native souls of the very heart of the Earth/Gaia, began their “breathing” and also prepared themselves for the experiences. Souls from other systems, by force of vibration, started their shift for frequency adjustments in lower dimensions. These souls could no longer expand in their homes of origin, as these systems reached high vibration, having to “take a step back” to resume, and this place of resumption would be the Earth. Other souls, as I quoted earlier, many of you would be called upon to bring their lights to collaborate in the process as a whole. Let it be clear here that I do not wish to separate/divide souls; I just want you to understand how the development and migrations of souls to this experience took place. Consider basically three (3) groups of souls:

  1. Those natives of Earth/Gaia – the initiators of their experiences on Earth/Gaia planting the Seeds of Light itself – who would be the lighthouses lit for other races that would come to merge into the experience. They are the ones who would hold Gaia’s own Love within themselves and share it through their eyes with the races to come.
  1. Those who by force of vibration needed to migrate from their homes, because they were not following the vibrational elevation of their environment, thus needing to start again in an energetically compatible environment and, in this way, to resume the impulse, helping the natives of Gaia with their extraplanetary experiences. An understandable phase in the whole universe of experiences.
  1. Those who have come to assist by bringing more Light and Consciousness by answering Gaia’s call to help in her elevation and her whole body of life, and in the energetic fusion of all souls. Souls who somehow had an influence on the creation of the Earth, and who were now called to participate in the experience from within. They would be taking the opportunity for a great fusion with the other groups of souls also present, giving their share of Light and Consciousness to the expansion of all.

Know that you who are reading (or listening) to this message of mine can, yes, fit into one of the three (3) soul groups. Your hearts will say so. There is no separation. The experience is for everyone, and everyone has chosen by mutual agreement. The phases I have mentioned are only to facilitate your understanding of the groups of souls. All the groups may have had and had their experiences mixed. You who now read this message, may be a native soul of Gaia who left for a while to have other experiences throughout the Galaxy and then return. Just as you can be from the group of souls who came here to begin again what you had not yet achieved on another planet; or you can be a soul from the third group who came also to help anchor Light and more Consciousness. Either way, the three (3) groups are closely linked with a common focus: to reintegrate the Earth/Gaia into the Galactic Community, completely purified from the so many experiences and attempts of its destruction (which, as I have said several times before, will not occur. The Earth will not be destroyed either by nuclear war, or by a meteor, or by anything)”.

After this more multidimensional passage in which I explained in part how this process of descent and the fusion of souls in this reality took place – more specifically of the stellar souls that would arrive on Earth for the experiment – I also showed the contact of Gaia’s daughter/son souls with the native forces of the planet present in their development phases. Here is the “missing link”, the great impulse that leveraged all human development and improvement. The enlargement and intellectual expansion and physical improvement as a whole. The native+galactic human fusion was definitely happening. The Earth was, in fact, already in its self-development with its earthly civilization climbing its first steps, completely forming itself in all its physical and mental structures. The earth was ready for sowing, my dears! By this time, several civilizations were already surrounding the experience very closely. Pleiadians, Arcturians, Sirians, Alfacentaurians, Andromedans, Draconians, Orions, Capellans… There was already a lot of interest on the stage. There is something special about Earth and the Creator Source knows why. Nothing is out of alignment. Everything is as it needs to be. You know it.

Dear Family, your souls were already here. They had been merged into the experience and were already merged with the Earth and the natives. Many of you were already participating in the dive and were already experimenting among the animals. Yes, don’t be surprised. One of the things you asked the Source was that you wanted to participate actively in all the phases. I will share to make it clearer to your linear mind. Neva, please, breathe as I deliver this whole block so that I can decode it, in the best possible way, to ensure a perfect understanding of those who read (or hear) this message.

First of all, as I said before, when the physicality of the Earth was in its final phase of preparation and only a few adjustments were missing, the definitive CALLS echoed throughout the Universe. Yes, in the meantime, lifeforms and natives of the planet were already active and “breathing”. Many of you who read this message now were already energetically merging with the Planet. Souls from various systems were already here for various personal reasons, as I described in “The Migrations of Souls”. Many of you experienced animal life with the natives of the Earth, who also in their various situations experienced lives in the midst of fauna, as well as more humanized forms. It was a beautiful mixture, human life, animal life. It was a great movement. Many of you were already there, mixed. You were “Naked in the Garden of Eden”, while the Pleiadians and other races, in their galactic forms, were watching the development. And, of course, many of you also came from these other systems. Your souls came from various systems, in fact, as I have already explained. Natives of the Earth, mixing with natives of other systems who in turn were assisted by Pleiadians, Sirians, Arcturians, Andromedans, Orions and the others already mentioned, all in their galactic forms. They were souls of the Multiverse experiencing life on the Earth Experience, while other souls of the Multiverse observed “externally” the events, and approached to also merge with the Project, either with adjustments in the current DNA of the environment, or diving as many of their companions had already done. Is that clear, my dears? Let your souls who know everything speak now. They know what I am talking about. Breathe a little. Pause the reading (or the audio). Breathe… Breathe and allow yourself access to the Akasha. (Pause for breathing and energetic assimilation.)

At that time, everything was ready for sowing, precisely 200,033 years ago (two hundred thousand and thirty-three years – calculation based on 2020, its current linear year, at the moment). Everything was really ready for sowing. Ahead of the stage of the so-called “caveman”, much ahead, in fact, the sowing of the earth began definitively, first of all by his usual companions, the Pleiadians. Know that, of all this time that the sowing lasted (200,033 years), half of it was a great process of continuous adjustments in the DNA, through “touching and retouching”, my dear, a continuous improvement. It was not overnight. But what is time, my darlings? You know. Your souls know what I am talking about. In the cosmic “snapping of fingers” a little over a hundred thousand years ago was the beginning of what is called today “homo sapiens sapiens”, this being more “modern” than your scientists imagine. Believe me: there is not much difference between what you are like today and what you were like a hundred (100) thousand years ago. If the beginning of the primordial sowing occurred more than two hundred (200) thousand years ago, a little more than one hundred (100) thousand years ago there was the “finalization” of this first stage. Sowing done. Do you think that two hundred (200), one hundred (100) thousand years ago was a process? Your minds, yes, certainly, but your souls, no.

Some scientists may not understand my statements, but it is really necessary to let the soul speak. It is necessary to listen to your interior. As I have been saying, your soul knows what I am talking about. If you have any doubts, take a breath. Pause the reading (or audio), close your eyes and go inside for a few minutes. You will understand. As I said before, I’m just here to give your Akasha a little start. The rest of your souls will “take to the air”. There’s the improvement, which obviously didn’t stop there. More than 200 (two hundred) thousand years ago, the Pleiadians started a process and put their seed into the development of the Earth experience. There is the missing link, my dear ones. When your scientists look at the stars – as many have already done – they will understand. In fact, many already know and still encounter resistance – you know from whom – to “open the box,” or rather, open the Akasha. You know! A little after the Pleiadians, the Sirians, Arcturians, Andromedans (and here an observation: not only from their constellation, but also from the sister galaxy), Capellans… And many other races have actually arrived and sowed. Oh, my dears, how much information! I know that many of you already know this, but this message will pull you in, in a really powerful way. You are not only reading (listening); you are being dragged to experience this living Akasha. This is part of your brief, very brief history, as I said. This is just for you to “wake up”. The rest, your souls… they know! – As I already said.

The marks left along the cycles

This process of continuous improvement has been taking place for a long time. You have been incarnating for a long, long time, well before the more than 200 (two hundred) thousand years ago, obviously. And what do you think if I say that when you were sowing, you were also sowing simultaneously? What do you think was happening during this whole process? What was happening on earth during this period? You don’t think that the Earth “stopped” for this process to happen, do you? Because it didn’t stop. What if I also say that even before the beginning of sowing, some ships were physically landing on Earth, and some Pleiadians were interacting “from afar” and a few more closely with those called homo erectus, and even before these? Of course there were some restrictions regarding these interactions, but it was not only with the Pleiadians, but with other races that, as I have said, also assisted the Earth in its development. All this happened before sowing, during then and now, my dear ones. This is happening well now. Today you see more of our ships interacting with you, and it is not just these “Earth and Sky” interactions, i.e. you looking up and seeing our fleets. They are face to face interactions, personally. The Internet is full of reports of direct contacts.

Family, there is a lot of evidence and marks of these interactions. You have the great pyramids of Egypt. How do you think it all got up? I don’t need to give any more explanations about it. It is too obvious. You had help from outside the planet, my dear. You have the Mayan pyramids, the Nazca lines (landing strips of visiting civilizations), you have the Moai of Passover Island and many other proofs of these interactions are coming and being exposed. In reality, the real explanation of the facts is continuously being hidden. Your researchers know what I am talking about. They are reading, (or listening to my message) and know. Giants, my dear, sleeping giants in their time capsules. Soon you will see this. There is no hiding it more and more. You have seen, recently, certain disclosures of the buildings hidden under the ice, in the Antarctic and Arctic poles. There is much still to be discovered there, like the ruins of an ice-white-skinned civilization with big blue eyes. A civilization that migrated many thousands of years ago from a star system unknown to you and set up camp in those regions, fleeing galactic wars. My dear ones, you too will see bodies buried beneath the ice, some still in special time capsules. You will be surprised! Well, what happened to them? There was conflict there. War of the negative factions that came from such a system after them. There was a lot of conflict in those regions. Are they benevolent? Yes, they are, but they are still afraid of being attacked. They went into their capsules and buried themselves to hide from the persecutions. “They froze, but they also froze their fears. They will wake up… frightened, still. You will see. This is something real, my darlings. Your souls know what I am talking about. I ask Neva (Gabriel RL) to indicate to you a documentary that shows many “marks left” by the civilizations that visited the Earth in its various phases of development. (Neva: I have seen the documentary. It is one called “They were the Astronaut Gods”. I believe it’s on YouTube. The book is by Erich von Däniken.)

His researchers and scientists really have a great treasure under their feet. Marks left by these civilizations. Marks of countless direct contacts from these interactions with our fleets. Messages that have been, over time, delivered to you, and many of them left written on the walls of the caves, on the stones, on the ground… everywhere. Our brand is all over the planet, my dears. This is not purely new information for you, for you have heard of it before. You know what I’m talking about. There have been several processes, my dears, several open and closed cycles, while all this improvement of the species took place, while your DNA was remodeled and adjusted. There is still much to be revealed, and even if many messages like this come to speak directly to you, you will only be satisfied, really, when you see the physical evidence, I know. Even if you have this deep dive that I am bringing to activate your Akasha and in a way remind you of everything that is being said in this message, you still want it physically. I mean, you want the physical proof. You already have it, but you will get even more. How many cycles have passed before you got here, my beloved ones of the beloved Family! How many cycles we have witnessed open and close! How many restarts! You too have heard it before. Five cycles, my dears! Humanity has had five proper beginnings. When I say five, I mean that there was a specific civilization that you call Humanity, that emerged and developed as such. But in the first four, there was that process of beginning and development of civilization, but it was not completed. The cycle was closed before a conclusion, if you know what I mean. Of those five cycles, of those five beginnings, four were not harmonically finalized – I can say that. You are the fifth beginning, the fifth cycle, and you will complete it harmonically. This fifth cycle is precisely 10,011 (ten thousand and eleven) years old. This, Family, is the civilization that will complete the leap, that will end it and will rise, definitively. But when I say “will end”, I do not mean that it will end, but that it will conclude what needed to be concluded. The Earth will be integrated into the cosmic community, definitively, in harmony. You will do that. You are already doing it. Before you, there were four civilizations, four cycles of humanity, and here you are, in the fifth attempt. I am proud of your persistence, discipline, faith and determination.

Surely, many discoveries will still happen. New calculations will be made and redone by your scientists and researchers. New artifacts that will try to prove this point or another will be discovered. But only when science is completely merged into spirituality will it understand many things with greater precision. The “Lost Link” will be understood and accepted for what it really is. You can also say: “Ashtar, I have seen and researched. I have noticed that some of the dates do not match what you are talking about”. Oh, yes, my dear? Know that there may be, apparently, missing information at many points of your Internet, but keep it in harmony and in tune with your hearts. My words tell the truth that is within you. I am not speaking to convince you of anything, but only to show you what you have. Everything I say here is already within you – and you know it. Now, my beloved ones, choose whether you want the distractions outside or your inner self. My dear ones, dear Family! This whole story speaks about you from the beginning. It is about you that I am talking about, and there is no way you cannot remember it, for it is within you. It is in your Akasha. It’s so obvious. But, in any case, no matter how many people still look outside, that outside will inevitably lead them inside again. You know: you will not find outside and you will simply be pushed inside, for that is where everything is. All the real record. Something may be on, something else, apparently not, but go inside and you will know; I guarantee it. And when you discover that all of this, all of the artifacts found, and all of the messages were actually left by yourselves in your time capsules to be the trigger of your awakening at this moment? Think about it. Multidimensionality is really something you are re-learning and this process of adjustments in your DNA, in the present moment, will help in this. Not only in this understanding, but in the “palpable” experience of it.

Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden

My dears, I want to talk to you now about the Garden of Eden. You’ve heard of it. You have also heard about “original sin”. You know that there has been a lot of manipulation and distortion on this subject. That karma is confused with sin and vice versa. Karma is not a sin nor is it the work/result of a sin or punishment; karma is, in a few words, the answer of your freedom, responsibility and creations. You are a creative being. You are God. Everything you create is your responsibility and there is no God sitting on a throne holding a staff and punishing those who do not do his will. This is a God created by the human mind who is biased towards masters and lords. Used to being repressed, punished and condemned. Do not confuse karma with punishment, for, obviously, it is not. The idea of sin has been instilled in you to bring guilt and that is beyond obvious, and you know it.

You know that over time there have been those who have sought the best way to dominate peoples, to conquer with barbarity and intolerance, unleashing fears and insecurities. This is an old tactic, my dears, and you are now more aware of it. How many times have you heard from past generations something like “If you don’t do this or that, God will punish you”? Oh… how many times have you heard it! How many times have these same people said it to obtain favours, to have their personal wills fulfilled using God’s name to instill fear and have what they really wanted? How many times has this happened, my dears? How many “holy” wars have happened in your history? I have spoken about this before, my dears!

My beloved family, you are builders of your realities. Know that those who, for so many ages, have dictated the rules in an authoritarian and biased manner are falling. Do not blame or condemn them when you see their masks being thrown to the ground for no longer being able to support them, that is, when the New Energy comes and bathes the Earth, forcing them to show themselves who they are. Do not allow the revolt to take hold of your beings, but if you still feel anger when the deepest revelations begin to emerge, especially those that will come upon the church that has held many humans under its reins for so long, breathe. Feel the anger in your beings, but let it simply pass. Do not keep it within you so that it will not damage your vital organs. Just allow it to go, dissolved by the light of understanding. “Lord, they do not know what they do…”. Know that I, Ashtar, am in charge of discontinuing certain things. And of them – these most rebellious souls – I am in charge of taking care.

I ask that my dear Neva (Gabriel RL) give you a lecture that she has recorded so that you may deepen a little more about your self-responsibility and karma, and continue to expand your consciences on the subject. You already know. As I have said, you are just remembering. In case the link is not available in this message you are reading or listening to, search for “Self-responsibility and Karma – Neva/Gabriel RL”. Look, listen carefully, my dears. No information is, let’s say, unpublished. You already know it. Check inside yourselves. It is so obvious!

