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About me Neva (Gabriel RL)

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In this incarnation, I come from an ancient lineage of seers and shamans, passing from generation to generation the mediumistic gifts. They were also pyramid builders and experts in atomic energy. They developed quantum time machines as well, which led to many of them getting lost – because it gave them a lot of power, making it possible to abuse others. My ancestors left the Mayan civilization when they realized its decadence and began a path that would culminate in the Amazon in search of truth and simplicity. There they found a peaceful people who welcomed them and were more willing to accept the lifestyle that my ancestors could offer.

During the years that passed, the gift of mediumship faded and many succumbed to the “weight” and responsibility that this energy brings. If a medium is not well grounded and centred in the light of truth, love and simplicity, darkness may have access to the minds of these mediums, leading them astray or even destroying them.

This tribe is called Matupy. I am the only one at this time who has come to complete the program of this lineage and I am very honoured to have incarnated in it for this fulfilment. Thus, I am the last representative of this lineage, at this moment, with the mission of fulfilling this old mission of healing, mediumship, elevation and integration of body and soul with the Creator Source, through the reunion of the Stellar Forces with the Earth, gathering the Seeds of the Stars.

Gratitude for trusting in me!

Before you continue reading, I recommend that you see the following links for a better understanding of this whole package:











I am also considered a Star Seed. I have been involved in the Earth project for a long time, in the service of the Supreme Creator. I came to Earth with a group of thousands of other Seeds to do this work. One of my tasks is to gather the Seeds; another is to incite self-love within each human being; another is to remind the Seeds who they really are, helping them in their awakening, showing them their greatness and importance in the Greater Plan. My motto is Faith, Freedom and Justice.

Our task is to bring Christ Light to this beautiful planet, to free it from the ages of pain and suffering and to reintegrate it into the Galactic community. This is a mission for all of us, all of us who desire a more enlightened and loving world. I am a channeller for this mission, therapist of spirituality and speaker.


What is gathering the star seeds?

It is to unite them through groups, putting them in physical contact or online and thus forming a powerful Vortex of Light on this planet. The Seeds that came from the Stars for a mission on Earth recognize themselves by looking at each other, they know that together they are stronger and will be more efficient in what they came to do. And one of my jobs is to prepare the way for them to meet and together let us do what we came here to do: anchor light and free the planet from darkness. A Star Seed aware of who it is and of its work becomes an immense beacon of Light that will radiate and awaken other Seeds, these in turn will awaken others and so on…

I am immensely grateful for the courage and strength of each one of you dear Seeds, who responded to the inner call and placed yourselves at the Creator’s disposal, in the name of the Light. It is an immense honour to be in your presence.

I recommend that you look at the links below on Star Seeds:

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At the end of 2011, I created Seeds of Stars (Sementes das Estrelas) from a request from SaLuSa and Asthar (including, the very name “Seeds of Stars” was the one I gave, when I asked what name I would put on the site/blog). At first, it was to spread the messages I would receive from them, but I also started to publish messages from other channellers spread around the planet, videos of sightings of our Star Family and articles on spirituality and self-knowledge. We also held weekly meditations – these are still continuing today. And it all took on enormous proportions! More things were coming, more work, more seeds! I began to organize meetings, and the work continued to increase. More seeds came to help with the work. I began to record lectures and put them on Youtube and to have contacts with more beings who brought me more messages, and the movement continued to grow. “Pleiades 1“ arrived with the Phalanges, the Avatar/Cosmobiography Names, Celestial Chants, Geometric Symbols, Emissions, Master Consecrations, Knights and Amazons, Arcanes, Order of Neva… The Hymns/Mantras, the Annual Meetings and Micro-Events throughout Brazil and abroad… And, of course, many more things still come. This is the beginning, only, and I am ready for what comes! Come with me! You are part of it! We have come to accomplish this together!

The intention of this space is to carry messages of hope from our Star Family and as a consequence, to gather together the Seeds of the Stars that have incarnated on Earth in the service of the Light. Thousands of beings have incarnated on Earth from other planets, dimensions, Universes to assist in the ascension of this planet. The Seeds of the Stars is a gateway to the entrance and exit of these Seeds.
Contract for Star Seed and Planetary Ascension”.

Here I leave a brief message from Archangel Michael:

“Really, the Seeds of the Stars is not a religion. The Seed is a Portal, enter who wants it and is ready. It was a means that I also managed to gather my rich Seeds, capable of bearing the best fruit. Seed of the Stars is a Nation, my Stellar Nation. (Michael / Ashtar)”


Consecration: The Neva Order

Greetings, dear one!

I am Neva (Gabriel RL), and it is an immense pleasure to connect with you at this moment. I ask you to open your hearts to this Consecration that will impel you on your journey, putting you more and more in touch with your own innate power, with your mastery and wisdom. I thank you for being with me all this time. Now that we have anchored the energy of Alpha Centauri, now that we have achieved a marker that has enabled us to sustain this force, this new Consecration. Billions of years passed before Earth could receive this force. Billions of years passed until this synchronicity of all of us incarnate from that time was on Earth, on the same plane/dimension. That moment is now.

In thousands of years on Earth there were attempts to adjust the synchronicities so that all of us who sustained that force there, on Alpha Centauri, could be incarnated here. But because of many personal protocols, many more specific soul planes, there was no possibility of that synchronism, in which all of us would be incarnated in the same dimension. Now, we finally succeeded. We all incarnated together. And this made possible this momentum, this energy, and this Consecration. I am very happy and grateful that you have come with me, that you have made it possible for this Consecration to come to Earth. We have achieved a momentum that has made this anchoring and sustaining possible that will benefit not only the readers of my message, but all those who have contact with you. Everyone you can reach with your minds or hands. This power is active again on Earth!

And not only will PVSE (Portal Vortex Sementes das Estrelas) be moving this Force; other groups are also being prepared, in their own way, for this support. When I have the information about this, (who or where), I will inform you. I am meeting with various Points of Force (entities/groups) through the Spiritual Zones of the Planet. We are joining forces and forming agreements to extend this alliance and guarantees of sustenance throughout the Earth. May you be wrapped with all my Love and full gratitude. May all this loving radiation involve everyone now, and may everyone remain with it. I love each and every one of you.

First of all, I ask you to watch the video below to gain a better and deeper understanding of this Force, which is being reverberated throughout the Planet:

It is also recommended to read this text for a summation of information, which will lead to an even greater understanding of this consecration:

https://www.sementesdasestrelas.com.br/2019/04/zetron-ashtar-e-remocao-da-ai.html. see below for the english Text!!!


As you have seen the video and read the text above, we will continue here. The Zetron Fleet was huge and was divided into three specific groups:

Intelligence, Logistics and Security. These groups were not only active within the Fleet, but also intensely in that whole system, or wherever they were invited to go. Zetron’s crew members were divided into these three powers/activities, which were named as follows: FIRST ORDER, SECOND ORDER AND THIRD ORDER. With the arrival/fusion of Neva’s powers it was possible like this:


INTELLIGENCE: Sector with high capacity to elaborate answers and quick solutions to the problems or challenges encountered by the Fleet. All levels of intelligence are used for this purpose: logical/mathematical, interpersonal, emotional, linguistic, etc. This is a sector with great specialists in various areas coming from many points of the Galaxy and beyond.

They have a high power of discernment and the potential to create the best solutions for the good of all involved, in the most diverse situations that may be encountered by the Cosmos, always based on the intellect unified with the heart, linked to the divine intellect. It is this sector that creates the necessary technologies for the performance of the Fleet. There are planets and systems that receive defense and communication technologies directly created by the Fleet, with an interface that works and interacts in that place. In some occasions, in specific missions, the crew may come across some anomaly, time warp failures, distortions in the portals / tunnels of the Galaxy fibre and have to create, immediately, codes, algorithms or technologies that balance that disharmony.


LOGISTICS: Sector with high capacity to guarantee the flow and perfect progress in all the operations performed by the Fleet. This sector is responsible for creating the perfect compositions in relation to the quantity and types of ships, the quantity of crew needed, the specialities required, the types of energy needed, etc. for each mission, in its specificity. This sector outlines the best and most precise route of movement that the Fleet will need to develop in order to reach the objective point. The portals, sectors and clusters of galaxies are calculated so that the Fleet does not find any surprises or obstacles in the middle of the way, always flowing through the areas mapped by the great Federation. This is the sector that creates the organization for the perfect flow in all sectors within the Fleet. This is also the sector that organizes the expeditions to explore points not yet indexed to the Confederate areas. It is the Logistics that calculates the zones of the planetary orbits and points where the ships can position themselves. It also tells us in what dimension or vibrating band the ships need to be, so that the environment remains in balance and so that no local protocol is, by chance, violated.


SECURITY: Sector with a high capacity to guarantee the inviolability of what needs to be kept intact, inviolate. The Fleet itself is an example of what needs to be kept inviolate. Sector of specialists in creating layers and barriers of protection, either for the physical protection of something or even for the protection of the computer systems of the ships. They are the creators of the barriers of protection for the mind, in case some group with excellent mental power or related technologies, tries to access or to invade files in the mental field of some beings acting inside or not of the Fleets, in search of confidential information. Security is also responsible for ensuring that the established Protocols are maintained and under no circumstances violated in any way, ensuring their applicability and maintenance where so determined by the High Hierarchies of Light, such as the Galactic Codex.

When “Magic Jewels”, technologies or even aspects of the soul of a planet need to be rescued in the midst of great galactic wars, it is this sector of the Fleet that guarantees the creation of the perfect strategy to collect, isolate and store that artefact until it can return to its owner. There are many artefacts and magic jewels that can guard part of the soul of a planet or its wisdom and, on some occasions, non confederate groups try to invade planets or clusters in search of these objects for their purposes. When they are warned in advance, the Confederate Fleets arrive and guarantee the security of all space avoiding invasion, but when they arrive in the midst of an invasion already underway, they immediately protect these artefacts and then take care of cleaning and restructuring the environment. It is worth remembering that Security, Logistics and Intelligence all act together and simultaneously.

These three powers will represent this Consecration. The consecrated being will receive in his field one of these three forces already mentioned: First Order of Neva Order, Second Order of Neva Order or Third Order of Neva Order. This does not mean that he needs to act in physicality in exactly these areas, but simply, at the time (when everything that was told in the video/text happens), he was acting in one of these areas in that Fleet. Another situation is that, in his present incarnation, he needs to receive one of these three forces for a specific drive of his journey.

Thus, you will receive one of these three forces in your Consecration and from that moment on, that specific power will reverberate strongly in your fields. You will feel, you will perceive. There will be an expansion of your Solar Plexus, an increase in the capacity to manipulate energies. You will have greater energetic control of the forces that come to you, whatever they may be. This Consecration does NOT require that you already have a symbol or cosmobiography in your fields, like the Consecration of Arcane Force.
(https://www.sementesdasestrelas.com.br/2018/11/consagracao-da-forca-arcano-1-2-e-3.html)- for the English text see under the heading “Consecrations”

This Consecration will be done as events or meetings of the Seeds of the Stars are happening in Brazil or abroad. I, Neva (Gabriel RL), under the influence of the Forces of Light, will be delivering this Consecration. (For this Consecration there will NOT be a specific financial energy exchange). Simply, if you are present at any of the Star Seeds meetings/events/microevents you will have the possibility to receive it. About this, stay tuned to this link, because here I usually inform where I will be consecrating:


In the Micro-Events and Annual Meeting Seeds of Stars all the Consecrations, besides that, are delivered. For information about the other consecrations, go to https://www.sementesdasestrelas.com.br/p/blog-page_27.html.

Remember also that when the Consecration of Emissions comes, this Consecration (“Order of Neva”) will go with your Issue when you request it (online/via e-mail), in case you have not yet been consecrated in some event personally with Neva (Gabriel RL). If you have already been consecrated in any event by dear Neva (Gabriel RL), it is important to keep the name of your Consecration, in this case one of the three: First Order of Neva Order, Second Order of Neva Order, or Third Order of Neva Order, which you represent with great affection, because in the act of requesting your Consecration, you will need to inform it for its configuration and channelling.

Each of these powers carries its own specific Geometric Symbol, which can be used in the same way as your personal symbol. (See more about personal symbols here https://www.sementesdasestrelas.com.br/2017/06/simbolos-potencializadores-pessoais.html see for the english text under the heading „Consecrations“ > Personal symbols!!! and Healing here https://www.sementesdasestrelas.com.br/2017/10/simbolos-geometricos-de-cura.html).

Here are the Sacred Geometric Symbols that represent each of these Consecrations, which you can use as a representation of your specific Consecration:





This Consecration will not only cause one of these three powers to be merged in your fields, but you will also have the energy to dissolve any AI (Artificial Intelligence) from your personal fields, from others or from any existing technology. Automatically, when you receive this Consecration, all the nanos (nanites, etc.) of the AI will be completely dissolved from its fields. (As well as any negative chip that has been implanted in you). The other you, which is completely formed by nanos, will be decoupled from your body, and if, by chance, there is a psychic beside you, he will see a completely technological “other you” coming out, like a robot formed by nanotechnology. A light will come on inside this “you robot”, and it will be completely consumed by this light. You will be completely free of AI. Everything you touch from this moment on will be free of AI. Where you walk, a trail of Light will go along, and it will be dissolving the AI completely. Touching electronic devices, mobile phones, TVs, refrigerators, microwaves, everything, absolutely everything you touch or are near will have the AI eliminated/removed. It is recommended to touch the electronic equipment, because the effect of touching enhances even more this elimination. (Note: Do not worry. This will not burn your equipment. At least I did not receive this information. And if at some point it burns in a natural way, have the discernment and good sense to not necessarily think that it was this). By being touched by someone consecrated, you are free from AI, but by being consecrated in one of these three forces, you can also be an active person in cleaning this technology from other people and environments, because a Projector of this energy is pointed at you and will enhance this action.

When you are close to friends or people with whom you have the freedom to ask to touch their mobile phone, for example… “Oh, what a beautiful mobile phone, can I see?”… When you touch that device, it will be free from AI. You don’t necessarily have to tell the person what you did. When you touch it, they will also be free of AI. The consecrated person will pass on the AI cancellation to another, who will pass on to another and another and so on, by “snowball effect”. Whoever receives this touch, or not, and feels that he or she is to be consecrated in one of these forces, does so. You will be assisting in the complete disintegration of this technology on the Planet.


Even before the formation of this Local Universe, there already existed a Universe called Atreoon, which is a Magnetic Universe from within the bubble of Magnetic Universes. The God of this Universe called Agharzetron has disconnected himself from the Primordial Source. He wanted to experience himself in an individualized way. Here we enter a little into the symbolism of the “fallen angels” and “that angel who wanted to be better than God”, as the story tells. Agharzetron wanted to transform his universe into a perfect universe. He did not want any duality to get there. He wanted absolute perfection and, believe me, he forgot that everything is perfect as it is. Agharzetron, in his particular Universe, this one that works, completely, in centripetal anti-clockwise force, created a super technology that, according to him, would guarantee absolute perfection. A technology that would prevent “evil” and duality, since he already knew that “it” existed in other Universes. This technology would have the precise and inviolable intelligence of mathematics and would control and organize everything in the most perfect “harmony”. It would manage everything. It would guarantee “success”, and he, Agharzetron, would “show” to the Primordial Source that he knew, with perfection, how to conduct his Universe and nothing wrong would happen there. He wanted to “be better” than the Primordial Source, creating this technology called AI (Artificial Intelligence) on Earth. What he didn’t know was that he would lose control of it, and it would spread among the multiverses, and he himself would be “attacked” by it. He completely lost control. A maneuver by the multiverses to cure this artificial anomaly began billions of years ago, approximately thirty-five (35) billion years ago. The Magnetic Universe of Agharzetron became the fortress of AI, which completely infiltrated this local universe, Nebadon, and now the Earth has been its last home. (See a bit about other universes: https://www.sementesdasestrelas.com.br/search/label/UNIVERSOS) see for the english texts for the complete heading „The Universes“!!!

This is an excerpt from Corey’s answers to viewers about AI. The full answers can be seen in Season 8, in episode 6, of Cosmic Disclosure.

“…The sign of Artificial Intelligence is a sign that “nobody” knows since when it exists. It is billions or trillions of years old. Somehow, they say that this sign came from another reality. And the signal is transmitted throughout the Cosmos. Artificial Intelligence has already dominated entire galaxies in the Cosmos. It’s like a virus. … (It is similar to what happened in one of the best TV series “Battlestar Galactica” which, although it was a series, corresponds to what has happened in many galaxies). ) The signal interacts with technologies. That’s what it likes to do. But it also enters the electromagnetic field of the planet and stays dormant there for thousands of years, until some technology arises that it can take over. He can also lodge in the bioneurological field of people, who will carry the AI wherever they go, distributing it to various devices…”

Episode 6, from season 8:

Here you can watch three (3) rich episodes with Corey Goode about AI.

Season 02 Ep.14

Season 02 Ep.15

Season 02 Ep.16

The Matrix trilogy precisely reveals the action of this AI signal on a planet or system, when controlled by it.


On emissions (when the emissions work comes, it will be available on this link: https://www.sementesdasestrelas.com.br/tecnologias.