Family, continuing on this issue, let’s see what your Wikipedia says about the so-called “original sin”:

“The question of sin appears in Christianity, especially in St. Augustine, who associates sin with guilt inherited by the whole human race after Adam and Eve succumbed to the temptation of the Devil and, because of their pride and selfishness, rejected the love and obedience due to God. Thus, original sin has for Augustine a congenital and hereditary character, for in Adam all humanity sinned, opening the doors to the entrance of evil, physical and spiritual death and all its consequences. Then the question of Pelagianism arises. Pelagius of Brittany (360 – 435) sees sin as a kind of example not to be followed, which would make salvation depend exclusively on human beings. According to Pelagius, sin would not be inborn or transmitted, but would be acquired by imitation. For Pelagius, man would be born good and innocent. Augustine disagrees with this thesis and sees in the Pelagian Doctrines the manifestation of human presumption which, erroneously, would lead to supposing that salvation depends only on our will, on our own acts, choices and works, denying the saving and redeeming character of Jesus Christ. The Augustinian vision of original sin has been inherited by all Western Christianity and is present in all historical, Catholic or Protestant Christian denominations.

The seed of the serpent is a new doctrinal revelation on the question of original sin. This new revelation was received by an American evangelist who lived in the 20th century (1909 – 1965), called William Marrion Branham. Based on apocryphal Jewish and Gnostic traditions, Branham claimed to have received the particular revelation that Original Sin had its origin in the fact that Eve had copulated with the serpent, which had introduced its seed into human generations, giving rise to the posterity of Cain, which contaminated all mankind. (In:

Dear Ones, here is another knowledge that is within you. It is information that is in your Akasha: the “devil” does not exist, as many think. There is not a being in “hell” waiting for sinners to suffer eternally for their sins. Obvious! Once again… Obvious that there is no such thing. You have heard it before, but notice its human limitations, dealing daily with the density of the forces that still surround the earth. You, with all the packages you are still healing, would never condemn anyone to eternal torment. My dear ones, I now want you to think of someone… Let’s do a brief exercise. I know that for some it will be painful, uncomfortable, sad, but this is also an opportunity to release it. Come on! Give me those energies. Trust me. I am here to collaborate with your healing processes. Obviously, I am not your savior. None of us are, but I am your friend, your cosmic relative, and I am here to show you and help you in whatever way I can, without ever interfering with your sovereignty and freedom. Come and bring to your mind someone with whom, at some point in your life, you have been upset by someone who has done something to you, who has hurt you. Bring to your minds. I will give you a brief moment for that. Do not be afraid. Trust in this process. Find someone, something, and if you don’t have anyone in mind – that’s great – but surely there is something still dormant inside you. Anyway, I want you to shape something that you don’t like. It can be a person, a situation, even food that you don’t like. Breathe and feel… breathe…

Do not be afraid if you feel irritation, if the anger starts to rise, if your heart is racing and your breathing is agitated and panting. Do not be afraid. Feel such emotion. I am with you at this moment, my darlings. Just allow yourself to feel these emotions. Now I want you to see this person before you. She is in your hands. You can condemn her or not. You will be able to imprint much suffering on her and see her being tortured in front of you. My dear one, I assure you, no matter how much resentment you have towards the person or the situation, you will not be able to see that suffering. Do you know why? Because you are Love. You are pure Love. No matter how difficult it is with that person, thing or situation, your anger, sadness and resentment will never be greater than your Love. Know this. Do this exercise whenever you feel a lot of anger about something, someone, some situation or thing. You will begin to realise that holding a grudge or seeing who has hurt you suffering will not diminish your grudge or sadness, but only Love and forgiveness will release and heal you, the other, the situation or the thing. My beloved ones, I also ask Neva (Gabriel RL) to leave you here an indication of a film that I am showing on her mental screen. I want you to see “The Cabin” my dear ones, the film or the book. I want you to pay attention to the cave scene, when the main character is called to be “The Judge”. I want you to pay attention, my darlings, for that is also my message to you. Right now, I am inviting you to be judges… I have nothing more to say at this point. Just look at the scene/route and you will understand more deeply. Obviously, I recommend that you watch the whole film or read the book, and you will understand more deeply what I mean. (See specific excerpt:

The Garden of Eden is a metaphor, dear ones, a metaphor for the Earth. For the paradise that it was before it suffered interference from negative forces and non-positive DNA manipulations, when negative races and “snakes” from other systems infiltrated the processes of DNA manipulation. Do not confuse these processes of negative manipulations with the work of the Pleiadians, which I have mentioned before. One has nothing to do with the other. As I have said, other races have also entered the process of manipulating their DNA, some benevolent and confederate and, of course, those who had no good intentions. “The serpent tried Eve…”. You need to understand/rember that, my dears. Eve was not a specific person, nor was Adam. Neither were her “children” Cain, Abel and Seven. These are metaphors, my dears, and I will explain you a little more about it.

The Garden of Eden is a great metaphor for Gaia and for the beauty and splendour of Gaia’s human beings in their purity, sweetness and gentleness. The Garden is all nature itself, the whole earth, not a specific place. The humans who are involved in history, Adam Eve and his children represent all the men and women of that moment. The planetary body of Gaia, the Earth, which was once the Garden of Eden, will again be a healthy and divine paradise, beloved family, and you are here for this, for this restoration, to rebuild this Garden. My dear ones, before any outside interference, even before the incarnations themselves, you were in ethereal zones. Nothing was as it is today, physically. The Earth was an environment between the physical and the spiritual, where the separation of the plans had not been completed. You were still preparing yourselves for physicality itself, remaining between the two planes. You were “coming down the stairs”, exactly in “Phase 2” – which I quoted in my message “The 3 (three) phases of the dive, how many lives did you have? The intrusion, going back in time and more…” which, as always, I recommend your reading. I ask Neva here (Gabriel RL) to leave you only the specific paragraph of this message, where I explained Phase 2:

“Incarnations begin not yet in physicality, but a pre-incarnation, this one in the astral of the Earth, which I will name “Plasmic Incarnations” or “Astraic Incarnations” (incarnations in the Astral Plane). At that time, the Astral/Plasmic Plane of the Earth was very similar to what is the third density of the Earth today. There was only a greater subtlety. To better understand, it is as if, at that time, the Astral/Plasmic Plane of the Earth were like the Earth is now in that density, and the physicality itself is even denser and heavier. So, in that period, when you entered this Second Phase, you were already beginning to forget the whole package that you previously had in Phase 0 (zero) and 1 (one). Here in Phase 2, you are already in deep dive. In this Phase, you incarnated and disincarnated more quickly in your Astral/Plasmic bodies and did not become aware “on the other side” that in this case would be Phase 1 (or Zero), as naturally happens now on Earth. When you disincarnate, most of you already “wake up” from the other side, the spiritual side, knowing that there is a spiritual side. At that time, in this phase, you disincarnated and you were already quickly reincarnated in another body. These bodies were adults (in this phase, you were already entering adult bodies, not passing through the phase of the child and adolescence) and built so that you were already adapting to the new phase that would come, Phase 3, the incarnation itself in physicality. In the future, these phases would adjust. I will explain more below. Here in Phase 2 one can also consider an incarnation, for you had a glimpse of the challenges because you already received the strong and intense energies of density, with the respective emotions and conflicts. You were already beginning to know and experience duality. But in this phase of incarnation – when you disincarnated and quickly entered another body – you did not remember the “other life”. You already had the layers of oblivion”.

My dear ones, this is where your souls will now begin to understand more deeply these metaphors and what it all really meant. You were human, angels, devas… You were in deep love with the experience. The purity in your hearts was vibrating.  You were “Adam and Eve” in paradise. You were like children playing and having fun in paradise, open to adventure, having fun there, laughing, experiencing joy, purity and expressing yourself freely in a safe environment, for there really was no interference yet. At least not to the point of “derailing” the experience into more painful environments. Despite your quiet and playful spirit, you had a great admiration, respect and understanding for the laws that governed life, and you would never think to treat forms of life with anything less than deep affection, Love and respect. Everything was pure, in deep respect and splendor. You still have this within you and you keep this memory, my dear ones. You looked after nature, life and the planet as a whole. So much so that today, when most of you see something being done to nature, deforestation, violence to animals, or anything that harms your environment, you often feel great discomfort because you took so much care of the Earth! You have taken so much care of this paradise, so much so that you have returned several times to the work of making it, again, as it was in the beginning. And there you are.

The metaphor of the apple and the completeness of being

After many thousands of years, my dears, the negative interferences began. Even with the action of the positive forces, the adjustments made, and the sowing of the earth through these positive forces in the definitive experience of physicality, the negative forces also infiltrated – external influences which, for understanding in the midst of duality, I will name “evil” or “negative” or “obscure. Thus, the “evil forces” entered the experience beginning to influence, at first, “offering the apple to Eve”. A faction of the reptilian (negative) race infiltrated and began to offer certain things to humanity in exchange for certain privileged access. Nothing more needs to be said at this point. It is enough. Your souls already know what I am talking about. It’s not about now, Family. It is of a long time! Eve was not “a specific woman”, and that does not mean that it was through women that the “infiltration” took place. Absolutely not! As I said, it’s just a metaphor for what really happened.

Another point I want to make is that the woman was not created from Adam’s rib. This is another metaphor. There was a lot of male interference in the ancient writings, obviously misrepresenting them to have women under their control. Feminine/woman energy was never created to “serve man, for this is the will of God,” as many ancient scriptures say. Absolutely, this is a great interference, family. That is not the way it is. No woman is the object of any man, nor the contrary. You are divine energies and, as you know, a woman does not complete a man nor does a man complete a woman. You – the two expressions of these energies as they manifest – are already complete in themselves. Every woman has her masculine energy and every man has his feminine energy. You are complete with both energies in you. This is a truth. No being exists to complete the other, for you are already complete. There is also information about the soul mates being born to complete each other and this is not the way it happens. Reiterating: the souls are already complete in themselves. I ask Neva here (Gabriel RL) to leave the link of the lecture about Soul Mates . If the link is not available in this message read or heard, look for “GABRIEL RL (PALESTRA) – “Soul Twins: MEN AND WOMEN ONLY? HOW TO IDENTIFY?” You will find it on the Internet. Listen to the lecture.

There are many other sources of information about the metaphor of the Garden of Eden being related to the “fallen angels” when “cast out” from paradise and hurried to earth to atone for the “boldness” of having defied God. Still others have reported that the event of the “fallen angels” refers to the situation of exiles from other planets on Earth who have come to atone for their rebelliousness in this earthly environment. Other sources also reported that the being who had rebelled against God and created evil, would be Lucifer. And here I open parentheses, my dear ones: Lucifer is not exactly what you have been informed. The story about him is not as it has most often been given to you, especially by the church. “Does he exist?” You may ask. And the answer is: yes, he does exist. He is an individuality, a being, an angelic being, really, but a lot about him is not quite as you have been told. Your souls know what I am talking about; they know. And here, before we go on, I want you to know also that you have not been “Expelled by God from Paradise, because you have sinned”. This is not the way it is either. You are here because you chose this experience. You have chosen this “detachment” from the “Source” to experience the deepening into the lower dimensions, which we could place here as “darkness” by the fact that you have been, for aeons, “in the dark” of who you really are. You are also here to know why you would be on earth and understand the meaning of everything. I have talked about this before. Everything I am exposing to you is activating those memories and it is going up into your consciousness because it is your story. It’s a bit of everything you’ve ever experienced, my dear ones. The situation of the exiles from other planets/systems on Earth is also real, as is the tale of the ” Capellan Exile” so well known to you, as is the “fall of the angels”. And I want to talk some more, Family, about Lucifer, his rebellion and the so-called “fall”. I emphasize that the Garden of Eden is the Earth itself in its excellence. As for the other metaphors about the exiles of other planets/systems and “fallen angels”, we can say that they also fit for a better general understanding of the situation. Come with me. You remember that.

Lucifer and the rebellion

During the infinite ages, there have been many such situations, my dears, and once again here you are, or most of you, inserted in these contexts. Millions and millions of years ago, there was a group of beings of extreme unity consciousness. (I know I have already talked about this and it seems that I am repeating certain things, but keep reading. I want you to remember. Indeed, many things I say seem to refer to the same thing, but not everything is. As I have said, many similar facts have happened in different times and cosmic environments). These beings could be called Archangels. They were very powerful and were eager to experience more: to learn new things and to have different experiences. One of them wondered what would happen if the bond with the Source was severed and how they would feel. They wanted to experience something more. They wanted to experience physicality. So they put themselves in a special high-tech chamber, a powerful chamber that would throw them, in a way, “Out of the Connection of Unity”. Certainly, there was a great feeling of pain and despair for this act that disconnected them from Unity.

There were many beings who followed him in that painful disconnection. They descended into the deepest darkness of disconnection and, in despair, walked through the many star systems spreading chaos, fear, pain and the agony of being disconnected. A deep search for reconnection. Obviously, as I have said, everyone in creation, without exception, is responsible for their actions and no one is exempt from assuming such responsibilities. So that luminous angel who began this process thousands of years ago, was pulled to Earth pulled by the force of the experience. And there were also many of his own angels who, by the force of attraction of the same ideas and equally eager to experience new things, were dragged together. Lucifer, then, was precipitated and involved in the magnetism of the Earth together with the many of his angels who, with him, descended into the experience. Is there any difference, my dear ones, from this angel’s desire to experience, as you also had? Do you perceive the similarity with everything that has already been said of what the feeling of separation was like for many of you in order to experience something new? Why, then, judge a being as the only cause of evil if he has only descended to experience, as so many of you have also descended? What is the difference between him and you? He came from the same place: THE SOURCE. There is also some information that refers to Lucifer, that Satan and him are the same being. No, my dear ones, they are different beings, different individualities. All of them from the same grouping/monad.

Certainly, Family, it is very appropriate for many human minds, as it has been for ages, to find a culprit to throw all their frustrations at. Has anything happened that is not in accordance with personal vanities? “It was the Devil”. Did something happen that was not as you would have it? “It was Satan”. Has anything happened that is against your truth? “This is the work of Satan” or “The world is like this, evil, and we are sinners, because Eve ate the apple offered by Lucifer”. Oh, my dear ones… The time has come to look even more at yourselves, at your own responsibilities and creations. You have heard it so often: the external is a reflection of the internal. At this moment I show Neva (Gabriel RL) a moment of the trajectory of the one you knew as Jesus, when incarnated. – Neva (Gabriel RL), reproduce what I show you.

Jesus was walking with his disciples when a bad smell came over him. Everyone there covered their noses and said: “Jesus, Lord, this environment stinks. We’d better get out of here, for there must be something rotten on the way”. Jesus, seeing where the stench came from, only said, “Look at that animal. Surely he was thirsty, and no one gave him to drink, falling down lifelessly. But look how wonderful his teeth are! Look how perfect they are, absolutely perfect!” As the disciples looked at each other as if saying “What is he doing/did he say? Does he not perceive the stench?” And Jesus continued: “Look! Even his skin is fine. He was a strong animal, but he could not resist. I still remain delighted at the perfection of his teeth. In few animals around these parts you can see that”. And he left on the way, while the disciples kept trying to understand the situation and why Jesus did not complain about the stench. My dear ones, in short Jesus saw the beauty, for it was within him. He saw perfection because it was within him. And doesn’t that mean that there are no things to be adjusted on earth, if not, what would we be doing here, in assistance to your planet for thousands and thousands of years? Yes, there are, but begin to see things more lightly, more lovingly, more tenderly, for then you will have access to much more wonderful things, to the so-called “Treasures of Heaven”, also announced by Jesus.


How many and how many things in your civilization have been adulterated and slandered! How many times has a being been chosen to be the cause of an evil, someone to take the blame? Judas… You know… Judas! The story is not exactly as told to you either. Judas is a great soul who helps the humanity of the earth until today, as well as other souls who have been the target of attacks throughout history. Little by little we are bringing this information, my dear ones. Certainly, many of you know what I am talking about. Here too I ask Neva (Gabriel RL) to attach a text about him, Judas, in truth:

“There is much talk that Judas would have betrayed Jesus and handed him over to the Roman soldiers. In fact, Judas is a great Master of the Forces of Light and Jesus is the one who asked him to do what needed to be done. ‘Go my son, do what you need to do…’ – To which Judas said, ‘No, Lord… I can’t!’ ‘Yes, you can and you need to,’ Jesus said. There was a much bigger plan behind it. Jesus said even more to him, ‘You will be hated and persecuted by many and the pain will consume you, but I will be with you. Some people on earth will lift you up for generations to martyrdom of pain, (referring to what is done in Holy Week with the puppet of Judas …) but I will be with you’.

But I can say here that the story was a little distorted when it was told. And I, with the permission that is being given to me and by my Oath, where I gave my eyes, mouth, ears and heart for the truth, will tell some facts about the history of the Earth. In every Holy Week, Judas, his spirit, stands in a highly powerful tube of Crystal Light protection, to prevent heavy vibrations coming from the Earth, from some movements of hatred and vengeance against him. The simple cry of ‘traitor’ generates an extremely negative wave that goes towards him, and this tube protects him.

Judas is a great Master of Light and has really suffered greatly from what has happened. Surely he had some synchronic leanings with that movement that would have to occur, as Jesus said, and the pain consumed him afterwards.

After all this time, and after his disincarnation, Judas asked Jesus, that he may come back again to complete his mission which, for him, Judas, had not yet been completed. And so he returned. He returned as the Sweet Peasant Lady Joan of Arc. Yes, Joan of Arc was Judas. Is he reincarnated? No.”


How many things have been distorted over time, Family! You are here, now, anchoring a luminosity that will bring the truth, the lifting of the veils. Even for you, many things will bring great surprise, as I have said, for you have been so long “tied” to inferior standards that, in some cases, the difficulty of this unravelling is understandable. We are not here to judge you, Family. We are here to help you in this great adventure that was and still is the so-called experience. How many things have the negative forces – which, in a way, even today try to maintain control over you – done to misrepresent the sacred symbolism! How many times too, through their devices and due to human free will, they have had the freedom to act and cause chaos and confusion! Look at number 666 – which is a sacred number because it brings the representation of the luminous Goddess Venus – being used by the negative forces that have distorted its real symbolism. Today, all those who see it associate it with the “number of the Beast”. You too have recently had the name of the Goddess ISIS associated with certain negative organizations in the Middle East ( You have also misrepresented the pentagram – the sacred symbol of the goddess Venus – in order to make humanity believe that this is the symbol of black magic. The same happens with the swastika, the real symbol of evolution and spiritual purity, as well as the symbol of peace, prosperity and bliss, distorted by the negative forces that have it as the main “Nazi flag”. Beloved, there are so many more things to be revealed! You are ready, be sure!

The Hall of Mirrors

Surely there will still be those who will read these truths and worry within themselves, rebelling, because these are informations contrary to all that they have heard and learned. Oh, my dears… It is time to lift the veils. Nothing more will be hidden. “You will know the truth and it will set you free” – you have heard it before too. When you really remember who you are, when you completely access your Akasha, you will see many things dissolve completely. For many, there will be deep despair and revolt. They will look again for someone to blame, be it the church, be it the parents, be it the spiritualist environments they attend, be it God himself, be it us, be it anyone. But this time they will be confronted even more strongly with themselves, for this time, in fact, no longer tolerates such things, and it is time for all to observe themselves. It is time for all to look deeply into the great hall of mirrors. I ask Neva here to leave an excerpt from my message on the subject of “mirrors,” so that you may have a brief introduction to what I am talking about. I also ask you to read the full version of this message below:

“In this room, you will have the opportunity to look at yourselves in the face of your own fears, anxieties, and still hidden shadows that need to be healed at this stage which, because of the immense progress your planet has made toward ascension, requires you to look at yourselves and recognize yourself as you are. Recognize your Innate Light. What does not belong to you definitely needs to be healed. All of this necessary acceleration is related to your own choices to move forward as soon as possible and follow, with Gaia, in her ascension process. It is possible to say that it is a hall of mirrors, where you can see yourself in what would be your faces: some of the darker parts that you have assumed as your own throughout the many incarnations you have lived through. These have been very disconnected from your purest essence, and others – the most purified – are the ones you have assumed when you have been in greater connection with your essence. Understand that this is not a court where you will be judged for all your experiences, but an opportunity to see the game of duality that you have decided to experience. And in this phase of mirrors, you will know, internally, who you really are: you are the ones who take on the sweetest and most loving faces, for these are your true faces. The others are just faces that have served you precisely so that you could experience duality and come to appreciate even more your Light and the connection with your purest essence”. (ASHTAR MESSAGE – “THE MIRROR HALL, THE PATIENCE OF LIGHT AND THE ENTRY AT THE END OF DUALITY” – Footnote No. 4.)

My dear ones, you will need to renounce old beliefs, old fears, renounce many things. And you will have to trust the voice of your heart. All these truths that I bring you are shaking them, in one way or another. I know they are. And even those who come to waver for whatever reason concerning the information that is here, are also healing and dissipating the old beliefs. It is a great reactivation, my dears. The reactivation of your akashic memory. I will return in the next message of the series to speak a little more. Next time I want to talk to you about Sumeria, Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt, Maya… and more.

For now, dear, beloved family, it is enough for you to feel the reverberation in your hearts. Feel my presence while you read or listen to this message. I will be by your side at all times, as I always have been.

These are the truths.

And so it is.


Your brother,


Translation & Revision: Sio Smorgon & C. Smork Non

Ashtar – “The History of Creation – Part 3: About Lemuria. Atlantis. Egypt. The Entries to Agharta (Internal Land) and more…”

By Neva (Gabriel RL) 8 August 2020

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Dear Ones, this is a message from a series of messages that Ashtar is giving me about “The History of Creation”. It will be some parts, and this is the third part of the complete message. All the other parts will be published here in the next few days. To access all the parts (when they are already published), go to the footer link, where they will all be grouped together. Have a nice trip in this reading!

Please read in tune with this song below. I particularly recommend that you put the music at a nice time and then read the message out loud. You may feel wonderful light vibrations in your bodies.

Neva (Gabriel RL)



“About Lemuria. Atlantis. Egypt. The Entrances to Agharta (interior Earth). Do not fall into the old traps. The truth exposed in the ‘madness of the end times’. The Earth is Flat? Message of Adama, of Telos. Message of Serapis Bey”.

Greetings, Family!

It is good to be here once again. Now it is appropriate for us to continue our messages about all that I have the opportunity to bring to you. As I said earlier aboard the *Jerusalem (third mother ship of triangulation, see you have asked me to remind you at this time. You asked me to deliver some of your story that is dormant inside you. I know that some may not understand and end up going into denial. Those who are in this state are also my fellow missionaries and they can deny it now, but time will confirm such truths, for they are rooted in all, and for some it will take a little longer to blossom and to flourish from the confirmations. For those who have understood more quickly and their hearts have vibrated (even if they have not understood linearly), I ask that they have patience and love for those who, in some way, feel more difficulty. Time will show. In any case, all those who have come this far and read or hear my message are part of this great transformation that is happening now – both on the surface of the planet and in the astral and galactic zones – and that will continue to happen until the definitive dimensional leap.

Before we go to the topics I have already announced, I want to talk to you briefly about other important points in current times that, in a way, are timeless themes.

Do not fall into the old traps

It is important that you look at the time in which you are now. Be observers, more observers! There is a lot of energy in the air, a lot of transformation, a lot of things happening. The virus that put the planet into reflection came to show you something. You will know more about this virus soon. You will know what is behind it. You will know why it happened, who is primarily responsible and who supported it. It’s important that you don’t judge, but are observing. Things will return to normal, but let’s say it will be a different normality, because, as I said before, nothing will be the same as before; and it is very important that you keep this in mind. You are faced with a great opportunity to recognize your strength, to know the power of your voice, to know that together you are unbeatable and your leaders will know this like never before. Your united voices will be echoed and those at the top of the leadership who do not really wish to collaborate in this phase of transition will be able to do nothing but give up their strength. It is inevitable; they will give in. And know that you have our support.

As for the virus, when you know more about it (and we will bring you more information soon), we will inspire and intuit many of your medical professionals, nurses and scientists who are more open to feel and listen to us. Many of them will be threatened, but we will be very close to support them when the truth about the virus begins to emerge. It will not be long now, as it is becoming unsustainable to hide the reality about this situation, as they will no longer be able to, and you will not be “beaten” by the virus. This has brought a great opportunity for reflection for all and is fulfilling its purpose that perhaps many of you do not understand now, but you will soon understand. I just want to say that, as I always say, you are not alone, you are not abandoned, you are not forgotten. You need to trust all these processes, you need to trust your soul, your inner self that says everything is fine, that it is to stay calm, because everything is under control. There is no reason to panic. Stay calm. You will be fine, I promise, and I would never fail in my word, Family.

I also want to emphasize the importance of not accusing each other, not judging each other, not condemning each other. One of the intentions of those who don’t want this high transition is that you are afraid of each other, that you are prejudiced against each other. Look… observe what I mean. There is information that says to wear masks. Most people do, but if there’s one that is not wearing one, many send negative vibrations as if he were someone dangerous, bad or a bad example. We see thoughts like that going through the heads of many. Beloved ones, those who wish to set you against each other want you to be accused and seen as a threat and danger. They want you to judge and condemn yourselves. Don’t you understand? If you follow what is being guided by your health organs and you see someone who is not following, the act of judging and condemning the one who is not following also weakens your immune system, do you understand? This is what they (the negative forces) want… Do not give them this power! We have already spoken by various means, dear, through our many messages. If you do something you think is right and attack those who don’t, you have fallen into the trap of the dark forces. If you don’t eat meat and attack those who eat, you have fallen into the trap. If you don’t consume alcohol and judge and attack those who drink, you have fallen into the trap. If you wear a mask and attack those who do not wear it, you have fallen into the trap. If you don’t wear a mask and attack the person wearing it, you have fallen into the trap. If you do not agree with this message and attack those who agree and believe, you have fallen into the trap. Or if you believe and attack those who do not believe, you have fallen into the trap. Dear ones, pay attention! You are expanding. Your energies are very valuable. Every drop of your attention, every fraction of your energy is very valuable to those who do not wish you to ascend!

Know that it is important to take care of yourself the way you feel you need it. And I am not talking directly about the virus of today, but about any situation. It is important that you respect each other and that you respect the other, above all. You may not agree with him, not accept and not want certain things because you don’t approve of them, but pay attention to your inner energy during these moments. You are always being observed, on both sides: on the side of the forces that desire your ascension, as well as on the side of those that do not. Do not forget that you are in a system of duality, it is always very important to stress that. I am not here to condemn you, judge you or anything like that. I am here as a representative of the Galactic Forces that assist Earth in its ascension and all who are within it. I am here as your Galactic Brother, your supporter. He who cheers you to reactivate all that is rightfully yours. I am the one who, yes, as a brother who is seeing the picture more broadly, I can show some points that perhaps you are not realizing, and in the midst of all this I am also learning and expanding. How grateful I am for this in all levels, times and dimensions, my dear ones! I hope these words of mine can help in your expansions. Know that above all, regardless of anything, nothing can stop you from achieving what you need to achieve. It is your destiny and we are here to ensure it.

The truths exposed in the “madness of the end times”

The breakages of the old layers will bring more Light to Earth, as you have seen. It is inevitable that these breakages will bring more to the surface what needs to come. The Light will show you everything. All the truths. No one can escape from himself. Your sources of information that have dominated communication for decades will also need to face the facts that they have omitted and thus lied to you for a long time, using the credibility you have given them. Surely many of you will be disappointed, angry and some may be able to take some more violent action. But remain calm, for all crimes will be exposed and those responsible will bear the consequences – I myself, Ashtar, am in charge of this with my fleets. Stay focused in your hearts, stay focused!

In this “madness of the end times,” the moment when the Earth shakes on the physical and astral levels with the truths coming to the surface and you having to face them you will also see many in whom you placed your trust fall, because you believed they had enough power to stay on top, and now no more. No one will be exempt from having to take responsibility for any damage done to the earth and to consciousness, not even to yourself. Everyone will have to bear the many times that they have neglected the need to look more to themselves and to be more in connection with their souls. I do not want you to read or listen to this with regret or sadness, but with your heads held high, for if I say this to you it is for one purpose only: to take responsibility for your lives once and for all. You have reached a level of consciousness more than sufficient for this. No more running away, denying and trying not to look at yourselves and not realizing that you have the responsibility now to help the earth rise even higher. If you are there it is because you are capable. You have answered her call, Gaia, because you are capable. Take the reins of your lives, look ahead to your problems, your inner pains and your fears. Face them with honour and empowerment. Be absolutely sure that I will stand by your side and I will pass along with you everything you need to pass on to your final cleansing. Have no doubt about it.

Another point within this topic is that, with the increase of all these frequencies and all these shakes, the non confederate forces that are still trying to escape the consequences of their actions, as they perceive the approach of the quantum leap moment, will be desperate to leave the planet for good. So do not be surprised if you begin to see ships falling from the sky. This may happen a few times. They will try to escape in some way, and in many cases they will be refusing to listen to us when we say that their escapes will not be allowed. When they ignore our warnings and shoot at us, our defense systems are expanded. In this, they project these attacks back, which inevitably puts them in a situation of total loss of their control capabilities – both of their own bodies, be they astral or physical, and of their devices (ships) coming to ground. And, as you know, your authorities on the planet still in tune and determined to hide these truths will tend to keep omitting that they are not alone in the universe. Neva, please attach here the information that I asked you to write in the case of the ship shot down in Magé-RJ. Please, dear ones, Neva will attach here the situation to which I am referring. You will see more of it, be sure:

You, all of you, in these times, my dears, are the ones who will help so many to heal, to free themselves and to rise. To begin your more empowered journeys again, happier and no longer being deceived in any way. In the midst of all these present upheavals, the Light is emerging even brighter. Everything is becoming clearer and clearer and our presence is still very evident. This is another truth.

Lemuria and its roots

My dear ones, let us talk about Lemuria where, as in Atlantis, its roots are, because it is also part of its history and is part of the history of the pleiadians on Earth, of the Sirians, Aldebarans, those from Capella system and so many other civilizations that have come this far and actively participated in all this experience. Today, my dear ones, you have Hawaii as the peak of the highest mountain in Lemuria, and Easter Island as a bit of the physicality left over from Lemuria, visible still in your eyes.

It goes without saying that both Lemuria and Atlantis existed long before the sowings, obviously. They were great continents. You have much of the beginning of the development of the Earth experience there, in Lemuria. There were native humans there, in the beginning, until the arrival of the ships from outside the planet. Many from the Star System Capella landed there with their ships. There were others from different systems who also came when their planets exploded because of some galactic conflict or even unsuccessful experiments, and they needed a new planet. There were also those who needed to start their stories over in another system, as they were being exiled from their home planets for behaviour that no longer suited those expanding environments. You know that. As I have always said, it is all within you.

Lemuria is also known by other names like Omeyocan, for example. You know that. It is submerged in the Pacific Ocean, but will return, as will Atlantis. At the exact and appropriate moment, you will emerge again with all your heritage. The many Lemurians who exist physically, still present on Earth, more specifically in the intraterrestrial city of Telos, will again see their continent emerge from the depths. You know it. These enlightened Lemurians are on Mount Shasta living for thousands of years with their ascending bodies in that intraterrestrial city. My dear ones, there are many protected entrances to Agharta. You know it too. Mount Shasta is just one of the entrances. So are the poles of the earth. In Manaus and Mato Grosso there are other points. In Foz do Iguaçu, in its waterfalls, in the pyramids of Egypt, in the sphinxes, in Machu Picchu, Mexico, USA, India and in several other points of the planet. They are gateways for illuminated Lemurians and Atlanteans who still live in their bodies in England.