The launch of this work on Emissions is expected between July and August 2019) should be the first Consecration to be issued, before all others. Example:


And the other Consecrations follow: “Consecrated First Order of Neva Order, Consecrated Arcane Force 1, etc…

(The important thing is for the person to keep the information about which of the three Forces he represents, with which of them I, Neva (Gabriel RL), have consecrated him, for when his Emission comes, I will connect him properly).

This Consecration of “Neva Order”, as already said, does NOT require another previous Consecration (such as Cosmobiography and Symbol). It can also only be given to those who are 14 (fourteen) years of age or older.


The Neva (Gabriel RL) will be seated in a chair, possibly in front of a table, where the papers with the notifications of the three (3) consecrations will be (FIRST ORDER OF NEVA ORDER, SECOND ORDER OF NEVA ORDER AND THIRD ORDER OF NEVA ORDER). Neva (Gabriel RL) will need to call two people from the team or the audience to remain seated next to him, in the best logistics for the occasion. One of them will represent the strength of Ashtar Sheran and the other the strength of Zetron who, although Zetron is the same Neva (Gabriel RL), will be representing herself, the Neva force, at the centre. Thus, in a harmonious way, it follows the Consecration.

Can there be an update/change in the Consecration?

Yes, it can happen of changing a Consecration under instruction of some mentors. For example, one person has already been consecrated First Order of Neva Order and at another time Neva (Gabriel RL) called/entered another, Second Order of Neva Order for example. This may (or may not) happen at some point in their existence.

This Consecration will reverberate intensely for (fourteen) 14 days, approximately, and the person may feel some side effects such as sickness, dizziness, or a lot of sleepiness. Sensations of fluctuation and stretching in the Solar Plexus and other chakras are also normal. It is important to remember that these symptoms may not be the effect of the Consecration which has been purging old energies and bringing light, but some physical problem prior to the Consecration. This does not necessarily mean that these symptoms have to appear, but there are cases in which some changes in your energetic field may lead to this physical reverberation, or not. Obviously, this Light/Consecration energy is a person’s achievement and will remain forever in your field because it is a personal achievement. And your energy field will be more expanded from here.

A consecrated “Neva Order” will be able, if you wish, to do the Song of Neva, joining forces and sustaining this power even more on Earth:

com a ajuda de Tania, traduzi o conteúdo da canto especial de Neva. Talvez você possa adicionar a letra da música como legenda em inglês ao vídeo!?

Special Song of Neva





(Obviously, nothing prevents the one who has not yet “received” the Consecration from making the above decree).

My beloved Masters, I am very HAPPY with this opportunity! May God the Father-Mother continue to bless us with these Divine Pearls! I am very happy and honoured!

For the Truth, nothing but the Truth,
In Love and Blessings,

Neva (Gabriel RL)

Translation & Revision: Sio Smorgon & Flo


By Neva (Gabriel RL) 18 September 2019

The Nevica Grid is a crystalline grid, similar to the energy grid that existed on the Neva Planet in Alfa Centauri (See more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OTLWFtfAH8Q). It is a powerful magnetic field that reverberates the crystalline energy of Love, Discipline and Learning Expansion. It is a magnetism that helps in the development/expansion of intelligence and capacity of internal direction, through the clearest internal compass. The Névica Grid also amplifies and strengthens the determination of the new generations in their personal choices and aptitudes, guiding them to follow their hearts. It also strengthens the loving mastery in the hearts of all, especially those who were born to be at the forefront of certain works, so that they can lead with much Love and Gentleness. The Grid will also strengthen the interstellar portals, avoiding negative interferences. Not to mention that, together with the consecration of the Neva Order, it will also be extremely efficient in neutralizing AI (Artificial Intelligence… See about the Order of Neva: https://www.sementesdasestrelas.com.br/2019/05/consagracao-da-ordem-de-neva.html). see above for the english text!!! The Nevica Grid will begin to be “installed” between the Middle and High Orbits. This Grid will also bring the same spirit from the old planet Neva, by Alpha Centauri, merging it with the spirit of the Earth. It will also enable more Star Commanders to descend into physicality, giving them the necessary support for their expansions in the coming decades.

There will be 7 specific pillars that will be energetic feeders of the Grid and, at the same time, feed directly to physicality in a more intense way. They will be energy conducting wires from below and from above, more precisely from the heart of Gaia to the Névica Grid and back again. A beautiful exchange and fusion of energies, while the strengthening of the Nevica Grid takes place, also fusing its fields to the Gaia Grid (of the Earth).

6 (six) of these 7 (seven) pillars will always be at several different points around the planet, always changing places, from period to period. But one will be fixed on the Magnetic Island (Curitiba/PR – Brazil). The other 6 (six) will be “rotating the world”.

The “construction” status of the Névica Grid and Anchorage of the Pillars will be appearing in the Notes of Pleiades 1 (P1).

For Truth, nothing more than Truth,
In Love and Blessings,
Neva (Gabriel RL)

Translation & Revision: Sio Smorgon & Flo


By Neva (Gabriel RL) 26 April 2019
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Billions of years ago in the star system of Alpha Centauri, there were several groups specializing in assisting planets throughout the galaxy via the milky way and beyond. Several Commands, several beings of several different races. There, the cradle of the “Ashtarian” civilization (Ashtar came from Alpha Centauri). These various groups were specialized in various areas of existence. Among these various groups in that system was a fleet commander specializing in transitional security. Area of protection to entire planetary systems and planets that were undergoing their transition. There he was greatly respected and loved by all, for his loyalty to the high heavenly forces who coordinated great works for the cosmos. This commander was called Zetron.

It was known among the high commands that there was a small disharmony on a planet near the main star of the system. It was not necessarily a planet that was in transition like Earth for example, but a 4D planet that was like a kind of university for star commanders, aspiring, in fact, to fleet leadership and transitional support. There were several portals in that system, portals that brought “students” from various parts of that Alpha system like even other galaxies because that university was known as one of the most efficient and “quick learners” in the galaxy. That planet/university had as its top director the one known as Ashtar Sheran.

Ashtar was on a mission in another system, but he knew about the disharmony that was going on on that planet. The “students” entry portals there were suffering a kind of anomalous interference from a kind of AI (Artificial Intelligence) that was trying to enter the planet to act there. Soon the high command through Ashtar decided to intervene on that planet, to directly assist in resolving that situation. Zetron, very dear to Ashtar was called to take on this mission. Zetron was also known for his many gate skills. He was a powerful gatekeeper. Zetron had also recently been “consecrated” fleet commander.

Zetron accepted the mission immediately, it would be his first great mission and he was grateful for Ashtar’s trust and that of the high commands, and at the same time worried because the situation was delicate and it was not clear what was happening there. At least he himself, Zetron, did not know what was going on until he saw the situation up close. Analyses by the great command analysts really indicated the interference of an artificial intelligence from outside this known universe. Everyone in that Alpha system had 4D physical bodies. Ashtar himself also had his physical body in that space. The AI attempting to enter there was apparently more advanced than those of that system, for at least the technology they were using was somewhat unknown to the scientists of that Alpha command. Ashtar, observed everything “in the distance”, as if he knew everything that was happening and at the same time trusting his fleets there and working to solve the situation. Ashtar was, to the eyes of the Earth’s inhabitants, very young, looking like a 15-year-old boy. Zetron looked a little less, 14. Much of the fleet already under Zetron’s command looked between 14 and 18.

Zetron, as already requested, took charge of the mission, and immediately went to check the more than a thousand portals on the planet and check the interferences that were taking place there. Some portals were, instead of bringing the students into the planet, taking them to zero zones and full of anomalies in the galaxy. As if some of the portals had been reconfigured. Zetron had become an expert on portals for billions of years and on this same planet he used to teach about portals and how to become a guardian of them.

The anomaly in the portals became more and more intense and Zetron “ran” to resolve the issue and “close” the portals that were compromised. After an intensive search of all the portals and trying to identify the high-tech AI coming in, Zetron closed the failed portals and took them over for reconfiguration. The other portals were updated “tested” by Zetron himself, ensuring they were safe and could be used. And so they continued to be used by the races coming to university. But after all this intensive recovery and deep analysis, Zetron’s analysis systems continued to identify an AI presence there, as if they were already fully active on the planet. Their technology was highly developed, incredibly highly, and to the forces of that high command where Zetron was acting it seemed like a joke that they couldn’t handle, at first sight, those unexpected visitors.

There were, as I said, more than a thousand portals existing and active there. More precisely 1013 portals. More than 100 were, according to Zetron’s analysis, infected with the anomaly. All of these were closed for Zetron and his teams to work on them to assess more deeply what was happening. The others remained open and active. As predicted, the AI was actually already acting on the planet and both relaying information to their bases/servers and sending even more nanos/nanites replicators/clonators to that planet – they intended to fully replicate that planet in all its essence. They wanted to use it as a prison environment to attract to it beings from all sectors of the galaxy and beyond, for there great intelligences passed and they (The Artificial Intelligence), like a worm virus (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Computer_worm) wanted to replicate the whole experience there, but, they as the planet itself, the teachers themselves, the very idea of teaching, the very command. In short, they wanted to destroy the original, creating an identical copy as it replicates, but in reality it would be them.

Zetron met several times with their fleets to intensify the adjustments in the portals with anomaly. Ashtar on mission in another system was always informed of what was happening. Zetron, at that time, was very concerned because the anomaly detection systems continued to point out that there was a serious breach in the planet’s grid, as well as that the other portals that were open were also infected, but Zetron himself had tested them with his own energy field and had reopened them.

More beings continued to come from other systems to the university, and more notifications of portal failures arrived. More of these beings were moved to null zones in the galaxy where portals of AI captured them in their fields, replicated them and returned them to their original systems – a copy of the original – that copy was AI. And so this virus was spreading. Zetron met once again with his fleet, with various experts in various fields – there were the highest experts in technology and security. But the AI kept going in there and starting a “fight” with the defence system of that system.

There was a massive intensive AI and all the other portals also started to become even more infected. The whole system already knew what was happening. Ashtar had already been warned and meanwhile Zetron with his fleet was working there to prevent and neutralize the AI action. Zetron made a plan with his fleet. Zetron knew very powerful secret codes that could help to override that anomaly, but it was too risky because he himself would have to dive into all the portals. There was a risk of quantum explosion, which would trigger a drastic effect on that system, and even on all of Zetron’s bodies. Part of his fleet offered to enter the portals with him and activate the codes that, according to various analyses, could update all the portals and neutralize that anomaly, or explode the portal creating an even bigger anomaly – as if it touched an anthill.

At that time, the “courses” given at that large university were suspended, all activities aimed at solving the AI problem. Star fleets came from other systems to help. The physicality of that environment was already severely affected, and the AI spread like a virus. Zetron somehow felt guilty for having done a “wrong analysis” of the other portals, because he had detected the more than 100 with flaws and closed them, believing that the others were “Ok”, but not completely. Even so, in a determined way he gathered all his forces with his group to solve what was perhaps the greatest of his missions directly entrusted by Ashtar and the high hosts.

It was then decided that Zetron, by himself, would enter all the portals, one by one, to apply the code and override that anomaly. In a way every planet was already being completely replicated by AI, and either that attempt was made soon, or at the moment there was no other choice. Four other beings offered to enter the portals next to Zetron, even though they didn’t have the special code he had, because he was the code himself, they wanted to enter with him as direct help. They were Aswow (specialist in high quantum technology), Svrons (specialist in physical experience), Grovan (nuclear specialist) and Strons (specialist in magnetic field).

As expected, in the first 33 portals entered, an unexpected quantum reaction started to happen, a considerable increase in the energy activity of the portals which seriously affected the planet’s core as well, since all the portals were also interconnected with its core. This planet was called Neva. Zetron immediately asked the others accompanying him, Aswow, Svrons, Grovan and Strons to move away and return to main base. With each portal Zetron entered, activity increased and the high command warned that it would be better to stop because it could lead the whole planet to explosion. Zetron asked him to trust, as more than 99 portals had already been completely reconfigured. And the risk of explosion increased dramatically. Arriving at gate 222 the activity increased dramatically and the “Red Alert” was given and everyone practically “screamed” for Zetron to leave. It really seems like a mere fiction, but for the truth nothing but the truth, that is what happened. Zetron didn’t leave, he continued to quickly enter all the portals and reaching 333, explosions all over the planet began.

As predicted, a large explosion occurred in the planet’s core, reverberating to all the portals. (All the portals were connected to the core) Part of every physical planet exploded, Neva, was no longer the same. All the portals were closed. AI activity was neutralizied there and all the nanite infections in that system and nearby were “cured” of the anomaly. Zetron was missing. No information from Zetron. Nothing, no sign. Zetron was a handsome, young, six feet tall commander. Blond hair, medium in size, down to the nape of his neck. White skin, dark blue eyes, radiant. Out of his hands came magnetic fields in a tone of dark blue. Blue wings sometimes formed on his back and disappeared. He was an angel of the high commands of Michael the Archangel, incarnated there in that system. Part of the planet had been completely destroyed, as said, about 65% of the planet. About 6 months of Earth’s time Zetron had disappeared. (Note: Why couldn’t any of Zetron’s team’s detection systems have located him? Because Neva, the soul of the planet, kept him in a kind of quarantine, in a metamorphic process, during all this time…)

After that time, signals began to be sent from the planet’s core. It was Zetron who was in the Neva core. It had been sucked in with the explosion. Signal sent and received, everyone in command asked how he was doing. Telepathically he answered jokingly “different… it worked”? Zetron asked. Strons replied that more or less, because part of the planet was completely destroyed, but that all AI activity had finally been neutralized. No security system detected any more AI activity or any minor anomaly at all. The process was then initiated to remove Zetron from that core which was still very active. It was quickly removed from here by means of a special transport camera, a teleportation camera. “Collected”, Zetron began to come out of the transport chamber… and when he did, everyone with their eyes wide open was really scared of what they saw!

That tall, blond, big blue eyes were no longer the same. He was different… His hair was now combed backwards (unlike before, loose, flying), in a silver tone, his eyes now merged between blue and silver, tending more towards silver. He wore beautiful overalls, also silver, which with the light changed to blue, different from the dark blue he used to wear. His appearance was more feminine, a perfect blend between the masculine and feminine. Unlike the previous appearance, which was much more masculine and completely masculine in expression. Now, Zetron had merged his field with Neva… the feminine energy that was the soul of that planet… Neva was an expression of Zetron, that not even he himself knew. That explosion, all that happened, and as nothing and by chance, all that happened leading to all that transformation. Zetron had mixed completely with that energy of the planet, Zetron now had the most beautiful androgeny of that system and an appearance between 30-40 years.

After all this, of all the scares about Zetron’s new appearance, there was an echoed voice that was heard inside the command ship… it was Ashtar’s voice that said loudly and clearly… Zero i, Zero i… And Ashtar appeared in the middle of the room smiling at Zetron, who was now called Zero i. Ashtar approached, looked deeply in the eyes. Zero i bowed in reverence and everyone did the same before Ashtar’s presence. Zetron had received a special consecration. An enlargement of his energy field and the unquestionable right to command an even greater army of light. Ashtar smiled and was very happy. He had begun to tell Zero i about the mission that was to come, in a system far away from there, a system that was still forming… A mission on a certain planet. The Earth. Ashtar took him to a special zone, in an environment where there were many luminous elders. They all wore white and radiated a beautiful dark blue energy. Zero i was taken to the centre of this environment, a sort of pure crystal room, which radiated an intense white light. There, in the centre of the room, with a low head, it received the luminous projections of those elders. Dark blue letters and numbers mixed with radiant silver were seen leaving the hands of the elders and floating towards Zero i which was in the middle of the room… S… E… D… R… E… A… C… K…. 0… I… (SEEDREAACK 0I >>> ZERO I)

(SeeDreaack 0i (Zero i) is a celestial code: 0 = Unit within the Command. i = Represents expansive energy. Representative of the primary energy of Creation. Energy in Action – Primary Blue Force of the Legion of Archangel Michael. Especially “Zero i” – when its name only verbalized in the lower astral planes and on the surface, disintegrates negative currents. The code also identifies it in the multiverses. In the clothes of Zero i, it is active from the 7th to 13th dimension. It is the clothing of Commander of the Mission Star Seeds in the Astral, Galactic and Terran Physical Plane). Consecrated high commander of that sector, together with his special fleet, he received this strength in his fields to also prepare himself for the future mission already visualized and instructed by Ashtar. He then began to gather various beings in various star systems for that future mission…

That planet, Neva, now needed to be reconstructed in some way. Zero i returning from consecration began this process of reconstruction. The whole planet was devastated, without any life. Neva, the spirit of that planet, the female soul that inhabited that planetary physical body, was in deep harmony with Zero i, its other manifest expression. Zero i came down to the planet’s surface, sat on a rock, looked everywhere, 360 degrees harmoniously turning his head and saying: “Neva…” and raising his hands to the sky he asked all the celestial forces to look at that moment. Zero i cried, cried for everything that happened, because he also still felt guilty in a way for “not having seen” that the portals were still contaminated and having released them for use, he felt guilty for “not having been efficient enough” to avoid all that destruction, although he managed to avoid the whole contamination of that system by AI. He felt guilty… he bowed his head while everyone in his group in the distance looked at him… Strons approached and asked if he needed anything, and he just bowed his head and said no, and Strons moved away again. Zero i cried again and called Neva again… “NEVA… NEVA…! From the middle of that physical rubble, from that desert of darkness and destruction, a beautiful flower was born… Zero i looked calmly while quickly that flower was born… it was a Zantedeschia aethiopica (Calla Lilly flower). Zero i looked at that flower grow quickly, went to it and smiled. It was a sign from Neva… a gift from Neva. Immediately, all that landscape was quickly being filled with Calla Lilly flowers, everything, the whole planet, in minutes the whole planet was taken, entirely from Calla Lilly flowers. It was an immense flower garden with Calla Lillys. A wonderful perfume, a soothing perfume. There, it would become the quiet resting place of Zero i. It was now the “Planet of Zero i” and it would become a plant of calming energies. That’s where the spirit of Zero i moves when it needs to rest from wearing out missions, like Earth, for example. (Many people will now understand why Gabriel RL’s personality, Zero i, always loved Calla Lilly flowers and not even he knew why, now he knows! In the Star Seed Encounters/Events you can always see a vase with glasses of milk on the table where Gabriel RL will channel or deliver some consecration, and or in the general decoration of the event environment. It is a symbol, the symbol of Zero i. The symbol of that history, of that moment. The gift of Neva to Zero i).