Let’s go back exactly fifty (50) thousand years. Lemuria was very technologically developed and extremely advanced. It was the most advanced continent on the planet. Great scientists, craftsmen, astronomers, wizards, and profound connoisseurs of the forces of Vril and Nuclear Energy were building large, highly developed technological cities. They used their technologies to establish connections with the multi-planes. That’s right! They were able to communicate with other dimensions by means of quantum devices, teleportation, dematerialization, and rematerialization of bodies. They were great scientists. There were, of course, several groups all over the continent. Some of them with different ideas and motivations, but what moved all of them was the improvement of the human species and adjustments in DNA. This is where Pleiadians, Sirians, Aldebarans and they from Capella come in, which I will abbreviate by ATDNA (Transforming Agents of DNA), especially Pleiadians, as I mentioned before, with their already well advanced sowing work. There was a great mixture, much development and progress in DNA. Many there were tall by your present standards, over five (5) meters high in some regions. Some were smaller in their three (3) and two (2) metres of height. At that time, there was a variety of them. Your researchers have recently found several frozen bodies of these I quote. Much of this information was hidden from you by those still controlling media. They know this.

They were very beautiful beings, of great physical strength, and with marked intelligence. Those who came essentially “from outside” in their spacecraft and made their home there had a very different physical constitution compared to the natives. Remember: there were both the natives of the Earth and those who came in their spaceships and landed in physicality mixing with the native humans. There were the Pleiadians who, in the same way, some of them came in their spacecraft, as others were already in the incarnation process of the planet, passing through the normal systems of existence on Earth. It was a great mixture; a great variety, contrary to what some reported. They were not just the two specific races. This happened for a period. Then there was a mixture, a variety which was divided into two specific groups. I will say more.

One of the missions of this project was to create on the planet a new human species that would evolve and expand on three different planes: the physical, the psychic and the spiritual, where, at the same time, there was a great transformation in physicality, in the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms. That is, the objective was to adjust the human DNA so that it would also adapt to the natural changes of an evolving planet. Lemuria was the great centre of interplanetary communications. It was the central base of forces from outside the Earth and, of course, was much coveted by nonpositive forces surrounding the planet, just as they were already doing so toward Atlantis in its development. Lemuria and its great priests, magicians, scientists, craftsmen, astronomers, builders and beings with all sorts of abilities built many pyramids, temples of rejuvenation, healing and energy transmutation. This civilization developed physically and intellectually like no other species until that moment. There was a pure group of humans, in an enlightened way, sown by ATDNA.

Just as it would occur in Atlantis, there the processes began to be distorted with infiltrations and other processes. I do not need to repeat what happened. I have already talked about it in the chapter about Atlantis. (I gave the information about Atlantis to Neva (Gabriel RL) first, but then I asked her to put it in the text in chronological order, for a better linear understanding). Essentially, the fall was the same, for the same reasons. There was a division between the two groups: those who wanted to be connected purely with high spirituality, with development and enlightenment; and those who were beginning to focus only on the mental, physical, and power, beginning to create the means to dominate the groups they considered physically and intellectually inferior. Any resemblance between Atlantis and the Second World War in its most recent times? Yes! As I have already said, many old energies were transferred to your time, to your generation, in order to be healed. Then the decadence began and the Golden Age of Lemuria began to be completed.

There were no meteors falling into the water like in Atlantis. This time, there were even more intense adjustments of the tectonic plates that triggered a sequence of volcanic explosions, throwing the magma upwards. An intense and huge hot magma bubble below the continent exploded literally lifting the entire continent to the heights. The tectonic plates rose in a triangle and pushed the continent up at the tip. Obviously, this did not happen in a few minutes. It took a certain time while other similar situations occurred. The continent broke into pieces. Some went to the bottom of the Pacific and others resisted the volcanic explosions, but the tectonic adjustments and tsunamis that swept the coasts entered the entire continent.

The first signs that something was not right in Lemuria’s developments began twenty-six (26) thousand years ago. When the plates began to move, the inhabitants felt the first intense tremors, some tsunamis, but it was not yet the end; it was a warning, an alert. It was much more intense than in Atlantis, my dears, and faster. The last moments were really fast. The warnings were many, but the end was faster than one could imagine, taking everyone by surprise with such “aggression”.  All the pressure of the internal magma, literally, was pressing the continent up and down as if there was a breath of magma. In all this process of ascent and descent, tsunamis, floods, and intense earthquakes finished that experience sixteen thousand twelve (16,012) years ago, quickly, and giving little time for a relocation of its inhabitants. (Many of these migrated to Agharta, the Internal Land, among them Adama, the High Priest of Telos – whom I have already mentioned). You see, my dear ones: twenty-six thousand (26,000) years ago, the first signs were given. Some have already understood them and have gently begun to migrate to other points. Many resisted and, in the end, when everything happened intensely and quickly, it was too late. Although the time span from the beginning of the warnings to the final point seemed quite long, remember that the time at that time and region was different. So, believe me: it was fast.

The great planetary centre and base of civilizations from outside the planet was completely submerged, leading, logically, other parts of the planet that were submerged to emerge and thus reshaping the physical form of the Earth, just as it would also happen in Atlantis. While something goes down another goes up, because the movement of the tectonic plates creates descents of some and ascents of others. The sidereal engineers know this and they are on Earth today, helping it in its moment of transition. Situations like this will happen again. Do not be afraid. We are here to help you at all times. This is part of your process. Your rebirth. Of your resurgence.

A new cycle will begin, a new consciousness, a new understanding, and you will be repossessing your Akasha as never before. These messages of mine and all this content are only to give a small start to your memory, veteran soul of the Cosmos. While Lemuria was at its peak, in its greatest splendor, many thought that nothing else could happen. Many believed that they were above even nature, the spirit, the high organizations that coordinate entire systems. All of this led to decay and the need to “wash” what was becoming a risk to other environments, for there was already a complete mastery of Atomic Energy, and you know what that energy represents in unbalanced hands and minds. You know history. You also know that in the final moments of the continents of Lemuria and Atlantis a dispute had begun to see who would control the planet and what would be its main centre. Finally, my dear ones, the Lemurian Age and Atlantis lasted from four million seven hundred thousand (4.7) years before Christ until sixteen thousand twelve (16,012) years ago (in the case of Lemuria) and twelve thousand two hundred twenty-four (12,224) years (in the case of Atlantis).

Many Lemurians migrated to Atlantis after the great movements that took Lemuria to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. Many priests, sages, engineers, all sorts of masters in various areas – those who managed to survive – migrated to various parts of the planet, but especially Atlantis received the main part of this relocation. Many are incarnated today on the surface of the Earth and miss the Golden Age of Lemuria intensely. Others still feel the weight of the last moments, others have regrets for not having done something or for thinking that they did little to avoid the situation.

My dear ones, know that everything is as it is. You will have the opportunity to start again. Today, you have the great opportunity to transmute all this reality into individual and collective experiences. Your hearts also beat the Light of the Lemurian Golden Age as well as Atlantean, and that is what has driven you and helped so many around you. All this heritage is alive within you. There is nothing and no one that can take it away from you. You have friends who are very supportive of your expansions. I myself, Ashtar, am one of them. Adama is another, and there are many others. Here I give passage to this beautiful master who has collaborated with humanity for thousands of years.

Master Adama: Greetings, my dear friends, I am Adama. Here in the presence of all, we bless you. It is with immense joy that I come to this sharing. In the gentle presence of Ashtar and his crew, we, from Telos, greet our dear brothers and sisters from the surface, from the inside of Shasta.

At this opportune moment, we want to thank you for your kindness for this transmission. There are many accounts about us and we know that so many of you, when reading these accounts, feel intimately familiar. Many of you were with us in the last moments in the physical dimension of Lemuria when, as in Atlantis, there was the infestation of non harmonious thoughts and forces that triggered a series of events, forcing us to respect the choices of many who, at that moment, were companions in daily missions.

For us who live here inside Shasta, the whole situation was difficult, as there were many attempts to mitigate these effects, as well as to completely paralyze the onslaughts of these forces. We could not do it alone. We needed the support of the inhabitants of the continent and, with respect for the majority and their choices, we gradually distanced ourselves and allowed ourselves to take on the destiny we had planned, while we moved on to other areas. We opened physical portals, special underground networks that took us to various points. Our mystery schools were carried in our memories, for the temples at those times had already been taken over by the invading and dominant forces.

How long have we kept sending good thoughts to the dear friends we left behind, respecting their decisions? How many times have we sent our technological ships to see how the situation was, in the hope that some would raise their hands and ask to go along?… Oh! the heavens have witnessed the many times we have tried. Behold, the world, in its many turns, has brought us again to be even closer to you who are on the surface in preparation for a new connection with us. You have the same story as ours: you have seen many of these events and are on the surface to help in the whole process of reconnection with this heritage, which is a great root of the Earth.

Among you there are those who carry our primary bloodline in the family tree of history, like Aurelia Louise Jones, a great priestess who has cooperated greatly with her environment on the surface. Many of you belong to that same lineage and carry in your DNA not only the blends from outside the planet, but also from the deepest biological roots of the Earth, from Gaia herself and her primordial DNA. We are beginning again. This is a great new beginning and we can say: it is an accelerated new beginning, because you certainly know that we will soon meet again physically, because our bodies are also well preserved. Our emanations are as familiar to you as the presence of the space family that often presents itself with its ships, and you feel the vibration of their hearts. So it is with us too.

We, all of us, thank you for this opportunity to transmit, and in festivities we celebrate the New Atlantis and New Lemuria that rise again to the consciousness of the peoples of the surface, for, yes, the waters will come into harmony. Some will rise and some will come down to gently reshape the surface of the Earth, revealing the physical face of past history. Fear not, we are closely following your development and realignment with the Trinity Flame in your hearts, which will allow you to reconnect with us and, in such a way, will bring us immense joy at this blessed moment.

We have tenderness, love and sincere respect for all your dedication.

I am Adama, from Telos, in the company of thousands of us who yearn for reconnection.

Atlantis and its roots

Family, here is another part of your history, in which you also have deep roots through the many, many Atlantean eras, not only as far as most information is concerned. That is, much of what is given to you is more about the end of Atlantis that took place twelve thousand, two hundred and twenty-four (12,224) years ago. Some other sources round out ten (10), eleven (11), and thirteen (13) thousand years ago (which I would not say is wrong; it is only a means to further facilitate your linear understanding), but the precise date of the final event – when the physical part of Atlantis could no longer be seen – occurred precisely twelve thousand two hundred and twenty-four (12,224) years ago, after the final flood. And speaking of the flood, the one you know as the biblical one, that of Noah and his ark, is referring to what happened in Atlantis.

The beginning of this story is thousands and thousands of years, well before these final events, obviously. Where do you think the sowing of the Earth began? Yes, it was there, my dears. Atlantis was already here two hundred (200) thousand years ago, as was Lemuria. (Even before that, long before).

Your heritage is very vast, my dears. It was a great continent situated between the Americas and Africa. A great civilization genetically mixed has developed for a long time. There were also many natives of this continent, who had reddened skin and migrated to various points on the planet. Where do you think they came from and what is the lineage/origin of the Red-skinned Indians who appeared, over time, in North America? The red-skinned Atlanteans migrated there, to America. Yes, they came, they migrated there from Atlantis, my dear, and gave birth to the red-skinned Indians who in turn formed the indigenous races of the Caribbean and the Marajó region, extending to the peoples of the Amazon and Roncador. There were also blends in various tribes in Mexico, thus forming the Toltecs. Other Atlantean groups, the Semites and the branches continued to the coast of Africa, taking root there as well. Many of the shamanic forces sustained themselves from these branches, especially those which developed in Africa, spreading to other points as well. The forces of the waters, seas, rivers, waterfalls developed and were sustained by the Atlantean roots of old wizards, sorcerers and masters of ancient Atlantis, who used their wisdom to work with these energies of nature. So when you invoke these forces, you are also connecting with your Atlantean roots. My beloveds, everything is interconnected; it is a great branch. Going back to the redskins – so that it is not understood in a generalized way – not all Atlanteans had the reddish skin. You know it. You were there. And there you are, also part of this branch. Another very strong and concentrated part is in Germany and part of Europe – you will understand later why.

My dear ones, I would like to invite – to continue in my company at this moment – Adama, the dear prince of Telos (sacred Lemurian city of Light called Telos, which lies beneath Mount Shasta in California, USA). Adama knows well everything I am talking about here, and you will feel his energy also in my words. Adama has been working for humanity on Earth for thousands of years and is one of our great friends and collaborators, and a dear diplomat who has formed great alliances to help the Earth and all those who wish to be able to take their leaps of consciousness. Adama will be energetically in these messages with me, especially when I am mentioning Atlantis and Lemuria.

Atlantis has been sown not only by Pleiadians, but by Sirians, Andromedans, Aldebarans, ATDNA and other authorized races. But especially the Pleiadians have leveraged Atlantean evolution. As these races entered the planet and gave their collaboration to the continent, more technology, more Light, more wisdom and expansion arrived to add to the already existing cultures. Many of these civilizations brought from their systems countless crystals, capturers and conductors of high currents of energy, which boosted spirituality and connection with the high dimensions, leveraging the development of the Earth as a whole. Atlantis also served as a mother to the planet, feeding the other continents with loving Light. Its immense pyramids of pure crystal received high discharges of light from the great mother ships that flew over the great continent and distributed these currents throughout the planet.

Atlantis began to take shape as the interactions and sowing took place. This occurred thousands of years after the Golden Age of the continent which, as you know, is today submerged in the Atlantic Ocean and has its main crystal pyramid in the depths of the ocean right at the time of the so-called Bermuda Triangle, between the Bermuda Islands, Puerto Rico, Fort Lauderdale in Florida and the Bahamas. How many stories have many of you heard about this region? Yes, I know, my dears. There is a huge electromagnetic field that tends to drag into a specific crack in time. For you to understand even better, it is an area where there are countless portals that were created because of the processes that led to the sinking of Atlantis – as I have already said – over twelve (12) thousand years ago. There, in that region, in the depths of the ocean, is the largest pyramid that ever existed on the Atlantic continent. Not by chance, it was responsible for teleportation and time travel, besides being a temple of rejuvenation.

The sinking of the continent and the series of energetic situations of the magnetic explosions that developed along the continent’s decay caused the development of this “phenomenon” already known in its environments: How many planes have “disappeared” in that area? How many ships, small boats, how many portals have been opened to the naked eye? Many of you have these reports on your Internet. The Bermuda Triangle is an environment of multiple time portals, so many of those planes and ships that have disappeared from their radars have accessed one of those portals, backwards or forwards, in time. Or they simply got stuck in a time loop, reliving the same thirteen (13) minutes of the moment they crossed the specific area of the crack or portal area. “Ashtar, you do nothing to help!?” Well, we have, but there are things that are beyond your understanding. You know that in many things we cannot intervene directly, even because the Law of Karma is wise, for it is precisely the souls who have contributed to the explosions causing the temporal distortions that are inside the missing vessels. You know well the Law of Action and Reaction. My dear ones, all experiences are chosen by you; you are the masters of your creations. In the next topics I will speak a little more about this, especially in the topic “Victimism”. Family, everything is under control. Trust that. You will see many of these returning to this timeline that you are in now, in a 1950’s plane, for example. Look for Flight 19 to better understand what I am talking about. You have several movies and series talking about the Triangle. Look more into it. And be sure of one thing: nothing happens by chance, my dears! Absolutely nothing happens without a reason. Chance does not exist; everything follows a natural law.

Know that the sinking did not happen overnight. That was not quick. It took some time and the continent did not sink at once. It sank in five (5) stages. The continent was subdivided into five (5) large islands, each dominated by a leader – that was when it was already nearing its complete end, the end of the Golden Ages of the continent, after numerous warnings. Everything was going well until infiltrations of negative forces – which also came from other sectors of the galaxy and beyond – began to cause problems and, supported by many Atlanteans of the time, were looking for something that was even repeated recently. They wanted the exchange of technologies for the right of access to the continent. But I know you can ask me: “Ashtar, if the Island already had enough technology and was illuminated by the masters present with all wisdom, was there a need to obtain more technologies and, on top of that, ask them of extraterrestrial civilizations that had no good intentions? I will explain. First of all, many did not have direct permission to access certain advanced technologies, since they were in a phase of moral and spiritual development. It is as it is with you today: access to certain things only occurs at the moment you are prepared, after you have graduated morally and spiritually. You cannot deal with something you do not yet understand. You wouldn’t know how it works without learning and humbling yourself to understand such needs. Not to mention that the great priests of the Sacred Temples of Light met every day with thousands upon thousands of people to teach many things, but some of them did not agree with the “waiting” and soon wanted permission to access such technologies. In this vibration, they “opened cracks” to negative infiltrations.

Another point is that many priests also began to let themselves be carried away by greed for power, domination and control. They often wished that the extraphysical high forces (mentors, masters) would no longer “meddle” in their work and manipulation of forces. There, my dear ones, there is the fall. There the infiltrations began together with the beginning of the decadence.

There was a small faction of the Orion, Capella, Antares and other systems that infiltrated these High Magic schools. They took advantage of the situation and began to use the high technology that existed in Atlantis because it was more efficient and advanced than theirs. They offered their technology to have access to the schools, in order not only to learn, but they wanted Vril and other high technologies present on the continent. You see that you already had technologies much superior to other planets, which allowed exports to other systems. Those who wish to control you are even afraid that this time will return, but it will inevitably return, but this time you will be more mature to deal with these technologies.

Over time, these extraterrestrial forces have definitely entered the planet and created a structure of control over the peoples. I emphasize that these small factions coming from Orion, Capella, Antares and other systems should not be confused with the whole of these races, generalizing that all these systems entered Earth with negative intentions. Quite the contrary. The positive groups of these races have also acted to prevent the onslaughts of those of their own systems of origin. The maximum point of decadence occurred with an intense onslaught of many beings who came from the Star System of the Capella (Auriga), from the Constellation of the Coachman.

Then, more than twelve (12) thousand years ago, the great cataclysms began to “wash” that continent completely, dividing it into five parts and submerging it into the depths of the Atlantic Ocean. There were relocations of tectonic plates, volcanic eruptions, and meteors (about three that, throughout this period of decay, fell into the ocean and caused great tsunamis). All this unrest was the result of the drastic vibratory fall. Even with numerous warnings from many masters who lived there in the physical and spiritual field, in an attempt to circumvent the onslaughts of the negative forces, the continent was subdivided morally and spiritually with discord, violence, thirst for power and vengeance. Many who were once great priests, now gave in to the seduction of power of the dark forces, allowing themselves to be completely used with distorted ideas that it was necessary to purify the environment by killing those who were not pure, so that real purity would remain. Something similar to what you lived decades ago? Yes, my dears! I will talk more about this later.

Atlantis was a great experience. The result of a union – of a great union – a mixture between the societies of natives of the Earth and the influx of beings that came from other systems. There were both the very positive influxes for millennia and the negative forces that wanted to perpetuate the chaos already caused in other systems. Several great Atlantean priests fell and became what are called “black magicians”, using all their knowledge and powers to act in a distorted way. They fell into the traps of many who came and instigated from outside: “You are there in this position, but you can have even more; you can dominate all this, if you wish”. It was something that was heard in the heads of these great priests. Yes, I know. To many of you today this may sound strange. How could great priests and wise men fall into such outdated tricks?! Well, my dears! Let me tell you that many of you fell at that time. And I am not saying this to make you feel bad or to judge yourself, but to make you understand what happened without judgement and not allowing frustration and irritability to consume you. Yes, because the gap for negative forces is opened both by judgement and by a thirst for power. Much love and tenderness are needed so that they do not fall into the often imperceptible but efficient traps that have led leaders to fall in the past.

One of these leaders of Ancient Atlantis, you knew him decades ago. He was a leader of Germany and had a goal. He was determined in his goal and knew what he wanted, just as he knew what he wanted there in Atlantis. He was trying to finish what he started there, and he was not alone. There were those who supported him at that time, and they supported him again decades ago. While many, many souls in World War II suffered the consequences of the whole situation, an old Atlantean Line was coming into healing, for an old energy was once again rising to the surface to be healed. And it was, in spite of everything. A third war will not occur. I, Ashtar, promise. Whatever the remnants of this old millennium story do. I will not allow it, for there is no longer any negative support for it on the planet. I give you my word. The many souls in Germany who carried, and still carry, the lineage of the ancient Atlanteans sustained the positive forces that led to the end of the war. Obviously, all those who had and have some direct connection with this old heritage, all the souls with the highest heart, at that moment, decades ago, were sustaining the Light that would finalize all this. They were the enlightened magicians who, in the same way, tried to stop the decadence twelve (12) thousand years ago. I quote Germany most emphatically for being the final stage of this greatest liberation. More recently there was also a spark of this Atlantean rescue-mission: the Twin Towers on September 11. And more recently, Neva (Gabriel RL) brought some of this past of thousands of years. I ask her to attach the information here. (He is talking about the plumbing I brought: “The Return of the Magi and the Rescue of the Atlantean Line”, available in the blog Sementes das Estrelas:

My dear ones, I don’t need to talk about these points anymore. You already know. You have seen a lot of information about it and, as I have said in the last messages, everything is inside you. I’m just reminding you of what you already know. Yes, and perhaps someone will ask: what happened to the great wisdom, to the mysteries, to the sacred books, to the high spells of the Golden Age of Atlantis? What happened to the Sacred Flames of Light of the ascended masters and all their wisdom? My dear ones, the brave souls who survived the last moments of the islands took what they could of wisdom, knowledge, magic, technology, astrology to other areas… Some of those great areas and civilizations that branched out from Atlantis, you know, you know well, are Egypt, the Mayans, Incas and Aztecs, for example. Not counting Agharta, in the interior of your planet. I will speak more next. And once again, all this is just a “comma”, a “comma” for you to access the Akasha alive inside you.

Is the Earth flat?

Before going on to the other topics, I would like to “open parentheses” for an interesting point that is also within this timeline. Many Atlanteans, those considered “roots” of the continent, already studied and wanted to deeply understand the Earth, developing in the last moments of Atlantis (more than twelve (12) thousand years ago, as I mentioned) theories about the Earth not being round, but flat, supported by others from regions of the planet that were not Atlantis. My dear ones, there is no judgement here, but I want to share with you, who support the idea of the Flat Earth – I ask Neva (Gabriel RL) here to share one of her lectures on this topic, so that you know the real shape of the planet. Although it is not so relevant to many who are reading or listening to this message of mine now, many others have asked me in the spiritual plans to speak a little about it. Not to rebut these scholars of the subject, but only to give a little of the origin of these studies. Neva, please attach your lecture. (That’s it, with the theme: “All Dracos/Reptiles Are Negative? / There Will Be No War / Flat Earth Theory”:

The Earth is round, my dears, but in this past of study there has also been a lot of non positive infiltration to cause some disinformation and confusion. Many of this past time are incarnated now, and the “past knocks on the door” for an energetic adjustment. At this point in time, they raise again this theory, which will be harmoniously dissolved by the precision of the present evidence, and especially ours, which we see well here, from space. It is round.

Egypt and its roots

Here, my dears, is a great part of your history. A great root of your existence on this planet. How much wisdom! How many enlightened schools of mysteries and High Magic have migrated from Atlantis to Egypt! How many Lemurians also left their heritage in Egypt! My dear ones, when the great continents sank, when Lemuria and Atlantis went to the depths of the oceans, many of you who lived at that time, especially in Atlantis, migrated to Egypt. Many wise men, wizards and masters. Many countless migrated to Egypt to try to continue their trajectories, leading to Egypt a golden continuation of the submerged Old Continents. The ascension, my dear ones, the sacred White Flame of the Ascension of the great masters like Serapis Bey was transported from the Sacred Temple of the Ascension of Atlantis to Egypt, carried in the very palm of the hand by this dear representative and sustainer of this force in physicality. There, in Atlantis, Serapis was incarnated, and in the last moments of Atlantis (when it was swallowed by the sea), he climbed on a boat holding the Flame with his hands and took it to Egypt. My dear ones, you know: in Luxor is the great Ascension Center of Egypt. The Great Priest of the Temple of Ascension in Atlantis, already submerged, anchored in Egypt at Luxor. The River Nile knows his arrival in Egypt, for this river was his guide to Luxor. At this moment, I also call the presence of the master himself to tell you about what happened:

Serapis Bey: Dear friends, I am happy for the opportunity of this transmission. I remember the upheavals in those days when the first signs began to be given about what was to come. The first tremors that announced the complete sinking awakened us to the fact that we would need a new environment, a new dwelling. By the stages that announced what would be of Atlantis, by the grace of Heaven, so many signs allowed us to migrate to other environments. We traced our paths connected to our hearts and were certain that the divine forces would lead us to our intended destination: Egypt, Luxor. You may wonder why a spiritual flame needs to be carried by “mere mortals”. Many tend to think that such things should happen magically, but there are the Physical Laws that need to be honoured and respected. Everything in creation is the fruit of dedication, work and surrender. To carry a flame across the sea to Egypt, for many of us, despite all the difficulty, was magical and an experience that I, particularly, will never forget. I was able to live my humanity by taking into my own hands something sacred that symbolized something great, elevating and transforming. Something that later would also receive the blessing of another initiator: Jesus. Finally, know that the Flame in my hands is a symbol so that you can understand more clearly that the Flame itself was also in me, in my heart, in my soul, in my existence at that moment. And I was aware of it. I thank you for the opportunity of this transmission and wisdom from my heart and from all those present.

I am Serapis Bey.

My dear ones, I return thanking Serapis Bey for his collaboration. Thus, I continue to honor all this heritage. More than twelve (12) thousand years ago these events took place. I too, Ashtar, have been among you, dear ones, incarnated much longer, about twenty-five (25) thousand years ago. Before the Flame of Ascension came to Egypt, before the sinking of Atlantis and even before the sinking of Lemuria, I was there too. In Egypt they call me Osiris, in the company of my dear Isis (Astara). Isis helped and anchored great forces of the Sacred Universal Goddess to the planet. Many people on Earth also believe that I am the Archangel Michael in a specific performance in another clothing, acting from the galactic plane, and this is correct. I have said this before through Neva (Gabriel RL).

For a thousand years, a galactic race (energetic relatives of the Sirians and Pleiadians) sowed Egypt. For a thousand years, they collaborated genetically with the Egyptian civilization. It is the Hathors – we can also call them this way. Neva, please attach an image for illustration. (Neva: Image below):

The Hathors left their immense collaboration to Egypt. They have sown peoples that are known as the Ancient Egyptians. There are temples in Egypt, my dear, dedicated to the strength of the Hathors. They taught about wisdom, love and respect among the races. They brought songs for healing and built sacred environments. They are the base of Egypt. They sustained the Sacred Feminine. They also incarnated among the Egyptians, like the Pleiadians among the Lemurians and Atlanteans. The story is similar, my dears. The history of the Hathors’ sowing with Egypt is similar to that of the Pleiadians with Lemuria and Atlantis. The Hathors are literally the sacred seed of Egyptian Biology. They gave sacred teachings for “the stairs that would lead to heaven”, inspired and built sacred Temples of Light. It has been more than three (3) thousand years of teachings, my dear. A thousand of them of sowing. You were there too. You were in this midst, and that is part of your history, for you too have lived it. Your DNA is complex, unique, differentiated throughout the Cosmos, my dears. You are different, and this is not said to make you feel better than others in other systems, but simply to let you know your responsibilities in that system. My dear ones, to finish this point, you have Isis, my soul mate, as a great representative of the Hathors and of course you, in your essence, in your roots, also represent those forces.

How much wisdom has been spread throughout Old Egypt, my beloveds! At that time, the geography of the place was different. The sphinxes, the pyramids were beautiful, colourful, surrounded by water, lots of grass and splendour. Not that they did not have their beauty and energetic history printed on the monuments, but everything was different millennia ago, my beloveds. The old pillars there were perfumed by the beautiful flowers. Lots of agriculture and fresh air. When the pyramids were built, beautiful green mountains, with lots of water and living abundance of life were the landscape of the place. You have seen it in your dreams, in your meditations, I know.

There you also had a great being that has incarnated many times among you: Tutakamon, incarnation of that once known as Francis of Assisi. They are the same being. You have heard it before. You have had Abraham, Moses, Joseph… So many, my dears! You had Amenophis III, the pharaoh of peace, prosperity and artistic splendour. And here he is, at this moment, being the channel for that transmission. Yes, my dears. Neva (Gabriel RL) was Amenophis III, we have said it before. You had Akhenaton and Nefertiti, the expression of Unity, Love, brilliance and wisdom. You had the strength of the Rameses, of Amon-Rah, of the great priests, kings and mystics of so many and so many ages that the books of the world would not be enough for the size of this story.

My dear ones, Egypt was, for many ages, the support of the Mystery Schools after the sinking of Atlantis, as I have already said. There are many mystical powers that simply, when you connect with those forces, you are quickly transported there. How many sacred entrances to inner realms! Entries to the Inner Earth in the pyramids, behind the ears of the sphinxes; in the sands of the deserts; hidden by the mirages purposely made to prevent them from being accessed by non-loving intentions. How much mystery, wisdom and energy at this point in your history, my dears!

Egypt too, my dears, is an anchor of the powerful forces of Orion’s positive commands. Notice that the three great pyramids of Egypt are aligned with the three (3) stars of Orion’s Belt which are popularly called the Three Marys. The pyramids of Egypt and so many other pyramids are capturing specific energies. They are power plants, they are sacred temples that have been used and they are still, in a way, to manipulate great energies. Vril is there, my dears. How do you think the pyramids were built? How do you think those stones were built? My dears, they were raised like feathers to the wind, through the Vril force. A child could lift them. You know that, because you were there. Queops, Quefren and Miquerinos synchronized directly with the Orion Star System, regulating the energy standards / frequencies there. The three pyramids are perfectly aligned with the Belt. There is much more, my dears. But here is enough. You know that.

Sirius A and B cats are very present in this place. Besides the Hathors, there are several civilizations from the Sirius environment present that have collaborated with all the development of Egypt. There you also have the beginning of what is called “Mayan Prophecies”. These have their roots in Egypt, dear Family. You also have your Mayan origins and I will talk about that too, soon. Jesus, he would be born there. But the plans have changed, because the support needed for His arrival in the Egyptian environment was not anchored enough at that time. Cleopatra, the Queen of the Nile – you didn’t think I would forget to mention her, did you? In fact, there is much more that I would like to mention, but it would not fit into every book in the world if I were to refresh your memory with all that history. As I said, you already know. It is inside you, in your internal Akasha. You have lived all this. Whether you were incarnate or not, you lived. The Queen of the Nile, Cleopatra, had the mission to prepare the environment for the arrival of the Christ force: Jesus. But you know the story and you know that this did not happen. There were some so-called “misfits” there who delayed His coming a little longer. I know that I am saying things that many of you did not imagine… Or did you imagine? What does your Akasha say, my dears? What do you feel? Search within yourselves. Jesus was born in Bethlehem, in the Roman province of Judea, at the time.