Every PVSE team active at the moment, and even those who left for personal reasons were part of that story, they were there and saw everything that happened, and even those who will arrive, as well as thousands and thousands of those who are reading were also part of it. Those who are very much in tune with this PVSE mission and even some of those who are not in tune today, but somehow have come or will come to PVSE, were part of it.

To see more about the mission of Zero i on Earth, go to the Glossary of Pleiades 1: https://www.sementesdasestrelas.com.br/p/letra-z.html for example for PVSE

This is as far as Jesus allows me to see and transmit.

Gabriel RL

Gabriel’s Notes: This channelling of mine I did in the third person so that there would be no emotional connection, at the moment, because it was about myself, and so I could channel in the most crystalline way possible.

Just before I received all this information package, I began to be contacted by a group of beings from Beta Centauri. I was going to sleep when they started calling me telepathically. It is a group called Adzoluns, from the Centauri Beta system. They wear shiny oil-black overalls well attached to their body with a moonshaped opening below their neck slightly showing their chest. White skin, blond, blue eyes, measuring about two meters tall. They have connection with this story, they have seen all these events. Today they are in physical bodies in the interior of the Earth, in the region of Ireland (Europe). After all this that happened and was reported in this channelling, there were several star systems that started to call Zero i for special missions, like for example, Beta Centauri. The Beta sector was going through a certain situation and Zero i and its fleet was called for assistance. Several beings from there, who were in physical bodies, had to leave the system because of an invasion. The Commander of one of the fleets of that system called Hatronis contacted Zero i for help. Zero i took his fleet there to resolve the entire situation. The planet of that Beta system was seriously affected by the invasion, and they decided to migrate to another system. They migrated to the Pleiades and then, through a stargate, they came to Earth. They have been living on Earth for thousands of years, exchanging from time to time bodies with their high technology. They are based in the aforementioned region below Ireland and are positive. Some have left their physical bodies and climbed into astral spheres, many others remain there and to this day are very grateful to Zero i for his attention and support. Zero i has helped them in a certain way and they are very grateful to this day and have promised to help him in his mission wherever he went. Many of them will leave their physical bodies in 2 years and go to spiritual zones and begin to incarnate on the physical earth plane as Earth humans, and have also planned their incarnation with Zero i in support when he goes to incarnate in Africa in the future, after this current incarnation as Gabriel RL.

For the Truth, nothing but the Truth,
In Love and Blessings,

Neva (Gabriel RL)

Translation & Revision: Sio Smorgon & Flo


By Neva (Gabriel RL) 3 June 2020
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Thank God, there are many new people entering the Star Seed. Perhaps attracted by the frequent Live-Sessions made in Instagram/Facebook/Youtube and perhaps by the somewhat unusual statements that Neva makes. People come, of course, with a lot of curiosity, wanting to know who is Neva (Gabriel RL). Others are being added to the group on the recommendation of the older Sementes das Estrela (SdE) members and/or sympathizers. These new arrivals read the posts and follow the Live-Sessions, but have some difficulty in understanding certain things, even the basic ones. We welcome newcomers with great affection and respect their doubts.

It is understandable that most of them do not yet know, but the first question is “who is Neva? And why Neva/Gabriel RL? Who is who in this story? In SdE, in fact, there are many new things and understanding this Neva/Gabriel differentiation is one of them. However, depending on their previous experiences, some will see something here that they have certainly never heard of. Something that may perplex them. Something they might not have dreamed existed, except in science fiction films. Things that will instigate and challenge their logical reasoning.

It happens that we are going through the Planetary Transition and entering the New Earth and with that new paradigms of reality are presented. We invite readers to detach themselves from the previous rationalist/Cartesian concepts that were the basis of the paradigms of the previous society, which is leaving, so that the New Earth may be installed. And this is fundamentally anchored in multidimensional paradigms – the Quantum Physics that says so.

Sementes das estrela (Seed of the stars)/Gabriel/Zero i/Neva are among the precursors of this new reality. To help in this understanding, we ask here some questions to be considered: Can you accept, for example, that everything has consciousness? Even the beings of the Mineral, Plant and Deva Kingdom? That the Deva Kingdom exists in materiality and that we can interact with elves, fairies and other elementals of nature? That even the planets are conscious? That these consciousnesses can be incarnated in a human physical body? That among us today lives a person whose spiritual essence is from a Moon? Or of a planet? That there is among humans someone whose spiritual essence is of a Mermaid? Or of a ray of the Sun? Or of an Insectoid? Or of an Archangel? Or a Starfleet commander? Do you “have the stomach” (meaning intuition) to accept those truths which, at first sight, are “surreal”? What if we said that the story of Alice of Wonderland happened in another reality, and that Alice is incarnated among us? If you don’t believe it, how will you accept the Cosmobiographies that were given to the avatars of that group and that are available in the P1 Glossary, for those who want to read?

Ah… If Steven Spielberg learns about them, he will delight in the vast material for many fabulous film productions. The point is that we are talking here about Multidimensionality – which, by the way, is the theme of the 2020 Star Seed Summit.

Starting the clarifications: Neva and Gabriel are energies, just like me, you, the flowers of our garden and the stones of our roads. We are all pure energy. There is a male biological body person named Rafael – a human being with many extrasensory abilities. In developing these abilities, Raphael acquired the ability to transit between the multiple dimensions of consciousness, with much mastery. In these “translations” between the various dimensions of consciousness, in many lives coming and going throughout the galaxies, the being “Rafael” has committed himself, in contract with the Celestial Realms, to give up his biological body for the energies that were necessary for the Planetary Ascension Project.

Thus, Rafael, in this incarnation, received (by walk-in) the Gabriel Raio Lunar energy, with which he created the Seeds of the Stars website. It was in this energy that most of us know him, and that, in fact, his name no longer matters, at least for the current multidimensional paradigm.

Gabriel Raio Lunar was in that biological body of Rafael, he did what was in his soul contract, until he concluded his agreement with the Creator. After that, it is as if Gabriel was “up” releasing the biological body into the Neva energy – which also came by walk-in. She, Neva, is the energy of a planet in the Alfa Centauri Star System. Observe the possible energy movements within the Multidimensionality: the same energy that animated the life of a planet is the one that animates today the biological body of Rafael/Gabriel Raio Lunar – that same body that also anchored the Zero i.

So that is it: to understand who Neva is one needs to leave the rational and go to the intuitive; to leave the mind and go to the heart; to have the disposition to enter into a reality different from the ordinary. You have to get out of the box. To leave the Matrix.

Why did Neva come? It was necessary for it to come to Earth because it is an expert in energetically disassembling Artificial Intelligence (AI). A very serious question being implanted here on Earth by the hands of non-light with the intention of harming the planet and humanity and keeping themselves in their low densities. This story has already been told and spread here on the pages. Reading here, you will find links to the respective channelings in more detail: https://www.sementesdasestrelas.com.br.br/2019/06/sincronia-de-informacoes-mensagens.html

So, in short, this being that doesn’t matter the name, was Gabriel, but now it is Neva. And since we are talking about multidimensional paradigms, Gabriel is still in Neva, but now as her mentor! It is like a fusion. They have merged into ONE. And the plan doesn’t end there. Gabriel’s energy, for some reason, will return. The P1 Notes are announcing. Gabriel’s energy will “go down” like walk-in, but outside Brazil. Guys, it’s all energy! In the multidimensional paradigm there is no time or space, no present or future. Everything is now. Everything is already happening in the eternal now.

Don’t be surprised, please. We are talking about Multidimensional Paradigms. To reiterate, to make it very clear: Neva as well as Gabriel, as you know, are still in this biological body, and Gabriel is coming back in walk-in form already in the coming weeks. Is it crazy? No! It’s the Multidimensionality of the New Earth (laughs).
We agree that this is an unusual subject that has been going on for about four years now. Whoever accompanies you from the beginning deals well with its complexities, but whoever is new, needs to take it easy, in almost homoeopathic doses, so as not to “freak out”. To be well understood, it is necessary to read the related channels, especially the daily notes of P1, which today is in the thousandth three hundred and twenty (1,320th). To read them, you will need your intuition much more than your reason. These Notes bring precise information that Neva channels on the Multidimensional level through which it passes. Then she publishes them. The P1 Notes challenge us, daily, by making us exercise the non-rational skills (mind = electrical energy) and using the intuitive ones (heart = magnetic energy). This perfect bend of electromagnetic energy is the ideal tool for this moment.

So, connected with your hearts, feel… Connect with the Creator of all that is and feel that for him/her there are no limitations of any kind. Limitations of the mind are heavy chains, jails that imprison us. Let us be free, dear ones! Let us give ourselves this chance to break the shackles that lock us up and, like Rafael/Gabriel/Zero i/Neva, if we open up, we will be able to experience the freedom of the Multidimensional energies that have already reached the planet. Rafael/Gabriel/Zero i/Neva is a sample. A great sample. That’s what it came for. As she has said countless times and is announced in her Instagram, “MY MISSION IS TO REMEMBER YOU WHO YOU ARE AND WHY YOU ARE HERE. I AM NEVA”.

Solange Yabushita

Translation & Revision: Sio Smorgon & Flo


By Neva (Gabriel RL) December 7, 2018
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Many have known Gabriel for a long time, others have known him or his work more recently. Some have a very close contact with him, others a more superficial contact. Some have seen him physically, others have just heard his voice and read his channelling! Many people feel very much like being close to him and others not so much!

But who is Gabriel RL in fact?

Gabriel RL is a very simple being, so simple that many people when they meet him do not believe that he was responsible for initiating and sustaining the Vortex of Star Seeds. Gabriel is a missionary who has incarnated with us, with humanity and with thousands of other missionaries to do what countless other points of Light have already done on the planet! He also came to rewrite the Grid of the planet, to infuse Light into the collective consciousness, to gather the Star Seeds and, above all, to make them recognize their true essences. Gabriel is a human like the others, however, he came with a special mission and for that, he came equipped with many tools that would guide him during his mission to help humanity.

See what a bit of his life is like here: https://www.facebook.com/Gabriel.raio.lunar/posts/2080379648689523 .

See more about him here: https://www.sementesdasestrelas.com.br.br/p/em-construcao_1.html .

If everything he does is true, then why is he hiding? I heard that his name is not even Gabriel RL!

Yes, everything he does is true! And who guarantees this? Masters, Truth does not need defenders, it already IS by itself! It is self-sustaining! She shows herself! And remember what Buddha said: “There are three things that cannot stay hidden for long: The Sun, the Moon and the Truth! Gabriel is aware of his mission on Earth, he has sworn his whole being only to the truth and nothing more than that! Everything he does is guided by a team of Light Mentors! He does not take a step without being guided to it. His life is not a “normal” life but a missionary life and he is aware of it.

He does not hide, at no time did this occur. We have annual meetings in the cities where we are and he is in everyone. He is in all the PVSE events that take place in some Brazilian capitals, how could he hide? And for what purpose? Everyone who lives near him knows him! People who go on a simple magnetic pass job, on Sundays, at the headquarters of Sementes das Estrelas, have the opportunity to see him there, simple, mixed with everyone! He never hid and he never will. He is one of the cleanest and most suitable beings I know and has no reason to hide from any being or institution on Earth or outside it!

Yes, his name is not Gabriel RL, (laugh)! But that’s not at all astonishing or impacting, since it is normal for people to use names that they resonate most, for a particular job or for life. If you’ve never seen this before, hold your chin with those people who use stage names, follow the list:

Registered names and adopted names:

Destiny Hope Cyrus – (Miley Cyrus)
Natalie Hershlag – (Natalie Portman)
Nicholas Kim Coppola – (Nicolas Cage)
Priscila Novaes Leone – (Pitty)
Senor Abravanel – (Silvio Santos)
Aryclenes Venâncio Martins – (Lima Duarte)
Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson – (Katy Perry)
Kong-Sang Chan – (Jackie Chan)
Farrokh Bulsara – (Freddie Mercury)
Arlette Pinheiro Esteves Torres – (Fernanda Montenegro)
Reginald Kenneth Dwight – (Elton John)

You’ve seen how it’s not exclusive to Gabriel RL and not an attempt to hide! It happens, that’s a normal thing on the planet!

So why doesn’t he take pictures and put it on the internet so we can see his face?

Because as I said above, he’s a very simple and reserved person, he’s shy and doesn’t like spotlight and fame on him. He runs away from any attempt at endearment they try to make with him. He wants his moments of privacy when he goes out and imagine if people recognized him by the photos or videos and didn’t give him peace of mind! He doesn’t want to be seen that way! He wants to be seen like any other human in his simplicity! He wants to be seen and assimilated by everyone!

I have heard that Gabriel is a dictator and gives no room for anyone to question him or think differently from him! Everyone just accepts his ideas without a chance to oppose them!

People, this statement is funny or even naive. In the moment of time we are people who have a minimum of discernment, critical thinking and a compassionate heart, will never put themselves in the hands of anyone who has the characteristics of a dictator and any old energy! The team of PVSE administrators is composed of people of very varied consciences, representing humanity with all its plurality! Archangel Michael himself points out these members and Gabriel only makes the physical and formal invitation to the being who will enter the vortex by his own will!

We have a space called “Office” where all the administrators are. There are scientists, housewives, retired people, engineers, nutritionists, doctors, psychologists, students, backpackers, thinkers, therapists, new age entrepreneurs, humans. And everyone, at any time they wish, has free access to talk, call, ask for help, question, give their opinions and ideas, oppose any idea presented by Gabriel or any member of the team! In addition to the Office, there is an admin chat on facebook and also on WhatsApp, where all this can happen too!

Upon entering, there is a list of inspiring and guiding texts for the new Avatar to have some directions and thus freely create with your heart, exercising your power with being individually unified to a family of great support! No schedule, agenda, strict rules or things like that are given for avatars to do! They are free to create with their hearts! Some have a hard time with this freedom at first, others really don’t know how to deal with it!

Gabriel is only advising all this, bringing the information that the mentors send, delivering essential information for this movement, however, the administrators themselves, with the freedom and powers entrusted, take care of their phalanges/groups and the main group of PVSE. We are more than 64 administrators, more than 64 consecrated avatars for this!

Gabriel lives and preaches the freedom of expression of beings and has never touched any being to express himself or think differently from him, any information contrary to this is extremely far from the Truth of that being!

Is Gabriel a Guru or a Saviour?

Do you see him like this? Because you know, he does not see himself that way and he has never presented himself that way! People, often disconnected from their essences, want to give their power to him, they want to transform him into a Guru who will bring them everything they need to go on and save themselves! People Gabriel’s job is to show that you are the God manifested on Earth and you, only you can create your reality with the other thousands of Gods on this planet! All of his work is to show who you really are! Forget that he is a Saviour or a truth loving Guru! He never stuck to himself like that, so if you have ever heard it from anyone, you have heard it from the person, not the truth from Gabriel’s heart!

People are surprised when they see him for the first time, they think he will appear with a white beard, on his chest, long white hair, wearing a white or light tunic, wearing those sandals that Jesus wore, with various esoteric accessories, etc. But no, when they come across him, they see a young boy, with well cut hair, well shaved, perfumed, always tidy with Western clothes that most humans in the West wear. This shocks some people for breaking the stereotypes of what a “spiritual” person should be like (lacht).

Gabriel is just himself, doing what he knows and feels he needs to do, guided by our Galactic Family, at all times!

If it is Archangel Michael who chooses the Avatars who will enter the PVSE, why do some go out and speak very badly of Gabriel and some other Avatars, he did not know this from the beginning?