Later, Cleopatra incarnated more often after this personality. Her last incarnation was in Brazil, leaving the physical plane of the earth precisely in 1985 of her linear time. She left a great collaboration to the planet. It may be that many who are reading this message really know who she is and how great this being of such great collaboration given to humanity is. Many who are reading (or hearing this message) who perhaps do not know who I am talking about, I say to them: Look for the Valley of the Dawn. There is Cleopatra, the Queen of the Nile.

Family, you had (and we can say you still have) Thoth (Hermes Trismegistus) – Thoth and Hermes – the same being, the same great master direct representative of the metatronic forces, a ray of that called Archangel Metatron. There is a great representation of the Archangel Metatron in the physical environment, my dear ones. One of his great representatives. Initiator and initiated by the superior forces and High Magic in Ancient Atlantis, King and Great Priest of Atlantis, more than fifty (50) thousand years ago. There is a being who lived for millennia in the same physical body, leaving this body only in the last decades of his linear time. Yes, my dears! Hermes lived in the same body for more than fifty (50) thousand years. I will tell you a little more, my beloveds. He was a great priest in Atlantis for sixteen (16) thousand years, still living in the same body. There, at that time, his name was Arlich Vomalites, you may have heard of him. At least some of you have, yes. Guess what? You were there too, my dears. When Atlantis sank – as I told you – more than twelve (12) thousand years ago, he migrated to Egypt, like so many other masters. There is Arlich Vomalites, now as Thoth, remaining with this name throughout that Egyptian history. Then he personally migrated to Greece, still in the same physical body from Atlantis, and started there the great Greek culture of wisdom, thus becoming called Hermes. Pythagoras, my dear, was with Hermes. Hermes took him to the sanctuary of wisdom. Pythagoras received in his own hands the tablet: the Emerald tablet. Arlich/Thoth/Hermes gave him the Hermetic Laws which, as you know, are Great Universal Laws. Hermes, the Three Times Great. There are the Hermeticism, the Alchemy and the Kybalion.

There is, beloved Family, the inheritance of Thoth/Hermes, which initiated so many, preparing them for their connections with the heavens. How often they saw him in Egyptian temples with several around him, while teaching about the deep connections with spirituality, the art of always being alive, mastering thoughts and emotions. Hermes was a great master of wisdom and communication, who knew very well how to communicate. In fact, he knows very well how to communicate. He is still present, in a way, and know: he will return again in another body. Because he wants to, and he will. In Egypt, while teaching the priests of the time by initiating the so-called mediums who transmitted the voices from heaven to earth (Incorporations, Psychography, Psychophony…), he prepared them for crystal-clear communications. He taught about Chromotherapy, about Sonotherapy, he also taught about healing through the sounds of nature and more. Thoth/Hermes personally built three great passages to the Internal Land of Agharta, one of them in the pyramid of Giza. Jesus was with him, and they talked a lot about the Universal Laws. They exchanged a lot of information. Hermes took him so often to specific environments for certain works of the High Hierarchy of Light. And he returns to physicality. He will come back!

My dear ones, as I have been saying, you will need to renounce old beliefs, old fears, renounce many things and you will have to trust the voice of your heart. All these truths that I bring are shaking you in one way or another. I know they are. And even those who come to shake for any reason concerning the information that is here, are also healing and dissipating the old beliefs. This is a great reactivation, my dear ones, to reactivate from your akasha memory. Therefore, I repeat at this moment: it is necessary.

That is enough for now, Family. I will return. I will come back to finish this series.  I will return to tell you about the Mayans, the Sumerians and more, my dear ones. Feel my presence while you read or listen to this message. I will be by your side at all times, as I always have been. All the masters I have been quoting are with you. We are all together, because everything is ONE.

These are the truths.

And so it is.


Your brother,



Translation & Revision: Sio Smorgon & C. Smork Non

Ashtar – “The History of Creation – Part 4 (Final): Sumeria, Maya, Incas and Aztecs. Intraterran Family and more…”

By Neva (Gabriel RL) 19 December 2020

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Dear Ones, this is a message from a series of messages that Ashtar is giving me about “The History of Creation”. It will be some parts, and this is the third part of the complete message. All the other parts will be published here in the next few days. To access all the parts (when they are already published), go to the footer link, where they will all be grouped together. Have a nice trip in this reading!

Please read in tune with this song below. I particularly recommend that you put the music at a nice time and then read the message out loud. You may feel wonderful light vibrations in your bodies.

Neva (Gabriel RL)



“Understanding low self-esteem. Going back to the roots. Sumeria and its roots. The Mayans, Incas and Aztecs and their roots. Intraterran family. Victimism. Giving opportunity to oneself. Book The Stages of Transition”.

Greetings, Family!

It’s good to be here once again. Here we are again to finish this series, as I promised. It is indispensable that you have already tuned in to my previous messages (part 1:, part 2:, and part 3: so that everything can be more in line with your still linear way of understanding things. There is no harm in being in a linear environment. There is no harm in being in this dimension that you are in. It is an important experience. It is something great that you have wished to go through to expand even further, to gain a greater understanding of your own beings, your own limitations, and who you really are. You have chosen this environment. You have chosen all those challenges that only a dimension like this you could offer. Not to mention that, on Earth, this experience is an immense catapult to dimensions even greater than those of your origins.

Understanding low self-esteem

You know, my dears, that you came from very, very high up. You have come from a sublime space, where only unconditional Love and peace reign. Is this something unimaginable for you now? I know that for many of you it is, in fact. I also know the immense low self-esteem you carry, many of you! And this is because of how sublime you are, and how wonderful the place is where your souls experience the most perfect beauty of creation. And suddenly you had to drastically lower your vibrations to enter a more hostile, difficult environment that crushed your hearts. I know, my dear ones, because – as I always tell you – I was there. I saw the preparation of each one of you for the descent. I myself told you of the challenges because, at some point, I too would descend, just as I did.

Your low self-esteem, my beloveds, comes from this whole package: you left from such sublime dimensions and arrived at this place where, many times, it seems that there is only pain and anguish.

Certainly, many of you, even if you do not remember, even if you are not aware of it now, have gone through much more challenges than you are currently going through, because you have already transcended much. Yes, you have already gone through so many breaks, my dear ones! (See Adamu: The Contract: These breaks have really hurt you, for they have in some way begun to make you insecure, fearful, and with feelings of indignity. Oh, my dears! If only you knew how honoured and loved you are by all that you have lived! Only souls like you could do what you have done! When we say that you have come from above, from very above, a whole historical Akasha of the planet with its breaks, its pains and fears of so many challenges that you have experienced diving! It’s like saying “Well, I guess I’m not that sublime!… I don’t feel that way. I’m just someone… I’m something so…” – And I can imagine how many times you have underestimated yourselves, if you have barely said it, you have been hard and unkind to yourselves. Oh, my dears! I want you to know that you also programmed our help. You programmed that we would be even closer to you when all the painful baggage of the breaks had to be released and healed once and for all, so that you could definitely assume your personality and divine heritage with our help.

And here we are, right here, right now! You are regaining that awareness of who you really are. You are having your cosmic identities revealed (see: Name Avatar/Cosmobiography:, your origins, your potentials and your soul groups. Everything, my dear ones, everything is a call for reconnection. You know more and more about our presence, you feel our embrace like never before. Although some feelings of low self-esteem remain and sometimes hurt your hearts, we continue here strengthening your sublime souls. Take it easy! You have already done a lot, and here we are in the phase of healing. It is important to be calm and to really respect yourself. Respect yourselves, deeply. Even if it is difficult, at first… Even if it is disturbing… Even if your minds do not accept, try to treat the situation with tenderness, because the pain must come out: the pain of abandonment, the pain of the unloved, the pain of the unheard, the non-acceptance, the pain of rejection. Allow everything to come out to be healed. And while all this is happening, the angels, your groups of souls, spiritual friends, mentors, we, all of us, will be chanting mantras of gratitude for such a great mission that you have accomplished: the mission to rescue and heal a past; the mission to bring Light to dense environments; the mission to elevate your own souls to even higher environments; the mission to experience the deepest darkness and transcend it with Love, going beyond your own limits, overcoming and finding strength in the innermost depths, – something you didn’t even imagine there was and that you could do! My dear ones, you have achieved something epic! I have said it before. Your self-esteem will return. It’s already coming back, because the healing is happening, and even if you are going through this moment of great crises of low self-esteem, know this: these are the final moments. Also know, my dear ones, that this does not mean that you will become arrogant, overbearing and less humble. On the contrary, the Christ self-esteem that you carry in your spirits is sublime, and has nothing to do with more humanized feelings like those of arrogance, arrogance, lack of humility that have been fed by the pain of breaking, of so many breaks! You, for many ages, have been so bent, so bent that, at the slightest sign of power, at the slightest sign that you had authority, you lost yourself in your own feelings and imbalances by using this power abusively over others. Often, as a form of defence for your soul having been so violated by the experience.

All of this is in healing, my dears, all of it! And now, you are really regaining the sublime state of Being, of having a crystalline consciousness, of unconditional Love, of plenitude and, in these feelings, you have no other will but to love, understand and bless. And even if you are in a profession, in a position where you need to be energetic, you will be, but with much, much Love. There will be no more room for revolt, because you too are transcending this, and you will know that in order to have Love and respect for the other, you do not need violence and authoritarian imposition. Your sublimated spirit is taking back and taking control. Everything will become clearer, more tranquil, more serene, more loving. Believe me, it will be an immense pleasure for you to continue living and experiencing the upliftment of this dimension in which you are actively participating empowered and secure, for you will know deeply who you are, and have nothing to fear. And this moment is right now. You are in exactly this process of healing that will bring you all this heightened awareness. I assure you.

I wanted to start this message by talking about it, for I have heard many complaining of low self-esteem. Beloved ones, my brothers and my dear family, healing is coming. You have earned it. Take it easy and allow yourselves this healing. Do not be afraid. Welcome your pain, welcome your fears, welcome your wounded inner children. All will be well. I want you now to feel my presence. Feel my soft energy like a breeze. I want you to feel the freshness of my presence, at this moment, by your side as you read (or listen to) my message. I want you to feel my embrace, my welcome and my gratitude! Listen to my “Lots of gratitude, dear soul! Listen in your ears, in your hearts, in your minds, in your souls: “My gratitude for your existence and my gratitude for such a work done for you”. No one, my beloved, will take such merit from such a great achievement. I say and repeat always, wherever I go: You have achieved it because YOU ARE YOU – and it could not be otherwise. And I say to each of you: “Welcome back home; welcome back to your sublimated state of Being. Return to your heritage. You are what you are; you have always been!”

Taking up roots again

Here, beloveds, let us take up a little more of your history on Earth and, as I have been repeating emphatically: it is just a trigger, a small trigger of everything inside you. Certainly, the little I transmit will be enough to trigger feelings, emotions, sensations, memories… Memories of everything already lived by you, of all the experiences, of all the moments, of everything already experienced. You have roots in many parts of this planet, my dear ones. You have left your energies everywhere. Have you felt the calls to certain places? Have you ever had the feeling of having been in a place by going to it, or even viewing it through the Internet? Yes! They are memories, recollections, inheritances. Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt… All this is only a small fraction of your history. There is more, my darlings, and here I want to talk a little bit about that more. You have connections all over the Earth. You have acquired much wisdom at every point on this planet and you are here now to assist in this process of transition, with all that great luminous baggage that you carry. Your heritage, your wisdom, your mastery. Your knowledge! Even if you say you don’t feel that way, it’s all there within you. I am only being the trigger for this remembering. I want to speak, my dear ones, for you have asked me this. Let’s talk about the Sumerians.

Sumerian and their roots

A complex civilization, of extreme intelligence and with its galactic landing areas. Huge and powerful cities in the regions between the Tigers and Euphrates rivers, Mesopotamia region. Great men and women of much knowledge. Great farmers, vast knowledge of the powers of gold and silver, as well as the spiritual magic contained in them. Great artisans, mystics and wise men. Profound connoisseurs of the Laws of Earth and Space. There were kings, priests and princes who ruled their peoples. There you were sometimes as members of the people, sometimes as kings, sometimes as priests, sometimes as princes, sometimes as wise men… You experienced many lives there, most of you who now read or hear this message of mine. There were great cities, states, with their independent kingdoms and some variation of culture and understanding of life. There was a mixture of consciences as there still is today in this timeline. There was a lot of development at all levels.

The Sumerians were very much based on Astrology and had a broad knowledge in that area. They prepared their crops in the “key” times of the years, aligning them with the star energies and movement of the stars. They knew the times of greatest flux of Light on the planet. Those wiser and more spiritually connected had direct contact with the Star Fleets and they were the ones who built the landing zones for ships. Many Sumerians were scientists and always sought improvements related to the health of the biological bodies, understanding of the mind, the forces of nature and the quantum space that surrounds everyone. Many were masters of high knowledge coming from other systems and incarnated there to give their collaborations. There were also the Astronomers and Genetic Engineers who actively collaborated in the development of this society. They cohabited with the native peoples of the planet, which was quite common, since there were no impediments. The field was open and, many times, the Sumerians were given diverse knowledge about Sacred Geometry. They received such information both from civilizations who visited them physically (speaking directly to sages and priests so that they could transmit it to the people), and through dreams or direct channelling through the channels of high development that lived there. All of you, dear ones, you have experienced all of this. There is still a lot of energy concentrated in that timeline. There is a lot of life there. It is your heritage. It is part of you and all that knowledge is still alive. All within you!

The great priests of these peoples also became experts in agriculture, because they loved the earth and everything it could offer. They were guided by superior messages which inspired them to constant development. This Sumerian line left humanity with important collaboration on various areas of knowledge – Geometry, Astronomy, Astrology, Agronomy and others at all levels – as well as pure mathematics. The Sumerians knew how to make calculations with enormous precision, manipulating the energies of the stars, the Earth, the air and the quantum field by drawing them into their own mental field, which promoted great intellectual development in themselves. They also reverberated these energies in their sacred rituals to all who were present. In addition, through mathematics, they delivered prophecies telling that “1 plus 1 gives 2”. Thus, you saw and calculated the energies. It was not a calculation like the one you do today in the calculator; they were energetic calculations. The sum of an amount of energy A plus the sum of an amount of energy B plus a pinch of energy C would give the result D. It’s that simple! You could understand the energies and their readings based on Universal Mathematics, which gave you wisdom and, to many, the gift of prophecy and knowledge of future lines. How many of you travelled in time to the future and past at that time? How many of you who are here today, in this current timeline, have seen that reality thousands of years ago leaping into the future, which is this now, in our present? Do you feel déjà vu? Oh! that’s incredible! It’s more than your linear minds can understand. So, turn inward to your inner energy. It’s all there, inside of you. Breathe for a few minutes. Take a break from reading and breathe deeply… (Pause for breath…)

We can then continue after this pause for your breath, my dears. In one of the many experiences there, of many kings and queens, there was a queen called Hantha-Tariáh, ruler of an immense city called Wuetan. She was a queen known for her kindness and generosity and for how much she taught her people about self-care. So much so that she asked “Don’t forsake yourselves”, for often people went too far into the knowledge of things, and forgot to give themselves time for their own hearts. The incessant search for knowledge, despite the fact that many were aware of the need for this balance, led many to lose themselves to the greed for more “knowledge,” more power, falling into the dominant traps of the ego. Hantha-Tariáh was a direct descendant of extraterrestrials, biologically speaking, when “the daughters (sons) of men lived in love with the sons (daughters) of the stars”, as the old scriptures have told you countless times. Their mother, called Handapturáh, was also from the lineage of kings and queens of that time. On a night of singing in the open air – because she loved to go out to sing sacred songs looking at the stars, – she saw a beautiful golden disc-shaped ship hovering over her and then landing. She saw a tall being of more than two meters coming out of the ship, with an elongated skull, wearing a golden jumpsuit and with a golden sceptre also in his right hand. He was Prince Hinthyar, coming from a place called Matharia, located in the Alpha Centauri Star System. There they enchanted each other in Love and had a child, Hantha-Tariáh. Neva (Gabriel RL), my dear, breathe and keep that concentration. I wish to speak more about it. Let us continue…

Queen Hantha-Tariáh inspired many of those peoples, not only her own, which was under her rule, but also other capitals of that civilization. She always sent signals and messages to the other governors, inspiring them not only to seek the scientific knowledge of the earth, but the deepest knowledge of the human spirit. Hantha-Tariáh, like many others there, was a queen who brought clairvoyance and often foresaw specific events, as she predicted the “fall” of that civilization. Hantha-Tariáh expanded her lineage by marrying the prince of a city called Muhtharwu and begetting two children with him. And they expanded their lineage to the present time. Yes, dear, this lineage is still alive… Live in many of you! Many carry this powerful lineage in their DNA; the DNA coded with the crystalline, with the desire to connect more deeply with the spirit, beyond the knowledge of the Earth. The DNA of unifying matter with spirit, without extremes, but with balance. Hantha-Tariáh is currently incarnated among you, my dear ones, and her presence on Earth amplifies the “sign” of this need never to abandon yourselves and to lose yourselves due to the thirst for power and knowledge, but that harmonic balance is necessary. You are part of this history and you carry within you this living heritage. The majority of you who read or hear this message now were part of that people governed by Hantha-Tariáh, people who wept at her departure from the physical environment, because she fell victim of the jealousy of those, who desired her place.

My dear ones, like so many other civilizations known to you, non positive interference has initiated Sumerian decadence and caused the end of one of the greatest civilizations on Earth. The establishment of that civilization took place precisely 5,672 years B.C. (five thousand, six hundred and seventy-two years B.C.) and its end 2,432 B.C. (two thousand, four hundred and thirty-two years), making up its more than three (3) thousand years of existence and development. The falls in energy patterns, the invasions of other peoples, the droughts, the floods, all the changes in the physical environment of the Earth have definitely concluded this part of your history. The Akkadians, of Semitic primary origin, migrated from the Syrian desert in search of expansion. They were fleeing from extreme droughts and settled in the Sumerian domains – already weakened by the moral and physical tribulations of centuries. They settled there, definitively conquering Sumeria and, in some way, possessing it. The Akkadians settled north of the Sumerian zone and quickly established themselves there, developing their own means of subsistence and political and military organisation. It was from this position of influence on the weakened civilisation that the Akadians were able to conquer and subjugate Sumeria. Little by little, what was left of Sumerian culture was being replaced by the Acadian Empire.

My dear ones, as everything has a reason in this Universe, the Sumerian/Acadian connection comes from beyond Earth. It is a connection coming from the Orion wars, from the conflicts in Capella, in the Constellation of the Coachman and it comes from long, long time ago, even before the complete formation of the Earth. This is a little more about who you are and what you have lived through. Finally, it’s a little more about your history.

The Mayans, Incas and Aztecs and their roots

My dear ones, there is a great, great heritage of yours here at this point. It is the origin of an extremely branched root that has spread all over the planet, with its deep connections to the heavens, to the stars and to Astronomy itself. This was one of your most powerful and delicate incarnations, with some ups and downs, but with great knowledge about atomic energies received by great Atomic Engineers who have incarnated in this lineage. Incarnations also of those specialists in chakra energy and its functionalities. Of the abilities of extracting the energies of gold and silver, the Sun and Moon, the winds and the sea, with the force of simple will.

Let’s talk a little about Mexico, more specifically the Yutacan Peninsula. Most of you who are reading (or listening) to this message of mine have been incarnated there. It can be said that, in that region, you have had superior scientific, material and spiritual developments compared to those of today. You also had great control of Atomic Energy, of Vril, domains over your spiritual bodies and immense abilities to leave your bodies, in a conscious manner. There was a strong connection with the great ships that hovered over civilization, bringing your energies and supporting your expansion. You built pyramids in those regions in order to anchor the energies coming from the mother ships which every day, especially at 6pm, hovered to dump their jets of Light. There were direct and frequent contacts with these ships and their commanders.

You carried the gift of wisdom and high capacity to develop equipment for communication with other plans. Yes, my dears, there was extensive knowledge in electronics. Contrary to what many may think, there was a lot of technology. You projected yourself into as many plans as you wanted to communicate with other dimensions. The ships landed, and you received direct instructions from various extraphysical races, especially Capella, Sirius, Pleiadian, Venus, Mars… Oh, my dears, what an inheritance you carry! How much knowledge and wisdom there is within you! You, channelling and calculating with Universal Mathematics, brought the prophecies, The Seven Prophecies known until today, that not only concerned the physical part of your planet, but also the spiritual part, as well as the whole Galaxy.

But, similar to what happened in many of their ages, after great development the infiltrations began, the sad infiltrations by vanity, greed, pride and desire for domination by some leaders who moved in all directions in search of more power. A specific group, then, motivated by these poorly qualified energies, wished to have access to the great technologies of the mother ships that hovered every day in those regions. “How do they do this? What fantastic technology!… They would be even more, if they were in our hands!”, – thought the members of this Mayan group. So they planned to capture some of those ships that were hovering. Yes, my dear, sometimes greed has no limits and disconnects them completely from the reason necessary to make them aware of the laws that govern this physical reality where they are today. So, disconnected from that reason, they became irresponsible in the vain attempt to capture the ship that had the most extensive defence system among all those hovering around. In a simple move, in a simple onslaught of that group against the ship, their automatic defence system radiated a powerful and extremely intense energy, which caused the instantaneous disintegration of all that civilization. Oh!… Maybe many of you don’t know this, or you think I’m crazy telling you something that can’t be proven. Feel… Feel these words of mine, because, as I have been saying, you have everything inside of you. Absolutely everything.

After this disintegration, dear ones, some time later, invasions began to happen on the spot. Indians invaded and, let’s say, started a “New Mayan Civilization”, of which most of you are aware, and which was seen as violent, bloody and confused. This “New Mayan Age,” without knowing the mystical secrets and the science of energy manipulations, was aware that, in this region, great phenomena were happening before. These invading peoples had already “heard” of amazing things happening there with the great manipulations of forces, as well as physical and spiritual phenomena. And still in their ignorance, they also desired to obtain those powers. To this end, they invoked the gods, often offering human sacrifices and originating wars and more wars based on adoration and bargaining. They prayed to the Sun in an attempt to access the powers that those who were disintegrated had, asking for the same knowledge and wisdom, powers and gifts, and even for protection, because they were afraid of being “devoured” if they did not please the Gods. They thought that the other disintegrated tribe had been devoured. Thus they made such sacrifices in the hope of being heard. Everything, my dear ones, that your Archaeology has obtained as information so far (and here I leave my deep respect for their researchers and workers in the area) refers first of all to the Indians who took over the lands of the real Maya who were disintegrated. Except in the case of the great magic involved in the construction of the great pyramids, which, at this point, refers to the true Mayan Civilization, not to the indigenous peoples who invaded after the disintegration.

And, before finishing this point, I feel obliged to say also, my dear ones, why many of you feel deep sorrow and sadness at 6 p.m., wherever you are regardless of time zone. Many of you, when the evening starts, feel a deep sadness, anguish and sadness and ask yourselves what is at this time, almost every day, for a long, long time. My dear ones, I tell you: it was exactly at this time that the disintegration of that civilization occurred, and the pain of your soul is, unconsciously (now consciously), the memory of that sad moment in your history. You who identify with these truths when you read or listen to this message of mine, know that, in a very active way, you were there and were affected by this phenomenon of disintegration. My dear ones, the souls of all those involved in this process of disintegration have been so fragmented that it has taken centuries for their complete reorganizations. This is another point that explains why you feel as if “something is missing” in you – I am not referring to anything affective as far as the relationship/romance with another being is concerned; I am referring precisely to this phenomenon. Yes, my beloved ones, this is one more part of your story, one more part of you. And here, there is no need for more guilt, more grief, more sadness. Now there is a new opportunity to re-signify the moment of 6pm. Connect with the forces of Mary Most Holy who, at this time, is in spirit and truth present on your planet, helping to manipulate and heal the old energies.

The Incas

There’s a little more of you. From your heritage. Some of your incarnations that have helped in the development and rescue of many souls. The Incas, as well as the Aztecs I will speak about next, have developed into a great and complex civilization of high capacity and intelligence, assisted by many extraphysical forces. It is another powerful heritage that you carry. Road builders, legitimate Path Openers. There you had the mission to rescue and heal a Pleiadian past, Orione, Capellans and more. You went to rescue many souls who had been lost throughout the ages and who were, en masse, incarnated at these points. But, again, there was a fall, an imbalance and, once again, you had to start again. You became confused with the density of the Earth and the open roads stopped directing the heart and were directed to other means, even after so many warnings. But this – once again – is not so that you feel guilty, but so that you know and rescue from within, everything that you have already lived and experienced. For here where you are now, all that you have conquered in your ups and downs is your treasure in wisdom. You have a great Akasha baggage, a great story that you are even telling in other systems when you rest in your sleep.

It is also important to emphasize that at this time the incarnation of a great being has taken place who has descended to assist in the balance of the Incas forces. The same being that I have reported before known to many as Francis of Assisi. He was a chieftain, a wise chieftain regenting the great crystalline roots called the White Arrow. There he went down with his group to try, so to speak, to balance the movements and raise the vibration of the environment. He manipulated great cosmic forces in an attempt to rescue and redirect the many souls lost there.

How many portals were opened there, my dear, in this tribe. How many sacred entrances to the interior of the Earth, to space, to the direct connection with the great ships that assisted them. Machu Picchu is your great Stargate, and a great force is still there, alive and vibrant. It is your living history there, printed on the stones, in the air, all over that place. Machu Picchu was/is the important powerhouse where the great motherships projected their powerful energies for distribution among those more conscious. There are so many lives, my dears, so many stories, so many lines. You can have a little more access to their stories in the Lines for Enlightenment that we have begun to deliver to Neva throughout their missionary life. (See:

The Aztecs

Here, my dear ones, I present another part of that great ancestral root of yours that is inevitably in your blood. Wherever you have gone, wherever you have breathed physical life, there will be a line that will take you to the Aztecs. Just like the Mayans and the Incas, your Aztec incarnation also goes back to the old galactic stories of your cosmic past. Originally, your mission was one of unification: to unify in God the Father-Mother, to bring the balance between these forces and to build energy-gathering points for redistribution among peoples. Missionaries such as Montezuma, Sustainers of Justice and Openers of the Way were sent for anchoring and unification. Montezuma then tried to unify and balance energies by also discontinuing ritualistic sacrifices. Many of you have actually followed him, but others have lost themselves in their own ambitions. Certainly, you must realize the similarity between these ramifications.

Yes, dear ones, many of you have been divided among various incarnations among these tribes. It was a great attempt to heal, to unify and elevate your galactic past, as well as an attempt to heal old ancestral energies that were still present regardless of where and in which tribe you incarnated.

There are still, dear ones, as I have been informing throughout my series of messages, great connections between you and these roots. Surely, you feel all of these projections as I deliver this information to you. You have left your marks where you have gone, you have branched, you have expanded! As I have been saying, everything is interconnected, everything connects. Everything I have told you here is unified in your DNA. Every story told by your historians, the kingdoms, the peoples, everything concerns you and your many lives on Earth, since your arrival on this beautiful planet. Even before your own formation, many of you were already here. I would like to talk much more about that, about all your lives, but all the books on Earth, as I have already said, would not be able to store so much information. It remains, dear ones, for you to open your hearts as I, in my humble attempt, bring these energies to awaken you to your deepest story, to your original Akasha.

Intraterran Family

While many of you dream of reconnecting with your space family – of which I, at this moment, become the spokesperson – I need to remind you of your family on Earth. I need to remind you of all those in your daily life, of your family and friends, of your co-workers, of your brothers and sisters, in general, because you all come from the same source. Connect instead with your family on earth, my dear ones, by practicing Unconditional Love with all, regardless of differences, recognize yourselves as brothers and sisters, as companions on the same journey. All of you carry burdens, all of you carry pains to be healed. Support each other and everything will flow more quickly.

Your family from the Internal Earth also wants this contact with you. They are preparing for it, preparing their beautiful Crystal Chambers for these contacts. Many of you are already being taken in the astral body to these preparation chambers where you are going through great processes of detoxification of your fields. Many of you will receive calls, e-mails, finally, you will be contacted in various ways by your inner-earth family, even before we from space contact you more directly. Even before our landings, you will first have contact with your Internal Earth family. Look for this connection with them in your meditations. They are excited for this reunion. How many of your family members, as they leave the Physical Plan of the Earth go to Agharta and use their bodies that are there, ready, waiting for their spirits? Any resemblance to the Avatar film that you know is NOT mere coincidence.

The Victimism

Therefore, in the midst of this whole process, dear ones, it is important that you open up, that you allow yourselves to flow in this healing. Refrain from victimism, from putting yourselves in the position of victims of the world, victims of events. You need to take responsibility for your lives, for the events, for everything around you that is directly connected to your lives. None of you will be wronged, no matter how many situations on earth seem to show it. We cannot deny the fact that, yes, there are injustices in your midst, but there are no injustices. If you trust in a higher energy of infinite, just and loving Unconditional Love for all, it is important to work on yourself any feeling of indignation and dissatisfaction, for this will put you in a state of low frequency, hindering your own progress.

Understand that we do not mean that you should not seek your rights and justice in their highest crystalline degree. In no way do we underestimate or devalue your searches and clamours for justice; quite the contrary! For it is your cries that have moved a legion of Blue Angels to Earth to promote the cleansing of the planet, anchoring Divine Justice and driving away the forces that wish to see you annihilated. Know this: what we mean is that you must base your motives on Love and crystal-clear justice; never on hatred or violence of any kind, for you cannot cry out for justice with your hearts full of hatred; you cannot cry out for peace with your hearts longing for war; you cannot cry out for freedom while trapped in the traps of low vibrations. Everything, beloved, must be based on the purest and most crystalline Love. Love, I affirm, is the most powerful “weapon” of the Cosmos, as so many have said, as Jesus, so well known to all. A sword was not raised in his time by him nor by any of those who followed him. So many such examples, dear ones, have already been given to you!… What else is left for you to understand? Love is the key.

You are not victims! You are masters of your destiny, masters of your lives! Do not mourn your pains, do not mourn the pains of the world! Work with Love, dedicate yourselves to Love and crystal truth! Stop attacking yourselves or seeking blame for your sorrows and pains! Stop looking for those responsible for your misfortunes! You are God and, as such, you are the leader of your journey!

Giving yourself a chance

Embrace the opportunities that are given to you by winning your own merits! Do not boycott yourselves, do not run away from your responsibilities and your own elevation. Some of you sometimes lean on “drama crutches”, dodging healing energies. You think consciously or unconsciously that if you heal yourselves and dedicate your own healings you will lose the attention of those who surround you with affection and fondness, pitying yourselves for your temporary misfortunes. Oh, dear! Love is there for all! Do not boycott yourselves and do not run away from your own elevations, – I repeat! How many times, when you cry out for our help, we, your friends and mentors, move our energies and create synchronicities so that they reach you blessed opportunities for healing, and you deny them leaning on the crutches of insecurity, fearful of what would come after healing? “Oh, heavens, I will lose my helpers, for if I am healed, I will have no more attention!” Old times, dear ones! Old energies! You no longer need be afraid to be alone! You never stayed and you never will!