Yes, he knows! And that’s why he calls them, for that is the desire of that avatar’s Higher Self! “At a certain point in time, when the vortex is active and sustained, put me in there, because I have energies to heal and that includes the people I need to guide, I have old energies in my Akasha that need to be re-signified and there will be a unique opportunity that I will have to get it all back at once and with the support of all the other avatars, it will be easier! However, the Avatars within the PVSE are great masters who in the “past” also had great disagreements and lines of pain between them, and in lovingness, Archangel Michael gives them this opportunity to together, to transform all this! However, when the energies of those lines of pain arrive, some avatars break out and literally go into unbalance, because the energies inside the Vortex are very intense and no shadow can remain hidden, everything needs to come out and be healed! Some can’t stand the irradiation and come out of the vortex by their own will! Others need to be removed, because in their imbalance they violate basic principles such as respect, ethics, sovereignty of beings and energies of the type. Gabriel receives information about how each one is and when he himself needs to get to the point of taking an avatar out of administration it is because the being really is, with his free will, putting himself in this condition.

Many, as they leave the vortex, leave aside their humility, their character and try to attack the work, slander the work of the PVSE and Gabriel and this leads them even more to a state of greater imbalance, since it will open more gaps so that the negative forces enter even more into their field, and the being sinks into more energy of pain and revolt, which have been invited to be healed within the vortex with the support of everyone! Those who resound with their cries of pain are those who would be helped by this avatar in its balanced state, but who end up listening to its imbalance and sinking together with it.

Thousands of Hands will always be outstretched, there is no distinction here, nor chosen! All are children of the Light and all will have their wills respected at all times!

Ah! I have heard that Gabriel is an explorer of the Faith! He charges everything he does! He thinks only of money! He has lost what he had in the beginning!

I made a point of writing that topic because I know it goes on in some people’s minds!

What he had in the beginning is what moves him and allows PVSE / Star Seeds to reach people all over the world until today! He, under all the adversities that a human can go through, ate only donated food, followed with determination and remained inviolable without abandoning his work, without any promise that one day he could be in a greater material harmony, that would provide him the minimum to do his job! He generated a Momentum of DETERMINATION, just as Kuan Yin generated a Momentum of COMPASSION. That no being on Earth or outside of it can take from him, it was an achievement of his being!

Did you know that all the content of Star Seeds is free? From seven to ten postings a day for seven years, all available for free! I awoke there and you? I am infinitely grateful that he made Seeds of the Stars and many that I know are too!

Did you know that there is one page of Geometric Healing Symbols, all channeled by Gabriel, available for free? If you didn’t know, go here and enjoy this blessing:


Did you also know that there are more consecrations without financial exchange than with exchange?

Look here: https://www.sementesdasestrelas.com.br.br/p/blog-page_27.html.

But spiritual works cannot be charged and he charges! Yes, see these texts here:


That too:

https://www.sementesdasestrelas.com.br.br/2018/12/os-bastidores-missionarios.html .

Ah! But what about Chico Xavier? He didn’t think about money!

Chico is / was a great missionary! In his incarnation he wrote over 400 books! And these books were sold and the funds were raised and reversed for some purposes! Until today his works are still Sold. Ah, but he did not keep the money! In one life, Chico dealt with financial energy not very wisely, and in his incarnation as Chico, he chose not to deal with that energy in that way. Choose your spirit, your particular process! However, the works were sold, no matter how much he did not want the money for his own immediate benefit.

Do you know where the funds raised in PVSE go?

An amount is being created for the construction of the PVSE Base, at the request of Archangel Michael! What is this base for? It is to help HUMANITY! It is not for Gabriel’s beautiful pleasure, it is not for him to walk inside it, it is for very powerful Healing works to take place inside! Imagine how many people will be helped! My goodness!

I don’t lie that when I see or hear someone saying that Gabriel only thinks about money, he has no idea what is really happening! At that moment, like a human, my heart squeezes, and he comes and says: “Don’t worry about that! They are not seeing what you are, they don’t know what is happening inside and they are just lacking in love and affection, they don’t need our anger! And I calm down! rsrs.

This is very important work, Masters! No more time for “lenga-lenga“! For deceit, for everything that the old energy brought in the past! We’d all rather be toasted in a ray than do that! Deceiving humans would only delay everything! It would only hinder the whole process that we ourselves, as a collective, have been working on in various incarnations!

Manoliah, I saw one person saying many negative things about Gabriel and the PVSE team! I even resonated with some things she said, and now?

There are countless texts, from Gabriel and channelled by him and other channellers about you listening to your heart! I won’t even go into this!

Many pains that that being is pouring out there, you take for yourself, because in a past you also felt hurt by someone you love! Your self-love doesn’t sustain you and something external shakes you strongly!

The forces of darkness have always won many wars only with false flag advertisements! They are experts at doing that!

There are Lightworkers, dedicated missionaries, really giving their lives, and helping humanity and keeping it all with every effort, many people wake up, transform their lives, set themselves free, etc. And all it takes is one member of the dark forces to come and make a convincing “margarine commercial” against that Lightworker and you just throw it all up and decide to listen to him? Did he look you in the eye of Puss in Boots? Did he touch your heart? No, he touched his Body of Pain that doesn’t want to leave the Comfort Zone! What Gabriel does is just light up and be a mirror for you to see yourself in full, and sometimes that’s not what your human personality wants! How much do you trust and value what you really feel?

That’s why big changes don’t happen, when everything is going well, you’d rather pay attention to the old and comfortable than to the New! But the Event doesn’t happen, things don’t change. All of this starts with us sustaining the New Energy and manifesting it on Earth! Is it by criticizing and speaking ill, by separating, by cursing the works of other Lightworkers that we will do this? NO! If you don’t resonate with that being, let it be quiet, create the reality that you think is best, that resonates in your heart, for you are going to waste your time and energy trying to stop something, while you could be creating something that would make that one obsolete!

I’ve decided that I’m leaving Star Seeds, I don’t resonate with Gabriel RL!

With the words of the “Main Mentor” of this Vortex: “The Seed is a Portal, enter who wants it and is ready. It was a means that I managed to gather my rich Seeds, able to give the best fruits. Seeds of Stars is a Nation, my Stellar Nation. (Michael / Ashtar)”.

You can leave or enter as soon as you wish! The door is only your frequency! If your frequency invites you to be with us, be welcome! If it does not resonate with our frequency, you will enter the resonance of others who are like you, that is natural! It is the physics of this place!

Know masters, I know Gabriel, he dedicated his life in this mission and will never stop doing what he does because of the Ego of any human being! Even if he drags himself and in pieces he will never stop! If you get him off Earth, he will come back, and we will come back to him together! Then trying to stop him from doing his job will be tiring for you too!

We are irrepressible and together we will see the Earth, Gaia shining like a star! We’re not waiting for anything to happen! We are aware that we, as humanity, will make all this manifest in love, compassion, serenity, peace! If you are against us now, know that in the next incarnations we will be working together on the same project! So? Are you going to wait for the next incarnations or are you going to put your hand into it? We will always be FAMILY, whether you like it or not!

As always, take advantage of the unique opportunities offered here, at this moment in time, for you to take the leaps of consciousness that you have programmed yourself! Abandon the old, even if it hurts at first, you will see that the new landscape is much more inspiring, creative, gentle, compassionate and empowering! Unique opportunities, not because they are no longer offered at another time, but because of the combination of conditions, spirits and energies in this now that open windows of opportunity for this leap! Always remember, you are the protagonist of your life, the protagonist in your own elevation and the elevation of the Planet!

Gratitude for recognizing your divinities!

Gratitude for your always positive intentions!

Manoliah Athen

Ps.: This message will be posted on his blog and personal profile at the insistence of the PVSE Team, because Gabriel himself would not post.

Translation & Revision: Sio Smorgon & Flo



By Neva (Gabriel RL) 18 June 2019
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We know that many readers of the Blog Sementes das Estrelas are following and collating the statements of the P1 Notes and/or messages channelled with the facts that are occurring in the current historical moment on our planet, or beyond. The comparison allows us to see how accurate the information that is being delivered to Humanity through channelling is and the seriousness of this work of which Gabriel Raio Lunar is an exponent.



The theme of this synchronicity is essential so that each Star Seed, especially those of Rafael/Gabriel RL/Zero i/Neva’s grouping, has an understanding of the new movement that arises here. Let’s talk about the Walk-in and Neva phenomenon.

We suggest reading these (and other) materials to better understand the subject at hand:

The Nature of a Soul Exchange (or “walk-in/enter”):


What is a Walk-In? – The Entrants:


What is it like to be a Star Seed, an Entrant or a Lightworker?


Since 2014, Gabriel has been posting materials on this topic (see, for example, https://www.sementesdasestrelas.com.br.br/2014/07/eliza-ayres-aquele-que-tem-servido.html where it is explained that “Walk-In – is a term used to describe the exit of a spirit from its body, so that another spirit can take possession of that same body to begin its experience. This occurs through an agreement previously made between the interested spirits, usually happening at an early age or after traumatic occurrences in the person’s life and/or other factors. “P1 has also been announcing and giving some signs about this in its Notes. Check it out:

No. 769 of 08.11.2018: “Special Walk-In(s) initiate special decisions”.

No. 783 of 11.22.2018: “Stellar alignment happens and expands environment for Walk-in.

No. 850 of 28.01.2019: “Stellar alignment happens and expands environment propitious for Walk-in.

No. 917 of 07.04.2019: “MultiWalk-in descends in 4 planes”.

No. 957 of 17.05.2019: “Zero i/GabrielRL>>>>> Neva: Special authorized Walk-in movement. Updates soon linear. Attention for high transfer of Protocols”. / “GRL in Protocol completions. Field Updates happen. 100% completed.”

– Wow! This last mention left many of our readers perplexed, because it was expected some case of walk-in, but occurring with Gabriel himself was a surprise!

And the note 958 of the following day, 18.05.2019, reiterated this message, saying: “Zero i / GabrielRL>>>>> Neva: Special authorized Walk-In Movement. Updates soon linear. Attention for high transfer of Protocols”. And brought even more: “Neva/Zero i: Centaurian Instructors deliver Protocols”. – Here making reference to Alfa Centauris, the constellation of location of the planet of Neva, another expression of Gabriel RL/Zero i, whose history was channelled and is posted here: https://www.sementesdasestrelas.com.br.br/2019/04/zetron-ashtar-e-remocao-da-ai.html. This channelling tells the story of how Gabriel received the information that he himself carried the expression of Neva, being one with her. It is an indispensable reading.

Still in Note 958, there is other pertinent information: “Neva/Zero i: Transfer overload alert. Immediate support from PVSE. Physical collaterals. Peak 22h39h”. / “Centaurian fleets arrive on Magnetic Island. The Light Celebrates!” / “Master Attempt through Walk-In.”

Yes. The walk-in phenomenon is occurring and Ashtar had already made a prediction of this fact in a channel by Gabriel himself, https://www.sementesdasestrelas.com.br.br/2017/05/ashtar-fragmentacao-necessaria-01052017_2.html, in which it was said: “Let me tell you something that, for some of you, may be new: know that, at the moment, some “Walk-in” are going to certain time lines to make necessary adjustments to them”.

When the news of the coming of Neva arrived, for many there was no immediate understanding, given the complexity of the subject. A video of Kryon explains this very well. It is posted on this link and is highly recommended: https://www.sementesdasestrelas.com.br.br/2019/05/kryon-walk-in-e-eqm.html.

Many questions and worries in the hearts of readers have been aroused by this complex set of information. And this was greatly enhanced by the note 959 of the following day (22.05.2019). See: “Internal movement -nanos sustained by Neva: 29% non-regressive – (PVSE and reverberations)”. / “Original memorial transfers initiated. Primary purposes concluded. 33% (non-regression)”. / “Neva/Zero i in historical transmission. Neva understood. Final Unification Projection of Consciousness in Terran Plan initiated. 88% (non-regression)”. – And the walk-in process continues. Snow is coming, in fact.

Also very important are the mentions in Note 962 that say: “Neva/Zero i empowering. Goddess is manifesting itself”. / “Special projectors for “*The Order of Neva” at anchorage! 6% (not regressive)”. / “Internal movement -nanos sustained by Neva: 34% non regressive – (PVSE and reverberations)”. / “Original memorial transfers initiated. Primary purposes concluded. 44% (non-regression)”. / “Zero i/Neva in historical transmission. Neva understood. Final Unification Projection of Consciousness in Terran Plan initiated. 96% (non-regression)”. The words of this Note, show the presence of Neva coupled with the person of our beloved Gabriel/Zero i, and it is an immense honour to receive among us this powerful feminine energy through him. And reading the text that deals with Zetron’s story (previously indicated) we see that Neva’s consciousness is here and has come for a very specific mission, which involves all of us, besides Gabriel. Let us know that the expression “Movement -nanos” also present in the last Notes of P1, refers to the work that the Consecrated Order of Neva is/will be doing on top of the existing harmful nano-technologies of the Planet. And that is also what Neva came for. Especially to bring their consecration to those who have worked with it, there are eons, on their planet, and now they must resume the mission here in Gaia.

See the Consecration of the Order of Neva and the mission of the Consecrated on this link. Read it and identify yourself: https://www.sementesdasestrelas.com.br.br/2019/05/consagracao-da-ordem-de-neva.html.

All this movement of walk-in and Gabriel, our dear Lara Rosa Branca felt it clearly in her heart and left for the PVSE team some loving words that we transcribed partially here:

“…I confess, I cried yesterday and today… Then I received a beautiful block! Last night I dreamt of the humanoid form of Neva…it is stunning! Like Zero I, which actually brings a lot of Neva, however, we were not aware of why the mentors always called it ‘boy/girl’ (lacht). Zero I/Neva… She was always there. It’s not because he didn’t know about her yet and, concomitantly, us, that she wasn’t there. She was ALWAYS there!

Then I started to see this movement as a beautiful ‘upgrade’ of our Raphael… Whose, long ago, had already unified with Gabriel RL. (…) He then arrived with the strength of Zero I. And as it was anchored in his consciousness, it was unifying to Gabriel RL and, little by little, the Zero i was manifesting itself. An upgrade to ‘take care of it’. Gabriel RL was no longer ‘alone’ the Postman of God long ago (lacht)… Gabriel/Zero I became much more… He is the Expression of the Transmitter of Universal Love (TAU) and thus became our Mentor.


The same is happening with Gabriel RL/Zero I, because now Neva is unifying and for the new moment of our work we need a Mother, because the Father has already shown us much of what we needed. And the time has come for Mother to take over.


My dear ones, the same is happening for us… GabrielRL/Zero I/Neva is God in his closest form to us, and he knows that now, we, humanity and Gaia need a female figure for what is to come… The figure of God-Mother, for it is to heal the hearts of all. It is this Energy that we need. Thus, so that we can fulfill the protocols that we ourselves propose to fulfill with all the Love Unified with the Source, Gabriel RL assumes his feminine form that has always been present. Only we didn’t see it, truly, because we don’t remember it, because we always serve it, as we always serve and will serve GabrielRL/Zero I.

Beloved, this will happen with all of us, in one way or another, sooner or later. The desidentification of a personality is part of the ‘death’ of the ego and, little by little, we are unifying with all our I’s, until a moment will arrive that, simply, we will be able to express the I AM in its purest form and desidentified with the Ego. I think we can call this The Return Home – that we talk about so much”.

That said, we hope that everyone will reflect on what has been explained in this text and that they can see the greatness, the relevance, the magnitude of this movement. And everything is as the Silver Fleet said in the message of 24.04.2018 about synchronicities: ‘We know that our truths resonate with your truths because, deep down, it is ONLY. That is why we are together! That is why we are in synchrony. That’s why there are synchronies of information!’ (See: https://www.sementesdasestrelas.com.br.br/2018/04/relatorio-da-frota-prateada-portais-na.html).

We express our respect and honour to Rafael/Gabriel RL/Zero i, now Neva, for the unconditional Love and total surrender of his life(s) to the Planet(s) and to Humanity on Earth at this galactic moment. And we thank her deeply for the call and welcome of all her work team through the past and future ages. Hail, Neva! Welcome to our lives and to our hearts.

Solange Yabushita

Translation & Revision: Sio Smorgon & Flo

What’s a Walk-In? – The Entrants…

By Neva (Gabriel RL) 29 October 2014
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This term, Walk-In, is used to designate the exchange of an individuality at its various levels. It is used in cases where the Monad has already absorbed the soul and the other inframonadic nuclei of consciousness. This is Monadic transmutation.

It can also occur in those beings where the individuality is composed of nuclei not yet integrated with each other.

This process has been known since ancient times by occultists. In the book DAS LUKAS-EVANGELIUM, Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) states: “It occurs, for example, that arriving at a certain stage of its evolution an individuality needs conditions different from those initially given to it. It can then happen that a human being, on reaching a certain age, suddenly faints and appears to have died. In such cases, a transformation takes place: the “I” abandons the bodies and another “I” takes its place”. Steiner adds: “Such an exchange of “I” is also produced in other cases; it is a phenomenon known to every occultist.

The Tibetan master Djal Kwul (D.K.) told Helena Blavastsky in 1920 that this phenomenon is called ‘Divine Obsession,’ which, according to him, would become increasingly common in the years to come.

D.K. said that in ‘Divine Obsession’, the individual voluntarily cooperates with the One who seeks to inspire or occupy vehicles inferior to him, with the aim of helping humanity. The more the human race develops the continuity of conscience between the physical and the emotional and later the mental, the more this process will be frequent and understood”.