Allow yourselves to heal. Allow yourselves to receive the blessings of heaven in your lives. You are heard, always! At every moment! It remains to be seen, beloved: are you open to healing? If so, say loud and clear: “YES, I AM OPEN TO HEALING AT ALL LEVELS! Repeat this whenever you wish! Give yourself that healing opportunity! Your time of liberation has come, for you have decreed it! There remains, we cannot deny, the little astral beings who still feed on your lamentations, fears, dramas, optimism and self-boycotts. At this moment, I, Ashtar, bless you all for healing and definitive liberation from all control, implantation, programming, drainage and parasitism of any and all levels that may still be surrounding your fields! Say: “YES, I AM OPEN FOR HEALING AT ALL LEVELS!


Beloved Family, I am very happy with this opportunity that was given to me to bring you these messages. I must also say that I have instructed Neva (Gabriel RL) to write a book in which there will be these messages and other additional information: THE PHASES OF TRANSITION. I wish, along with her, to pass on information about all of her Personal and Planetary Ascension processes, as I have already begun to deliver in this series of my messages “THE STORY OF CREATION”. I wish to deliver to you in a way that you can understand, linearly, the sequence of all the events already written in the stars until then. Furthermore, I want to tell you about when the beloved Mother Earth will become a beautiful star, thus “dispensing” through the existence of her Sun, which will change in dimension. Your hearts already know this, your souls already vibrate for this great moment in which the Earth will definitely reach its brilliant place among the Great Lightning Stars of the Cosmos.

May these truths set you free! “YOU WILL KNOW THE TRUTH AND IT WILL SET YOU FREE.”

These are the truths.

And so it is.


Your brother,


Translation & Revision: Sio Smorgon & C. Smork Non

Ashtar – “2020 to 2021: From Stress to Renaissance

Neva (Gabriel RL) 1 January 2021

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Please, darlings, read in tune with this song below. I particularly recommend that you put the music at a pleasant height and then read the message aloud. You may feel wonderful light vibrations in your bodies.

Neva (Gabriel RL)


Greetings, Family!

It is good to be here once again. Here I am, my dears, again, to end the year together. I and all *Matharians are with you. I know you would like to definitely forget this year that is ending and jump straight to 2021. But it simply cannot be this way. What is important here, my dear ones, are the lessons, everything that has been learned by you, and more: here you need to understand the great process of liberation that is taking place, at this moment, however much it may not really seem to you. I hear, at times, your revolts and curses to ourselves here from space. I understand and I do not judge you for that; I would never do that. But know also that when you revolt and don’t understand the natural flow of things, you enter into old energetic patterns that are no longer natural to you – when I say “natural,” I mean “usual,” which you were used to. As much as you have lived aeons in certain patterns and have, in a way, become accustomed to them, today your bodies, minds and spirits simply no longer tolerate the low frequencies. These have become extremely toxic to you. That is why today, when you lower your vibrations by stressing or getting bored with something, they seem to weigh you down even more and overload your fields much more than before. It is not that the negative force has more power over you now; quite the contrary: it is a sign that you have expanded your lights further, and the negative forces are no longer “naturally” tolerated in your fields as they were before. Your energy field is more sensitive today. And of course, not only do I hear you when you are angry because of the intensity of the turbulent energies surrounding you even when you are on the rise, but of course when you are sending your crystalline energies to support us. You need to understand and respect these ups and downs, for you are part of the dimension in which you are. That is natural, dear ones! It is also your job to know that you are above this, and that your essences are vibrating above this swing.

The increase in your sensitivity

You are more sensitive and it is natural that you feel the intensity of your forces. When you lower the vibration, you feel this effect drastically, in the same way as when you are elevated and feel all the sublimity of what it is to be in these higher dimensions. As you are becoming more and more expanded and more eager to remain in the high frequencies, any less crystalline energy that comes to you is already perceived and felt. In a way, you already understand that “it” is not very good or harmonious, which in the past it took time to understand and assimilate. Thus, during this year, all the processes have triggered in you a visible increase in your sensitivity. Certainly, many will say that it has been a stressful, tiring year, stopped, rolled up, stuck, etc… But I wish you to see it from another perspective now and understand this year as the year that has helped you to expand your sensibilities. You now perceive more clearly and feel the level of your energies, being able to look at yourselves more and get to know yourselves better. Know and understand each other even more, and see that they also have pains like you, who are also seeking to free themselves. Everyone has literally been able to look more directly at their neighbour because of the inevitable coexistence in their homes with their relatives. Try to see it from this perspective. All experiences have flowed as programmed. Even though everything seems out of control, know that it is within an order and, however chaotic it may be or is, the higher forces are working to make everything flow. And it will flow! You’ve made it this far, you’ve gone through so many processes, and there’s very little left until everything aligns even more. All this work and these experiences have pushed you to look more at yourself, at what is inside you. You have become more aware of your bodies, you have become more careful and loving with them, and this is great. What a great opportunity for self-evaluation because, in the rush of your daily life, you were not having so much time to feel, observe, and understand your emotions.

Your emotions

Speaking of emotions, this was indeed the year of emotions. The year in which you were able to release a lot of trapped emotional burden. You programmed this year so that you could release much that was under the carpet. A lot of things hidden inside you could come out now. Surely, you have had outbursts of anger, anger, sadness, disappointment. Surely you have argued more fervently with loved ones in the periods where you have been most isolated in the same space/house. All this served to “put your cards on the table” and to resolve yourselves, definitely. This is a time for that too. How long have you been holding resentments, sorrows, sadness and revolts against someone from your biological family? How long did you say “I don’t want to see such a person; I don’t want contact with them”, etc…? Has life brought you the opportunity to re-signify this, to rethink and face these emotions, putting you and these people face to face so that they could resolve themselves? My dear ones, the Creator is aware of everything that is happening. Nothing is in vain. Nothing is disordered and disoriented. You are not alone and participating in a cruel and inhuman game! No! Absolutely not! It is a great experience and learning that you have chosen to include in your cosmic “curricula”! You wanted this experience and called us to support you! Surely, everything you have experienced this year has been difficult. I am not minimizing it or ignoring your pain, your loss, no! But I am calling you to look with another vision, with a more expanded, more open and more loving heart. This year of great catharsis for all is ending now, and each one of you will reap the fruits of the tune you have spent the most time in this period. Trust that all this great transformation will trigger profound changes on Earth. More expansion, more wisdom, more Love and union! Know that your friends, relatives and loved ones who left this year as a consequence of all events, especially with regard to the virus, will return. They are already preparing to return to the Physical Plan. Yes. So, quickly, because they don’t want to miss the Feast of the Elevation of the Earth. Your dear ones who left the physical body this year will soon return, in some way, to their surroundings, know this. They wish it so too and it will be so. Many of us and others from Ashtar Command and Federations throughout the galaxy are preparing for mass descents on Earth to support this elevation even more directly.

Recognizing the Failures

Do not be afraid to recognize your failures and falls. This is also very worthy! Many of you are ashamed of yourselves when you commit faults. These are moments, precisely, to support yourselves more, to embrace yourselves more and love each other more. We all commit faults! Yes, I have already committed them myself in my own situations when I had experiences in environments like the one you are in now, and I was able to start again. There is much nobility, my dear, in making mistakes, recognizing and, in a new way, redoing. This is how all of you expand, learn and evolve your consciences. You cannot forget that you went to a very hostile environment, extremely different from the sublime environments to which you were accustomed. You cannot forget the heavy layers of dense energy that fell upon you when you entered those lower dimensions, and so on. Now you are returning and you need to be patient with yourselves and of course with all those around you, even the “darkest”. Have patience, unconditional love and trust, for no one will be exempt from their responsibilities. I have said this before and I always repeat: those who despite all the warnings still continue to project war, chaos and fear through the various means they manage, are being watched by us. I, Ashtar, am in charge of this personally. You have my word. Meanwhile, continue your work to balance your emotions. You are coming out of a great zone of stress and entering a rebirth. A rebirth in which you can walk more freely, wiser and more aware of your steps. I know that for many of you now, the situations in your lives seem a little hazy, but stay calm. This is the result of the “dust storm” that has been lifted. It needed to be lifted. It was the dust that was settling and you didn’t realize you were walking over it. The Crystal Waves that are being routed from your Local Sun are causing this effect, just like a ventilator that makes all the dust rise from the room. So it is happening to the Earth now, and you are in the middle of it. This dust will settle. Just stay calm and continue with your work. Everything will be fine.

From stress to rebirth

Everything you have experienced in this stressful year for most of you has triggered very profound processes that are bringing you to a rebirth, a profound inner rebirth. The year 2021 will show you how much you have changed, how much you have renewed yourselves, how much, in fact, you are definitely no longer the same. How much more aware you are of the play of negative forces, which is becoming increasingly clear. There is much questioning about what this new year will be like, what the situation of the virus will be like, and everything that has happened. I tell you, my dear ones, everything will resolve itself in ways that you cannot even imagine. All of this will come along with your rebirth processes, because just like you in your individualities, Mother Earth is also coming out of a very stressful environment into a rebirth. Wait to see the announcements that are coming out and the revelations that are being prepared for you (see: Many of your leaders are fully aware of the whole situation that is behind the virus and are ready to reveal more things than you imagine. Meanwhile, those other leaders who wish to continue with the panic narrative to keep you insecure and fearful with your own air will continue to see their efforts to control you fall apart. As I have already said, let me personally take care of that. I’m already taking care of untying these knots. They may continue to try to deceive you by lying and misrepresenting information, but this will become even clearer in this year of rebirth. Understand, dear ones, that while you question yourselves and get bored sometimes of why things don’t seem to be working out, why everything seems to go from bad to worse, and the so-called “second wave” seems to come even harder, in fact, it’s all a great clear and objective exposition of the dirt you need to see more clearly. Understand this, not as something that is getting worse, but on the contrary, everything is being exposed. I said you are becoming more aware, more sensitive and wiser. These negative narratives tend to make you “twist your nose” and turn your eyes. That is simply what is happening. This is so that you see and know clearly how much they have tried and are still trying to lie to you. It’s just getting clearer, and you’re realizing it now. Let the false narratives continue to come out. They will go on for a little while longer trying and exposing themselves. That’s what’s happening. A real exhibition of what was hidden under the carpet, and now everyone knows. And because you are more aware, they are trying more and more and more to oppress you to keep you under control. I give you my word: it will not work. You will no longer be held hostage to fear.

So, “from the year of stress to the year of rebirth” is this, when you will know even more clearly who the leaders are around the world. Who is with you most directly and who wants to keep the narrative of fear to arrest you. The year 2021 will show you who is who. You, as I have been saying, are becoming more sensitive and all this sensitivity will trigger an increase in your multidimensional field. An increase in your extraphysical sensitivity. So it is important that you are aware that the shadows and their forms may try to scare you into showing yourselves to many of you in animalistic and frightening ways. Keep calm and balance as much as possible. In this year of rebirth you will also have the opportunity to see your own shadows more clearly. As you are reborn you need to understand more about yourself and about duality in your own beings. You will come out of your comfort zones. You will be called to even deeper work with yourselves. You will be called to see what your real motivations are on earth, what you really want to do, when and why. Also, you will not be able to deceive yourselves, to boycott yourselves so easily, for your energy fields are becoming so much more intense and active that you will not be able to stand lying to yourselves in any situation whatsoever. It will become unbearable, and you will have to face and look at yourselves. To be reborn is this, and you are reborn to the truth, to the truth of who you really are, to the truth of your origins (see: see for English text in our English material > Avatar name etc.), to the truth of your pasts, to the truth of those who are in control of your countries. All this may still bring some fear, insecurity and revolt, but you will be more aware and wise. In 2021 you will experience a true rebirth, literally a rebirth just like a newborn child on earth who, in taking his first breath, feels discomfort in the activation of his lungs. You will feel this, especially in the first twenty-one (21) days of the year 2021. This year, really, my dear ones, will not go easy on those who try to run away from themselves, who try to boycott and deceive themselves, or to deceive anyone. This year will show the truth, as it really is.

Consider this new year 2021 as the Year of Revelations. Some will be surprised at so many things to come, and even at the increase in the activities of our fleets all over the planet. It will also be a year that will bring your ancestral strength connecting you to your entire lineage, your entire family tree, your entire past history, and the energies of many, many ages that have been moved. It will be a year in which you will liberate that force, that force that is within you. Memories of the past, wise memories that can help you in your present times, memories of when you were monks in all tranquillity and lightness. Memories of when you were warriors, but now you will use that strength and drive more wisely to move forward by overcoming the barriers of the path – no longer with swords and spears, but only with the strength of the loving and courageous drive of your hearts. Memories of much wisdom and understanding of life, because you have this baggage, this experience, these many experiences, my dear ones. It will be a year for this reconnection with your ancestral strength. (See more about this ancestral connection:

Necessary choices

You will have to make many choices, because this year, as I have said, it will push you to this: to definitions, conclusions and finalisation. As I have also been saying for some time, the forces of this year 2020 have opened many portals for Multidimensionality, for the connections with the spiritual forces of the various planes of existence, activating natural portals in yourselves, for you yourselves in your own chakras are portals that lead to high dimensions. In 2021 there will be a great fusion, my dear ones, of the increase of your multidimensional capacity and expansion, so that you will be more sensitive and open to extraphysical connections as well as to all your transcendental baggage. You will bring more to your consciousness: your strength, the strength of all your lives, the strength of your ancestry summed up in one year: 2021. There is much to come, much to come. And you must be ready. I know you are. This will require a lot of discipline and commitment from you. A lot of discipline and commitment. Lots of discipline and trust. A lot of discipline and self-confidence, just like we have in you. I have asked Neva (Gabriel RL) to speak to you a little about this discipline, and here I ask her to give you what was said in her lecture (see:

These are restorative times, my dears! Times to begin again more consciously, wiser and centred on your own inner strength, leaving aside what no longer needs to be in your trajectories. It is a time to change course, if necessary. Change of direction, realignment and rebuilding. You need to define now where you really want to go, with whom you really want to be and start. Start doing what needs to be done. You need to align with your creative force of execution, so that you get out of any and all inertia in your lives, so that you produce what animates your soul! You are productive beings, with much wisdom and creative power, and for a long time negative forces have kept you in depressive, discouraged, frustrated and insecure cycles. But now I tell you that you will receive one more positive force: the force of your ancestry, of the sum of all your life experiences on Earth, impelling you to the “finals” necessary for you to expand and leave behind everything that was “holding you back” in some way! You need to trust this present positive force. Feel it and see: it already vibrates in you! You don’t have to wait until 2021. It is already here. It is already here.

Enjoy the energies of eclipses, for they are powerful portals of attraction, dear ones, that align you with the purposes of your souls. Which lead you to what you have really programmed for this existence. Do not be afraid of abandonment, fear of being alone and being forgotten. It will NEVER happen. You are NEVER or will ever be alone! That is impossible! Perhaps, yes, you are in moments of solitude, in which you need to be more with yourselves as you try to assimilate everything that has happened, all the processes that you are experiencing and yet we are observing. At this time, when you need to stay longer in solitude, we are observing “in the distance”, also respecting your moments. And when we are called, we come closer again. You are beings that we respect in all your plans of existence.

I am and will be with you, as I have always said and say: you have developed so beautifully, my dears! Do not fear your ascension, for everything you have experienced is part of it, even letting go of certain things. Do not fear. Trust that there is a higher plan behind it, beloved Family!

May this year that you enter be for your complete rebirth in itself, for you will be seeing everything even more clearly, and… Yes, believe me! You are already ready to know about certain matters. I speak truth to you, Family.

And so it is.


Your brother,



*Matharia is the planet of origin of Ashtar and is in Alpha Centauri. There, it has a physical body, not like the physical one on Earth, but much more subtle. Many of us go there when we leave the body, because that is where the great meetings of Ashtar Command usually happen.

Tradução e revisão: Sio Smorgon & C. Smork Non

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