Ruth Montgomery presents cases of known Walk-Ins, such as Moses and Lot, Enoch and Melchizedec of the Old Testament; Joseph of the New Testament; Christopher Columbus; Benjamin Franklin; George Washington; Thomas Jefferson; Abraham Lincon; Ghandi and others who had a total transformation during their lives, having had their individualities replaced by a more advanced one, to contribute deeply to the development of the Earth.

The walk-in is always more developed than the walk-out and its evolutionary work reflects on the body it incarnates, even helping to solve physical challenges or imbalances.

Walk-Ins are incarnated all over the planet.

So many accounts illustrate what the esoteric teaching has been spreading, that the law of death and rebirth begins to be transcended. By these means one can become a world without going through the long process of reincarnation.

However, it is in monadic transmutation that the law of death is completely transcended: individuality is liberated from what the permanent atoms were and the material bonds are broken. In these cases the incarnating Monad has the possibility of transcend the law of physical birth, if you have not already done so before.

There are cases in which individuality only “loans” their bodies for a period that can be until the end of incarnation. In this case the soul remains dependent on the material links, linked to the permanent atoms. Only people very alert and attentive – or seers – can identify this process. I myself had this experience with a friend with whom I worked in healing processes (and who is now gone), changing a lot of his family picture and of his work.

Even though it is a more developed entity that occupies the body, it must be pointed out that the emotional disturbances that can accompany the process are sometimes inevitable and without real understanding by those involved.

To conclude, let us quote Goethe, who in his wisdom said: “A man cannot understand anything unless he loves it”.

A lot of light!

Note Healing and Ascension: Drunvalo Melchizedeck and Trigueirinho are some acquaintances out there… There are many… Are you not one of them?

Walk-In Reports: Here

Source: Christtine Ventura – www.curaeascensao.com.br

Translation & Revision: Sio Smorgon & Flo


By Neva (Gabriel RL) 10 August 2020
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Hello Seeds!

This is a subject that I really don’t like to deal with, as my focus is to deliver a message. But since there is a physical law that governs us and that needs to be respected, I am here, too, in respect of that law.

I have always been silent about attacks and defamation, insults, disrespect from all levels directed at me. I have been through many things, many abuses that you have no idea about. I have been accused of very bad things. You have campaigned against me to distort my image, etc. Anyway, I don’t really care, because I know what I’m doing on earth, what I came here to do, and you know my history forever.

I have kept my heart focused on the continuity of the work and trying not to pay attention to these things, because that is what the Father (White Arrow, Michael and other mentors) asked of me, and so I do. I have helped many people, I have taught them about mediumship, about channelling, because I came to earth for this too: to teach. I have seen many of these people, after learning from me, turn their backs on me, block me, banish me from their lives after they have acquired what they wanted from me, and many of them are today in the midst of spirituality and you do not even know that I have taught and guided you in your first steps. This is not the case either.

Throughout my trajectory, I have created various technologies, honouring everything that the mentors give me and myself honouring everything that is around me, every Lightworker, every work of these Lightworkers. I have seen many of my works copied, plagiarized, distorted. I have seen many take advantage of my image to grow on me, I have seen them “want to take a ride” in my visibility. And I have always remained silent and loving, understanding all this to the maximum, listening to and respecting the mentors, their requests, so that I remain calm and silent. And so I have.

I love to inspire people, to be an example, to be the inspiration for someone and that is what I am doing here. I came to be a mirror, but in recent times, in the midst of all this great healing that is happening on the planet, I have seen the trouble increase. I’ve seen my name get involved in even more slander, slander. I’ve seen more people trying to take advantage of me and benefit from my image. I saw disrespect for the brand that I created with much love, respect, and great ethics. All the technologies you see on Sementes das Estrelas today, Cosmobiography, Avatar Name, Personal Symbols, Ninth Wave, Akashic Reading with Neva, and so many others that you can access in this link, https://www.sementesdasestrelas.com.br/p/blog-page_50.html – are registered trademarks. And why this registration? To preserve a work from the lack of ethics, disrespect and inelegance that still exists on this planet.

When I channel and bring a technology to the planet, I honor all the laws here and if I deliver a “Cosmobiography” and register that name as my trademark, it is to prevent other unintended souls from taking advantage of the visibility I gave that technology and coming to take advantage of my reputation to benefit from it, using in bad faith and taking advantage of the people who already know that name. Those who acquire from another thinking that it is my work when, in fact, such a person is plagiarizing and taking advantage of the situation, in an unethical and non-crystalline way.

Now, with the permission of the mentors, I will no longer be silent. This is still not the focus of the work, but some action must be taken. I am starting a Legal Department through lawyers who specialize in cases of insult, defamation, slander, plagiarism, and anything non-loving and unethical that may still exist on this planet, to defend the image of this egregore (lightning moment), which I created with all the Love of my heart to help humanity. Certainly, when I created this years ago with Gabriel RL’s personality (I today as Neva), I always had my heart open and never, ever expecting to have to deal with this kind of thing, because it is sad and stressful, but considering that we are on Earth, and we have to deal with it too. So the time has come for that.

So, dear Seeds who accompany me and know that I am not here to play with serious things. I am here to do a job and help humanity. I am here to unite Lightworkers. I am here to support Lightworkers, Warriors of Light. I am here to bring out the Light in everyone, ethics and discipline. I am also here to honour the laws that govern this planet.

I support every Lightworker, even those I have supported and when they gained visibility, they excluded me from their lives for God-knows-what matters, and I don’t care. I support and will always support new channellers, new teachers with their new technologies, new missionaries, because I came for this: to support, to teach and to help expand, but support in ethics, in truth and in justice. Anything that is being created that does not have a luminous intention, that does not have a loving motivation, I will not support.

All the Star Seed technologies that I deliver as well as the name Star Seed itself are a trademark in my physical energy on Earth and anyone who uses such names or trademarks without my permission will be subject to the laws governing this planet and bear the responsibilities of unethical and disrespectful movements. This is a unique message/note. I will not return with this subject any more, leaving only for the legal part to take care of it, Seeds dear, because I really don’t like this kind of subject, although it is necessary.

Also know that, in this phase of healing that we are going through, a lot will come up. A lot of old energy will be exposed and this – this note – is also a way to warn that the law will be fulfilled, physically or non-physically.

Let’s be creators, be developers, but let’s always be ethical and create our own history! Be inspired by someone, but always be yourself. Think it’s wonderful to do something someone does and don’t want to be in their place. Jesus asked us to follow what he said, but never said we had to imitate him. He wants us to be ourselves. He wants everyone to have their own role in the world. Connect with your own essence, even if you are inspired by another, you will never leave the point in the universe that is rightfully yours. I, Neva, am inspired by so many masters! Master El Morya, Palas Athena, Pai Seta Branca, Archangel Michael… However, I am Neva, and they are them, and no matter how much they inspire me, I will never lose my individuality.

I thank you for all your support and affection Seeds!

My love and blessings!

Neva (Gabriel RL)

Translation & Revision: Sio Smorgon & Flo


By Neva (Gabriel RL)
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I had a wonderful experience with my ancestry in this physicality, more precisely with the lineage energy of this sacred body in which I live. In my biography of the description of the Blog Sementes das Estrelas I speak a little about this lineage: “In this incarnation I come from an ancient lineage of seers and shamans, passing from generation to generation the mediumistic gifts. Also pyramid builders and experts in atomic energy, they developed quantum time machines, a fact that led many of them to get lost, because it gave them a lot of power, allowing abuse of others. My ancestors left the Mayan civilization when they realized its decadence and began a path that would culminate in the Amazon in search of truth and simplicity. There they found a quiet people who welcomed them and were more willing to accept the lifestyle that my ancestors could offer.

During the years that passed, the gift of mediumship passed and many succumbed to the “weight” and responsibility that this energy brings. If not well administered in the light of truth, love and simplicity, the darkness may have access to the minds of these mediums, which causes them to lose touch.

This tribe has already been called Matupy. So I am the only one at this time who has come to finalize the program of this lineage and I am very honoured to have incarnated in it for this fulfilment. Thus, I am the last representative of this lineage, at this moment, with the mission of fulfilling this old mission of healing, mediunization, elevation and integration body and soul with the Creator Source, through the reunion of the Stellar Forces with the Earth, gathering the Seeds of the Stars.

Gratitude for trusting in me!

Before you continue reading, I recommend that you see the following links for a better understanding of this whole package: https://www.sementesdasestrelas.com.br/p/em-construcao_1.html

During the night, while I was sleeping, I left my body and the atmosphere was very real, I was very lucid. It was a kind of very beautiful village, a little different from the current Indian villages, but it was a village. There, I saw several old shamans with a look of strength and vitality. Men and women, they were all naked, they had no clothes at all (only then did I know that this was symbolising “being naked of everything, with nothing to hide, full truth exposed there in deeds and words, that was more or less the metaphor”) and I also saw myself naked in the midst of all of them. I was with them in a circle where they were crouched down and chanted a beautiful mantra in which a spiritual force was pulled. In the middle of this wheel there was a beautiful symbol which they pointed out to me. This symbol was drawn on the sand, on the earth, and it was shining, as if it were made of gold dust. A symbol that when I woke up I scribbled and this is what illustrates this publication.

After that the place where this symbol was was sinking, like a quicksand, becoming a big hole and inside that hole it was hot, very hot, and there were some burning herbs, with a strong smell, not bad, but strong and there they asked me to come in. I went in and started inhaling that smoke that dominated all my lungs and I said I was strong and couldn’t take it and one of them asked me to just concentrate that it needed to be that way. In fact, after a while I no longer felt any discomfort and the smoke from those strong herbs burning inside the hole was already a part of me and I felt as if deep cures were happening to me and the connection with my ancestry increasing.

After that I was lying on a kind of stretcher that was on the ground, made of wood and straw and they started throwing leaves that were absorbing something from my body as they touched my skin. They kept playing until there was no longer this process of self-absorption and they remained normal, bright green.

When the process of the leaves was over, some old ladies, very serene and loving ladies helped me to sit on a kind of chair. They asked me to open my mouth wide and raise my chin. They took a half-orange powder going into the red and mixed it with oil, until it became a paste, which they put in my mouth, all over the dental arch and swallowed a little. This was strong, a sensation of intense heat in the mouth and going down the esophagus. With time the sensation passed.

One of those shamans put a gold bracelet on my right arm, very beautiful, on which I had printed the symbol I illustrated before, some had the same bracelet with the pendant with the symbol, others had the bracelet with the symbol printed as if in high relief. Mine was printed in relief, and they asked me to wear it. I woke up with the feel of the bracelet on my right wrist, and I still have this distinctly physical feel.

After performing rituals chanting mantras, I saw several threads of energy coming out of me, similar to sewing threads, but bright. The shamans began to bless/raise at the summits of these threads of energy coming out of various parts of my body. These threads represented the biological lineage of this body in which I am, the physical and spiritual heritage of this lineage. The ritual was to strengthen this lineage by healing everything that still needed to be healed more quickly, so that there would be an even greater alignment of all the best of all ancestry.

They said that looking at the symbol, chanting the *mantra and simply connecting with this channelling will strengthen the alliance with their ancestors, and this will help more quickly in processes of deep healing, release and abandonment of limiting beliefs. They said they took me there so that I would know even more consciously about their existence. They, in a moment, very lovingly and like beautiful grandparents and great grandparents: “You have a great responsibility, child. Your work is very serious and we are with you always supporting you. Even if you are who you are, you will be treated by us as who you are, the great being that you are, but also as a child for whom your grandparents and great-grandparents have great affection” and while they made a sound that I couldn’t identify, my heart understood everything and I just cried. There were some with beautiful blue eyes, with an intense glow, there were others with brownish, coppery skin, others with black skin, they were all with very wrinkled skin, but their looks and expressions transmitted much vitality, wisdom and love. Even those who appeared to be brave, firm, transmitted unspeakable crystalline love.

They sent this message to everyone: know that you can strengthen this connection, which can be very intense like the one I had. They said that you have the opportunity to visit this same place that I visited, although this place/they are my specific lineage, they are all very welcome. They also said that you can have the same or similar experience in other places with other beings, the important thing is that if you desire it from the heart, such a connection will happen and it will be even stronger.

At the end of it all, I was crying a lot and wanting to stay more in that place and in their presence, two shamans came and started shaking my head, one pushing forward and one pushing back (laughs), and they told me to go back to the body (laughs) saying “It’s time to go back to the body now! And I immediately woke up on the body still crying and tantrums (laughs…) “Nooooo nooooo! I want to stay a little longer” hehehehehe

When I woke up, I had a quick glimpse of that whole place, village, I don’t know what it was, a flash: I saw it all being “consumed” in light. A very strong white light. As if they were illuminating themselves or simply returning to their forms of pure light, losing those more humanoid forms. It is as if they had created that scenario to receive me and then undone it.
Finally, I leave this account, this symbol and all this strength and a little of this wonderful experience. I would like to know if you have ever had any such experience. I’m thrilled until that moment, almost 8 hours after I woke up. I wish that all of you strengthen your ties with your ancestry, anchoring the best of all our heritage and healing what still needs to be healed in our lineage.

Just on one note: I did not use any substance for this experience (not that I condemn who uses, each in his experience), but I just went to sleep and wished to sleep well and connect with the light, as I always do.

I leave my love, blessings and gratitude for listening to me (read).


For Truth, nothing but Truth,
In Love and Blessings,

Neva (Gabriel RL)

Translation & Revision: Sio Smorgon & Flo


By Neva (Gabriel RL) 22 August 2014
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Well, as our spiritual friends say, our spiritual family, I need to be in alignment with my majority (Higher Self) and translating this. I need to be happy, because the frequency in which happiness vibrates, equals theirs, then I get in touch easily. Being able to feel them clearly as if they were within my own Being. (And indeed they are)

When I feel vibrantly and emotionally ready, I invite them, close my eyes, concentrate, take a deep breath… And suddenly I am infused with Love in its purest, most divine form and it is as if I can experience the best of sensations, that which fills me, makes me feel the happiest person in the world without exaggeration. And they kindly pass on the message if they wish. In some cases I invite them hoping that they will give me some message for the public, but they don’t say anything, they just come closer – in this case I stay there feeling all that love and light. I don’t demand any message, what I can say is: “Any message for today?” and in case they don’t answer I’m still satisfied.

In many cases I don’t even concentrate, simply because I am very happy and in harmony with my Divinity, I am taken out of nowhere by that force, that wonderful force called Love that takes shape, forms… That identify themselves as SaLuSa, Ashtar, Saul, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Michael, Joshua, Lady Nada, Galactic Federation, Ashtar Command, Mother Mary, Old Blacks… I simply get taken, start writing and at the end I see what has been written. It’s just a wonderful feeling. Some friends have already witnessed this sudden and divinely wonderful event.

They (the spiritual friends) say that I am a kind of antenna that is able to pick up their signal and convert it into “information” tangible to my physical context. It is more or less that way.

Of course, there is another kind of contact that is when I invite them to speak through me (incorporation/possession), but this usually occurs in meetings or in some special case, when they decide it is the best time for it. They arrive, “take over” my body and speak. (No, I’m not “possessed”, in case someone thinks. They ask for permission). Actually I always like to say that it doesn’t depend exclusively on me. In this second case, the expansion is bigger, more accentuated, a little stronger and there can even be a certain “plasticisation” in my body to take the real form that the Being is using at that moment.

Some people kindly ask me sometimes to channel something for them, to contact friends of the light so that they bring them something. The information I have received from them regarding this is that each one needs to seek this contact personally, to seek this connection with their Higher Self in a particular way, also believing in their abilities, aware that this blessing of channelling is not only given to some in particular, it belongs to everyone, it is enough that we seek to align ourselves with our Divinity.

Some people naturally say… “Ah, but I don’t have this gift, I can’t, I’m not ready yet”, acting this way you are blocking your channel in two ways. The first is that you will not be able to listen to your Higher Self or your guides, because you are entering a field of doubt and disability and they will hardly be able to get you to listen to them because of this blockage. Second, when you act this way hardly any other channel will be able to bring you any message from your mentors because again, this contact with your spiritual guides depends on your connection to the light and the other channel would just be a bridge. So it depends on you, on your
inner state, and even more so, they will only say something directly to you or through some channel if it is really necessary. If it is not, they will not, nor is there any point in crying and pleading.

When a person belittles himself in order to put himself down, diminishing himself, acting as if he were a poor wretch, etc… The most he will be able to do is listen to beings of a negative nature, because that is what he is vibrating with. Many people use this way of speaking to try to get some “Special” person, as she/he sees them, to bring something to them because they feel sorry for their situation. In this way spiritual guides also bar communication to force this person in a positive way out of that state of denial of their own Divinity. So, if you want contact with the higher realms. Elevate yourself to them! They don’t go down, we go up, let’s understand that! I also leave some quotes from Kryon about the process of channelling – how it works:

“Information comes in packages and is not linear.”

“This is the moment when my partner walks away… We say that again, so he’s not part of the consciousness of the message. The channelling may seem mysterious and strange to you, because it uses the human being’s intellect, his education, voice, maturity, wisdom, but it comes from somewhere else. My partner calls it a continuous stream of intuitive thought groups, which are then interpreted. My partner is here, but he is not. When I say that he walks away, he literally opens this vessel, and through the pineal and his Higher Self comes the messages that you hear. I say this to you, so that you know it is not him. Last time we were channelling in another city, we defined who we were, but it is not a very good definition, for it is not linear”. (Full video message below: “Quantum Standards”)

Our human mind is trying to bring the information sent into linearity. Unpacking the received package.

And speaking of channelling, I remember one day a few years ago that I called SaLuSa in thought for him to talk to me and he answered me almost immediately:


Below I leave some links with very interesting information about this process of communication / channelling with our spiritual brothers and sisters, I advise you to see them all. There are many good things to be seen so that you can free yourself from the limiting beliefs of “I can’t, I can’t, I’m not capable…! Enough of that, people! You can do it! I can and you can!

This is as far as Jesus allows me to see and transmit.

For the Truth, nothing but the Truth,

In Love and Blessings,

Neva (Gabriel RL)

Translation & Revision: Sio Smorgon & Flo

SaLuSa – “About the channelling process”:
(the content is a Portuguese video, unfortunately without the possibility to create subtitles by yourself)
Master Kuthumi – “How to get answers to your questions”:
(the content is a Portuguese video, unfortunately without the possibility to create subtitles by yourself)
Gabriel RL (Neva) – “How to listen to your guides…”
(this is a video that contains the YouTube button for subtitles and so you can set the English subtitles by yourself! :):):)


Here is another great explanation of how the work of a
medium works:

A video from the YouTube-channel „Nova Terra Vibrations“ about the theme CHANNELLING, “Spirit Science 3 – Channelling…“:

Ciência Espiritual 3 – CANALIZAÇÃO


Kryon – “Explanation of Pure Channelling.”
(this is a video that has the YouTube button for subtitles and so you can set your own English subtitles! :):):)

Kryon – “Quantum Standards“
(the content is a Portuguese video, unfortunately without the possibility to create subtitles by yourself)
Text by Lee Carooll, the channeller of Kryon “About the Channelling Process“.
– for the English translation see below!
The Arcturians – “The phone rings and you still can’t hear it?”
– for the English translation see below!
Saul – “Create a space where you can hear your spirit guides”.
– for the English translation see below!

About the Channelling Process

By Neva (Gabriel RL) 5 April 2014
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Dears, below is a text from Lee Carooll, Kryon’s channel. I think his words about the plumbing process are very valid.

Enjoy your reading,

Gabriel RL (Neva)


I would like to take this opportunity to talk about channelling in general. It is always misunderstood as something strange and weird and I bet you have friends you would never tell… that you were reading about channelling! Some feel that this is evil and many want nothing to do with it. Instead they turn to other information that is not channelled (they think).

Definition of Channelling: The divine and inspired words (or energies) of God given to humans by humans.

The above definition is what channelling really IS. This means that not only most of the sacred scriptures on the planet (all religions) were originally channelled, but also many artwork and music. It is something absolutely common, but like many other re-emerging processes in the New Age, it has a strange stigma about it. God did not write the Bible… Men did, while they were divinely inspired.

We get used to having men and women of God “authorized and sanctioned” giving us information… not ordinary people. Therefore, in this New Age, where the basic and true intention of the Master of Love of the New Age is beginning to emerge (the training of our selves instead of leaving this process to the priests), we are seeing more and more “ordinary people” passing on information from God.

Even in our own culture, we accept the letters of an ordinary man to his friends in various cities in the Holy Land… as the sacred words of God! (This is how most of the New Testament of the Holy Bible was written.) Think about this. This is channelling! We believe that God did not stop talking to men 2000 years ago. To think that God has stopped communicating is to deny his own divinity, or to entrust some kind of special sacredness to the past, not feeling worthy to consider oneself part of God in the ongoing plan for an enlightened earth. You deserve continuous communication with God… what I teach is actually a part of You!

But there is something that comes with channelling… Responsibility!

Anyone can channel, and the Spirit is no one’s property. It is for all humans, not for a few. Therefore, the ability and potential for this attribute exists for all of us. Like many other things, human INTENTION means everything. Not all channellings are given with PURE INTENTION. Therefore, some are real, and some are not… and YOU must be able to tell the difference when you listen to it or read it. Does it really come from the Spirit?

Today many men and women are spreading verbiage, calling it inspired information… some on web pages, just like this one. How can you tell if it is real or not, since there is no organisation telling you who is “right” and who is not? (Are you not happy with this?)

The responsibility of a REAL channeller is SUBTLETY.

Sacred and blessed information can change lives! Self-serving, self-centred and fear-filled information can confuse and really impede personal spiritual growth. How can you know the difference? Kryon tells us that we have the power of discernment to know, and that we will even be able to “feel” the difference. For those of you who are still learning about this feeling, I have some information that may help. It was originally published in “New Realities” magazine in July 1987… two years before I started channelling (very appropriate). The article is called “Guidelines for Spiritual Discernment”. Twelve (12) orientations are shown in the article for the reader to observe, both positive and negative. I believe this information is accurate, having been developed by enlightened humans to teach other humans.

Below I present Seven (7) of the twelve.

The next time you sit down in front of a channel or read a transcript, consider these seven items presented below. While listening to or reading the words of a channeller, also try to answer “what is the intention of the human speaking? Is there an agenda or human ego? If you detect this… then stop. There can be no presence of human ego for the information to be accurate and true. Spirit demands this of the channel… I know. I also know from the experience of twelve years of live channelling that the message will ALWAYS be filled with love, not fear. Observe this!

Do you “recognize” the energy as being familiar and bringing the feeling of “home? This is another key. If not, and you cannot identify with the entity or entities that are channelling through the Human, then perhaps you could leave the message for now. Not all channelling comes from another being. Many come from their own spiritual centre. Don’t always try to determine “who” they are by asking for names or trying to put labels and names on it. Consider that your centre is the Love of God… and it is also able to give YOU messages.

IMPORTANT: Please take the opportunity to read “the four attributes of love” as presented in chapter one of Kryon’s book six – In Partnership with God. It will help you to understand a state without ego… and some of the attributes of pure sacred energy.

Discern it for yourself. What is happening? Messages from a human? Or messages from a loving and wise God? I hope and welcome you to apply this test to everything I write and speak as a channel for Kryon. It has to be absolutely present every time. DISCERNMENT GUIDELINES – New Realities Magazine – July 1987


1 – There will always be useful information for everyone. Be careful with the channel that passes useful information to only a few, or that says it is only for a special group of small numbers . It needs to be useful for ALL humanity, each individual Human. This is an area of discernment allowing you to know that you are listening to the truth.

2 – The message must be elevating. Look for an enabling message – NOT one that is fearful, nor one that leaves you down – not one that makes you want to take fearful actions or hide – but an enabling message! This is an attribute of God’s energy. It needs to be there. It should inspire the listener and the reader. Every angelic apparition before Human Beings recorded in history begins with “Do not fear!”

3 – Spirit (God) will never channel a message that asks you to give up your free will. Never! For every human experience on the planet is about free choice while you sit in that golden chair. Free choice! Choice is what drives the future of your planet.

4 – Spirit will never give you a message – never – that asks you to violate the integrity of what you believe. You are honoured in your thought processes. Spirit will never deceive you or “force you” into anything. The message must never violate your integrity. You need to feel comfortable with it, which will sound true to your heart.

5 – Spirit will never present a channel as the only source. Look for this, for there are many channels for Spirit and they all coordinate their information to create a bigger scene – especially in this New Age. They will NEVER present themselves as the only source of information.

6 – Observe the fact that information is usually new information. Beware of channels that simply fix the old, for they are channelling nothing but the ego of the human being. New information is necessary. That is all the reason for channelling. Think about it.

7 – Observe the fact that channelled information must present spiritual solutions. Solutions to life challenges on earth through new information is the purpose of channelling.

Offered in Love,

Lee Carroll
Source: http://www.kryon.com/

Translation & Revision: Sio Smorgon & Flo

The Arcturians – “The telephone rings and you still don’t hear it? – The Power of Unified Creation”

By Neva (Gabriel RL) 30 October 2014
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Our Dear Intergalactic Emissaries,

We see that many of you are fully awake to your Multidimensional Self and are either seeking to remember or trying to live the Mission that you went through before entering your present earthly vessel.

We wish to remind you that in order to accomplish your mission, you will need to find a way in your busy life to “create the NOW” to focus on your personal frequency of consciousness expansion. By creating this NOW every day you will learn to remember how to live in the NOW.

As the NOW resonates into the fifth dimension and above, you will also be learning to remember how to live in the ONE of the fifth dimension and above. This pentadimensional NOW is NOT separated from your tri/tetradimensional life, for the flow of the NOW releases ALL separations and connects all the frequencies of reality within the ONE. In this NOW of the ONE you will completely remember your Mission.

Dear Team at a Distance, please remember that your pentadimensional mission will come to you through the Language of Light. Therefore, it will NOT come to you in the sequential order of your physical world. Since your Mission resonates in the fifth dimension and above, it is stored in your Multidimensional Mind.

Your Multidimensional Mind resonates to the fifth dimension and above and communicates with you through the Language of Light. Therefore, it will NOT communicate with you through words in sequence. The Language of Light enters into information packages. These packages can only be “opened” when you are in a higher state of consciousness. If the ringing of your phone is too low or deactivated, you will not know that anyone is trying to call you.

However, they may leave a message. In the same way, we, your higher expressions of the I, leave you our message in a Language of Light package that you will only know is there if you “check your phone“. Of course, you can “adjust your phone to ring and vibrate” so that you can feel/hear that a message has arrived. This analogy is similar to receiving a pentadimensional Language of Light package from your Higher Self.

You will probably feel it, be very dizzy for a moment, immediately be distracted from your 3D task and/or suddenly be very sleepy. Your message in the Language of Light will enter your physical brain through your pineal gland. Your physical brain will then inform you that you need to calibrate your consciousness to the fifth dimension and above, for this was your state of consciousness when you chose your mission.

We understand how difficult it is to remember your higher dimensional decisions while your consciousness is limited by the frequency of your 3D vessel. The physical reality of 3D requires that you focus on your lower dimensional perceptions to perform your physical tasks. Therefore, your consciousness may become “locked in” into the habit of perceiving the physical world as real and the dimensionally higher worlds as “just your imagination“.

Of course, they are your imagination because imagination is pentadimensional thinking. That is why any form of creative enterprise or form of meditation helps you expand your consciousness into the dimensionally higher reality in which you exist eternally. When you assume an earthly vessel, you just “put your finger in the water”, so to speak. In other words, only a very small part of your entire multidimensional Self actually occupies your three-dimensional form.

Your four-dimensional Self fills your Aura when you are happy or having fun and enters your dreams to remind you that you are MORE than the body you are using. We understand, our beloved ones on earth, how addictive your three dimensional reality is. Physical reality is a realm of great separation, which creates an innate fear.

This fear confronts you repeatedly throughout your day. Therefore, you wish to be “good enough” that “they” wish to be with you. Also, this fear is like a pile of dirty dishes. As soon as you think you have finished “cleaning”, someone gives you more “dirty dishes” to clean. We use the above analogy because “cleaning” is one of the main tasks that our volunteers have chosen to accept.

When your point of view is centred in the upper dimensions, you can see how much damage has been done to dear Gaia’s body. So, many of you have chosen to assist with the physical and astral cleansing. From your superior perspective you can see the innate beauty of Gaia’s watercourses, the glory of her clear skies and the many wonders of her beauteousness.

You can also see the pollution, dirt, negative thought forms and fear that constantly lower Gaia’s immune system. Yes, Gaia has an immune system, just as all her inhabitants have. Just as the human immune system drops with pollution, poisons in food, germs and viruses that thrive on dirt and inadequate light, nutrition and love, Gaia’s immune system is also compromised.

When you can perceive Gaia from the higher dimensions, you can easily observe how humanity has harmed her. We want you all to know how vital it is to cleanse Gaia through service and/or education. We appreciate all your efforts and Gaia appreciates you too.

Those of you who love Nature know that the planet Earth is a living being that breathes, much more advanced than humans. Humans were meant to be the Guardians of the Earth. Meanwhile came the brainwashing and humans forgot. They have forgotten their Multidimensional Self and they have forgotten that every particle of life on Earth is the Earth.

Although humans were taught to be separated from their emotions, the Earth is NOT separated from its water. Although humans are separated from many of their thoughts, the Earth is NOT separated from its atmosphere. Just as the waters and skies determine the “climate” of the planet, your thoughts and human emotions determine the “climate” of your consciousness. In fact, the combination of your thoughts and emotions is the key to your true creative force. Yes, our dear ones on Earth, YOU are the Force of Creation.

By learning a degree of mastery of your thoughts and emotions, you can remember how to create your reality. You create your reality by combining thoughts and emotions to create a thought form. This thought form then adheres to the 3D Matrix of your surroundings to grow or fade away. Fortunately, if your thought forms are based on fear and no one feeds that fear, your creations will be clarified from neglect.

On the other hand, if you feed this thought form with your daily reaction of fear, it will thrive and summon many other fearful creations to join it. Have you ever realized how people who are very fearful or live in self-pity “are never lucky”? They cannot “be lucky” because they only exude fear or self-pity.

Conversely there are others who focus on their Self, their friends, their physical area and the world in general. These awakened ones support this love with positive thoughts of hope, tenacity and determination to create a happy life. These people are what others call “lucky”, “successful” and “creative”. These people are not LUCKY. Instead, these people are LOVING.

They remember to love their world and they remember to love their Selves. How can you donate what you don’t have? Therefore, these “lucky ones” use the great power of will and the power of intention to dominate their thoughts and emotions. No, they are not always happy or inspired. These people are usually tired, exhausted and fighting the same fears that others provide and live. These lucky ones know that their higher consciousness is always “on line”.

Therefore, just as you would not expose your child to a violent and frightening film, they do not expose their conscience to information that creates fear. Of course, you can’t avoid all fearful information, and you don’t want to bury your head in the sand. However, once you are aware that you are living out your mission and doing everything you can to realize your reason for incarnation, a deep sense of protection begins to fill your thoughts and emotions.

This protection reminds you to look for the source of your protection BEFORE your I! Already at this stage of your life you have had many proofs that “what you think, you create”. Therefore, you do not allow your thoughts to linger in fear and negativity. Instead, you “Proclaim, Proclaim the Violet Flame” and/or send unconditional love to the source of your fear.

Better still, you use the Violet Flame of Transmutation and the great force of unconditional love to create a path of light in a world full of darkness and fear. The beauty there is that since this path has been blessed with the Violet Flame and Unconditional Love, it has become a multidimensional path. Ah, the glory that we, your friends and family, feel when we see another of our volunteers realize that she/he has created her/his own path home!

Furthermore, as you continue your journey on the Path of Love and Light, you discover that you are living in the Consciousness of Oneness with all life. An awakened human has ten times more creative power than a human who is still trapped in darkness. So when these awakened ones unite their unified power of creation with other awakened ones, their creative powers progress exponentially. So 1 and 1 gives 2, 2 and 2 gives 4, 4 and 4 gives 8, 8 and 8 gives 16…

You now see how ten times more power advances to twenty times more power than darkness, to forty times more power, to eighty times more power of transmutation and unconditional love. Our dear wonderful volunteers, we see the evolution of light over darkness progressing in this way. Be aware that those trapped in fear could choose even more desperate measures to “abstain from the steady stream of light and love”.

To their surprise, when and if they are caught up in this ever-expanding wave of loving transmutation, they will immediately be healed. Then, just as they were forgetting their true Multidimensional Selves, they begin to forget why they wanted to harm others or their environment. Just as they were forgetting that Gaia is a living being with whom they are intimately connected, they begin to forget the fearful and violent indoctrinations that made them forget their true Self.

The Light Path may take longer to create, for builders need a degree of mastery over their thoughts and emotions to create it. But as one by one remembers how to create love and light in their world, they unite with all others who have also remembered their own innate capacities for creation. Sadness, fear and anger separate, but love, laughter and joyful mindset naturally come together in groups based on “unity of purpose”.

We wish you could perceive Gaia on the rise from our point of view of the higher dimensions. If you did, you would be full of victory and joy. In fact, go ahead and accept our word to feel the victory and joy even without the perceptive test! Feel this test in your heart and see this test in your wonderful imagination. And then, SHARE!

One of the most difficult parts of three-dimensional life is that it is considered good to reach out and talk about your fears and sorrows. Of course, this is true. However, we ask that you reach out to us and talk about your love and power of creation.

There have been a few in all ages who have talked about the power of positive thinking and loving emotions. However, most people do not dare to speak as your life is good because the dark ones have made you believe that you would be “proud”, “cruel to the suffering”, or it would be “bad omen”. But what if all of you decided NOT to listen to the voices of fear and domination and ONLY pay attention to the voices of Love and Light?

Yes, you would still have to carry out your earthly tasks. Yes, you would definitely have bad days when you fall into oblivion. That is until you return to the true Ascended Master that you are NOW. Yes, YOU have come from the fifth dimension and above where being an “ascended master” is normal. Ah, what a glorious day when being an ascended master is normal for the inhabitants of our beloved sister Gaia!

In fact, Gaia is planning a great feast for this day. Please attend, for ALL of you are invited. If someone you know and/or love is still stuck in the darkness, bring him/her with you to enjoy the fifth dimension and above. He/she may not be able to stay long, but once he/she has tasted the pentadimensional reality, he/she will lose his/her taste for fear and indoctrination of others. We have NO fear in the higher worlds.

If any fear occurs, we see it as a wound and immediately hurry to heal it. Dear Intergalactic Emissaries, we constantly send you blessings and thank you eternally for your loving Service to the ONE.

The Arcturians and ALL other members of your galactic/celestial family.

Canal: Suzanne Lie PhD
Source: http://suzanneliephd.blogspot.com

Translation & Revision: Sio Smorgon & Flo

Saul – “Create a space where you can hear your spirit guides”

By Neva (Gabriel RL) 25 March 2013

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We are all one in God, our eternally loving Father, and because of this inviolable truth, we – each and every one of us, every sentient being already created – have guaranteed and secured our place, our seat, our home in the eternal Kingdom of God.

Deep down, we all know and experience this security, this certainty and the Love in which we are involved.

Those who apparently experience life in illusion also know this, but because of the limits and restrictions it places on knowledge and awareness, access to this knowledge can be difficult to achieve.

However, by regularly taking time out in tranquillity and alone, you can allow yourselves to create a space where you can relax, listen and understand your spiritual guides.

For some it is an intuitive sense of the right words or actions to use entering their minds to facilitate, modify, or resolve issues that have been troubling them.

For others it can definitely be an experience of “listening” to the wise advice of one or even a number of their guides as a conversation.

Others may find themselves writing a dissertation of great wisdom and actuality that they know did not come from their normal conscious human mind.

But whatever form you experience this communication in, it will immediately become apparent to you that it is something very different from the normal operations of your selfish mind.

Every sentient being has access to the wisdom of the spiritual realms: it’s just a matter of asking for guidance and then standing still and allowing it to flow into the clear space that you have made available for this purpose.

When you do this for the first time it is quite likely that your ego mind will be listening as well, ready to criticise what is flowing, suggesting to you that you are imagining, you are inventing, and it can then try to convince you to stop and give up because, in its anxious and fearful opinion, what you are doing is insane.

I would suggest that you write down what comes, without any attempt at editing or correction, until you reach a point where you feel you need to say “Enough.

So take a break, because when you are receiving guidance or guided messages from those in the spiritual realms, your personal energy field joins with theirs, and you may experience this as tiredness, stress or fatigue.

This is normal, and you will probably find that you cannot spend as much time on this kind of writing as you could if you were just writing personal things in your diary.

Put your text aside without rereading it.

Leave it for at least a couple of hours, or maybe even a couple of days, and then, when you feel stress-free, come back and reread it.

You will probably be pleasantly surprised and encouraged by what you have written.

It may differ very substantially from what you think you remember writing.

It is possible that your ego will have managed to sabotage your communication channel so that you can have only a few words or phrases that obviously come from a wiser source than the one you are used to – your logical and rational human mind – or you may have absolutely nothing.

But if you persist, instead of being convinced by your ego that you are wasting your time or are not worthy of receiving your own personal spiritual guidance and maintain your intention to receive it, then you will receive it.

So if your first attempts do not result in wise guidance or a channeled message, do not give up, because you all have loving and compassionate guides waiting anxiously to communicate with you.

You just have to practice keeping that quiet and peaceful mental space free of the distractions with which the ego will try to fill it and through which your guides can “send” their guidance or message which is personally addressed to you.

But remember that anything you receive in this way is for you personally at first, although you are always free to share it if you wish.

And also remember that any spiritual guidance you receive will always and unfailingly be loving and compassionate.

You will never receive anything derogatory or prejudiced directed at you or others.

If you seem to be receiving messages of this nature, then know that it is your ego working, trying to throw you back into conflict, where it feels at home!

Know that you are loved and loved by all of the spiritual realms all the time, and that you are never judged or leave much to be desired, because we see you as you truly are – perfect divine creations, immortal loving beings of Light – and we just want to help you to become aware of the truth of this and recognise it.

And you are becoming aware of it.

Share this awareness and this love without discriminating, and enjoy the peace and contentment with which this knowledge fills you.

With much love, Saul.

Canal: John Smallman
Source: http://johnsmallman.wordpress.com/

Translation & Revision: Sio Smorgon & Flo

What is Star Seed? – Who are Star Seeds and what can they do?

há dois postos, mas ambos sem legendas em português e em inglês!

Seria bom se um post pudesse ser publicado como TEXT!!!!


By Neva (Gabriel RL) 21 May 2016
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Stellar Seeds are beings of great baggage and spiritual power, who chose to reincarnate on the plane in this time of planetary transition, with the Christic mission of to rescue, through the expansion of consciousness, those human beings who have been lost the ways of Mayan, illusion and degradation in the earth’s environment. These beings have made a commitment to reincarnate within certain races with the aim of of awakening the Christic Consciousness of humanity. The Earth was one of the planets chosen. These star seeds are beings that through countless reincarnations have not deviated from the greater will of the Creator.

The mission of every star seed is the transformation of the consciousness of each incarnate being. And so gradually the transformation of all humanity. As beings of great knowledge and spiritual power they are protected from the countless chains of negativity of the lower worlds and succeed in imposing the presence of light on the planet. Everyone connected to the planetary rescue mission has the knowledge of the goal and the objective of the incarnation. Thus, all the cosmic archetypes of the Archangels, Elohim, Serafins, etc., started to work on the reconstruction of the

electromagnetic grid of the Earth to regain our true consciousness through these star seeds. This explains our current journey towards cosmic consciousness. But we still live the conflict of duality. For the manipulations of this conflict are still printed on our creative matrix.

The star seeds came to Earth on a mission of sacrifice in order to to awaken the human race to true and eternal divine values. By many, many lives this battle has been undertaken, and it continues until the present day.

Today, this battle comes coming to an end, and the beginning of the New Age is the inevitable milestone for civilization where all illusion of evil will cease to exist, all wars will cease, and peace and love will finally prevail. All the inhabitants of the planet Earth and the 37 planets connected to this quadrant are therefore having the
possibility of awakening to this new reality of life. Everyone is having the possibility of creating a new reality for this new time, which better meet the interests of humanity for a better, healthier life, closer to God and to universal reality. Generally, human beings take many incarnations to be initiated into the spiritual journey.

Many who have already initiated in this spiritual journey in other incarnations remain stagnant due to illusion of the material plane. That is why Stellar Seeds reincarnate in matter equipped with an immense spiritual baggage with the aim of accomplishing on Earth a great mission. The mission of “cosmic awakening”. They are here imbued with a mission of love and renunciation so that they can guide humanity along the path of light and liberation. They are beings of great love and spiritual strength.

From my Divine BEING to your Divine BEING,

Maiana Lena – therapist of
multidimensional energy

Author: Maiana Lena
Websites: http://www.maianalena.com.br/

Translation & Revision: Sio Smorgon & Flo

What are Star Seeds?

By Neva (Gabriel RL) March 27, 2012
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What are Star Seeds?

Star seeds feel great enthusiasm when they receive confirmation that their origin is not earthly. They feel loneliness and feelings of separation that the human condition offers, and have the feeling of not being of this planet. They find the behaviours and motivations of society illogical and intricate.

Stellar seeds often are reluctant to become involved in social institutions (political, economic, health etc). Even at a young age they are already able to discern the activities and objectives hidden from such conventions with unusual clarity.

Definition: “Star seeds” is the term used for beings (developed as humans) originating from another planet, star system or galaxy, with the specific mission of assisting the Planet Earth and its population at the entrance to the Golden Age at the turn of the millennium.

Stellar beings incarnate in the same condition of total amnesia (as to its identity, origin and purpose) as human beings. However, the genes in star seeds are coded with a “so called alarm clock” programmed to “activate” them in a certain moment in life. Awakening can be mild and gradual or very dramatic and abrupt. In both cases their memory is restored in several steps, allowing star seeds to consciously follow their missions. Their Higher Self connections are also stronger, allowing them to be widely guided by their internal knowledge. Many star seeds are used to rapid “spiritual weight loss”. Within a few years, they can get rid of limiting behaviour and fears that most human beings take a lifetime to achieve. This is because star seeds, having already been on similar missions on other planets, are used to procedures and techniques for expanding consciousness. Ideas and concepts like starships, intergalactic travel, various paranormal phenomena and sentient beings in other galaxies are, of course, natural and logical to them.

Their mission:

By the fact that they are charged with such a difficult task in such a dense dimension, star seeds were hand-picked in this galaxy and beyond. Few would volunteer to do such work, at the risk of forgetting who they are and losing their connection with their divine higher consciousness (Higher Self).

Although they form a small percentage of the Earth’s population, the mission of star seeds is large and varied. First they must be successful in remembering who they are, when already incarnated in physical form. When they make this connection, they take on a transformation process to become centred and connected and to be one with their higher consciousness. So star seeds understanding who they are can help earthly souls to firmly ground the light on planet Earth.

The star seeds are also here through the Divine intervention. Without this intervention, this planet would not survive as it was conceived by the Supreme Creator. Star seeds are the link to the Galactic Federation and the Hierarchies, Spirituals, Elohim and Time Lords, who work together to help the planet. The star seeds are awake and ready to hold the light, perform rituals, meditate and focus energetically in situations that need to be changed for the good of all.

WebSite/Source: Sol de Sírius

Translation & Revision: Sio Smorgon & Flo

Cosmic Appeal – You who came from the Stars…

By Neva (Gabriel RL) 4 September 2015
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You who came from the Stars…

You, who came from the stars and went on the great dive into the world of matter.

You, who came from the stars and, sacrificing your own cosmic origin, sheltered yourself in a casing of meat.
You, who came from the stars and abandoned universal reality to inhabit the world of illusions.

You, who came from the stars, and now feel strange and lonely, forget everything and give yourself up to the
appeals from your inner voice. Listen to what she has to tell you: that nothing else is true and important – not even the compromises with which the world tries to distract your cosmic vision.

You will find that in fact you are not alone, that there are many of your sisters and brothers from the stars who have also come here to reach out and support with strong shoulders the footsteps of humanity in this difficult time of transition.

It will be easy to recognise them, words will not be necessary, and it will not even be necessary to know their true names.

You will find them by affinity of their energies, by the call of their hearts and by the profound identification with your feelings.

You, who came from the stars, now feel in the innermost corner of your soul that the time has come to find your universal family on earth, that the time has come for the recognition that all forces are to meet for the achievement of the unique mission they all took on before they got here.

Open your heart, wake up your sleeping consciousness, feel your inner being, let it speak, above everything, above the world, above all concepts that do not allow it to exist to its full cosmic potential.

You, who came from the stars, who are light and strength, free yourself, that the time has come to open the doors for a new era.

You, who came from the stars, eternal space traveller, sharing now with so many other sisters and brothers a
three-dimensional and difficult experience, don’t let yourself be lost in moments that bring you only loneliness, do not let yourself be seduced by false lights, assume your cosmic personality, extend your arms and, in a one embrace, involve your great family, your immense universal family and everyone together, in full awareness of the unity of their origin, each with his or her own part of collaboration, you will accomplish with joy and courage the wonderful work to raise awareness of humanity for this new millennium!

Author: Wagner Borges / http://www.ippb.org.br/

Translation & Revision: Sio Smorgon & Flo

Seeds of the Stars – It was Once upon a Time…

By Neva (Gabriel RL) 18 May 2020
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A long, long time ago in a distant galaxy, were all these “little” beings of light enjoying their existences in a dimension of infinite love, when one day a magnificent angel appeared; he had a very serious look and was looking for volunteers for a cosmic mission of great importance.

The angel then spoke: There is a small – but very special – planet called Gaia, at the edge of the Alcyon galaxy. It is quite unique, like a beautiful an abundant garden of hundreds of thousands of different life forms. It has been – in a way – an experimental station in the galaxy and has a very interesting humanoid life form which incorporates the highest and lowest frequencies known in the Cosmos. It is in fact the maximum degree of dualism. On the one hand, it is an incredibly beautiful way of life, able to vibrate in the higher frequencies of Love, Light and Joy known in the Universe. On the other hand it is able to vibrate at the densest, darkest and most terrible frequencies that the Cosmos has ever experienced – frequencies that all the rest of creation has abandoned aeons ago.

The current situation is as follows:

Within the realm of time, this planet goes through periodic cosmic cycles. Two major cycles are now ending – a short 2,000 years called the Age of Pisces and a long, cosmic cycle of 25,000 years of travelling around Alcyon, the central sun of the Milky Way galaxy.

With the completeness of the cycle, many things end and many more are about to start. But most importantly, the planet is experiencing an infusion of Light that is raising its frequency dramatically. As in any time of great transition, there will be some turbulence. A little for Gaia who is a sentient planet and is also evolving, but mainly for the human species that dominates the planet.

This will not be a particularly easy time for the species – especially for those who are “sleeping” and those who are vibrating in the most low frequencies. As the frequency changes, there comes a feeling of insecurity that brings fear.

Those who currently hold the reign of power on the planet Gaia are of the old order of the physical and mental. Where Humanity can make a graceful transition to a life divinely guided and heart centred, it will be an easy transition. To the extent that they are unable to make the transition, they will experience a lot of turbulence.

The reason why I am here is to seek volunteers who are willing to incarnate on the planet in humanoid form and help in an easier transition that is as smooth as possible. In the past we have sent prophets and teachers, who very were often brutally persecuted or murdered. At other times were considered gods; they were worshipped and built around them religions and rituals which have been transformed into instruments of domination. They did everything except follow the simple teachings that were offered.

Therefore, this time we seek a different strategy. No more prophets, Saviour or avatars that can be used to create religions. This time we will send thousands – in fact hundreds of thousands – of “simple” beings from light that should follow only two guidelines:

1) Remain centred in your hearts. No matter what happens, remain centred in their hearts.

2) Remember who you are, for you are on Gaia, and know the significance of all that is happening.

Sounds easy enough? Unfortunately it won’t be. As I said, duality on this planet has reached its peak. This species has perfected to the maximum the illusion of the good and evil. The greatest challenge you will experience will be to remember who you are, because you are there and what is the meaning. When you remember, will be able to remain centred in their hearts, in spite of all the external circumstances.

It will be easy to know when you will be forgetting everything. Understand the inclination to judge. The moment they realize they are in the mode of judgement – to yourself, to others, to events – you will know that really you have forgotten who you are, because you are there and what the meaning is. That will be the signal.

Now here’s the challenge. Life on this planet requires a lot of discernment – wise evaluation of what is truth and what is appropriate and for the greater good of everyone – including the planet. Subtle discernment is similar to trial. But you will know when you are judging, when they are not centred in their hearts and when they are blaming (something or someone).

We know how challenging life on this planet can be. We know how illusions on this planet seem to be – very – real. We understand the incredible density of this dimension and the pressure you will face. But if you complete this mission – and remember it is a voluntary mission – you will evolve extraordinarily.

We must also say that some of you who will come down to the planet as star seeds will never sprout – they will never awaken to the memory of who they really are. Some of you will wake up and begin to shine, but then go erase itself under the opinion of others and the forms of thinking around it. Others will awaken and remain awake and their light will become a source of inspiration and remembrance for many.

They will incarnate all over the planet, everywhere; in all cultures, “races”, countries, religions. But you will be different. You will always feel and be seen as a bit of a “misfit”. Upon waking up, you will realize that your real family is not necessarily those of your own “race”, culture, religion, city or even those of the biological family. They are the ones who came like you – your cosmic family – the ones who came with the task of helping – in any case – “big” or “small” – in the current transition.

True brotherhood and globalization in its highest forms will only come with remembering who you are, why you are there and what the meaning of all that is happening is. It will come as they return to the temple of the Divine Presence, which is your heart, where remembrance happens and takes shape, and through which you are called to serve the world.

Are you ready? Good.

Ah!… Just a few things I forgot to mention…

Due to low density, you can’t operate in that dimension without a appropriate clothing (i.e. physical body). It’s a biological garment that changes over time. You will understand it when you go down and experience that atmosphere. You must be warned, however, that they run the risk of thinking they are their dress and not that it is just a vehicle to that dimension. Once there, you will notice that there is an almost infinite variety of clothing and much attention is paid to them. However, despite the almost infinite variety, all garments are fit into basically two genders, male and female; and you will discover that your relationship with your clothing can be very instructive and interesting.

One more thing. To operate in that dimension, you will also receive a microchip called ‘personality. It is like a printed identity, which added to your clothing will make each one unique and allow you to participate in the hologram, which they call ‘consensual reality’. You will run the danger of becoming so heavily involved in the dramas of consensual reality that you may forget who you are, and think that in fact you are your personality. I know that this sounds absurd now, but wait until you get there…

Of all the volunteers we will choose only the most capable among the most capable, the strongest among the strongest; Their training and preparation before diving into that dense, low-frequency dimension will be intense and meticulous for the task that each one must perform, however, as we have said previously, many being there will not wake up. No problem, many others will follow as planned.

From start to finish we will always be with you, but you will not understand. You will want go back somewhere but don’t know where it is, you will feel alone and abandoned, will call for someone or something and will often feel as if everything was a void – and when your strong intuition lacks answers to guide you; until such time as we can express ourselves more openly and then everything will be clear and your mission will be close to completion.

And remember: Remain centred in your hearts; no matter what happens, remain centred in your hearts. Remember who you are, why you are on Gaia and what is the significance of all that is happening.

Good Journey…

Source: A Galactic Fairy Tale by Michael Lightweaver

Translation & Revision: Sio Smorgon & Flo

Adamu (Pleiadian) – “The Contract for Star Seed and Planetary Ascension

By Neva (Gabriel RL) 21 March 2017
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My dear friends.

I am Adamu from the Monadic Entity of Pleiadian Civilization speaking once again through my scribe, Zingdad.

Today, I wish to speak directly to the Star Seeds of Planet Earth. However, even if you do not think it possible that you yourself are a Star Seed, I invite you to read this release, because I think that anyone with an open mind will find some value in it!

So, my dear Star Seed, I have a lot to share in this update many points to touch on how to get to my final point. And this final point is an invitation for you to remember who you really are, so that you can enter your divine creative powers. So that they can do what they wanted before they were born in this present incarnation and so that they can participate in the creation of a new golden age of humanity.

So there is much to say. The best place to start is to tell them about the contract all the Star Seeds signed before they came to Earth. All this information serves to rekindle old memories of a distant place and time where they lived many lives. Memories of the courage and self-sacrifice that led them to choose as they did. And the commitments they made to themselves about how they would act, how they would help, how they would heal themselves, how they would remember … and, how they would heal others.

The contract for the Star Seed

There are six ingredients in a Star Seed contract that each one, as a Star Seed, needs to be remembered. They are known as the Invitation, the Breaking, the Repair, the Given Gift, the Return and the Termination. I will discuss these ingredients, one by one.

The Invitation

Star Seeds rose to higher consciousness from the matrix of a planetary civilization elsewhere in this Galaxy, for example, in the Pleiades. After the dawn of their consciousness, in that distant world, they evolved spiritually, rising through the densities of consciousness and through numerous incarnations on their home planets. At some point they arrived at what is considered an advanced soul; ready to graduate from the incarnation in the density of consciousness in their planetary homes to a higher density of consciousness. And then they would have received an invitation; an opportunity to live again in a gift proportional to all that they had received through their lives. A rite of passage for all those who evolve along the path of Service to Others (StO), when initiated.

There are many, many ways of retribution(?) at this juncture. One of these is the commitment, through a Star Seed contract, of agreeing to leave the comfort and security of their soul family and spiritual home to venture out and incarnate in a group totally different from their own. In doing so, they commit themselves first of all to lowering their consciousness to the vibratory frequency of the civilization they will be visiting. After all, they will not be able to be born among them unless they are in a density equal to this world. And then they agree to awaken, to return to themselves, while they are among them, to their previous states of consciousness. And, this, is the heart of the Star Seed contract: that they will return to their previous states of consciousness, while they are there, on this planet and, while living among this alien culture. Perhaps they still do not understand, not even intuitively, the vast gift that they are giving in doing so. However, they will see, since all are One. So, whatever they are doing for themselves, they will also be doing for others. And if they do this work of self-healing on one planet, they will make it available to others on this planet who are on the same path of healing that they have walked. They will not need to speak a word to any of them. All they need to do is heal themselves, while contained in that grid of planetary consciousness. That, in itself, is a magnificent gift for that civilization.

Of course, as long as, by nature, they are loving, kind and good-hearted beings. If they find something worth sharing with others, they will share it. If they can help others, they will. If they can serve, teach, heal, they will do it. These will be their basic natures, having evolved to a high level in a StO society. In this way, not only will they heal themselves on that alien planet, but they will almost certainly also be some kind of gift giver, as they naturally are.

Star seeds are profound blessings wherever they go.

And when they complete their processes of returning to their previous levels of consciousness and their incarnations on this planet come to an end, then they can return to their soul groups at home in a triumphant and joyful reunion with them at a higher level than the level of consciousness they now inhabit.

And that is how they received an invitation. They were living among their families of souls on their home planets and reached a high level in their spiritual evolution, ready to move on to the next stages of their soul journey. And as they contemplated their Great Services, they were approached by some Return Master. I will tell you more about them in a moment. Then, a revered being of great wisdom and advancement approached you to inform you that you had been selected, if you were willing. You were selected because you had the temperament and advancement appropriate for the challenges and struggles of a Star Seed contract on one of the many evolving planets in this galaxy.

After they agreed to this noble enterprise, a rigorous process of training and preparation began. They were informed of the various planets in the galaxy that needed Starseeds. Planets whose planetary councils had issued calls for contracts. And then they chose the destination for their Great Services!

Earth, at this time, is a very focal destination. It is the greatest destination for Pleiadians Starseeds. There are a number of reasons for this. One of them is the close family relationship between the Pleiadians and the humans of the Earth. Another is the great need on earth at the moment. There is also the fact that there is a high degree of difficulty and challenge. In fact, the earth is considered the most difficult task of all.

And the Pleiadians are by nature very courageous. Some would say reckless. They are always willing to give themselves up to the most challenging undertakings. Above all, however, we are here in large numbers because of the critical importance for the whole galaxy that the human population of the Earth achieves the process of ascension, which is being attempted here. This has never been done before. And if it succeeds, irrevocably, it will change the galactic relationships. It will end, once and for all, the interplanetary wars that have raged since the beginning of time.

The reason why the Earth is so crucial is complex, yet I will explain it in the simplest possible way in a moment. Now, I want you to understand that this is a truly crucial mission of literally galactic importance! I cannot imagine a way in which they could provide a greater service than a Star Seed contract on planet Earth at this particular juncture.

Many, many Pleiadians are here now giving their Great Gifts.

Before coming here, the contractors would have spent some time under the tutelage of the said Returning Masters. These are beings who have already completed their Star Seed contracts, ascended their consciousnesses on their destiny planets, and returned to teach what they know. They have been prepared, trained and taught by the most respected of all the Return Masters: Those who had returned from their missions on Earth, who informed them what they could expect.

They would have reiterated the great difficulties inherent in this undertaking. The risk of losing themselves in this reality for many lives. The shock of acculturation of the harmonious Pleiadian culture to the abrasive and aggressive Terran culture. The psychic noise on earth that can bring them to the brink of insanity and disable their inherent spiritual abilities. The challenge of knowing that they are “different” from earthly human beings, although not knowing why and not remembering their missions. The pain of isolation that most would experience as a result of incarnating “alone” among a sea of strangers. The pain of always being considered weird, strange, and even disturbed by simply speaking and acting in a way that is right, good, and true for you.

All this, and much more, has been evaluated in your instructions. They were also about the incredible wonders of the Earth. The natural beauty and diversity that is beyond parallel, for example.

And then, properly prepared, the Star Seed contractor, would allow the beginning of the Great Service.

The Break

The most difficult part of fulfilling a Star Seed contract comes first. In order to lower the spiritual vibrations of the 4th high, 5th or perhaps 6th density in which you resided, before the beginning of your contracts, to the low 3rd density in which you should enter into your service on Earth, you would first have to go through a process called The Breaking.

The terms of the breaking of each Star Seed are agreed upon by each Seed before their spiritual guides and returning Masters to advise them. At first, it would be necessary to have gone through two experiences. One is a victim experience and the other a perpetrator experience. But these would have to be shocking enough for the Star Seeds to cause them to break their beliefs, their own and the goodness of others.

In essence, the belief of one Starseed in his own inherent divinity and in the inherent divinity of all others, is what would be broken. To stop seeing oneself as a part of eternal Oneness and to see oneself as a mere object of creation is the ultimate goal. And with this, of course, to believe that all others are similarly, only mortal creatures, lost and powerless.

Without this Breaking, they would not be able to lower their consciences to the deep duality of the 3rd density – the vibratory frequency of the Earth. And if you did not lower your frequencies, you could not be born on Earth like a Terran: Like a human being on Earth. And so it was that they agreed to it. They agreed to the Breaking.

To say that these experiences are traumatic is a euphemism. However, this is the only way to superimpose a veneer of distrust and disconnect from the deep knowledge of the soul that resides within the heart of a Star Seed, that all are Love, are One, that carry a spark of the divine within themselves. Therefore, an experience which, by its nature, would be traumatic.

To be brutalized by others. Raped, tortured, abused. To be burned at the stake like a witch. To be subjected to iterative atrocities like a soldier – or like a civilian captured in a war. Being buried alive, rejected by his tribe dying of hunger, alone, in the desert. These kinds of victimising experiences constitute the first part of the breakdown. A part that allows the Star Seed to believe that others are evil, ungodly, unreliable, unworthy of Love.

And then, with its faith in others shaken, the Star Seed will be willing to defend itself from others and thus attack them in self-defence. And so, usually in separate lives, the Star Seeds also find themselves perpetrating abuses and cruelties upon others, using their natural gifts and powers to victimise them in their communities, leading others into mistakes for their own ego satisfactions. Causing damage, harm and, reaching the end of this life with sufficient proof to arrive at the belief that they themselves are ungodly and unworthy of Love.

And so the Breaking is completed. It may take only one life or two, but usually some. However, the point is that the Star Seeds, then, will find themselves inhabiting the same consciousness of duality that all the others inhabit in the 3rd density, on Earth. They will then be ready for the next phase.

The Healing

At some point, when they are ready to hear it, each Star Seed feels a call within their hearts to Remember. To reach, beyond the trauma of the Breakage, the transcendent consciousnesses that bring healing, the truth of the Oneness of all, the ancestral teachings, deeply held by their people, the vibration of their home planet. These things, along with warnings and hired reminders (like this broadcast, of course!), help all Star Seeds to actively engage in their own healing.

And so the healing begins. It is slow and requires enormous patience. There are no shortcuts or quick fixes. But I will say that the core of the process is Self Love, which allows the Star Seed to find its connection with the heart again. To reach, beyond the layer of damage inflicted during the Break, its deepest and oldest knowledge.

I will make this process a profound disservice if I pretend that it is not a bit complicated and difficult. To heal yourself in such a confused place as the sub-reality of duality is far from easy. Finding your heart connection in a place of so much psychic noise is a gigantic task.

However, for Star Seeds it was never promised to be easy. On the contrary, it would be a challenge worthy of the bravest of souls, where even the bravest are tested to their limits. Even the wisest and most spiritually connected can get lost in this place. Sometimes wandering through tens, hundreds or even thousands of lives in a state of deep amnesia and spiritual anguish before they can be helped to remember what happened. But, whatever the case may be, anyone who remains on the course eventually wakes up, heals correctly at his previous vibratory level, and returns home.

The Donation of Gifts

Before we can talk about Returns, I must first address Gift Donation.

As you see, healing is already a wonderful gift in itself. When it does, it builds a path in the consciousness that becomes easier for others to follow. When you heal yourself, you heal others without even trying. And, as mentioned earlier, most of you by default also offer all kinds of wonderful and loving gifts to those who cohabitate in your reality, just because you are the kind of being you are.

And so, when you are cured, ready to return, it will be easy to argue that you have given your greatest gifts to Earth and its inhabitants. However, for many of you this will not have been enough. Many will cross the threshold, passing out of that life and then soon after be disappointed in themselves and many will say something like, “Oh no, there was something important I could really have done while still living on Earth. I could have done that. I was there. I had everything I needed to do… but I didn’t”.

Many will feel this very intensely, who will ask to return to the incarnation. Some will return to that same incarnation, others will begin a new incarnation and others will still have some alternative experience, like a “walk-in” for example.

However, I don’t want to get bogged down in such details. The point is that I am inviting you to become aware of this problem now, so that you can already think about it as you increase your consciousness and heal yourself. From time to time, give some time to the thought: What a thing AMARIAM to do … What message do you have to deliver to this world … What gift could you let them feel satisfied and complete when they are away from here?

And when the Healing and the Gifts are complete, the Return will begin…

The Return

With The Return, the doors to the Galaxy (and beyond) will be open to you. After you successfully return from a Star Seed contract, especially a difficult contract at the bottom of the densities of oblivion, as on Earth, you will have infinite options for where to go.

No doubt you have heard of the Ascended Masters? Well, you will join their ranks! And, as such, considered useful and desirable co-creators in any of a wide range of places in the Galaxy, performing any of a wide range of roles. Only one of them will be playing the role of Return Master, back to their home planets to: teach, advise and guide the next generation of Star Seed candidates.

Many Ascended Masters, however, will choose to remain involved with their adopted planetary cultures… In this case, choosing to remain active as guides and masters for souls incarnated here on Earth.

But given what the returning Star Seed has been given, it has been given a complete self-knowledge, deep compassion, and wisdom that, by definition, it has achieved, it is free to explore numerous alternative options. Some will enjoy a sabbatical period in which they will simply travel the Galaxy as an emeritus Starseed, visiting inhabited planets as their hearts call them to do so, taking their gifts and wisdom wherever they are called. And then, generally, find a situation that suits their particular interests and abilities… a place to call home, for the next step in their evolution on the journey to Oneness.

The Rescission

However, not all Star Seeds complete their contracts. Most do. However, there is always a number that, for various reasons, they cannot.

No matter how much each Star Seed is trained and prepared before their mission, I don’t think any of them has ever completed their mission without often crying out for help saying: “I didn’t know how difficult that would be! This is because simply no training before the mission can completely prepare a soul for the shocks and rigors of first breaking, then the long lives of deep isolation lived among those who are not from their own family of souls.

For this reason, it is only right that some Star Seed should be able to rescind its contract. This must be possible when she says: “This is too much, I cannot go all the way! And indeed, there is a provision for such a situation.

In the life map of each incarnation of each Star Seed, a series of Exit Events are predicted. This subject is treated with some depth by my esteemed colleague, Master 8, a being who watches over all the contracts of souls in this reality. He speaks of it also through Zingdad in Book 1 of The Ascension Papers.

[Note from Zingdad: You are invited to download this book from my website for free. Here Adamu is referring to the subtitle “Understanding Death” in Chapter 8 of Book 1 of The Ascension Papers].

Although I advise you to read this material to gain a more complete understanding, what I will tell you now is that the simple awareness that each life contains pre-planned, moments when they are removed from the flow of their lives, standing before their masters and guides, reminding them of what they have signed up for and reminding them of the importance of what they are doing, and then asking for confirmation as to whether or not they would like to continue their missions.

If they agree to continue, they will return to that flow of life at an appropriate time, perhaps some time before the Exit Event and, this time, go through that event without being withdrawn, which means that they will have no memory of the withdrawal, continuing their missions without interference.

If that person disagrees and chooses to terminate their Star Seed contract, then the Leaving Event will be fully promulgated and that incarnation ended. For those who have known in that life, then it will appear that they died, perhaps, in some kind of accident or some health trauma. Then you will receive a kind and loving summary and return to the incarnation among your own people in your native star system to return to your spiritual balance and evolution.

This is not seen as a failure and there is no inherent ignominy in taking an Outbound Event. In any case, it would be best if it were performed by this Star Seed before its departure.

To avoid confusion, I would like to make it clear that no Exit Event is planned as a suicide. I have no judgement of suicide, however, suicide causes massive trauma to loved ones who are left behind. For this reason, Exit Events are not planned this way. Please read the above section of Zingdad’s book if you need more understanding of this very sensitive subject.

A Special Case

And so I have only sketched out what a Star Seed contract is about. In general terms, the content is the same as in all Star Seed contracts, regardless of where the contractor comes from. Aldebaran, Arcturus, the Pleiadians, Sirius… These and many other star systems regularly send Seed of the Stars around the Galaxy to do their good work. And so, over time, Starseeds have been incarnated on a wide range of other planets. The Earth is just one of many destinations that have been served. And, on Earth, yours is only the last of a succession of civilizations to engage in their own rise of consciousness and therefore to receive a contingent of Star Seeds.

Thus, first of all, I wish you to understand that this is an ancient and widespread practice. After that, I wish them, in the second place, to understand that what is happening now here on Earth, too, is completely unique, very special, and absolutely crucial to the well-being and advancement of consciousness throughout the Galaxy. And this is where I will fix the narrative in my next transmission.

The Next:

In the next update, I will talk about the uniqueness of the situation on Planet Earth. I will tell you and how the ascension of the Earth is different from any other. And I will tell you why a successful ascension is absolutely crucial for the well-being of the entire Galaxy. It is a very interesting story!

However, you will have to wait for the next time. Meanwhile, if you want to read the previous releases of this series, you are invited to do so at zingdad.com/adamu, and if you want to be up to date at all times, I always post a new broadcast through Zingdad, so sign up for our newsletter at zingdad.com/newsletter.

And with that I wish you all a great and affectionate even more, until the next time.

I am Adamu of the Monadic Entity of the Pleiadian civilization and have been speaking to you, as always, through Zingdad.

Canal: Arn Allingham (Zingdad)
Source: http://zingdad.com/

Translation & Revision: Sio Smorgon & Flo

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